tagLoving WivesHow I Became a Cuckold Ch. 03

How I Became a Cuckold Ch. 03


It was Saturday morning and I was hung over. I drank a lot after Ray left last night, thinking about Carol and him doing what ever the hell they did behind that locked bedroom door. She had refused to tell me. It was "private" she said. Private hell! I'm her husband. Okay, so I like to watch her get laid, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to know what that horny bastard does to her when he gets her alone.

A hair of the dog that bit me -- a double shot of good vodka straight, then some tomato juice and a shower. I felt better. Standing there in the bathroom taking a leak, I looked down at my dick. Jesus! There were bruises from all that jerking off last night. Carol stepped out of the shower and saw me examining myself.

"I told you you'd have bruises on your pecker," she said and chuckled. "But you had a damn good time, didn't you baby."

"Yeah, I had a good time. You had a good time too. I haven't seen you laugh and giggle so much since you quit fuckin Jim. You were so down after he got married, but I think that's over now."

Carol smiled. "You're right, baby, I had a wonderful time. Did I remember to say thank you? I'll say it again. Thank you. And I love you."

She walked over and melted into my arms, still wet from the shower. We kissed, standing naked in the bathroom, and I looked at our image in the mirror. We were a good couple. Happy together. We had a nice house in a San Diego suburb and I made good money. For several years my best friend Jim had provided the spark that turned on sex for both of us. I liked to watch and Carol was turned on by being watched.

Neither of us had done well after Jim got married, but now we may have found a new guy to take his place. Ray was a lot different from Jim. Carol called him a "bull" and last night he had rung her bell big time and I had enjoyed watching them. But then he had insisted on private time with her, behind a locked bedroom door. That upset the hell out of me, even though I discovered that listening and not knowing turned me on as much as watching.

We dressed and sat on the patio having coffee and English muffins. Then we sipped bloody Marys. Maybe now Carol would answer that question.

"Tell me what Ray did to you in the bedroom that you enjoyed so much?"

Carol smiled. "I told you I was not going to answer that question. If I'm gonna fuck this dude long term, like both of us want and both of us need, then I'm gonna need some private time with him."

"You didn't have private time with Jim," I said.

"Well ... " Carol paused, looking down at her lap.

"Well what?" I asked.

She looked off to the side and brought her knuckles to her mouth in thought, for over a full minute. What the hell was she thinking? Finally she sighed and looked back at me as if she had made a really big decision.

"Well, actually I did," she said.

"Did? Did what?" I asked, puzzled.

"I did have private time with Jim," she said very seriously. I could see she was nervous and scared.

"What the hell are you talking about?" This was something new.

"Darling I love you. I hate keeping secrets from you. But I had to keep that one. I knew I had to tell you some day and I guess this is the day."

Suddenly I felt the cramping pain of jealousy in my gut. "You fucked him when I wasn't here?"

"Yes I did. You make a couple of business trips every month. When you were gone, Jim came down to see me."

I sat there stunned. "You were fucking him a couple of times a month when I wasn't here?"


"You were in our bed with him, naked, every night when I called home?"


"And after you finished talking to me on the phone you rolled over and spread your legs for him?"


"And the next day you fucked him and then drove him to the airport? You dropped him off at departures and picked me up at arrivals? And when I got that big welcome home kiss your pussy was filled with his fresh cum?"


"And then a couple of weeks later, you drove me to the airport, dropped me off, picked up that son-of-a-bitch, took him home, and fucked his brains out for a couple of days?"


"For three years?"


I felt helpless jealousy sweep through my body -- physical pain in my gut -- sick nausea -- just like I'd been kicked in the balls. I had to keep control. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Carol, tell me about it?"

She composed herself. "When we fucked that first time, both of us knew something special had happened. You were on the road the next week and he came down to see me. And we ... well ... we fell in love. At least he fell in love with me and I thought I loved him too. This is hard to explain. I don't understand it myself so I can't expect you to. It was like I had two husbands."

"Two husbands?" My wife was telling me she fell in love with another man. This was unbelievable. I never suspected a thing.

She just nodded her head. "Two husbands." I saw tears in her eyes.

"Carol, just tell it slow. Tell me everything," I said calmly, even though what I really wanted to do was scream obscenities at her.

"For over two years, it was just like having two husbands. I slept with him just like I slept with you -- in the same bed. I felt love for him just like I felt love for you -- in the same house. I cooked for him just like I cooked for you -- eating at the same table. Down deep, I knew it couldn't go on forever, but I pretended that it would. Then he asked me to leave you and marry him."

Rage -- I felt it - furious rage. I fought to keep control. "Divorce me?"


"Marry him?"


"Shit! Some best friend!" I almost lost it then, but somehow I held on.

"When he proposed," Carol continued, "it jolted me back into the real world. I'd been living in a dream world. Two men were in love with me and I was in love with two men. It had been a wonderful, blissful, ecstatic dream. But his proposal woke me up. He said he couldn't go on the way we were. He said he would find someone else if I didn't leave you. Even as he said it I realized that you were the one I loved -- not him. You were my real husband. He was just a temporary lover."

