tagIncest/TabooI Am My Father's Son Ch. 03

I Am My Father's Son Ch. 03


A big THANKS to Kat Hurlbut for helping me edit this story...

This story deals with incest and male/male sex between a 18 year old son (me) and his father. In this story, all characters involved in sexual acts are 18 or over.

If you are offended by the "incest" and/or "male/male" theme... please do not read this story.


The Daddy/Son story continues... there are two chapters prior to this one; and although it's not necessary to read them to get the gist of my story, it would certainly make for a better reading experience.

Thanks again to the Lit readers!! There's still more to this story...


I was in the kitchen serving up our plates when I felt him behind me. He hugged me, nuzzled his head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "I love you. You look so fucking sexy in your apron and underwear," he pressed harder against me, "I had no idea getting rimmed would feel so wickedly awesome. You're amazing."

He kissed all over my neck and ear. I felt so special. Together, we got dinner on the table, sat down and shared our day with one another. Before long, I had him in stitches. Oh, speaking of stitches... my Dad didn't have a stitch of clothes on. He was walking around al' fresco with his low-hanging jewels and his meaty Daddy tool swinging freely. He was such a sexy man. He loved my "Daddy's Whore!" undies and especially loved how they made it easier to fuck me.

We'd been done eating for a while before I got up and walked over to my Dad. He pulled his chair out a bit allowing me to straddle him. I could feel his cock hardening and rubbing against my undie-clad ass. He brought my face to his and gave me a hungry kiss. He told me how much he loved me and how much he wanted me right here, right now. I told him I wanted him right here, right now too and begged him to fuck me bareback. We'd never done that. I assured him it was okay (earlier in the day, I'd given myself an enema so I knew I was clean). He started to tell me something and I put a finger on his lips. I again begged him and assured him it was okay. He nodded, spit in his hand and massaged his cock. It would have to do. He lifted me and aligned his cock to my asshole. With a bit of maneuvering I began to slide down on his cock, taking him in inch by thick inch.

We'd never fucked in this position before, and to see his facial expressions as he drove himself in deep took my breath away. His lustful look assured me he enjoyed me the very same way I was enjoying his thickness. We couldn't take our eyes off each other. And then, he bottomed out. I sat motionless reeling in the magical feeling of having him buried deep in me. I slowly started to gyrate my hips never taking my eyes off him. We had each other hypnotized. He gave me a faint smile, but neither of us spoke. There was no need. Our eyes spoke volumes. He loved the way I worked my ass, the way I milked his cock. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up a little and then down. His cock was made for my asshole. He started pistoning in and out of me slowly at first. Soon he was fucking me hard and kissing me harder neither one saying a word, but we grunted, moaned, purred, hugged, kissed... then I felt it. His cum shot deep in me. I felt his cream coat my insides. He kept fucking me and soon I felt his cum leaking out of my well-fucked asshole. I realized right at that moment, that I belonged to him forever. We kissed and held on to each other for what seemed an eternity.

After we'd come down from our euphoric high I moved off him and took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom where we washed each other down thoroughly. He held me tight as the water cascaded over us, and as I looked at him I noticed it for the first time... a hint of concern deep in his soul. I brushed it off. We were both happy and there was no room for gloominess or sadness.

However, I wasn't wrong. That night as we lay in bed and as he held me close and lovingly, he shared with me that he was worried for me, for my future. He went on to explain that he loved me with every particle of his body, but he realized I was young and inexperienced in love. What we had was quite special and magical, but he had already experienced love once with my mom. I was almost 20 and the only thing I knew when it came to "love" was him. He wanted me to have a chance at love with someone my age. He wanted to give me my freedom to go out and find love. I was confused and scared. Had he grown tired of me? Did he not desire me anymore? I was hurt. He felt me tense up, and because he knew me so well he knew what I was thinking. He brought his face to mine, shook his head and gave me a big smile. He told me to shake all those negative thoughts out of my head. He told me he knew I was hurt and probably thinking all sorts of stupid, crazy things.

He looked me dead on and said, "I LOVE YOU, which is why I need to do this for you."

He assured me he'd be there for me for as long as God kept him on this Earth. He needed no one else, nor did he desire anyone else. But he needed to know he'd given me an opportunity to find a lifelong partner, be it a girl or a guy. We'd always have our special relationship, our special moments, and our special memories. None of that was gone. I thought the idea was ludicrous. I didn't need anyone else, but I wasn't going to argue. I held onto him tightly and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning Dad was up at the crack of dawn. I could hear him moving about and I sat up groggily in bed wondering what he was up to. He caught sight of me and apologized for having woke me. He came over and lay with me and embraced me like only he could. I rested my head on his chest. He told me how bad he felt for hurting my feelings and decided we were going away for the weekend. His friend had a cabin at the lake and had offered it to my Dad anytime he wanted. The thought appealed to me. We hadn't gotten away in quite a while. I sat up again and told him we were wasting time. I needed to get ready. He chuckled.

