I'll Always Take Care of You Ch. 03


"You're about to get so lucky," Ellie whispered in my ear as she hugged me tightly.

"Let's go into our room and put on our robes. I promised the other girls that we'd try out the sauna and the hot tub. I am also anxious to see what you look like covered in massage oil." I said, chuckling.

By the time we got down to the hot tub room the other girls were waiting. Suzie was sitting on the massage table and the twins were sitting on the edge of the hot tub, occasionally testing the temperature with their hands. The twins were naked, but Suzie was still wearing her robe.

Ellen and I were removing our robes when I said to her loud enough for the twins and Suzie to hear, "I thought that this was a no clothing allowed zone."

Suzie looked at me smiling and said, "You just want to look at me naked."

I put a wicked smile on my face and told her, "That's not true; I want to make you cum too.

A wide smile split her face as she walked over and hung her robe on the hook. She turned into me, slipped her hands down to my ass and hugged me tightly. "You could start right now." Suzie said fluttering her eyelashes at me.

I slapped her ass and said to everyone, "Let's all grab towels and try the sauna while we're waiting for the hot tub to get ready."

In the dry heat of the sauna the knot of tension I'd felt since the revelations earlier in the day seemed to slip off my shoulders. I was finally able to relax and enjoy our time together. The girls all competed to see who could tease me the most. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The hot tub was ready for us when we got out of the sauna. Ellen wanted to sit on my lap; but I had her sit beside me instead. Jan sat on my other side and Suzie and Jen sat across from me. As we all sat and talked I remembered something that the girls had told me earlier and asked, "What surprise do you have for me? I've gone to the lawyer's and you said after that you all had a surprise for me."

Ellen, who had been leaning against my shoulder, looked up at me and said, "We're taking you to New York. We leave for the airport at noon tomorrow."

I'd never been to New York, it sounded like a lot of fun.

Jen said, "We're taking you there for a reason; but we've got a lot of fun things planned too."

The girls were all smiling as I attempted to find out why they were taking me to the Big Apple. There was no way that they were going to tell me. They all just loved teasing me; they had to pay. "It's time to get out of the tub," I said as I stood and turned off the jets and heat.

The girls all giggled as they exited the tub with me. When we had dried off I pulled Ellie over to the massage table, took off her towel and had her lay down on her stomach. I went to the counter and found the massage oil. As I got back to the table, I told Suzie and the twins, "We're going to make her cum so much she'll beg us to stop. You all need to remove your towels; I want to enjoy watching you drive her wild."

I then turned to Suzie with a wicked smile and said as she teasingly removed her towel, "When we get done with her, it's your turn."

I noticed Jan's expression as she began anointing Ellen's shapely ass with oil and asked, "What are you thinking about Jan?"

She looked up in embarrassment as she said, "Davey, It turns me on so much when you take charge and do the unexpected. You haven't even touched me and all I can think of is how wet I am. A lot of the boys at school want to go out with Jen and me, but, it is so easy for us to make them do anything. You always tease us; it's so sexy."

I laughed as I told her, "You are in danger of becoming a female outcast. It's forbidden to tell men the truth about things like that."

All the other girls began giggling madly as they massaged oil into Ellen.

The girls all understood the entire point of this massage had nothing to do with relaxing Ellie's muscles; but to providing her with intense continuous orgasms. Their touching was aimed to inflame and overwhelm her with desire.

I understood something about Ellen that I don't think that she knew herself. She was a closet exhibitionist. She liked to be at least one step nastier that anyone else in the room. I don't think she knew this; I think that she suppressed her desires due to her heavy burden of responsibility. I was going to help her achieve her unknown desire.

By now, Ellen's skin was shiny with oil. Her legs automatically fell open and were working their way further apart. The scent of watermelon and female arousal lay heavy in the air. To be fair, I believe that only a quarter of the arousal scent belonged to Ellen. I massaged down her back, to her ass, which I molded and kneaded as she began moaning. Her hips began a slight movement, seeking even more stimulation and contact.

I grabbed the bottle of massage oil and began dribbling a thin stream of the oil down the crack of her ass. I spread the cheeks apart and moved my finger slowly down to her tightly puckered hole. The volume and intensity of her moans jumped up as my finger began tracing lightly over her anus. As I worked more oil towards her sphincter muscle, the slight pressure allowed my finger to begin to slip in painlessly.

Ellie began moaning, "Oh my god, oh my god..." over and over as I kept adding more and more oil and slipping my finger in deeper and deeper.

I looked up at Ellie's head and saw that Suzie was whispering into her ear. I couldn't hear what was being said; but it appeared to excite Ellie even more. Just then, a tremendous groan issued forth from Ellen's lips and I felt a rhythmic clenching as her asshole attempted to draw my finger further into her rear passage. As a spasm began, I would push down toward her vaginal opening. Ellie's excited grunting worked in time with her spasms and the pressure I was providing. I kept working with her spasms until they were little more than a muscle tick, and then I removed my finger slowly and rubbed her twitching anus lightly.

