tagErotic CouplingsHow I Lost the Love of My Life

How I Lost the Love of My Life


Whilst clearing out my cellar getting ready to move into smaller premises, I came across an old suitcase full of photographs. A lot were of my family, but hidden deep behind a flap were some very private ones taken of an old flame when I was associated with the Scouts.

Her name was Barbara and I can still see that cute button nose; that smile, those eyes...Those brown eyes, the ones that captivated me during our first camping trip together.

She was everything a man would want in a woman. She was very pretty, feminine and smart; also she was an Assistant Cub Leader. She was fun to be with and when she smiled, everything was somehow brighter. She would laugh and tease, just perfect.

Her parents ran a dairy farm. It was through them Barbara and I first met, the local Scouting Association arranged for a mixed camp of Cubs and Scouts to take place on Barbara's farm. I was dubious about the idea at first but once I saw Babs I was smitten.

I think that because I was always busy, a little too serious with my volunteer work. I used my weekends to plan activities for my Troop and I felt distant to the people my age, I decided in my early teens, that for me, 'love' would really mean something.

My parents were both conservative people. They came from humble beginnings and did very well for themselves. They were not the type to sit me down and have a 'talk' with. They would suggest things and then let these things stew in my head. My 'Sex Ed' from Dad was two words..."Be careful." It was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

During the planning meetings I made sure we sat next to each other and so quickly became friends. I know I may not come off as being worldly or refined, but I was not ignorant. I think she saw that in me. I think she gave me a chance and saw I was more than just a Scout Leader.

Eventually, she started flirting and embarrassed the hell out of me. I have always been shy and I laugh at myself now because I still don't know when a woman is showing interest or just being nice. Finally one night she suggested that maybe we could spend some time together away from Scouts. I hadn't been on a date for ages and since I really liked Babs, I said "Yes."

Come Saturday I got up early, who am I trying too kid, I hardly slept at all. I was to pick up Babs at ten and we would drive somewhere.

Babs came to the door all ready to go. She'd made a picnic lunch, which I carried to the car. She wore jeans with trainers, and a sky blue blouse. I noticed two buttons were casually undone, displaying the swell of her breasts to perfection. Her hair was trapped under a denim hat.

We had progressed nicely over the past few weeks. We hadn't actually been on a date yet, this was to be it. She is subtle in everything she does. She listens intently to what I am saying. She looks at me when I speak; I catch her eyes glancing at my mouth and my eyes. Today she had changed her perfume; it was spicier; it sent me a different message, this coupled with the swell of her breasts, the loosely buttoned top began to really play on my mind.

We talked mostly about ourselves, anything to avoid Scouts coming up in the conversation. I told her about my last relationship, which had ended badly.

I drove for what seemed a couple of miles before Babs told me to turn into an open gateway, when I asked her where we were going she replied.

"It's the back end of my parent's farm; this track leads to the orchard and the field where our little camping experiment was to take place."

Getting out of the car, Babs rushed over to a fully laden tree and picked a couple of apples. She stepped back, turned then handed one to me, whilst holding it, she took a bite of the side closest to her. With a great grin I took it and bit into it as well. It was juicy and delicious. I kept my eyes on Babs as we laughed and as I went to take a second bite, she pushed the apple aside and gave me her mouth instead. For a moment I gasped, and felt weak in my legs. Her mouth was like silk and honey, slightly tasting of apple. She slid her tongue into my mouth and we duelled for several moments. I drew her closer and kissed her deeper than I had ever kissed anyone before. We did not separate for a very long time. We sank to our knees under the apple tree, our mouths drinking each other in. Her sounds were soft moans, the scent of her perfume and her hair were intoxicating.

"Barbara" I said "My god how I have wanted to kiss you"

"Don't stop, oh my god don't stop" she whispered breathlessly. My hands stroked her back and down to her ass. I squeezed and pressed her into my now throbbing erection. "Oh god I want you, she said" our mouths barely parting.