I jumped out of bed and zipped into the bathroom. I was standing by the toilet with my eyes closed taking a whiz when Dad came up behind me. He removed by hand and took hold of my dick and held it for me as I peed. In all our intimate moments, he'd never really played with my manhood. This was a strange, but awesome feeling. His calloused hand felt different. He held me until the last drops fell and then he proceeded to shake it off as well. I looked up at him at the same time he looked down and our lips met.

He never released me. I could feel myself hardening as he started stroking me. It felt so different. I'd always taken care of his tool. I stroked him, not the other way around. He pulled back from our kiss long enough to tell me he loved me, and I told him I loved him too. He repositioned himself behind me, wrapping his left arm around me while jacking me off with his right. It felt so good. I went weak in the knees and he held me up with his body. I soon announced to him that I was going to cum and this encouraged him to pick up speed until I screamed that I was cumming. He released me from his grip, cupped his left hand and pumped my juice into it. I could barely stand up I was so weak. He told me to lean on him, which I did.

Once I was done, I opened my eyes and there he was looking at me with a big smile. He made sure I was able to stand on my own and then stepped back a bit and rubbed my cum all over his chest and neck. He brought his hand to his face and took a big whiff and just reveled in the smell of his baby's juice. I couldn't help myself. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist and embraced him and soon my sticky substance was all over both our chests.

After our shower, we got dressed but not before he instructed me to wear my special "Daddy's Whore!" undies, and I told him I wanted him to go commando. I wanted access to my Daddy anytime I got the urge. He playfully slapped my ass and told me I was an insatiable little slut. I couldn't agree more.

Soon we were on the road. It was going to be a short 3-hour drive. It was still dark out and I asked if he minded me sitting next to him in his truck to which he answered that he'd be upset if I didn't. I loved my Daddy. The drive gave us the opportunity to pick up on last night's conversation. I told my Dad that I was happy with our special relationship and that now that I knew how he felt, I'd definitely keep it in mind, but I begged him to please leave things as they were for now... just me and him. I even took it one step further and snaked my hand to his crotch while saying,

"Daddy, please tell me what I need to do to convince you that I want nothing more than to be your little cock whore. I love the way you fuck me and cum deep in my mancunt. I want to be your fucktoy forever."

I was conveying all this in my most sexiest, seductive voice whilst rubbing his cock through his jeans. I could feel him getting hard so I unzipped his pants and fished his delicious cock out. He playfully told me I was going to make him crash. I told him to focus on the road. I also told him to raise his buttocks so I could push his pants down. This would give me full access to his scrumptious family jewels.

Daddy's dick was already at full mast. I took my time enjoying his taste. His musky manliness was so intoxicating. I could suck him for hours and I had a feeling this weekend I was going to have my chance. I followed the protruding vein on his meat with my tongue, which went lengthwise from below his thick head to the base. I could hear him moaning. I lightly nibbled on his 'cojones' and then paid special attention to his head. I took his meat in my hand and flickered the slit with my tongue, which caused him to shudder with excitement. I asked him if he liked that and he moaned his approval. My next move caught him off guard, I deep-throated him and he gasped. I did this a couple more times suctioning as I pulled back. I felt him tense up so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and with my thumb I pressed down on the vein running alongside the bottom of his dick. I was not going to let him cum. I'd bring him to the brink and leave him hanging. I wanted him to be super horny when we got to the lake. I asked him if he liked what I was doing and he told me he did. I asked him if he was going to stop his crazy talk about my having to find someone else and he agreed. I announced that as punishment for hurting my feelings, he wasn't going to cum until I gave him permission and that he would finish the trip with his cock al' fresco. I sat up and he gave me a confused look and I looked at him with a mocking, defiant look. He laughed and called me a cock tease.

We finally arrived and as he parked the truck Dad sat for a few seconds. He looked at his flaccid cock and then me then back at his cock.

"Can I pull my pants up now?" he asked wryly.

I ignored his mocking tone and asked "Are we alone out here?"

He said yes, so I told him to wait.

