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How Stephanie Lost Her Virgininity



How Stephanie McMahon lost her virginity by The Flying Anvil comments and suggestions.

I have always been my daddies little girl ever since my first day on this earth. But in my later teens I was developing in to quite an attractive young lady. My dad became conscious of my growing interest in boys, and their interest in me. He was worried that I would give myself to a boy too easily and I would have a bad experience of the great joy in life. He loved me so much that he wanted to be the man to break me in. We had a discussion about it and I agreed to want he proposed as after all daddy only wanted the best for me. The next day Mummy and Shane were off at a house show, and daddy and me were left alone in the mansion. I was excited about the events, which were about to take place. Daddy told me to put on the uniform I wore to college. He said that he always though I looked sexy in those clothes. I was shocked that my father could think of me as sexy, but then again Dad was always full of surprises.

I got changed and joined dad in the master bedroom. He was lying on the bed in just a pair of pants. He was in great shape for somebody of his age. He told me to come and sit next to him. He began to stroke my leg. He started to tell me it was for my own good, and this would be something I would never forget, and it was. His hand kept moving up my leg pulling up my pleated grey skirt the further that it went up. I then noticed that the bulge in his pants was getting bigger. He saw me staring at it and told me not to be scared, as he would not hurt me. He pulled down his pants and asked me if I wanted to touch it. He did not have to ask me twice I nervously reached out my small, soft hands and took hold of my dads warm, hard cock. He told me to stroke and as I did it began to grow even bigger. I was shocked, as I had never seen anything like this before. I was not allowed in the sex education classes at school as my dad forbid me from attending because he did not want me to get the wrong ideas about sex. He asked me if I wanted to taste it. He put his hand behind my head and guided me down to his firm dick. At first I just licked the helmet then I gradually began to lick up dads shaft. He was enjoying himself and I love to make my daddy happy. It was certainly a unique taste. It tasted of a mixture of piss and cream. It was not an all?unpleasant flavour, actually the more I tasted it the more I liked it. Then more creamy liquid was produced he told me to try and swallow all of it. I tried my best but it kept on coming and some of it spilt out of my mouth. He was proud of my accomplishment and he said that he would give me the same pleasure I gave him.

Then he told me to stop and to get up he then said he wanted to see me strip slowly for him. I was a little nervous I had never taken my clothes of for anyone before. But my fathers encouraging smile relaxed me. I began by slowly unbuttoning my blouse. Dad became impatient and leaned forward and ripped it open with ease. He pulled down my bra and began to suck on my tender right nipple while squeezing my left tit. It gave me a great sensation. I have always enjoyed touching my breasts when having breasts when in the bathroom. But I always felt bad about it but now my father was getting such pleasure out of them I never felt guilty about it again. His erection seemed to be growing even bigger as he suckled on my young breasts. He undid my pleated skirt and pulled down my white cotton panties. He told me he was going to give me the greatest pleasure I will have ever felt in my life. He laid me down on the bed and positioned himself between my soft leg. He spat on my virgin lips, which I thought was strange as he and mum always told me off for spitting. He then began to lick at my cunt like a dog does to milk. This felt good, but the real pleasure came when he started to lap at my special spot inside my pink. It was such an intense pleasure I thought I was going to pass out. But I knew Daddy would never let that happen When I hit the peck of my pleasure I began to produce a lot of juices which Dad seemed to love I was curious of what it tasted like.

Dad again did not disappoint he got up to my level and began to kiss me. His tongue probed the back of my throat; I could really taste the liquid I just produced. Though it smelt a bit fishy, it tasted great it was less creamy than dad’s pistol, but it was a lot easier to swallow. He broke the kiss, and went to his bedside cabinet. He produced a small disk wrapped in plastic. At first I thought it was a sweet to reward me, but it was a lot better than that. He told me that this would protect me from any little accident from happening. He slid it on to his again hard shift. He climbed on top of me and told me that what he was about to do may be painful, but that I must be daddy’s strong girl and wait for the pleasure which would follow. He then slowly inserted his cock into my slick cunt. I was nearly in tears dew to the pain, but I held out and after a couple thrusts it came. The pleasure was better than even before and it only increased when he started to suck on my tits again. He kept going for nearly 15 minutes and my pleasure grew and fell several times until Dad finally stopped as his cream filled his rubber.

After a few minute we got our breath back. He told me that I was not allowed to do that with anyone else but him. He said that I would only be allowed to do it if I got married. We continued our special relationship until I finally found a man he approved of, Triple H. Though I am now married to Triple H every now and then I get a reminder why I am always daddies

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