I brought my hands up to the sides of her breasts and stroked her softly; she let out a slow moan and pressed into my hands. I carefully undid the front of her blouse and allowed it to fall open. I put my mouth on her neck, behind her ear and tasted her perfume. Her underwear was as feminine and delicate as I had anticipated. Her bra was lacy and semi-transparent. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible. I kissed her nipples through the material and noticed that she had dabbed scent there too. I opened the clasp in the front and her bra swung free. Releasing a pair of nicely sized breasts, I gently cupped her breast then greedily sucked at each nipple.

Her hands had been busy too, she had released my belt and pulled down my zipper, she then reached inside and felt my hardness through my boxers. She stroked me outside my shorts until finally she tugged my boxers down to my knees and cupped my balls in her hand. At first I was shocked, these were not the hands of a young lady then I remembered that Babs came from farming stock and these hands as rough as they were, were still as caring as any other. Whilst Babs caressed my pubic area I returned the compliment by releasing and easing her jeans down to her knees.

What came next was a frenzy of stroking and feeling of our bodies. I laid her down on the grass and made a meal of planting kisses all over her exposed body whilst my fingers stroked and teased her pussy through her lacy panties. Her sounds encouraged me to push aside her panties and stroked her now very wet pussy lips. Her clit was erect and easy for my fingertips to find. Easing her clothing down further, I covered her pussy with my mouth then slipped my tongue inside her. She moaned and begged me not to stop, as I dragged my tongue up and on to her clit she shuddered with an orgasm. Her taste and fragrance was delicious, clean and like warm honey.

When I came back up to her mouth, she kissed me deeply, no doubt tasting herself in my mouth. As we kissed she stoked my cock again, only this time I shot my cum onto her hand, and lower parts of her body. Luckily we both saw the humour of the situation and laughed.

For a while we just kissed and cuddled then we decided to have lunch and return to my flat for the remainder of the weekend. Babs had brought along chicken salad, crudités with a salsa dip some homemade cheese and wine. We ate hungrily then cleared everything into the car.

Once back at my flat, we unloaded the car and closed the door behind us. Babs made a quick call to her parents, saying she was going to stay at a friend's place and not to expect her home until the morning. She now seemed different, more playful, more relaxed. Feeling a bit grubby I decided that I needed a shower, too my amazement she suggested that she joined me.

I pulled her close to me again and made a meal of kissing eyes, the bridge of her nose and her mouth. She seemed to melt into me; Babs turned up her face and kissed me back. In no time she had unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it out of my jeans. She released my belt, and in one movement my jeans and boxers were at my ankles. I began to shuffle to the bathroom with them around my feet, she just laughed as she tore off her clothes. When she stepped under the shower I looked at her body and gasped. She was gorgeous. My penis was brushing her stomach and she reached for it with her small hand. Her breasts were perfectly shaped, her nipples a lightest brown and hard.

Her pubis had a small strip of brown pubic hair.

"You like?" she said.

"I like very much" I said with a grin "Let me do your hair"

She turned around; her perfectly rounded buttocks grazed my erection. I applied shampoo and lathered it in. The suds ran down her back into the cleft of her fantastic ass. As I rinsed her off, I fell to my knees and put my mouth on her ass. She leaned forward to allow me access and placed her hands on the wall. I licked her ass like it was candy. I noticed that she had waxed even the area surrounding her anus, which was pink and perfect. She spun around and thrust her pubic mound to my mouth and I engulfed her entirely. I grabbed her ass and fed her into my mouth, my tongue snaking in as deeply as it could. Her moans pushed me on, her honey flowed warm into my mouth.

"Oh my god... oh my god....oh my goooodddd...." and her body quaked as she came into my open mouth.

She slid down into the tub panting as if she'd run the marathon. Her beautiful smile and laugh made my heart swell. She rose to her knees and engulfed my penis all the way to my balls, which she held gently in her hand. She slid her mouth all the way to the tip which she licked with her tongue then sucked me to the root again. After a few moments she just sucked my cock and stroked it until my orgasm which began in my toes, exploded into her mouth. After several hot jets, I sank to the bottom of the tub with her, the shower still spraying on us as we lay exhausted in each other arms.

By now I was madly in love with Babs. She is all I think about everyday. Most of the things I had thought about her were true. She is genuine in everything she does. She is a giver, not a taker. Her love is unconditional.

