tagMind ControlI Might As Well Ch. 02

I Might As Well Ch. 02



"Sun Salutation again, slave. You look particularly sexy doing that one. But continue kissing my feet a few seconds longer, first."

"It would be my honor, Master."

Krystal's lips resumed her (forced) passion along my toes and the tops of my feet, as the rest of her remained in the Child's Pose she had maintained for the last 15 minutes. I often did not see her face, as her long, black hair would sometimes cover what she was doing. But, I could always feel it; I made sure she understood that I enjoyed feeling her tongue as well as her lips, and she did not disappoint me.

After a few seconds, she gracefully stood up, and assumed the Tadasana pose. Her palms were pressed together, in prayer, lodged in between her luscious and full breasts. Her eyes stared at me in awe and worship, and her mouth was framed in a seductive smile. My eyes openly scanned her amazing body, which had been completely naked ever since she had finished her fast and furious blowjob near the entrance way. I did have her put on her stiletto sandals when she was fetching the scotch that I was now sipping, and she kept them on during my prolonged foot massage, but I allowed her to beg for their removal before she began her yoga demonstration. I am nice that way.

She proceeded to move into Urdhva Hastasana. Her arms reached toward the sky, palms still together.


"Yes, my Lord."

Krystal remained motionless, eyes still locked onto me, her tits proudly thrust out due to the positioning of her body. I sipped my scotch again and just stared. She really did keep herself in excellent shape since our separation.

"You may continue, but I want you to thank me every so often, for giving you this chance to serve me. Keep being creative."

"Yes, Sire. Thank you for letting me pleasure you with my body, which exists solely for you."

She then moved to Uttanasana, which was a swan dive down, hinging at her luscious hips, and placing her palms flat on both sides of her beautiful bare feet. She really was flexible.

This was followed by Ardha Uttanasana. She kept her exquisitely kept fingernail tips on the floor as she flattened her back. Those 34D tits hung and swayed in time with her movement, and her face tilted up just enough to say, "I am honored to be your slave, Master. Thank you for making me your plaything." The look in her eye and the lilt of her voice would have made me believe her, if I didn't know that it was the telepathic energy coming from the frontal lobes of my brain which was forcing her to humiliate and degrade herself for my amusement.

I was willing to look past that small point, however.

Next was the Lunge. She extended her right leg back, and her foot ended in a sexy arch. It was the first time in a while that her pedicured red toes were highlighted.

This was followed by Adho Mukha Svanasana, otherwise known as Downward Facing Dog. Krystal brought the left foot back to meet the right one, and managed to form a perfectly straight angle. Her fingers beginning a straight line to the apex of that amazing ass, and then her straight legs down to her feet. Her heels were both now on the carpet, causing her toned legs to look even more toned with the stretching that was taking place.

Beneath the muffle of her hair, I heard, "Does this angle please you, my King? I am so thankful that I am this limber for your enjoyment."


"Freeze, slave."

"Yes, Lord."

I set my glass down, and walked around her, cupping her left breast quickly, until I was behind her. I stuck my fingers inside her, and, not surprisingly, she was already wet between her legs. Partially from sweat, but mostly from her auto-reflexive sexual excitement at her predicament.

"You are the perfect height right now, my pet. Please push into me and contract around me as I fuck off some of the excitement your demonstration has caused me."

"Your wish is my command, Master."

Sliding into her, she still felt tight after all of this time. And sooooooo good. I grabbed each of her hips with my hands, and unceremoniously began to thrust back and forth, being met each time with her own efforts.

"You've been doing Kegel exercises! Fantastic." I picked up my speed, and got into a nice, comfortable, enjoyable rhythm. With each thrust, she muttered an uncontrollable exhale of part breath, part moan. "You're too quiet, slave. Beg me to cum, say things that you know will turn me on. You probably have a good idea at this point what those are."