"So what happened? What did he say when you told him you loved me?" I asked.

"He said you were a cuckold. He asked me how I could love a cuckold. I thought about that. I really did think about that for a long time. He kept badgering me, every time he was here. Gradually I came to realize something that I had missed in all my silly, girlish dreaming about loving two men."

"What was that?" I asked.

"When the three of us were together, he was nice to you -- but mainly he just tolerated you because of me. He preferred to be alone with me. But, I preferred having you with me, because, I was turned on by having you watch us. Yeah, you were a cuckold -- but I enjoyed being watched as much as you enjoyed watching. That's when I realized that our love was special. Not only were we deeply in love, but we were also perfectly matched - sexually! There is no way I could ever leave you. I need you."

"Jesus," was all I could say. She didn't have to tell me this. I would never have known. She felt she had to tell me because she loved me so deeply. My anger began to melt away.

We sat in silence for a while, then, Carol continued. "You remember how things cooled off a bit during the last six months that we were seeing Jim?"

"Yeah, I never understood that."

"That's when he quit coming down so much while you were gone. And when he did come, it was mostly to argue with me to change my mind. That turned me off. He kept begging me until he found a gal to marry. I thought he decided too fast and now I'm worried because he was in love with me and she got him on the rebound."

"Well, don't ask me to worry about that son-of-a-bitch! Best friend! Shit!"

I got up and pulled Carol to her feet. I took her in my arms and kissed her lovingly. She kissed me back. Our bodies pressed together tightly. I held her close. We sat down again holding hands across the table silently for several minutes. Finally I told her my feelings.

"I love you all the more. Not many husbands have a wife who falls in love with a handsome lover who wants to marry her, and then decides she loves her husband more."

"I do love you," she said simply. "And I need you. Sexually, I mean. And I owe you. I forgive you in advance for anything you ever do with another woman."

I chuckled as a new thought struck me. "You're not in love with Ray are you?"

Carol burst out laughing. "What you saw was raw sex, baby. Just raw sex! No, I don't love him and I'm not about to fall for him. I don't need him. But I do want to fuck him. And it turns me on to do it while you watch. It also turns me on to tease you as you listen to us play sex games behind a locked door. You know I'm gonna tell you what we do someday, but not yet."

"Let's go out to the club this afternoon and sit by the pool and get drunk," I said.

"That sounds like a great idea."

It was mid-day by the time we got to the club. "How about a daiquiri," Carol asked.

"Sounds good," I replied.

Just about the time we had our first toast, who did we see but Ray and Joan walking up to us smiling.

"Jerry showed me how to play that 18th green," said Joan to Ray as he helped her into a beach chair at our table. "He's a great golfer."

Ray smiled at Carol who smiled back, remembering, I suspect, fucking her brains out the night before. This is good, I thought. Staying friends with them is a good idea. Ray behaved as a perfect gentleman giving no clue of what we had done last night.

We chatted for a while and sipped our daiquiris. Then Ray got up, apologized for leaving, and said he had a short meeting in the clubhouse. He was on the board of the club and had some committee business.

Carol spread a beach towel out in the sun and started to work on her tan. This left Joan and me under the beach umbrella, drinking and chatting about golf. Carol was too far away to hear us, so I thought this might be a good time to find out more about Ray.

"How long have you and Ray been married?" I asked.

"We got married right out of college. He played football. I tried out for cheerleader but, well, you know," she smiled and looked down at her small tits.

I chuckled. "Yeah sometimes the world's unfair. But you've got a handsome husband."

"Yeah he sure is that. And he's personable, he knows everybody and everybody knows him. He's a great salesman for our company. Some people can't figure why he stays at home and to tell the truth it's sometimes hard to keep that hound dog on the porch. Take Mrs. Robinson over there for instance."

Joan nodded her head in the direction of a well built, blond, thirty-something gal on the other side of the pool, sipping her drink.

"Her name's not Robinson," I said, puzzled.

"I call her that because she stripped down buck-naked and showed herself to Ray last year -- it's a long story, but she wanted to screw him," Joan said laughing. "She didn't turn him on. He likes big tits but not if they sag." She shook her head from side to side laughing.

"Does he stray off the porch?" I tried to be casual but I really wanted to know and Joan had brought the subject up.

Joan looked at me and gave a serious answer. "I can't say for sure that he never has, but I can say for sure it won't be blatant. He knows what Daddy would do."

"Daddy?" I asked.

"Ray works for Daddy's company and when Daddy retires Ray will likely move up. I'm due to inherit half and my brother will get the other half."

It was clear that she had no worry about her handsome husband. He was gonna stay on the porch, mostly.

Our conversation moved on to golf and to her trouble with the putter. I said she needed a new one. We had another daiquiri and swapped golf stories. She liked talking to me and I felt it would be a good thing to be friends. It was obvious she liked me.

When Ray finished his meeting he returned to the pool. By now Carol had gotten enough sun and the four of us sat around drinking and talking. Joan kept smiling at me. Jesus, I thought, she's interested.

When Carol and I got home, I told her about my conversation with Joan. When I finished Carol chuckled.

