tagIncest/TabooHot Spots Ch. 03

Hot Spots Ch. 03


Things were never the same again for us, as we both knew they would never be.

For the first time in my life, I had fallen in love.

At twenty-five, Shaila, my cousin sister, was almost seven years older than I was. But I thought, that love was a strange thing.

That it wasn't love, but plain and pure raw sex, dawned upon me in the following week.

I woke up pretty late the next day with a painful erection. I had dreamt quite a bit and of course, the dreams were all about her.

"Nice sleep, buddy?" My uncle was incredibly fresh considering how drunk he had been the previous night.

"Yes, thank you. And you?"

"Slept like a baby," he chuckled. He was at the dining table, reading the newspaper, already dressed in his suit that he wore to the college.

I had just brushed my teeth, sat on the pot and had showered. I was dressed in a plain t-shirt and jeans. As I took my place in front of him, I heard the noises in the kitchen, which meant Shaila was in there.

"I heard that you and Shaila had a nice long chat yesterday. Come on pal, you don't come to Mumbai too often. Hey, tell you what, why don't you come over to the college? The campus is great and what's more, I bet you will love those groovy chicks," he laughed.

I laughed. "Aw shucks, uncle, I really have no time for girls!"

Shaila entered the dining room with a tray loaded with his breakfast and a jug of coffee.

"What's all that laughing about?" she asked laying the tray down on the table.

If I had expected any awkward movements from her, I was wrong. She was cool, a lot cooler than me.

I looked at her out of the corner of my eyes. She had bathed and was wearing a plain and simple one-piece frock that had a pair of straps on her shoulders. It reached down to her knees and she had tucked the loose white blouse inside. The blouse was of course buttoned in front. I suddenly realized that the baby was gurgling in the crib she had obviously wheeled in from their bedroom.

"Oh, I was just telling Nikhil about the gorgeous girls he could get to see if he drops in at the campus," he laughed, picking up his toast.

"Oh yes, Nikki, why don't you go over there?" Shaila laughed.

"Nikki?" my uncle asked. "What kind of a wimp short cut name is that? It sounds like you are talking about a girl or some kind of a faggot."

"Oh come on, Salil. You know that everybody calls him by that name."

"And I always say that it sounds like a fruitcake name. Come on, now, Nikhil is such a good name."

"That's okay, uncle," I interrupted. "I'm used to it by now. In fact, back at college, there's a girl in my class called Nicole and everybody calls her Nicky as well. It used to bother me at first, but not any longer now."

He gave a short laugh and turned his attention to his breakfast while I poured myself a cup of coffee.

"Any coffee for you, Shaila?" I asked looking into her eyes.

"Oh no, thanks. I am trying to cut down on it."

I rose with the coffee in my hand and walked to the crib placed behind my uncle.

"Hey buster, how are you this morning?" I asked him, letting the back of my hands slide gently over his cheek. The guy gurgled happily and then yawned.

I looked up at Shaila who was just in the process of sitting down on the chair by the side of uncle. As she looked at me, I winked.

She quickly glanced at her husband, and noticing that he was engrossed in the newspaper, she quickly winked back at me.

I recalled yesterday night. He had walked in the apartment, swaying on his feet. Not talking too much, he had staggered into his bedroom, Shaila at his heels.

Much later, I had crept up to their door. It was shut, of course, but I could hear him grunting in time with the squeaking mattress.

I knew that they had made love.

I chatted with junior and I knew he was sleepy.

"Sure has an odd hour, huh?" I asked, coming back to the table. "I mean, the guy's sleepy already."

"Sleeps most of the time, like your sister here."

The sister part of it stung and I flushed. Was it true then that I was involved in incest?

Fuck it, I thought. If it was incest, then I loved it.

"Don't you have a holiday today?" I asked him.

"No buddy. Fridays and Saturdays are very hectic…"

"As are the rest of the days," Shaila interrupted.

"Very funny," he shot back, taking a bite of his toast, "Actually, Nikhil, I'm supposed to be off on Sundays. But with the approaching semesters, the students have requested me for extra classes on that day too. Mind you, I'm going to have a couple of days off so that we could all go sight seeing and perhaps take on a good dinner in a decent joint."

The baby began to bawl and Shaila hurried towards the crib, picking him up. "Oh, so sorry, baby, mama almost forgot. It's time for your grub and your sleep."

