tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHoliday Blackmail Ch. 05

Holiday Blackmail Ch. 05


Christmas Play

"Here?" I asked with incredulity. "Now!?!?"

"Right this second." He answered. "Or else hubby gets to see some pictures of what a mess we made the other day."

I shuddered inwardly at the thought of losing my husband of seven years over the foolish tryst I had with Dave over a week earlier. Unbeknownst to me, he had taken pictures and video of that first time, and had then used those shots to blackmail me into servicing him since. The deal we had agreed to was ten blowjobs, whenever, and wherever he wanted them. I wondered if he would keep the deal when it was all over as I sighed and sank to my knees in front of him.

"Make it fast." I said with resignation. "I have to be on stage in fifteen minutes."

Dave smirked in response, as he undid his belt and fly.

"The only show you need to worry about is the one you're about to put on for me."

I adjusted the ring of the golden "halo" I wore as I assumed the position on my knees: my mouth open wide, hands at my side, eyes locked with his, and chest thrust out proudly before me as I knelt on my heels. I felt ludicrous in my cheap Angel costume, licking my lips to wet them in anticipation of the face fucking I was about to receive. Dave must have found it funny as well, and he laughed as he wagged his half-hard cock at my face, beckoning me.

"Well?" He asked. "You're the one in a hurry, better get to work."

He watched, smug grin spread across his face, as I shuffled on the hard wood of the stage floor to bring myself in front of him. I started nervously when I accidentally bumped into the flimsy plywood backdrop, as it shook on its supports. I steadied it and looked up at Dave, grinning nervously.

"You could have picked somewhere a little more private." I admonished, smiling despite myself.

"Now where is the fun in that?" he asked rhetorically as he pushed his hardening cock into my open mouth.

I sighed inwardly as he started to slowly move his cock around inside my mouth, gripping it by the base as I lashed it with my tongue. I slurped on his cock loudly, knowing that the ambient noise of over forty children separated from us by only a this sheet of plywood and a curtain would more than cover the sounds of my voracious mouth at work on his cock. Truth be told, Dave's insidious blackmail was actually a welcome change of pace in my married life which had long since grown monotonous, and I was already looking forward to the next risky places he would make me suck him off. I felt myself growing wet at the thought, as well as from the feeling of his cock reaching peak rigidity in my mouth.

My hands twitched involuntarily in my lap as I struggled to hold back from gagging loudly while Dave began to thrust himself deep into my mouth. Though he still worked slowly, the steely, unbending hardness of his shaft pushing against my throat, causing it to convulse loudly on his cock.

*GAK* The unmistakable sound of a fat cock assaulting a throat rang loudly backstage.

"Shhhh." Dave chided with a wink. "Keep it down or the kids will hear."

I struggled not to laugh, knowing that it would messily expel saliva all over my costume. As my saliva began to lubricate his cock, I felt Dave's head begin to enter my throat, which loosened as he slowly built up speed, working his way into a deep throat face fucking. I moaned around is cock as I felt it stretch my throat and mouth, filling me to the point of overflowing with his thick, hard meat.

Through the very thin barrier, I listened as the multitude of children got dressed in their costumes, rehearsed their lines, and horsed around as teachers and parent volunteers chivvied them into their positions for the grade 3 Christmas Play. Slowly, while I knelt getting my mouth reamed by Dave's fat cock, I could heard the rising background noise of the crowd beginning to gather; parents exchanging salutations and they settled into their seats before the curtain call. Unable to glance down at my watch, I estimated that almost 10 minutes had gone by since I started sucking on Dave's meat, and I began to hope he would hurry the process and finish soon.

As if reading my mind, Dave's pace increased. I felt his grip on my head tighten as he began to thrust into my mouth in earnest, my mouth making sloppy sucking sounds as I struggled to prevent saliva from leaking out. I heard him grunt as he fucked me, his breathing quickening in time with his thrusts. I felt my halo bouncing atop my head in time with his thrusts, and I moaned softly and pushed my head against him, trying to meet each pump of his dick, urging him to cum. I'll have to swallow it all, I thought, and make sure to catch any drips with my hand as he pulls out so I don't ruin my costume before I head out. Dave, oblivious and indifferent to my plans, only increased his pace further, humping my lips brutally. I was amazed at his stamina, and wondered if he had jerked off recently in order to make it last longer.

"Lucia, are you back here?" My husbands voice cut through the background noise like a knife. "Excuse me, but have you seen my wife?" I heard him asking one of my coworkers.

Dave chuckled to himself, and I felt my cheeks redden with embarrassment, thinking how awful it would be to get caught on my knees like this. I felt ashamed of myself, but at the same time, I felt a surge of excitement knowing that my hubby was so close to me while my mouth was stretched wide around another man's penis. I squirmed as my pussy pulsed at the thought, which did not escape Dave's notice. I heard my coworkers send my husband off to search for me in the nearby teacher's lounge, and felt a sigh of relief as I heard his heavy footsteps walk away.

"Did you like that you dirty cocksucker?" Dave asked at little above a whisper, his voice slowly rising as he continued to batter my mouth. "Did you like hearing your husbands voice while getting fed another man's cock?"

I moaned in honest affirmative, eyes rolling back in my head as I felt a wave of pleasure run through me at the thought. Truth be told, I was loving every second of Dave using me as a holster for his weapon despite my fears of being caught; maybe even because of them. As I listened to him continue to call me names, as he approached orgasm, I became very aware of the silence of the crowd and children nearby. Suddenly, I heard the curtain slide open, and the applause of the attending parents in the crowd as I knew the play was beginning. I flinched at the sound and gagged while futilely pushing on Dave's legs, desperate to get in position for my cue to lead some students on stage as a member of a party of Angels. Looking up with pleading eyes, Dave only shook his head in response.

"First you make me cum, then you get to go on stage, slut." He said, leaving no room for negotiation around the girth of his fuckstick.

Redoubling my efforts, I started to retch quietly on his cock as I voraciously sucked him, matching his pace thrust for thrust. Reaching around his butt I pulled him harder into me, urging him on to completion.

"That's it. That's a good cocksucker. I'm getting close." Dave announced.

I listened to the dialogue of one Shepherd to another, recognising from the lines that my cue was less than a minute away. Thankfully I felt Dave's balls tighten and his cock pulse, and I prepared myself to swallow.

"I'm cumming!" Dave groaned softly.

I was not prepared for what he did next. Grasping my head hard by my hair, Dave pulled me onto him, and thrust forward powerfully at the same time. I felt his cum blast into my throat, filling me before I had the chance to take a deep breath and prepare to deep throat him. Against my will, my body revolted against my iron discipline, and I found myself coughing uncontrollably. I brought my hands quickly to my mouth, but too late, as cum shot out the edges of my mouth around his shaft, and poured out of my nose. Dave, gasping for air, laughed as he shook and launched the remainder of his load into my mouth, pulling back slightly to allow me to gulp it down.

Unable to pause for even a second, I pulled back off of his cock, and worked to straighten my costume. My hair was awry, and my eyes glistened with tears as I hastily licked my fingers clean of cum. A glob of cum on my white robe was quickly wiped up, and followed the cum on my hands down to my stomach. I heard the line that should cue me to lead the pilgrims to the stage as I rushed to wipe my face clean and straighten me halo before walking out. Sniffing to clear the cum from my nose, glanced back to see Dave, looking content, watching me with a smug grin and his cock dangling limp and heavy from his fly. He gave me a wink as I pushed through the curtain and joined my students for their play.

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