tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHusband Training

Husband Training


Husband Training

Chaptet One - The Betrayal

Debbie and Bill had been married about 5 years. During the first years, Bill was always fucking Debbie and Debbie loved waking up in the morning taking Bill's soft cock in her mouth. She would suck it hard then lower her wet cunt on it. She would ride him hard, squeezing his cock with her wet cunt. After making Bill cum hard, she would stand up and straddle Bill's chest, so he could watch his cum drip for her freshly fucked cunt. Debbie would then lick up the cum that dripped from her. As the years went by, Bill's interest in fucking Debbie waned. Debbie was puzzled to the cause for this. Bill would never tell her why the change. She thought the worst; Bill was fucking another cunt somewhere. She decided she would start watching him during the day, since she never had to work.

After weeks of following him, she finally caught him in the act. He was a regular at a hotel bar, and she watched from a distance as Bill kiss this other woman and she rubbed his crotch under the table. After a few minutes, they left the bar and headed towards a room. She carefully watched him get into an elevator watching it stop on the 4th floor. She waited before taking another elevator to the same floor. She slowly walked the halls, trying to listen from different doors, hoping to hear them. Debbie was almost to the end of the hall when she heard his voice. She listened outside the door and hears Bill saying, "You have such a nice tight ass."

"Want to fuck it?" she replied. "In awhile, you'll be begging for me to fuck your ass." He replied. "Let me see what you're going to fuck me with." She said as she began to open his pants, pulling them down, and then tugging his jockey shorts down. His 5-inch cut soft cock hung over his hairy balls. "Hmmmm I like a cock that's hairy." She moaned as she knelt before him, taking his cock into her mouth, sucking the head, rubbing his balls. She sucked him until his cock was a hard 6 inches and a good 4 inches around. "Think that tight ass of yours is up for a good fuck?" Bill said with a grin. "You'd be surprised how often I take it up the ass." She said as she played with his cock and balls. Debbie could stand no more and left the hotel hurt and angry.

When Debbie arrived home, she slammed the door and ran to the bedroom and cried. She could not believe her husband was fucking some slut in a hotel. She gathered herself up and then went to the kitchen to fix a drink. She thought about confronting Bill about his fucking around, be she wasn't sure if that was a good idea. Debbie decided to call her best friend Beth and ask her for help. Debbie and Beth have known each other since childhood. They grew up down the street from each other. During the growing up years, Beth was the one to show Debbie how to rub her pussy to make her feel better. A few times, they rubbed each other's pussies. With puberty making their pussies furry, Debbie liked the feeling of having a nice bush covering her tight cunt. She like how it collected her juices after the came. Beth and Debbie would sit on a bed, naked pulling their nipples and sometimes they sucked each other nipples. The one thing they never did was to lick each other's cunt. They thought licking tits, rubbing the other pussy was ok, but licking the other's cunt was never discussed. It was an understood off limit area.

Chapter 2 - Finding a Solution

Debbie picked up the phone and called Beth.

"Hello" answered Beth. "Beth, this is Debbie." As her voice shook. Beth could tell something was wrong. "Deb, was wrong?" asked Beth. "Bill is fucking other women." She quickly replied. "I'll be right over." Beth responded. "Thanks." Replied Debbie.

While Debbie was waiting for her friend to arrive, she though about getting even with Bill or even teaching him a lesson. It's wasn't long before she heard the doorbell ring. Debbie jumped off the couch and headed towards the door. She opened the door and Beth came inside, giving her a hug to comfort her. The retreated to the living room and Debbie told Beth in detail about what happened. "So what are you planning on doing? Beth asked. "I'm not sure." Debbie murmured. "I thought about getting even with him, but the more I think about it, I want to teach him a lesson that he won't forget."

"I know a way to teach him a lesson." Replied Beth. "Oh, tell me more." Debbie replied. Beth looked at her friend "I know of a woman who trains men to behave so they won't go fucking other people and they become dependant on their wife. She will train them to serve your needs and you will have total control over his cock and mind." Debbie looked with a grin. "I kind of like this idea. How do we do this?"

"I'll call her right now." Beth told her. Beth picked up the phone and called her friend.