"Master, (uhnh) please keep fucking me (uhnh) forever! Please, more! (uhnh) Use me! (uhnh) Fuck me like the (uhnh) cocksucking slut I am! (uhnh) But YOUR (uhnh) slut! (uhnh) Fuck me, please! (uhnh) I'm begging for it! (uhnh) Gagging for it! (uhnh) Master! (uhnh) Give me purpose! (uhnh) Give my life meaning! (uhnh) (uhnh) I'm begging you, please (uhnh) fuck (uhnh) your (uhnh) worthless (uhnh) slavegirl (uhnh), Master! (uhnh) (uhnh)"

I finally exploded what seemed like gallons of cum into her; there was a lot of pent up angst that found its resolution in that tight, willing hole. I fell back into the nearby sofa, and while catching my breath, saw her still in the same position, with the results of our work dripping down her leg.

"Crawl over her and clean me up, Krystal. Let's remind ourselves what else that mouth of yours is good for."

"At once, Master."

She quickly dropped to her knees, probably relieved to lessen the tension in those arms and calves from being in that one position for so long, and was soon licking and sucking away the remnants of our fucking from my softening shaft and balls.

"Did your legs cramp up at all from being in that position?"

She paused her cock worship to quickly say, "Yes, Master. Toward the end, my Lord," before resuming to suck and lick away any evidence of our fucking.

"Well, I'm impressed that you didn't let it affect your task. You may stop what you are doing and get a quick drink of water... but when you come back, I want you think of something to say to convince me that today is the best day of your life."

"Thank you, Sire." And she quickly moved to the kitchen.

I closed my eyes and exhaled, and when I heard her movement approaching, it was the random chance of my shifting of body weight that allowed me to deflect her arm as she tried to bash me with a hammer. "FREEZE!"

She instantly froze, her momentum causing her to land awkwardly on the sofa, her face buried in the pillows.

What did I forget? Did my initial command about doing the literal minimum not apply anymore? Maybe it elapsed much earlier, and she simply hadn't tried to resist? Interesting. I'm a lucky bastard.

"Krystal, from this moment on, until the end of time, you will never knowingly cause me harm or injury, and through your own inaction, you will not allow harm or injury to happen to me. If you suspect that my personal health is in danger, or that I will be displeased at some future event, you will instantly tell me. Is that understood?"

Her voice was definitely saddened with the reply of "Yes, my Lord."

"Of course, I now have to punish you. But I want to think of what that should be. In the meantime, I believe you have something to say to me, yes?"

"Yes, Master." She was still face planted into the sofa.

I got comfortable again, grabbed my glass of scotch, and then said, "Sit on my lap."

"Yes, my King."

As she did so, I noticed she was still holding the hammer in her right hand. "Stick the handle of that hammer up your cunt as far you can make it go without permanently hurting yourself."

Her eyes slightly winced as she said, "Of course, Master." And I could see her grinding her teeth as she worked it up inside of herself, but that's all the discomfort she allowed herself to show.

"Now... I want you lean into my face, say what you need to say, and then passionately kiss me as if it was your wedding day. Your most recent wedding day."

She leaned in, let out a slight whimper at the weight shift that occurred, and then said, "Master, thank you for showing me what heaven is. Please, promise me, you will never make me stop worshipping you." And then her lips and tongue were on me again, for what was probably a minute. Her left hand stroked my hair and face, but her right hand held the hammer in place.

"Well done, Krystal. Now, where were we? I think the next pose was Plank?"

"Yes, my Sultan."

She went back to her spot in front of the sofa, and resumed the position. The hammer fell out with a thud, narrowly missing her left set of toes. I told her to push it aside, and then she was back into position as I settled back into mine.

She moved into a Plank pose, those gorgeous arches beginning a straight line up along her spine, with only her straight arms breaking the plane. Her head tilted up quickly, and she said, "Thank you for choosing me to swallow your cum, Master. Please don't make me wait long for another chance."

Yoga is so good for the soul...

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