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Husbands Fantasy Fulfilled


The new promotion received at work to VP of Technology was a blessing and a curse. For the last few weeks I've been required to travel to the separate business units around the eastern United States and have been spending little time with my wife. To give her something to do, we decided to put an addition on the house that included expanding the master bedroom, incorporating a master batch with Jacuzzi tub and large closet.

We went all out. The walls in the bathroom was designed with a stone facing with a Jacuzzi tub recessed into the floor, and an open shower on the one corner with a large one way window overlooking our woods in the back. The whole thing was designed to give the feeling of an outdoor – exotic location.

Anyway, as I was required to travel, the sole reason for the addition was to keep my wife busy. She took to the planning very excitedly, loved reviewing designs and would greet me at the door everyday excited with new pictures for me to look at, reviewing colors and textures.

As the work continued, I was required to travel again for work. Everything seemed to be going well. I spoke to my wife on my third day, she was awfully excited, the work was about to finish. It was scheduled to finish the day before I was arrive home this week and she couldn't wait to spend the weekend in the new tub with me. She described how she would setup candles around the bathroom, placing floating candles in the tub, placing them on different ledges built into the rock face. She described that she'd be wearing my favorite teddy when I walked in the door and would throw her arms around me. I couldn't wait.

The afternoon flight home that week was a rough one. The storms had come up causing a lot of turbulence and an interesting light show that could be seen out the window. Amazingly, we continued on time and landed on time. For the building pressure and anticipation to see my wife, I couldn't have been happier. I was out of the airport and record time and on my way home. I first called my wife and told her I landed and will be home soon. She sounded odd on the phone – somewhat excited. She said the roof was leaking in the bathroom along the wall and water was trickling down the wall. She called contractor who then sent the mason out to review since he was the only one available. She said they were about finished and two give her a few minutes so she can freshen up and change. I took advantage of the few minutes and went to the local flower shop and purchased a dozen tulips – Jane's favorite.

As I approached our house, I could see the mason leaving in his van, talking excitedly to someone on the phone. I parked, walked up to the house, the addition looked great. I opened the door with my wife standing there, smiling. A smile that I come to know as a pure sexual desire -- I new I was in for a great night. I kissed her deeply. Pushing both my hands through her hair, holding the back of her head. Holding her tight as I searched her mouth with my tongue. She tasted good – God I missed her.

I stepped back for a moment, looking at her wearing my favorite teddy. I looked at her great curves and how the teddy delicately accented the curves. She then looked straight into my eyes, said she loved me, smiled... and said she couldn't wait to I got home.

She took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom, pushing me down onto the bed. She looked amazing. The look of pure sex – the smile, the eyes, the body. Her hair looked tossed and out of place. Amazing how she was able to do that. She pulled her should straps of her teddy off her shoulder and let it fall gracefully to the floor. There my wife still amazing, came over to the bed and started to remove my clothes. Each piece she would remove, kissing me lightly in the areas freshly exposed. She finished with taking me into her mouth. I could feel myself getting harder and harder. As she bobbed up and down she rested herself on my leg. I was able to slightly lift my leg in time with her bobbing and could feel how burning wet she was against me. I don't recall in my life her ever being so wet.

She let me slide slowly out of her mouth and began to caress lower stomach, I wriggle, it's my favorite spot, yet tickles like hell. She put her arms around me, holding my ass cheeks and continued caressing, she continued, and sucked, I guess to give me a hicky. She then continued to kiss up my stomach, lightly biting my nipples then worked up to kiss me deeply. She slowly worked her body up. I was so hoping that she would fuck my face. I wanted to bury my tongue deep into that pussy. She continued up... with her pussy over my face. I could see how wet she was. It was incredible... She was so wet that it was slowly oozing out of her. She lightly put herself down on me... and I lightly caressed her with my tongue and would lightly stick my tongue into her. She was started to talk. First telling me how great I felt and how amazing as a husband I was. Then she said she wanted to tell me something and asked if I promise that I wouldn't get mad.

