tagLoving WivesI Love My Wife Completely

I Love My Wife Completely


notes: This is a cuckold story and details how a man loves a woman so much he accepts her desire to be with other men. He marvels in her slutiness as she rubs it in his face. There are fetish element of semen, panties and pregnancy throughout this story. You draw your own conclusion as to merits of a cuckold relationship. I believe one must make sacrifices in their life to achieve true happiness.

Morgan and I met in college and dated for two years before we graduated together. She is French and was here on a student Visa. I happened to be a French language major and luckily for me when we were together we always spoke French. It was so cool to be able to talk to a native of the country whose language I studied. She was patient with me and taught me all the correct verb uses, slang and correct accents. I was so into this woman that I eventually asked her to move in with me. She had been dating a few other guys, but when we shacked up she stopped dating. We fell in love and enjoyed a very active sex life during our senior year. We had fun with a lot of kinky stuff like me tying her up, spanking, and role playing. I would buy her the sexiest lingerie which she would wear for me daily. We did some panty play as she knew my weakness for the soft silky fabrics. We visited her home in France and I met her parents and brothers. It was a great vacation and it drew us closer together.

After she graduated her student Visa expired and had to return to France. I was devastated when she left and I visited her the summer between my school years. She came out once during Christmas. I eventually got my masters and flew out the very next day to meet her. Morgan met me at the airport and we kissed and cuddled like two teenagers. I was so in love with her. We couldn't wait to get to the hotel that I had reserved and catch up on some serious loving.

I couldn't get enough of her, I missed her so much. Her smell, her skin, cute butt and small boobies had me rock hard the second after I pulled up and off her dress. I went down on her and ate her pussy right through her cotton boyshort panties. With my lips dripping I came up and kissed her and just studied her face. She had tears in her eyes and I kissed them away.

"I've missed you Dave. It was really hard for me to wait for you." she told me as she continued to cry.

"I've missed you too Morgan. I love you." I said kissing her over and over.

Morgan stopped crying and we made tender love the rest of the day. At dinner time we got dressed and went down to the restaurant. We spoke French to each other, but occasionally I'd slip and speak English and she didn't hesitate and would answer in English and then I'd notice. People around us would also notice and look our way. You see they don't really like Americans there, so we spoke mostly French.

After dinner we went into the lounge and had another bottle of wine, French of course and I talked about what I'd been up to. Even with computer technology so advance we really didn't text and write each other that often. I would usually call her on the weekend during her daytime and we'd catch up. We never really addressed what would happen when I graduated. Guess I had a wait and see attitude as my studies were very time consuming. She wanted to know what my plans were and would I be staying long. I didn't really know what to say to that as it really depended on her.

I looked into Morgans eyes and saw her love for me but there was something else. She was holding back something. We went back to my suite and I told her I wanted her to spend the night with me. She told me that would me nice, but she knew I was tired and wanted to leave and come back the next day as she had to work saying, "Dave you know I have to work tomorrow. It's only another week and school will be out. Then we can do more together, OK."

Morgan left and as I drifted off to sleep, it dawned on me that she didn't talk much about her life as a school teacher or even what she wanted to do now that I was here. I had pretty much just talked about my graduate studies and all my options for the future.

The next day I read the paper and walked around the city, along the river and even went to a museum. Around 4:00 she called me and wanted me to meet her for dinner at a little place we'd been to before. I went back to the hotel and changed, but felt something was up because she didn't want to meet me at the hotel. I got there right on time.

"Hi Dave, how was you day?" She asked after giving me a kiss.

"Pretty good, I kept busy and did some sight seeing."

Morgan grabbed my arm and we went into the restaurant and were seated in a quit corner. We got a nice bottle of wine and I started in about how I was sorry for being so selfish yesterday and wanted to know more about her work at the school.

She opened right up and told me how challenging it was teaching high school English and how much she enjoyed her job and working with the other faculty.

She asked me again how long I was staying and what my employment plans were. I told her it really depended on her as we hadn't discussed marriage or anything saying, "I just want to be close to you."

"David, we've spent last summer together and Christmas. You've never told me what you want or want from me. Now you say you just want to be close to me. Come on now, where are you going to live and work?"

"Morgan, please, I don't know. I love you and want us to be together. I guess, I just haven't decided if I want to live here or ask you to come back to the states with me."

"I have my life here. I have a good job and ...... I have a couple boyfriends and one wants to marry me." She confesses.

"You have boyfriends?" I asked.

"You didn't expect me to be a nun waiting for you, did you?"

My heart dropped as I realized I'd really fucked this up. I had just assumed she would do anything to be with me just as I would for her. I didn't say anything and just poured another glass of wine, thinking.

