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I'm not quite sure what the word is for the way I'm feeling right now. Awkward, maybe; uncomfortable; embarrassed, possibly. There seem no words apt enough to describe my mood. Perhaps it's the injustice of the situation; here I am, a man, forced into voyeurism by circumstance. But I am here nonetheless, seated humbly and awaiting the ultimate humiliation.

The events that have led to my current situation are, I am sure, by no means unique; I am certain that many men have transgressed into an affair with a younger woman at work. But how many of those men have consequently been consumed by so much guilt and regret that they have been unable to "perform" with their wives afterwards? And how many of those men's wives would have extracted such extreme retribution?

As I sit in the impersonal surroundings of the hotel room, Susan, my vengeful wife, stands before me and, as I do, awaits the entrance of her guest. She is looking especially good tonight; her dark hair has been expensively styled for the occasion and her make-up – although perhaps applied a little more extensively than usual – highlights the features of her attractive face. She wears only a black silk blouse with designer jeans - I know that she has deliberately left off her underwear – and she is barefoot, her toenails painted a deep red.

The firm, almost aggressive, rap on the door breaks my reverie and sends an immediate shiver along my spine. Susan saunters to the door and opens it wide. She appears casual in her demeanour but I know that she is probably feeling nearly as nervous as I am – nervous but perhaps with a sprinkling of excitement and sexual tension. The man is a stud, that much is certain; he seems to fill the doorway with his lean, muscular frame. He is considerably younger – as I had expected – and I can see vivid colours on his arms as the tattoos peek menacingly from under the sleeves of his t-shirt. No introductions are necessary. Susan and the man know exactly why they are here and, although I feel the sharp piercing of jealousy as they move to the centre of the room, I know that keeping quiet and allowing this to happen is the only way I will save my marriage.


A simple word uttered in a low, male voice but a word that sends another, more intense shiver down my spine.

I watch helplessly as Susan smiles beguilingly and begins to pull her blouse up and over her head. Long days spent tanning on our deck have paid off wonderfully; my wife's lithe, slender body is almost perfectly coloured a deep bronze. There are no tan lines around her high, firm breasts and her already hardened nipples seem to throb and pulsate visibly. The man watches approvingly – as do I – his head nodding silently as Susan finally discards the shirt and stands topless before him as if seeking endorsement.

"Good." The man states calmly, "and now the rest."

I can see that my wife has started to breathe heavily but that does not stop her obeying almost instantly. Her hands seem to tremble slightly at the belt of her jeans, sliding the heavy leather strip through the buckle and slowly running down the zip. The denim seems to slither down her tapered legs and I feel the breath catch in my chest as I realise that she has trimmed her pubic hair into a neat triangle that sits immediately above her naked vagina. Susan's eyes do not stray from the staring stranger as she finally steps out of her pants and kicks them haphazardly aside.

The man beckons to her silently; crooking his finger as if encouraging a naughty child. Susan obeys again, her bare feet leaving dainty imprints on the thick carpet as she walks slowly towards him and stands before him subserviently. His hands reach out slowly and rest on her shoulders. I watch as her mouth opens in a silent gasp as if a current of electricity has passed through her. Her eyes close as the stranger's palms move and begin to caress her hot skin. My eyes are riveted to the scene as he firmly massages her shoulders manipulating the muscles luxuriantly and producing a quiet groan from Susan's lips. His hands start to move down to the upper slopes of her breasts; gently smoothing the silky flesh until his fingers reach her engorged nipples. This time Susan's gasp and subsequent groan are far more audible and I can see that, despite the warmth of the room, she is shivering in anticipation.

The man's hands continue to caress my wife's breasts for what seems like hours but is probably only a few short minutes until he decided that it is time for them to continue their exploration of Susan's body. Down and down he moves; tracing patterns of excitement across my wife's sensitive flesh; her flat stomach, over her hips and eventually down to her pussy. As his fingers slowly stroke between her legs; opening and spreading her sex lips, I see my wife start to tremble for real. Her hands go to his shoulders for support and her knees start to buckle as she stands with her legs apart – now up on tip-toe to ensure the maximum contact with her engorged clit. Her head is buried in the side of his neck and I can hear her moans increase in pitch and fervour and the climax washes over her violently.

As my wife's orgasm finally subsides, the stranger is pushing down on her shoulders and encouraging her firmly to her knees. It is a time-honoured position and Susan knows immediately what is expected of her. Looking up at the man, her hands – still trembling from her recent climax – help to undo his pants and shimmy them down his muscular legs. Like my wife, the young stranger wears no undergarment and a long, thick penis is quickly revealed.

"Suck." The stranger say's simply – clearly a man of very few words.

Susan needs no second invitation and I watch the man standing proudly, hands on hips as my wife's mouth opens and she takes his hard member between her lips.

The man's hands begin by resting on the top of Susan's head as she stretches her mouth as wide as possible to accept his girth. I watch as his hips start to move, almost imperceptibly at first, and then becoming a little more animated. I can see that his cock is getting even harder as the depth of his penetration into Susan's mouth increases and his hands take a firmer grip on the top of her head, his fingers entwining into her dark tresses as he begins to thrust.