I couldn't believe it – I was pissed. My beautiful with, on top of me, me eating her and she wanted to have some sort of talk. I felt almost betrayed that she wanted to put another addition on the house and the first wasn't good enough. Using sex as a tool to get it.... She knows I'll agree to anything when we are in bed. But she continued.

"You know our conversation about you wanting me to find someone to fuck?" I didn't respond. I just continued to lick. She paused pushed herself harder against me. "Well, I did. I just got fucked before you came home. The mason, just fucked me. I'm full of his cum." She pushed hard against me. I dove my tongue deeply into her realizing what she just said. I was full of jealousy as I jolt shot through my body. I became rock hard and appeared to grow larger then I have before.

She continued to talk... "He was amazing. It's a shame that they use fake stone these days, he had the perfect V-Shape. I couldn't resist myself, when he worked here, he'd have his shirt off. His chest, his stomach was just amazing. I thought about calling you and asking but thought I'd surprise you. This afternoon I called, there really wasn't a leak. I asked specifically for him to come out. When he came, I had the teddy on. He just fucked me in the teddy. His hands were so firm, he could grip my breast tightly. Oh, god it felt great. He could just pick me up, in the hallway, I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me against the wall. His cock was the biggest I've ever felt. He was so huge.... And he pounded me hard with it. He exploded inside of me... He just left before you got here."

As she said that I convulsed with an orgasm, I continued to lick as deep, hard and fast as I could. The salty taste – now realizing what it was, was great. I really didn't mind it. I now had my fantasy. The cum continued to drip out of her, now mixed with her own cum, felt great. I couldn't believe my beautiful wife just shared herself with another man.

"After he blew his load in me against the wall he carried me into the bedroom. And placed me on the bed. He took me with one arm and just rolled me over. Picking my ass up, he entered me from behind. He didn't even need time to recover. He just fucked me from behind. I buried my head into the pillow and got lost in the rhythm. He pounded me hard... I was hurting. He finally blew a second load and I rocketed on my second orgasm. At which point the phone rang and you said you'd be home. So I laid him on the bed and gave him a blow job. I figured since he had to go back, I should clean him up a little."

Now it makes sense, why my wife tasted so good when I kissed her in the doorway.

After recovering from her orgasm she slowly worked back down me and placed her pussy right above my cock. I could feel the heat and I wanted so bad to be inside of her. She looked deep into my eyes and asked if I was mad. Of course--- right now she would have to ask that. All I could respond with, " I don't care, just get me inside of you". At which she slowly lowered herself onto me. Moving slowly down my cock. It felt amazing. It was so warm, and so wet. Burning hot. I wanted to shove myself into her. Grab her by the hips and just fuck the shit out of her. She continued and was finally all the way down. I thought I would burst right there... and she started to slowly lift herself off.

"Not yet" – she smiled. An evil grin. She stayed there, hovered over top me. And began to caress my chest. She grabbed my nipples with her hands, pinching and twisting slightly. I closed my eyes to enjoy. I lifted my back off the bed and placed my cock against her. She responded by slowing lowering herself on me again. My god – it felt as great as the first time. She lowered herself completely and held it there. I wanted to burst so badly.

She continued to slowly work against me. I just looked at her – sitting on top of me – Jane just riding me. I couldn't believe she was doing it now. She's often done it with her hand during a hand job, but never during sex. She would slowly go up and down, pausing with me completely inside. Then she would go and down twice, pause. Three times, pause. I was about to burst at any moment. I couldn't take it anymore. But she continued. The pause just enough to give me a moment to recover. Four times, Five times – and I started. The pressure building inside. Amazing, I felt like it was eons just in building, you know that time when you know its happening, you almost try to hold it back and can't anymore. And I blasted just as she put myself deeply into her... and paused. I pulsed in her, unloaded myself.

She leaned down, placing her breasts against my chest, and came up to my face and said. "I love you. I really enjoyed today and hope you want to do it again."

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