I stepped foot out of the truck, came around his door, opened it and standing by my Dad I announced this weekend was going to be naked weekend, neither of us would wear a stitch of clothing the time we were there. I removed my clothes, of course making a show of it. My father sat in the truck taking in my strip tease and enjoying every second. He even gave me a low whistle. And then I was standing there fully naked as I motioned for him to get out. When he stood next to me, I pulled the jeans off from him and then pulled his shirt off, copying his low whistle. He kissed me and told me this weekend was going to be a special one. We left our clothes in the truck and took our overnight bags and couple bags of groceries in.

The cabin was beautiful and fully stocked with groceries. We gave ourselves a tour of each bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and the back patio and then something caught our eye and we looked at one another... a hot tub! Oh, I thought... the possibilities were endless. I'm quite certain my father thought the exact same thing. My dad suggested we go in and take a nap so we could rest and enjoy the rest of the day. He took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom where we laid down and soon we fell asleep.

I woke up; or rather, the awesome feeling of my father's tongue snaked deep in my ass woke me. The delicious sensation brought me out of my deep slumber and I started gyrating my hips and moaning. This encouraged my Daddy more. He moved back allowing me to get up on my knees and get my ass up in the air. He gently spread my ass cheeks and continued to blow, lick, and lightly bite my inner cheeks. Slowly, he started working his way down my scrotum. He was driving me insane and I whimpered and begged him for more. He asked me if I was ready for him and I told him I was.

My father got behind me and tenderly pulled my upper body up to his body running his hands all over my stomach, my chest, my neck and then my face, turning me so our lips could meet. Our bodies were on fire. His passionate touch lit me up. I could feel his hard meat rubbing on my ass. He kept telling me he wanted me so bad, he needed me. I moaned into his mouth, his tongue burning the inside of my mouth as he took control of me. I was putty in his hands. I'm certain at one point I stopped breathing from the excitement. My Daddy broke our kiss, held my face with his hand and told me all I needed to know with his gorgeous, sparkling eyes. He then started kissing my cheek, down my neck, my shoulder and then down my spine whilst positioning me on all fours. He then positioned himself at my entrance and slowly, oh so slowly fed me his cock inch by thick inch. He bottomed out and held himself buried deep within my tight hole taking in the warm, silky feeling. No longer would he wear a condom when he made love to me. He wanted to feel the raw experience and I; well I loved it when he filled my insides with his Daddy juice.

Daddy was so much more loving, sensual and passionate in his lovemaking today. We were connecting on every level. I enjoyed feeling him grab me by my waist and command my body, in and out slowly pistoning his love into me. I was moaning, pleading, and begging for him to never stop. He caressed my back, neck, and shoulders with his strong, masculine hands sending tiny electrical shocks up and down my spine. With him fully in me, he brought me back up pressed my body to his as he continued his loving strokes in and out of me. I loved him back working my ass for him, flexing my love chute, pulling him in me and then pushing him out. He once again maneuvered my face to kiss me again and just as he tongue-fucked my mouth he added some pressure to my nips. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. The tit stimulation excited me beyond belief and I picked up the tempo urging him to do the same. Our lovemaking shifted to a full-blown, animalistic, grunting fuck. He kept pinching and pulling on my nipples with his rough fingers and I kept working my ass, sucking his cock with my asshole. Suddenly my world exploded. I experienced the most intense, mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm, which caused my father to put his action into overdrive until he popped spraying my insides with his hot Daddy seed. He was grunting and calling out to me proclaiming his undying love for me.

I was exhausted. I couldn't keep up with my father. He was an unstoppable, insatiable love machine. I fell asleep with that thought. My Daddy let me sleep for a good hour before he was calling out to me to wake up. He had already showered and was making breakfast. It seemed like we had done so much and it was barely mid-morning. Of course, we'd started our day quite early. At Dad's insistence, I jumped in the shower and cleaned up and then I met up with my naked Dad in the kitchen. I could stare at his muscular body for hours. He caught me staring and motioned me over with a shake of his head, "Come on Stud, the day's gonna get away from us."

I walked up behind him, gave him a playful smack on his tight ass and kiddingly told him he was so bossy. He chuckled. I fixed our coffees while he fixed our plates. During breakfast he shared with me that we were gonna go hiking and fishing and hopefully catch us some dinner. In my eyes, this made him sexier to the nth degree. To do so, however, we'd have to put on clothes and he asked me how I wished to handle that situation since I had declared earlier this to be a no-clothes weekend. Obviously, I'd have to compromise so I agreed to pants commando style and no shirt. He liked the idea and soon we were off.

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