When she said ‘grub' she winked at me and I felt myself growing hard.

"You are leaving, Salil? Because I'm going to put junior to sleep," she told her husband.

"I'm waiting for a call from the office," uncle replied, washing down his breakfast with a glass of orange juice. "The dolts there are supposed to inform me which papers to bring today. So I don't really know when I'm leaving."

"Okay," she replied, walking to their bedroom. "Just shout out when you are leaving and call me because you are going to be late today as well."

"Very funny," he replied, picking up the paper again. "Anyway, Nikhil is here. So he will know when I'm leaving."

She disappeared inside, already unbuttoning the front of her blouse. This succeeded in getting my cock harder.

The dining room was an extension of the living room, so uncle got up from the table and had to walk about ten steps to reach the sofa and flop down on it.

Images of what Shaila and me did on the very same sofa, watching the TV flashed through my mind and my body tingled.

I went up to the chair and took my seat there, picking up the supplement of the newspaper. Again, the vision of Shaila, bent over this chair flashed through my mind.

God, but I was getting horny as hell and couldn't wait for uncle to leave.

To get to the guest room, I had to walk past their bedroom. I just HAD to see her breasts again. I fidgeted on the chair, making sure that the newspaper was draped across the crotch of the jeans I was wearing. I didn't want him to notice the bulge there.

"I'm going to try and solve this crossword," I announced, rising to my feet. "I'll get my pencil."

"Use that pen," he advised, not taking his eyes off the paper he was so engrossed in.

"I prefer pencils so that I can erase my mistakes," I laughed, walking toward the guest room.

He chuckled and waved at me. "Your choice, buddy."

I rushed to the room and extracted the pencil from my bag, stuffing it into the pocket of my jeans. Then, I slowly pedaled across the passage and crept to their bedroom.

She was seated cross-legged on the bed, her breasts out of her blouse, leaning down to allow junior to suckle at her teat.

She was seated on the edge of the bed and from that angle we could easily see uncle's reflection in the TV monitor.

She turned to face me as I quickly slipped across the room. She tilted her head up to me and I lowered my open mouth onto hers, kissing her brutally.

Our eyes were on the TV screen to make sure that her husband stayed in the reflection. She opened her mouth and allowed my tongue to invade it. She sucked furiously on it and even as she pulled junior to her breast, she reached out one hand and squeezed my crotch hard.

I pulled away reluctantly and she drew her hand back.

"Patience," she whispered.

"I just can't wait," I whispered back.

I quickly walked back to the living room and sat down on the chair pulling out the pencil from the pocket of my jeans and that was when the phone rang.

Uncle, seated on the sofa, leaned across and picked up the phone. "Yes?"

My pulse quickened as he grunted his "yes's'" and "no's" because I knew that he would be leaving shortly.

He covered the mouthpiece with one hand and said, "Hey Nikhil, if you don't mind, there's a green file in my bedroom in the closet by the bathroom. Will you look for it and get it for me? Till then, I will dictate today's agenda to my P.A."

"Oh sure, uncle, I will," I replied, rising up from the chair and casually walking into the bedroom.

Junior was lying in his mother's lap, eyes closed and she was rocking her lap in a gentle rhythm.

"He wants his green file," I whispered, quickly walking up to her.

Continuing to rock the baby, she looked up and allowed me to french kiss her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. Gently, she pushed me back.

"The file is in that closet. Top shelf, left side. And do be patient, Nikki. You are turning me on."

The top four buttons of her blouse were off and her breasts were exposed. Quickly, I bent down, taking her right nipple into my mouth and sucking hard on it. I felt the warm milk spurt into me.

Just as quickly, I walked to the closet, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and swallowing the sweet milk.

I found the file, winked at her and walked back to the living room. I handed over the file to uncle, who smiled at me.

"Thanks," he whispered and continued to talk into the mouthpiece as he fumbled with the file.

It took him almost ten minutes to finish his conversation and most of it was a series of grunts and some technical and un-pronounceable words.

Finally, he put the phone back on the cradle and stuffed the file in his briefcase.

When he rose from the sofa, I felt my heart beating faster and my cock getting stiffer.

Shaila walked in, her blouse buttoned up.

"Ah, just in time," uncle said, picking up his briefcase. "I was just about to leave. Okay, pal, have a good time. Hey Shaila, why don't you take him around the beach when junior is up?"

