You've been working away for four months, but it feels like a lifetime. In the next few weeks you are going to fuck me in every position you can imagine, and some that you've never dreamt of. I want you so much, I get wet just thinking about you -- and to know that you will be home in just a few short days... the anticipation alone is making me so horny.

I have sent you some photos during that time to remind you what you are missing, and as the day you come back to meets gets ever closer, I am sending some more. I know these are not new photos, but don't be disappointed. This is what you're coming home to; these firm, round tits with the soft skin you like so much, and the nipples that harden immediately at your touch. Run your tongue over them. Feel them graze your chest as we embrace. Look at my mouth, the one that will take in your cock and make you feel amazing. I will lick and suck until you're harder than you ever thought possible. There's more, you know that.

You know I want you to kiss me; on my mouth, on my neck. I want you to kiss me deep, then part my legs with your knee and slide it upwards until it meets my wetness. You'll hear me moan. Kiss me again, don't stop kissing me. Move over so that your legs are between mine, so that I can feel your cock hard against me, but not yet inside me. You know how much I want that, to feel you inside me again. The mere thought of it makes me want to scream. It makes me breathless, fills me with anticipation. It makes me wet, aching for you. Kiss me. Trace my nipple with the tip of your tongue. Kiss the soft, sensitive spot inside my hip bone, my thighs, and then slowly and lightly lick my clit. I will moan so loudly at this, I won't be able to contain the sounds welling up inside me. A few more flicks of your tongue and I will have to have you. I will be pulling you up, your face towards mine, pulling you closer until they finally meet, and feeling the tip of your cock at the entrance to my soft, wet cunt again.

Look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes as you push the head of your cock into me, but slowly, so slowly that we can feel every single nerve ending screaming at us to be fuck hard. Then stop, with just the head inside. Wait a moment, and then kiss me again. Kiss me and I will lift my open legs and hold you tight as you slide into me, all the way, making me catch my breath. Move slowly, in and out. Savour every moment, creating a beautiful rhythm then suddenly thrust into me as hard as you can, once. So hard you make us both moan. Increase the pace now, my hips will rise to meet you. Now stop! Take your cock out and sit up, let me slowly lick that hard, glistening cock from base to tip, then just once lightly over the head. Let me straddle you, and maintain that eye contact so you can see exactly what you do to me. I will move slowly, rocking back and forth, grinding my clit against you, moaning involuntarily.

Push me back slightly to change the angle, then hear me moan louder, knowing that you're doing that; your cock is filling me to the point where I can think of nothing but coming. Reach down and roll your thumb over my clit, watch my hips move faster, my cunt gripping your cock. Then, just before I come, stop again. Roll me over, lift my legs and push your cock into me deeply, and hard, as hard and deep as you can. My fingers will move between my legs now, rubbing my clit as I watch your face contort with pleasure as you fuck me, hear you make those primal sounds that I love to hear, the sounds that mean you're so turned on and ready to come inside me. Wait... slow down, lean forward, look into my eyes once more. Kiss me again. Grind against my clit and make me come, feel my orgasm ripple through my cunt, all the way up your cock and that is what will make you come, harder than you've ever known. Then hold me in your arms until you're ready to go again. I never want to stop fucking you.

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