"Basically, she's got him by the balls. It sounds like she doesn't care if he screws around a little, so long as nobody knows, but -- what was the word she used?"

"Blatant," I said.

"Yeah," Carol said. "He'd better not be blatant. That's great news baby. We can use him any way we want -- he can't stand a scandal. He's our private, hairy, horny, sex machine."

All that week Carol and I were very sexually active. We screwed every night and she turned me on whispering in my ear. She knew exactly the things to say that excited me. I realized how right she was when she said that we were matched up sexually -- perfect sex partners. And we were in love.

Friday came at last and before we got out of bed, we fucked, with her whispering in my ear about me sucking his dick to get him ready. I had never done that before and I didn't know if I could, but I was starting to turn on, thinking about it.

When Ray arrived about seven o'clock. Carol was dressed in a thigh high miniskirt, spike heels, with hose and garter belt, and a see-through blouse. We had a couple of drinks and a joint, then, Ray asked Carol to dance for us.

"Dance baby. Give us a show. Strip."

I watched my wife begin a sexy dance with Ray's eyes devouring her body. She stripped down to spike heels, hose, and garter belt. I watched Ray as much as I watched her and that familiar jealousy gripped my gut. It was matched by my mounting sexual arousal. That hairy, hung bastard was gonna fuck my wife again. She was eager to spread her legs for him and I was just as eager to watch her do it. I could see that big pussy of hers getting wet. Her big inner pussy lips were engorged and hanging down over two inches.

Jesus she was beautiful! Skin bronzed from the sun, milky white breasts -- gently swaying as she danced -- and that big, hairy beaver. It turned me on, as she showed her body to Ray. When I saw those beautiful, creamy, sun protected triangles on her ass, I thought of Ray's hands lifting her ass up to shove that big thing in deep. God! I was horny!

Ray unzipped his fly and took out that monster cock. Shit! I knew what he wanted.

"Okay Jerry. Get over here."

I walked across the room and stood before him, visibly trembling with anticipation.

"On your knees Jerry."

I dropped to my knees between his spread legs. Carol danced up close, keeping the slow sensuous rhythm of the music. I remembered what she had told me to do. I was very turned on now. I took hold of that thick dick and bent my head down. I could smell the pungent male scent of his genitals. Then I started to lick that big purple head. It had a musky taste.

"Take it in your mouth, baby," said Carol kneeling close beside me. "That's it. Now take more of it."

I did what she said, afraid that I would gag, but I was so turned on I didn't gag. Damn! It was big and thick. No way could I take even half of it.

"Okay baby - you're doing great. Now move your head up and down, tickle it with your tongue, and start sucking."

I did what she said. It felt good. Then I heard her chuckle and tell Ray to show me how big it was. He put both hands on the back of my head, pulled me down, and lifted his hips. Damn! He just shoved that big thing up into my throat past my tonsils and kept pumping in and out like he was fucking me in the mouth - and I didn't gag. Shit! I thought -- this feels good. Saliva was dripping out of my mouth and running down his dick. When his dick was sloppy wet he pulled out of me, pushing me to the side on the floor, and moved toward Carol who was laying on her back on the rug. Then I got that familiar feeling of helpless humiliation as I watched the woman I loved eagerly spread her legs for another man. He started fucking her furiously and she urged him on.

"Oh yeah Ray! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

Both had gotten turned on watching me suck Ray's cock. I stripped and joined them on the floor and started masturbating heatedly. Before I realized it my cum was pumping up in the air and landing on my belly. I felt Carol tremble and come and then Ray pumped his load groaning like an animal. The three of us just lay there panting for air.

I tried to eat her pussy but Carol stood up, reached down and pulled Ray to his feet. Oh my God she was eager. Really horny!

"Come on baby. Let's get to bed. I need it. You gotta do it to me right now." She pulled him into the bedroom and, then, looking back at me lying on the floor, my own cum on my belly, she said, "Love you baby. Have your fun." Then she closed the door and locked it.

Shit! Just like last Friday! I got up and put my ear to the door. They were mumbling and giggling -- then I heard her loud musical laughter. Excruciating jealously gripped my gut and I was overwhelmed by helplessness and humiliation. She was laughing and eagerly urging Ray to "Do it."

"Do it just like last week baby I need it."

Then I heard her groan, "Oh ... Ahhh ... Ahhh ... Yeah! Just like that! Oh yes!"

What was that bastard doing to my wife? I leaned against the door masturbating. They did it for almost fifteen minutes before she started to grunt like an animal as he pounded her and then I heard the cries of her orgasm. Then they rested and started having sex again. It was just like last Friday, except, she was turned on more, by seeing me suck that big cock. After I ejaculated, I listened to them having sex and started to masturbate again. Listening to them talking and laughing and imagining what they were doing, I masturbated over and over for the next hour. I was gonna have a sore dick in the morning.

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his wife and bull are both whores if he was smart he would throw her out and move in with joan i am sure she would love to have jerry i hate when the bull makes the hubby suck his cock the hubby shouldmore...

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I love hairy pussy.

I woman's dense fur is where the Bull's sperm collects when it drools from her overflowing. I want to slurp on that glorious pussy mane.

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