"That's what I was planning to do," she replied.

"Yes. Okay, then, see you. I will call you if I have to stay back. Excuse me, buddy."

"No problems, uncle. Like Dad tells mom: When there's work to be done, everything else comes later."

"Wise man, your dad," he smiled and left for his office.

I continued to sit on the chair till Shaila put the chain on the door and shot the bolt home. Then, as if I was on fire (which I was), I leaped up and took five long strides till I was standing beside her, just next to the door.

She turned around and I was all over her. Pushing her back against the door, I bent down and kissed her.

She put her arms around my shoulders and pressed her body against mine. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and as I sucked it, I brought my hands up between our bodies to grab her heavy breasts.

She moaned when I squeezed those awesome breasts.

The front of her blouse got wet in next to no time as the milk spurted out. She pushed one hand down and cupped my bulge, rubbing her palms over it.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed the straps of the frock off her shoulders even as she unzipped me and shoved one hand inside the jeans.

I groaned when she pulled out my throbbing cock out of my underwear. Her hands were hot and moist on my flesh and she began to jerk me off, fondling my balls with one hand.

I pushed her tongue back into her mouth with mine so that she could suck on it. She wasn't wearing a bra and as her breasts tumbled out, I kneaded them powerfully. The liquid burst out and I gently pinched her erect nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

Her hands drew back from my cock and she began to unbutton my jeans urgently. I leaned back from my waist to allow her to push my jeans and underwear down over my legs.

As I kicked away my garments, I reluctantly drew my mouth off hers, gasping for breath. I pulled her frock down her body. She emerged out of it, clad now, only in a pair of black panties, which contrasted against her white skin.

"Oh god, Nikki, I am so horny," she moaned.

I pulled my t-shirt away watching her strip her panties down over her legs.

Both of us were naked now and still standing in the doorway. I bent down, my hands back on her breasts, to take one nipple in my mouth. I sucked. Warm milk exploded down my parched throat.

"Oh god, Nikki, at least let's get inside."

I pushed against her body and walked her over to the second bedroom that was unoccupied.

The room had a single bed in a corner, a desk and a chair, a small couch at the window and a settee next to the wardrobe and near the bathroom door.

I pushed her impatiently onto the settee. She fell on her back, her legs instinctively spreading apart.

"The other way," I gasped.

She understood. She spun around on the settee so that she was now lying on her back across it, her head dangling down the edge. The settee was so narrow, that in this position as her head dangled down one edge, her legs were resting on the floor off the other edge.

I made my move by spreading my legs apart and shuffling closer to the settee. Reaching down, I grabbed my cock and slapped it on her face. Her head was upside down and that splayed her hair on the floor.

I rubbed the tip of my cock across her lips. She opened her mouth and tried to take my cock inside.

"No," I said, "I want to slide my cock across your lips."

She smiled and pouted her lips. I pressed the underside of my dick on her lips and moved back and forth across them.

"I'm fucking your lips, slut," I told her.

"Mmmmm…" she moaned.

I leaned forward from my waist and without any finesse, thrust my forefinger into the wide-open lips of her cunt.

"Ahhhhh," she sighed, "Fuck my cunt with your fingers."

Two things happened.

One, because she opened her mouth to speak, my cock slipped inside her oral cavity and two, because she said "fingers" I added another finger in her cunt.

Now that my cock was well inside her mouth, I began to move to and fro, pushing more of my meat inside her. She had slapped away my hand and replaced it with hers on my cock. Rather, they were now fondling my balls because she had the entire length of my dick firmly embedded inside her mouth and she had nowhere else to fondle.

I kneaded her breast with my hand, now that it was free. I watched the milk shoot out from the nipple and land on my belly. There was so much of the stuff in her that it looked like a fountain spurting upwards.

Unable to control myself, I leaned further down and continuing to fuck her cunt with my fingers, lowered my face so that I could lick her there.

Her knees bucked up to press her cunt deeper into my face. I felt her legs wrap around my neck and drawing me towards her as I licked her labia in slow long strokes.

I began to pump my hips back and forth, fucking her mouth steadily, afraid that I might lose it all too early. I was horny; make no mistake about it. But at the same time, I wanted this to last.