As the weeks went by Babs and I started to spend more weekends together and the weekend prior to our event I asked her if she was interested in joining me for a long weekend walking the Yorkshire Dales; for some reason I was amazed when she said "Yes."


"Hurry up Barbara," I yelled from the car. An entire weekend of camping lay ahead of us, and she was busy making sure she looked cute. My moment of frustration ended the second she stepped outside in her khaki blouse and walking shorts. I glared through my sunglasses at her sexy legs as she turned and waved goodbye to her parents.

Soon we were belting down the A-roads to our weekend of relaxation and outdoor recreation. Babs looked great, her brown hair blowing in the breeze and a smile that could melt your heart. I've never felt so comfortable around someone before, she had an essence for life that was generally contagious as hell. It was impossible not to have a good time with her.

We passed the time talking about a wide range of topics; she was a great communicator and knew more about human behaviour than most people would learn in a lifetime. She was so easy going and understanding, we held a great mutual respect for each other, part of the reason we got along so well.

I think she knew by now that I really loved her. We had both dated other people in the past, and most of the time shared our thoughts, stories and gave each other advice.

We arrived at our starting point, a campsite run by the Scout Association and told the Warden of our intentions; he very kindly gave us a list of all the landowners prepared to allow camping on their land. Whilst stretching our legs, the breathtaking scenery engulfed us. The entire countryside was covered with a plush, green carpet of vegetation, with several rolling hills leading up to the true Dales. The weather that day was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and the warm sun rays pierced through the clean air. Gathering our belongings and strapping on our gear, we locked the car, left the keys with the Warden and began our trek.

Following a route the Warden had suggested the lower portion of the hike was uneventful; so we just talked a lot. There was something wonderful about being alone with Babs in the Dales, maybe the glimmer of hope that she would see me for more than a friend.

After a couple hours of gentle walking, we came across a small waterfall. Quickly we agreed that this was a good place to rest, I slid off my pack and helped Babs out of hers. A semi flat rock nearby offered a make-shift seat, and soon we were discussing the beauty of the place over corned beef sandwiches.

After we finished lunch, it was back to the trek for a couple more hours. The afternoon sun was warm, forcing me to constantly wipe the sweat from my brow. We were making good time, and by the early evening we were well into the Dales. We continued walking until the sun began to slowly sink, at which point we decided to set up camp for the night.

Babs scurried the area for firewood whilst I set up the tent. By the time darkness fell, the tent was set up and flames flickered into the night sky. The quiet serenity of the wilderness was overpowering, aside from the crackling of burning wood and a few grouse calling, it was completely silent and calm.

For cooking we used a couple of army mess tins, as for food it was of the pre-packed variety, just right for this type of activity. I'm no gourmet when it comes to food so at Babs' insistence I showed her what my larder consisted of then just sat back and watched her prepare our meal. Sitting by the fire, I watched the soft orange flow light up her skin, while the flames sparkled in her eyes. Another moment of near surrender to her beauty, I imagined pressing my lips to hers, tasting her soft skin.

We joked and laughed our way through dinner, and on more than one occasion I marvelled to myself how everything seemed so perfect. It was like a defining moment in life, the thin covering of trees, the wildness and the uncertainty darkness brought.

After dinner we talked for a while longer; then ensuring the fire had died down we decided it was time to turn in for the night. Acting as a gentleman I insisted that Babs undressed first whilst I waited my turn, in reality being a small hike tent, this was the only way to get undressed and kip down for the night without harming our companion. With Babs safely cocooned in her bag, I stripped down to my boxers and snuggled down. Lying there next to her I could hear my heart beating and never did I feel so close and so full of lust. Despite being in our own sleeping bags, we snuggled up close, she put her legs on top of mine, instantly sending me into a state of arousal. It seems so ridiculous for such a simple gesture to have that affect, but just feeling her only drove the stake of lust deeper into me.

Feeling her roll over to face me, I could feel her warm breath just inches away. In the complete darkness I felt her lips softly press against mine. My heart nearly jumped through my chest, but it all seemed like destiny. In seconds our mouths were parted and our tongues entwined. That kiss was exactly how I'd imagined it would be, she set me on fire.