Debbie listened as Beth explained what Bill has been doing to her friend. Beth hung up the phone, looked at Debbie and said, "She's on her way over." Debbie gave her a big hug, and kissed her on the cheek in thanks for helping her. Beth squeezed Deb's butt in jest. Deb felt a tingle in her crotch. She thought about the times they played with each other. Debbie fixed a pot a coffee and her and Beth sat at the kitchen table, talking about old times and waiting for Beth's friend to arrive. After a short wait, the doorbell rang. Deb and Beth went to the door. Deb opened the door and there stood attractive women with dark hair, standing 6 feet tall. Her build was rather large, yet proportionate. She introduced herself as Donna. "Please come in Donna, I'm Deb and you know Beth."

The three on them sat at the kitchen table and discussed Deb's problem with Bill and how to teach Bill a lesson about putting his cock in another whore's ass, cunt and mouth. Donna told them that she had a plan. She would hang out at the bar were Bill looks for something to fuck. She look at Deb and told her "I will seduce your husband, take him to a room, fix him a drink that's drugged and when he passes out, I'll strip him, cuff and chain his worthless ass to the bed." Deb grinned, "I like this idea. Can I watch?" she added. "You can watch from the closet." Donna replied. Deb asked her what this was going to cost her. Donna asked Deb "Ever licked a wet cunt before? Beth said you two you to lezzed on each other but never licked a cunt. If you want me to fix this problem, you must be able to suck and lick my cunt." Deb raised her voice at Beth "You told her about us lezzing on each other."

"What's the big deal Deb? "I showed you how to finger and rub your pussy when we were younger, so lighten up." Donna looked at Deb "Do we have a deal?" Deb bit her lower lip and nodded yes. Donna told Deb that next Friday would be the day. Deb thanked Donna for her help and gave her a goodbye hug at the door. "Don't forget our deal." Donna whispered in her ear. Deb closed the door and turned our to see Beth looking at her. "What?" asked Ded. "Oh nothing. Just picturing you licking a wet pussy. I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

"Beth, you get wet over anything." Deb replied. Beth looked at her watch and mentioned it was time for her to leave. Deb thanks her again for her help. Deb gave her a kiss on the cheek and then closed the front door.

Chapter 3 - Pondering

She thought about all that had happened. She headed upstairs to the master bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror. For a woman of 25, she had nice firm tits with nice nipples. Her stomach was flat and she had an ass that most women would kill to have. She could not figure out why Bill was fucking some other slut. Suddenly all the coffee she drank early began to give her the urge to pee. She stood in front of the toilet, and pulled her pants down. She was almost going to sit down, and then she took her pants off. She removed her shirt and bra. Her nipples were hard and she stepped into the tub. She had one leg on the edge of the tub while she rubbed her pussy and pinched her nipples. She tried to hold back the urge to piss as long as she could. Her finger began to rub her clit faster. It had been a while since Bill last fucked her good. Just as she started to cum, her bladder released and she came hard as she pissed into the tub. When it was over, her legs were shaking and she licked her right hand and tasted the mixture of piss and cum. "Not bad." She thought to herself. After gathering herself, she started the shower and cleaned up. After the shower, she put on a large t-shirt and a pair of panties. She was wondering how Bill would act when he got home. She did not want to give her secret away, that she knew about his fucking sluts and whores.

When Bill arrived home, Deb asked him how his day went. Bill replied, "It went ok, nothing exciting, just a long day at the office." Bill walked into the bedroom and began to undress for his usual after work shower. Deb came up behind him and reached around to rub his cock. Bill jerked a bit because he forgot to wash the smell of the whore off his cock. Deb walked around him and before Bill could do anything, Deb was on her knees and put his cock in her mouth. The moment she had his cock in her mouth, she could taste his dried cum and the dried cum of the cunt he fucked. Bill's body froze for a moment. Deb knew all about his after whore fuck and never seemed to lead him on. "Something wrong" she said while she licked his balls tasting more of the cum mixture. "No." he said as his slowing tried to pull away. "Not in the mood for a good cock sucking? You always like my cock sucking skills." She cooed. "No it's not that. I just haven't gotten the workday out of my head yet. Deb was thing to herself "He's still got his mind on that little whore he fucked." Deb continued to suck his cock noting it took longer to get hard. She sucked him hard, rubbing his balls and ass. Bill grabbed her head and face fucked her. Deb was thinking that he's never done this before and maybe that's how he does it with his whores. Bill was on the verge of cumming and them Deb stuck a finger up his ass, something she'd never done before. This caught Bill by surprise. Bill began to shoot his load into her mouth. Deb noticed that the amount of his load was smaller but she never said anything about it. She withdrew her finger from his ass as her mouth slid off his flaccid cock. "What prompted the finger move?" Bill asked with some surprise. "I heard it makes a man cum harder." She cooed as she wiped the rest of the cum from his cock." Deb got up on her feet and Bill kissed her and told her that he loves her and then headed for his shower. Deb was still frustrated by him having his afternoon whore encounters. She then smiled when she knew what was in store for him.