She was making it difficult for me to do that because she was using her throat muscles now. Expand. Contract. Push and pull. Sweep her tongue over the underside of my shaft and then sweep it over the topside till it was thoroughly wet with her saliva.

Her legs tightened around my neck as I felt her spasms taking control of her body. I put my mouth on her clit and she uttered a low guttural moan.

She pulled her head away, releasing my cock from her mouth.

"God, oh my God, I'm coming, oh yes, fuck my cunt, lick my clit, oh yes, oh yes, ugghhh…"

I slipped my hand down to my cock and rubbed the tip over her face. I did not allow my fingers to slow down and continued to fuck her cunt with them.

She cried out in ecstasy as she came again, flooding my face with her juices, raking my ass with her fingernails.

I felt her going limp. I could hear her labored breathing.

I rose off her body and knelt on the floor. I crouched down and kissed her. It was strange, kissing her face in that position. Her head still dangled down the edge of the settee and when I kissed her "inverted" mouth, I felt her hair on my chest.

I could taste myself on her lips and was pretty sure that she tasted herself on mine. I sucked on her lower lip and then spread my mouth wide over hers. Our tongues dueled in the warm confines of her mouth and I now captured her breasts with my hands, unmindful of the milk that literally poured over my palms.

I pulled away panting.

"I want you to come on my face," she whimpered.

I hunched up on the settee and used my hands to spread the milk over my shaft. She watched me as I spread the stuff over my glans and wrapping one fist over the shaft, I jerked it to and fro. My palms slipped over the smooth skin of my cock.

Finally, I pulled her body further down the settee till her head was touching the floor.

"Wait, wait," she said breathlessly. "I want you to really fuck my mouth."

As if I already hadn't!

She clambered up from her position to sit on the edge of the settee and said, "Now, come on lover boy, fuck my mouth with your cock."

I took one step towards her and thrust my dick in her mouth. She clamped her lips over the shaft and began to suck. I held her head firmly with my hands and began to pound into her mouth.

My cock slipped effortlessly in and out of her wet mouth. I held her breasts in my hands: I just couldn't keep my hands away from them.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and held her wet breasts together around my cock by leaning forward. Even before I could think of beginning to fuck her breasts, she began moving her body up and down, squeezing my cock in her cleavage.

"Oh, yes, lover, fuck in my tits, fuck in them, harder, faster, ah yes, fuck, fuck, come now lover boy, come for your slut…"

I couldn't hold back anymore and pulling my cock out from her heavenly breasts, I thrust it against her face.

She grabbed it with her hands and jerked me off furiously, her eyes fixed on it.

I groaned, feeling the juice gather in my balls.

"I…I…I'm…cumming, oh shit…I'm going to come!" I yelled, moving my hips to match the movements of her hands on my cock.

She opened her mouth and raised her eyes to look into mine expectantly.

I blasted.

One, two, three, four, five…oh god, I lost count again and just kept unloading my juice. She directed my shaft, first on her breasts and then all over her face.

I painted her with my semen. She had my spunk on her nose, on her cheeks, on her chin, on her forehead and in her hair. She had to blink her eyes when my jizz hit them. But she continued to masturbate me.

The world spun around me and I wailed in anguish and pleasure. I felt a hollow in my belly as if a part of my flesh had disappeared from there.

When my cock became limp, she took it in her mouth and gently ran her tongue over it, cleaning it with her saliva. At the same time, she used her other hand to rub the juices all over her face.

When I crashed down on the floor, I pulled her along with me.


"I heard grunts and the bed was squeaking."

"Ha. I was feeding junior and Salil happened to glance between my legs."

"Just like that?"

"He was in a semi-slumber, but not so much that he couldn't notice that my pussy was shaved."

"You don't say! You sleep without your panties?"

She chuckled. "Yesterday night, after our shower, I was feeling so hot! I could think of nothing but your cock fucking in my tits. I wanted to rub myself when junior began to wail. Naturally, I had to sit cross-legged and feed him. That made my gown slide right up my legs and Salil got a ringside view of my cunt."

"So what did he say?"

"He waited till junior was asleep and asked me what happened to the hairs. I told him I shaved them off for the heck of it."


"He just pushed me onto my back and went down on me. He slobbered and sucked my cunt. I wanted him to continue, but he was so horny, he merely pushed his pajamas down his legs, mounted me and pushed his cock inside my cunt."

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