"Let's order dinner and being tomorrow's the weekend, I'll spend all day with you, OK." she says.

We didn't talk much over dinner and afterwards she told be she had to leave, but could meet me later at the hotel. I agreed and she kissed me and was gone.

I walked around and spent a couple hours going through the stores and finally ended up back at the hotel lounge. The bar tender asked me where the hot babe I was with last night was. I told him I was meeting her later. He told me she had been in there before with another guy, a teacher friend and he was married, he said. Now I was starting to worry.

I thought about how much I loved her and knew I had to make up my mind. I figured I had enough money to last about a month. My school loan was paid for by my aunt as a graduation present, thankfully. Now the question was could I live in France and get a job there, or did I want to ask Morgan to marry me and convince her to move back to the states.

French like their drink, but do not tolerate drinking to excess so I sipped my beer slowly as I waited. Around midnight, I went to my room and turned on the TV and fell asleep. My phone rang and woke me up. Morgan asked me to let her in, she was outside my door.

I opened the door and she walked right by me and I followed. She set her purse and a bag down and turned and gave me a hug, then a kiss smiling at me.

"Where have you been if you don't mind me asking?" I said.

"I had a date with this guy from the school, one of the coaches. I tried to get out of it but he was very disappointed, so I gave in and we went to a movie."

"Wow," was all I could say.

"You're not jealous are you." she asked.

"No, I understand you have a life here. I just need to realize that."

"Good, then you can unzip me."

I spun her around and unzipped her dress. Then facing me I looking into her eyes and kissed her again. She is so beautiful. Her hair is dark, but she had bleached most of it blond and left a few tails dark falling on each side. Her beautiful eyes are hazel and she has a cute nose and sexy lips.

I took the straps off her shoulder and the dress fell to the floor. Her bra was gone, but she had on a garter belt and stockings along with a sexy pair of sheer light pink panties. She put her head on my shoulder and we just swayed like we were dancing.

"I've really missed you David." she says.

She slowly drops to her knees and pulls down my boxers and slowly starts sucking me to rock hardness. Standing up she leads me to the bed and has me lay down and straddled my waist. Her little breast were tanned but had red marks and her nipples were red too. I squeezed them and she tensed up a little. Her hair was all over my face as she rocked her crotch over my cock.

My hand went from her breast to her pantie covered butt to help her rock over me. I could feel her wetness on my cock.

Reaching between her legs to feel her, she caught my hand and said, "Just so you know, I had sex with my date tonight."

"OMG, You did..................... Did he cum in you?"

"Oh yea, lots and lots of cum. I tried to clean up, but there's just so much of it. My panties are soaked." she say very quietly.

My cock started twitching as she told me and she felt it move. She let go of my hand and I slowly let it creep down between her legs and I slid my fingers over her nylon covered lips, stroking her slot and circling her nub. She was slick and wet and my cock was also.

"I'm sorry Dave, but you know how much I love sex and you weren't here so I have boyfriends who keep me happy that way." she says.

"I can't believe it. You're laying here with me and another guys cum is leaking out of you."

"I know. Again I'm sorry. It's just something I've been doing for a while now and I can't seem to stop. Maybe I'm a nymphomaniac or who know what, but I just really like sex and it feels so good when a guy cums in me." she explains.

"Your driving me crazy. My cock is hard as a rock." I say.

"Really, it makes you horny then, ......when I'm like this? She asks excitedly.

"Oh baby, you're too much. I never knew you were a slut. My little French girl loves cock."

"Yea, but do you still love me David?" she asks.

"Oh yea, I still love you and you're my slut now." I say as I spin her around with me on top between her legs and my cock sticking straight up. Grabbing her panties I pull them off her legs and feet, taking a deep whiff. I move over her and can't seem to look her in the eyes as all I want to do is sink my cock into her wet pussy.

"So now that you know what I've been up to, you still want me. You want my used pussy?" she teases.

"Morgan, I've never wanted you more than right now." I say as I put just head of my cock in between her glistening wet pussy lips. I wanted to drive it home, but I knew I'd come fast so I played with her with my cock.

"I wanted to make you jealous, but I see it makes you more than that. I can't believe you like it when I'm nasty like this. You really like it, don't you?"

"Morgan, my God, you feel so good. Your pussy is open and loose, wet and slimy. I can hardly feel any tightness you're so hot and wet. Your boyfriend really fucked you good."

"Dave, he really is an animal. I knew if I went on a date with him he would fuck the shit out of me and he did. I wanted to make you jealous but maybe I like his cock too much."

As I worked myself all the way inside her I looked into her eyes and see she's smirking at me. My cock hits bottom but I can hardly feel anything but wet silky goo. "I don't think you cleaned up very well, you're still so fucking full of cum."