The urge to pee had come upon her and she went into the other bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and pinched her nipples through her t-shirt. As she pinched them harder, her urge to pee became stronger. She also noticed that his cunt was getting wet. Her white cotton panties where wet from the juices leaking. Deb felt a little smutty doing this. She then took off her panties. She straddled the toilet and held the musty panties to her face. Her right hand began to rub her slit. He clit seemed to swell to a larger than normal size. As she fingered and rubbed his cunt, smelling her juices in the panties, she thought about having to lick Donna's cunt as a fee for fixing Bill's problem of fucking whores instead of his wife. Her legs were going numb with a feeling that she never felt before. She could feel her bladder pushing hard to expel its contents. Deb dribbled a little pee on his hard and with her eyes closed she tasted the mixture of her cunt and piss. She rubbed herself hard then came as she pissed. She could hear some of the piss hit the water and the side of the bowl. She felt so naughty, pissing standing up while cumming so hard. Her knees almost gave out on her. Moments later, Deb felt better and kind a slutty. She put the damp panties back on. She noticed about half of his piss missed the toilet and she grabbed a towel and wiped up the remains. She flushed the toilet, gathered herself and then left the bathroom. Deb went directly to the laundry room and put the wet towel in the hamper. Off to the kitchen to fix dinner. As Deb cooked dinner, all she could think about was the upcoming events for Bill.

It was only a few days to Friday. Deb acted her normal self and Bill continued to fuck his whores over his wife. Thursday morning, the phone rang. "Hello."

"Deb, it's me Donna."

"Hi Donna. I'm glad to hear from you."

"Ready for tomorrow?" Donna asked. "You bet." Replied Deb. "I've made arrangements at the hotel where Bill does his whore fucking. I want you to meet me at the hotel tomorrow at 2PM. I've got a special room there that I use for just these occasions. The best part is, I don't pay for it. The manager has a special kink that I take care of and I get a $300.00 room for free."

"Sound great." replied Deb. "May I ask what his kink is?" Donna replied. "He likes me shit on his dick so he can jack off his cock covered in my hot shit."

"Wow!" I guess I've been rather plain in my thoughts as to what turn men on."

"Don't worry about it. By the time I get done with Bill, you'll be doing things other than sucking and fucking his cock."

"I can't wait to see what lays ahead."

"I've gotta run. See you at 2PM." Replied Donna. "I'll be there." Deb said with an evil grin on her face.

Deb had a hard time trying to get some sleep. She got up in the middle of the night and went to her stash drawer. She pulled out a baggie of pot and a pipe. She went downstairs and sat in front on the TV, put in a porn tape and fired up the bowl. She took deep hits then pulled her panties between her cunt. Deb watched the movie where young teens were getting fucked up the shit hole. Deb pulled up her sleep shirt and began to slap her nipples. The pot had relaxed her and she watched the young girls moan as they got butt fucked. Deb slid a finger in her cunt to get it wet. As she watched the ass fucking, she slid a finger up her ass. She thought about getting a load on cum up her ass and then she thought about what Donna did to get a free room. As she fingered her ass more, she felt the urge to shit. Feeling really naughty and dirty, Deb got up from the couch, turned the TV off and headed towards the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom was a 3/4 bath, having a shower stall instead of a tub. She reached down and unscrewed the chrome cover from the drain. She went over to the vanity and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. She pulled down her panties and smeared the KY over his ass and the fingers on her right hand. She went back into the shower and then squatted down. Her right hand went into her panties and she began to rub her ass. She slid one finger in and moved it in and out. With here eyes closed, she pictured Donna squatting over the man watching his dick get hard as Donna opened her shit hole and began to cover his cock and balls in her warm shit. Deb felt her ass spasm and she some felt the warm mass making its way down. Deb pulled her finger out and noticed it was cover with his shit. She smelled it and then put her hand back into her panties. She pushed two fingers in and she began to think about ways to punish Bill with her shit. Her ass spasmed again and without being about to stop it, the warm shit began to makes it way out. Deb was in the shower; finger her ass as she shit in her panties. He cunt was dripping wet and without warning, she pissed herself. When it was over, Deb was totally relaxed. She pulled down her white panties and saw the warm shit in them. She took them off and them tossed them in the toilet. She turned on the shower and cleaned herself off and washed down the shit that had fallen on the floor. When the left the shower, she dried off and put her shirt back on. She dunked the panties in the toilet to get the big pieces off. The only thing left on them was the stain. She went to the pantry and got a zip lock bag. She tossed the panties into the bag and sealed them for later use. She hid the bag and went upstairs and crawled into bed. Deb had the best sleep ever.