The stranger is now grunting rhythmically as he saws his erection in and out of my wife's mouth, using her oral opening simply as a place to fuck. Susan's head moves back and forth, her mouth straining as she gobbles at his length, her hands clutching at his naked buttocks as she pulls him towards her, assisting his thrusts and accommodating him as best she can. The man's eyes are tight shut now and, as he pulls Susan's willing face right to his crotch, he groans deeply. As I watch, my wife's eyes blink open in a parody of surprise. She tries to pull back but her head is held so firmly it is clear that she cannot move. I watch her swallow fast and I realise that the strangers cum is pouring into her mouth and throat, almost choking her. I shift uncomfortably in my chair as thin, silver rivers of male seed begin to ooze from the corners of her mouth and drip down onto her bare breasts.

"Play with yourself." The stranger now orders as he pulls a cum and saliva streaked penis from my wife's gasping mouth. "Make yourself cum again."

I am expecting that Susan will need a break to gather her breath but my wife clearly has other ideas. Her body looks hot and flushed and it is quite obvious that she still wants more. I am also surprised by the condition of the stranger's penis. Rather than hanging flaccid and limp, his weapon still maintains its former state of arousal. His hand strokes the length lazily as he watches my wife squat in front of him and spread her legs.

Susan places her right hand on the carpet to steady herself and her left goes between her spread thighs. Her sex lips open to her fingers easily and are slick with her moisture. Her eyes stare up at the stranger as her fingers begin to stroke either side of her turgid clitoris and her mouth hangs open as her breathing comes in ragged, guttural gasps.

I don't seem to be able to tear my eyes away from my wife's gaping pussy as her fingers stroke and probe her nether regions, occasionally slipping further down between her legs to tickle the tight, puckered hole of her anus. Her body is bathed in sweat and she looks like a bitch in heat as she works herself nearer and nearer towards an inevitable orgasm. When her climax finally arrives my mouth is so dry I can hardly swallow. Her head snaps back and her mouth opens wide as her fingers drive deeply into her wet tunnel. Her cries – almost screams – of ecstasy echo around the room as she loses herself in her own private world of masturbatory lust.

As my wife collapses with exhaustion on the floor, the young stranger, his cock as fierce and erect as it had ever been, bends down and bodily picks her up naked in his arms.

"I want you now." He says. "I'm going to fuck you."

Susan's breathing, although a little more regular that it had been, is still not under enough control for her to make any discernable reply. But no reply seems necessary. Her arms entwine around the back of her lovers' neck as he carries her to the bed and lays her down. I watch with rapt concentration as his hands firmly grip her slender ankles and spread her legs as wide as they will go. His penis rears up from his body like a rampant stallion as he shuffles smoothly between her legs. Slowly, the man begins to kiss my wife's legs almost lovingly. Starting at her delicate feet, he kisses her toes and ankles. Susan's voice is a shallow, gasping whisper now, encouraging him, almost begging him to enter her.

And suddenly, with a deep lunge and a grunt, the young man is inside my wife. It is a picture of lust and debauchery that now faces me as he drives deep into her body while holding her dainty feet aloft to ensure maximum depth. Susan is so wet that his passage into her vagina is smooth and unhindered and I can hear the unmistakable sounds of their soaked coupling as my eyes burn into their bodies.

Susan has now become much more vocal; she seems to have found her voice and is uttering a stream of almost vicious obscenities (the likes of which I have never before heard pass her lips) as she implores her lover to fuck her faster and deeper.

"Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me harder! Yes...more! MORE! Fuck my wet cunt!"

For his part, the young stranger seems quietly in control. His measured strokes continue seemingly unaffected by Susan's profanity. He smiles down into her dark eyes that seemed ablaze with excitement, lust and fury almost teasing her.

"You want more?" his smiles, mockingly.


"Then you shall have more, my little bitch!"

Susan's high pitch wail comes as much of a shock to me as the strangers excessively fierce thrust must do to her. He is buried completely inside her now and I can see his buttocks blur as he rabbit-fucks her fast and furiously.

And now, suddenly, he is cumming. I can see his cock twitching and jerking as he pulls half out of my wife's pussy and slams back into her again. His hands go straight to her tits and his fingers cruelly twist and pinch the swollen nipples that he finds there. The young stud's climax seems to last forever as he grunts and thrusts almost like an animal until he is finally spent. As he rises from Susan's abused body I gasp as I see the result of his climax smeared wetly over her open and dilated vagina.

And now it is later. The stranger – who's name I never did know and have no real desire to find out – has gone from our lives. But as I look down at my sleeping wife, still naked and flushed from her sexual exertions, I can still see the evidence of his work. I wonder if my marriage to Susan is now saved – as we had planned – or will our scheme backfire on us. Will she awake and welcome me back into her arms? Will I want to accept her forgiveness should it be offered? The straining of my own hard erection within the confines of my underwear is already telling me the answer to that question. And as I see Susan's eyelids begin to flutter open and her smile – for me, her husband, this time – I know that everything is going to be alright.

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