"You're right baby I fibbed, I didn't clean up at all but he really does cum a lot too." she tells me as she kisses me again all the while still smirking at me. "I'm so glad you don't mind me dating. I missed it so much when we lived together."

"Morgan I love you. You feel so good right now, I don't want to cum yet."

"Then, don't. Lay on you back and let me love you, OK?" she says as she pushes me off her and gets up and goes over to her bag and pull out a pair of panties. "I bought them for you for when we get kinky."

"You bought me a present." I say.

"I wore them on a date a few days ago and the next day too. I hope you like them, here." she tells me as she hands me a black silky nylon brief. It has pink lace on the waist and a little bow.

I look at them and see a big white stain in the crotch.

"Put them on for me David and I'll play with you cock." she tells me teasingly.

I stand up and slide them up over my rigid cock. I could feel the hardness in the crotch against my balls. Then I lay down and she jumps on my chest facing away with her butt resting on me.

Morgan leans forward and pulling down my panties she puts just my cock head in her mouth all the while scratching my balls through the panties. She scoots down and I'm looking right into her pussy. It's all red and wet and gaping open with cum leaking out.

"Go ahead baby, I know you want to. ..........." she whispers.

Her tiny butt starts moving side to side as she continues to blow me. Slowly she moves her pussy right over my mouth and rocks back and forth. She squeezes out a big glob over my nose and traps my head with her legs moving all over my face. The smell is killing me and my cock starts to throb.

Morgan sits up and really starts riding my face and cums hard pushing out more cum between her twitching pussy lips. Finally she falls forward and doesn't move.

I push her off me and turn around to kiss her and she has this dreamy smile on her face.

"I love you so much David." she whispers to me.

"I love you Morgan, now more than ever." I respond as I slid between her legs.

"Then fuck me and take me back. Make me your woman tonight."

"Only tonight?" I ask as I slip my cock into her pussy.

"Yea, just fuck me and make me yours tonight, cause you know I'm going to keep fucking other men and you're going to want me to, again and again." she tells me.

"You think soooooooo huh."

"Yea, I think you like my cummy pussy too much to not want it again like this. I want to live with you and date other men for both of our fun and pleasure. I want you to help me and watch sometimes to make it even hotter. I'll love you and I'll do anything you want me to."

"Now that's what I like to hear, but do you really think we need you to fuck other guys for us to be happy." I say as I start moving inside her.

"I love you and want to make you happy, but I don't think I can live a Ozzie and Harriet life with you. We already did that and yea I know we were in school, but I missed fucking other guys. I'm over sexed, I think." Morgan explains.

"I love you so much. I like you being so sexy, but I just have to get my head around this other guy thing." I argue.

"We can take it slow till you get used to it. I know a few men in the right place who could get you a job here if they knew they could fuck me now and then." she says.

I kissed her as I realized we could easily live together in France. That's what I wanted.

"Will you marry me Morgan. Will you be my bride and have my babies?" I ask.

"I Will, I will David, I'll marry you and give you all the babies you want." she say joyfully.

"OH God sweetheart. We can do this."

"I'll go off the pill tomorrow. We can fly to Paris next week and get married. We'll go back to NY and get your stuff and then look for a nice house around here. I have to confess, I know someone, ........ you have a job already waiting for you. One of the regents is a boyfriend and he's promised me you needn't worry."

"So that's how things work in France, huh?"

"Baby, if I've learned anything in my 22 years, it's how it works everywhere. I've wanted you to ask me to marry you for a long time. Tonight I was going to make or break you. Luckily you didn't run and now we can fuck and fuck and fuck all we want." she tells me as she starts fucking me back really hard.

"Fuck me baby and I'll cum in you slutty pussy." I tell her.

"Yea, my slutty pussy, already filled with cum. Your slutty pussy now huh?' she says.

"In a week it will be." I say as I'm getting close.

"Cum with me sweetheart, cummmmmmmmmmmm for me David. OHHHHhhhhhhh amourrrrrr"

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What a bullshit

Regarding to a previous comment,I MUST SAY:WHAT A BULLSHIT!THERE ISN'T ANY TRUTH in saying,like that idiot says that being a cuckold "is a win-win for all involved and is the way things happen in manymore...

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It's not true

IT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL that French people don't like Americans!THIS IS A NONSENSE!French like Americans as much as other people!Besides,THERE ARE A LOT OF FOREIGNERS in France WHO SPEAK ENGLISH and MANYmore...

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Sex for Favors!

Great story, both my wife and I loved it! This story was a tender coming of age story that was full of love, passion, and a future married life together, including babies. The girl knew exactly who shemore...

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