Feeling her pull back from me, I quickly realised her intentions when she undid both our bag zips slipped out of hers then began sliding inside my sleeping bag. Her body felt so good next to mine, our feet playfully rubbed against each others as we embraced closely and she slowly brought her lips to mine again. The moment was so erotic, not being able to see her, yet I could feel and taste her. Not being able to hear her, yet no words were necessary.

Her hand slithered like a snake across my arm, sending a warm feeling throughout my body. My arousal only grew when her fingers began lightly rubbing my nipple before pinching and teasing it. My entire body was in a heightened frenzy, anticipating her next move.

Her lips kissed down along my neck, and within seconds I could feel her tongue teasing along my stomach. My cock was hard with desire, a moment that I'd waited so long for, longer than most would. I felt her fingers hover at the waistband of my boxers, causing me to stop breathing for a moment. Her soft fingers then wormed their way though its opening.

Next I felt her hand take hold of my hard cock, lightly squeeze it then stroke it up and down several times. I soon felt her warm breath and within seconds she licked some of the precum from me; next her lips slid over the top of me as she took me deep into her mouth, causing a jolt of feelings and a loud groan to come from me.

Within seconds her lips were working up and down the length of my shaft, which was thick with desire. Her head moved up and down as she continued her oral assault on my cock. I could feel the pressure building and knew that there was no way I could hold out for much longer, not after waiting this long.

Placing my hand on her head, I urged her on. My muscles started to tighten and a shot of heat ran the length of my body. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum," was all the warning I could muster, as I held her head tightly against me. My cock exploded inside of her mouth, painting her tongue with several burst of my warm, thick seed, keeping her lips tightly around me, she quickly devoured my seed. With her hand she stroked my cock back and forth, tasting the last drops. Emerging from under my sleeping bag, she kissed me softly on the cheek and said, "Goodnight."

Laying there completely out of breath, my heart was rocketing in my chest and my lust for this girl went off the charts. She nuzzled her head against my chest, and we slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and the sounds of firewood crackling. Stepping out from under our canvas ceiling, I was greeted by the warm rays of the sun, striking through a partly cloudy sky. Babs was knelt down beside the fire, flipping several pieces of bacon over in the tins. Making eye contact and exchanging smiles, I approached her with the night before still hanging heavy on my mind.

"Did you sleep well...?" she asked, grabbing for her cup of coffee.

"I slept very well," I answered, adding, "That was totally unexpected last night you know...?"

Smiling, she rose to her feet and began walking back to the tent. I watched her walking off and without turning around, she shouted back, "I'm hardly done with you yet."

I felt a surge of energy and anticipation the moment her words rung through my ears. "I'm hardly done with you," six words that spurned a flood of arousal in me and left me on the verge of begging. Following breakfast, we broke camp and strapped on our packs. A six hour hike waited ahead, with a good percentage of it moving uphill. Babs asked if she could improve on her map reading skills by leading the next leg of our trek. Babs was in very good shape, and keeping up with her wasn't the easiest task. Often lingering twenty or thirty feet behind her; it was impossible to look ahead and not focus on her sleek legs emerging from her walking shorts. Her backside was already a source for my fantasies, and having it tucked snugly into a tight pair of shorts a few feet in front of me, wasn't making things any easier.

Stepping through the heather and peaty ground, I began thinking about the rumour that men think about sex over 100 times in a day. After wondering who did the research on that project, I quickly resigned myself to the fact that with me it was more like 100 times an hour. Or maybe it only counts as once if you think about sex for the entire hour consecutively...?

My mind started played out every possible erotic scenario I could think of; from hot, steamy showers, through mutual masturbation to a vision of being in a 69 with her.

"Are you ready to take a break...?" Babs suddenly asked in the midst of one of my day dreams.

"Sure, let's hike up to that little ridge," I replied pointing uphill a few hundred yards. We continued for a couple more minutes before the ground levelled out. A large limestone plateau greeted us, and we were both happy to be on level ground. The view was breathtaking, with an ocean of green covering the countryside below. The sun beat down, lighting up several hamlets below in sparkling contrast.

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