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Hot Tub Realities


As I grow older my notion or 'erotic fantasy' has changed. More accurately it has become more focused. I know what I really like. Some of my fantasies will forever remain just that, fantasies. Others have been easily filled when they are simply a matter of waiting for the right circumstance. My favorites are the ones where limits are pushed.

I have a wonderful wife that has on occasional indulged my fantasies. She has made some of them reality. At least to the furthest extent that she can. We both, of course, stay faithful to each other. The problem is the notion of what constitutes being unfaithful. I don't feel she is being unfaithful at all when she is making my fantasies real. She is doing it at my direction (and hopefully she is enjoying herself too). Her sense is that she is being unfaithful, even when it is with my blessing. As such she has limits. Let me tell you about my favorite fantasy that she brought to life.

I have long wanted to be in a hot tub and watch my wife with another guy. She would slowly undress in front of us both. If everyone was comfortable, things could proceed from there. My wife and I talked about it for a long time. Once I had spelled out what I wanted to see, all that remained was agreeing on what the limits were. There would be no kissing, or genital contact. Everything else was negotiable.

We posted our intention on various adult classifieds and started to filter through the responses. After a few months we found an ideal candidate. He understood that there were strict rules and limits in place and she could halt things at any moment. He agreed and we set up a time and place.

There is a place in the city that rents private hot-tubs by the hour. My wife and I go there frequently in the cold months. It had always been just the two of us. We met 'Dan' there on a weekday afternoon. We rented the tub and sent my wife in first so she could get ready. That gave Dan and I a chance to talk. As we agreed to beforehand, we had both worn swimsuits underneath our clothing. My wife brought an outfit she was going to wear. After confirming with Dan the rules we had agreed to, we proceeded to our room. Throughout everything that was to come, Dan was completely respectful of the limits we had established.

My wife was already in the water and the lights had been slightly dimmed. Her eyes closed as she was apparently enjoying the warmth. She was wearing a pair of my running shorts and a white tank top. She has really nice tits and the sheer tank-top made them all the more yummy. Dan and I took off our stuff and hung it up. I told him to sit on the side opposite my wife and I took my place in between them.

I had scripted today's encounter beforehand with my wife and Dan separately. I wanted things to proceed very slowly. I enjoy it slow, but taking it slow was to ensure that she dictated the action. I had thought that we would all talk for a while and break the ice. About ten minutes in I wanted my wife to start playing with the edges of her tank top. A little pull here, a little tug there, with an occasional nipple pinch.

No sooner had Dan and I settled in, she pulled the left strap aside exposing her nipple and most of her breast. Dan made an 'O' with his lips as we both marvelled at the acceleration of the time table. After about 30 seconds of 'flashing' she said, "This is kind of uncomfortable" and peeled the tank top off completely. Her tits floated on the surface (no silicon in my girl) as she leaned against the side of the tub. We got back on track with the small talk at that point.

Dan was single. This was also not the first time he had been with a couple. A few weeks earlier he had been part of a 'birthday present' that a husband had given is wife. It was an exciting story to hear. It made my wife a little nervous thinking perhaps that is what I had 'really' intended to happen today. Sensing this, both Dan and I assured her that it was not. We all wished to maintain or anonymity so we avoided talking about things that might disclose who we were. The three of us engaged in quiet conversation, but all the while he gazed at my wife's tits. Can't say I blame him.

After a while things seemed to bog down. I would have been quite content with what had transpired to that point. I suggested that my wife and I should switch places so that she could sit closer to Dan. She agreed. I stood up and she slid along the seat until we was about six inches away from Dan. I then suggested that Dan be allowed to touch her. I fully expected to be told no at this point, but she agreed.

At this point most guys would have made a quick grab for her tits. Dan instead, turned towards her putting his left arm on the edge of the tub above her shoulders and kept his right arm free. There was little conversation from this point on. With his left fingers he played with her hair, and touched her neck and shoulders. His right fingers SLOWLY explored the front of her neck and shoulders. He eventually shifted to her clavicle, her arms, and her belly.

All the while Dan stuck to the script that I had given him. Whenever he moved his fingers into a new area he would look at my wife to gauge her approval. He eventually asked if he could touch her breasts. For the second time, I thought things would be halted. Instead she agreed.

True to form, Dan continued his slow explorations with just the tips of his fingers. I had not noticed his left arm had been slowly working its way down her upper back then lower back and was now resting where her lower back becomes ass. He worked his fingers slowly around the edge of one breast and then the other. Each time the circle he made became smaller and closed in on her nipples. By the time he found them her arousal was evident when he gently pinched them. My focus was on his touching her breasts, but his left hand was not gently caressing her ass. This went on for a while.

All the while she was sitting next to Dan, she would look at me for reassurance that is was OK to continue. Eventually he asked if she would enjoy having her tits sucked on. This was the final part of the script I had made. I had expected it to end here. It didn't.

After her agreement, Dan leaned forward and began to lick het tits and gently suck on her nipples. All the while he continued to rub her ass. My wife mainly looked at Dan doing his thing. She enjoyed how Dan was doing things. She looked up at me and I gave her an enthusiastic 'thumbs-up'.

After a minute or so Dan sat up and brought his arms back. He quickly suggested that I move next to my wife so we could both suck on her tits. That was not on the script, but I was definitely game. I was caressing my wife's thigh and after a moment her hips slid forward. I quickly slid my fingers underneath the hem of the shorts and quickly buried them in her pussy. The sensation of having both tits sucked on at the same time obviously was new and exciting. Combined with the finger-banging, she didn't take long to climax.

As she did, both Dan and I pulled back and allowed her to catch her breath. We had perhaps ten minutes of time left, so I made what was to be my final suggestion. I wanted both my wife and Dan to stand up and take their bottoms off. I was shocked when both agreed.

So there I sat. I had enjoyed my fantasy acted out completely and a bit more. Dan was fully erect and my wife did take more than a peek at his cock. She had not seen another cock since before we were married.

Finally I pulled the plug on the encounter. I feared that both Dan and my wife would assume I wanted them to go further. It was also as far as I ever wanted this fantasy to ever be acted out.

To this day, I still consider this the single hottest thing my wife has ever done for me. That is no small compliment, since she has done many, many wonderfully erotic things over the years. In later conversations we had, it turns out that it was quite a bit further than she wished to go. She wanted to stop at just being topless in the same room. She liked being looked at and desired by another man, but no more.

While I would not want it to happed, I have often played out extensions of that day. There are two scenarios that I've played out after they got naked in front of each other. I think Dan would have enjoyed an old-school blow job at that point. That's a fun variant to envision, especially when I picture my wife finishing him by letting him cum on her tits.

My favorite version is her laying on her back and spreading her legs to take him. He would put her calves over his shoulders and drive home on the first stroke. Both would escalate quickly and he would fill her with cum as she climaxed.

Of course, it's all fantasy.

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