The alarm went off at its usual time. Bill woke up and began his morning routine. Deb stayed under the covers, as Bill got ready for work. When Bill was ready to leave he gave Deb a kiss and told her to have a good day and he'll be home on time tonight. Deb thought about what the day was about to bring and what was in store for Bill. Deb lingered in bed for a while. She ran her hands over her body and spread her legs. She rubbed herself and thought about what Donna was planning. Her mind drifted to what she did in the shower and the more she thought about it, the wetter she got. Deb did not want to cum yet, so she got up, and did her usual morning routine. While she got the coffee going, she walked into the den and turned on the computer. She never used it before to surf the net for porn or related items. While the computer was booting up, she went to the kitchen and fixed a mug of coffee.

She logged on the Internet and she did a search on the word "shit." Seconds later she the links appeared in her screen. She scrolled though the listings and noticed one also mentioned the work SCAT. She did another search on the work SCAT only and the porn site listings came up. As her eyes scanned the web listings, she felt a slight gush. She looked down and saw a wet spot in the front of her panties. She opened a link to a website and saw the usual teaser pics. She looked at pics of girl's squatting, standing, lying down with their legs up as they shit. As she scrolled down, she saw pics of girls taking a shit on men. Her eye's stared on a pic of a girl wearing leather boots and a corsete, squatting over a guys cock and taking a shit. Deb clicked on the pic to see a bigger image and was taken to a screen to apply for membership. Deb sighed at the screen and then decided to subscribe. Deb had to get her purse so she could provide a credit card number. The monthly cost of $15.00 seemed fair for what she was about embarking on. She completed the form and picked a user ID and password. She got to the user's home page and saw that the pics were done by categories. She looked at them. After looking at the choices, the one called Johnny on the Spot caught her eye. She clicked on the icon and she saw pics of a woman using a man for a toilet. His cock was small like Bills and a tight ring was around the base of it, forcing his balls down. Over his face was a small metal frame with a toilet seat. As she scanned the pics, the women sat on the seat using a crop on his cock. She noticed an icon that would show a movie of the action. She clicked on it and a few minutes later, the movie began. She listened to the women belittle the man and his small cock. Deb was never aware of how big cocks can be. To her, she thought Bills cock was enough. The women continued to tell the man that his cock was worthless and not worthy of being fucked with. The man nodded in a yes motion. "Now you'll get to see what a real cock is like." She clapped her hands and a young male entered the room wearing a g-string. The women ordered the man to pull the g-string off. Deb gasped as the g-string was removed revealing a cock about 8" soft and very thick. The women had the man lie down on the floor. She got on her hands and knees with her ass over his face. "Now watch how a real man fucks my ass." The young man knelt behind her and pushed his cock into the mans' mouth. "Now suck it like a good faggot." The man began to suck the cock. Deb was unaware how wet she was. She looked down and her panties were soaked. She rubbed her cunt and continued to watch the clip. After the cock was hard, the young man was full 10 inches and he pushed it up her cunt to get it wet. The women groaned in delight as his fat cock opened her cunt. Satisfied that is was wet enough; he pulled it out at then pushed it into her ass. "Oh fuck." She yelled. "Now watch how a real man fucks my ass, you worthless dick." The young man fucked her hard and then shot a huge load deep into her shit hole. "Clean it off faggot." The man began without hesitation, began to clean the shit and cum off the cock. "Hey, I think faggot likes this."

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