I glanced at the twin's faces and watched the excitement and concentration reflected there with fascination. I rested my hand on Ellen's shiny oiled ass for a moment, and then gave it a playful slap as I said, "Time for us to get started, turn over."

"Oh my god Davey, I've never let anyone do that to me before. I've never come like that before. I always thought that it would hurt; but you were so gentle with me. I felt so full. What did you do when I came; it felt like you made it go on forever. I thought that my orgasm would never stop," Ellen said softly, and then she rolled over.

Ellen and the girls began laughing as I told her, "It's a secret. I could tell you, but then I'd have to fuck you."

I moved the twins up to either side of her chest and Suzie by her knees. While the girls began liberally coating her with massage oil, I moved up to her head, gave her a Spiderman kiss and whispered in her ear, "Close your eyes and prepare yourself for death by orgasm."

Ellen's eyes were closed and her breathing was already irregular as I began moving down the table toward her groin. I stopped behind Jen, who was massaging one of Ellie's breasts and stomach. I put my arms around her, grabbing her breasts and whispered in her ear, "Your turn is coming up in a little while, are you ready?"

I held onto one breast as I ran my hand down her stomach to her sex. Jen was so wet, my finger slipped in easily. I rubbed her for a few seconds, and could tell that she was so excited that she was nearly ready to cum. I pulled out my finger and put it to her mouth and whispered in her ear, "Do you think you'll be ready by the time it's finally your turn?"

Jen continued massaging Ellie and sucking on my finger. She moaned in disappointment as I moved away. I glanced at Jan and saw her naked desire as well. I stopped at Ellie's hips and watched, fascinated, as her hips searched for my hands. I took my time, teasing her mercilessly. When I began in earnest, her orgasms began almost immediately and were continuous.

I kept her at the peak for over ten minutes, her screams echoing off the tiled walls. I saw that Ellen's predicament highly excited the other girls as well. I finally relented and allowed her to wind down.

I had originally planned to cycle through the girls, one after the other, driving them insane with desire, but, there was no way I could control my own lust. I moved to the end of the massage table and pulled her until her ass was aligned with the edge of the table. A moan escaped her lips as I inserted my throbbing member into her aroused center. Suzie stood by my side, with her hand on my shoulder, as I thrust energetically into Ellie.

Jen and Jan continued to massage Ellie's breasts while taking turns kissing her and each other. I was stunned when, despite her previous orgasms, she began to cum again even harder. I felt the rhythmic muscle contractions pull a massive load from the very center of my being. It was the longest, most intense orgasm I'd ever had, and it overwhelmed me. I fell forward onto my hands as I struggled to remain standing on my rubbery legs.

When I was able to stand upright again, I backed up while watching Suzie's excited face. She had moved in close, watching intently as my semi deflated cock plopped out of Ellie's overflowing vagina. Suzie licked her lips as she watched the hot, sticky cum slide silkily from her sister's pussy. A sudden inspiration prompted me to gently press the back of her head and guide her into contact.

Ellie's reaction to Suzie's oral ministration was immediate and electric. Suzie enthusiastically went about draining my essence from Ellie's pussy. Ellie's cries signified the onset of yet another orgasm. The twins were each attached to a nipple, groaning as they wrung every last drop of pleasure from Ellie's orgasm. Suzie continued to gently, orally caress Ellie as she continued to suck out our mingled fluids. I saw that her hand was busy, energetically seeking to satisfy her own lust. A closer look at the twins revealed that they were similarly engaged, and even further along the path toward their satisfaction.

I watched Ellie's stomach muscles ripple as her orgasm began to wind down. Jan and Jen came while I watched; their cries tipped the balance for Suzie and drew an orgasm from her as well.

I smiled as I watched the girls trying to recover. Ellie's breathing was finally beginning to normalize as she started to giggle and said, "Death by orgasm.

Our hilarity began slowly; but kept growing until we were all out of control. When it started to die down, Ellen said it again. The laughter again rung out again until we were all laughed out. Ellie sat up and said, "I really need to shower, but I'm too worn out to do it by it by myself."

"I volunteer my assistance baby." I told her.

Her love shone out of her eyes as she gingerly made way over to me. I supported her to the shower and adjusted the temperature. We showered as the other girls cleaned up. When we got out everything had been completely cleaned and the girls were gone.

"Where did everyone go?" I asked Ellen.

"They're probably across the hall watching the movie," Ellen told me.

"Let's go find out," I said as I led the way across the hall to the home theater.

"It's about time you got in here," Jan said as she patted the cushion between herself and Susan.

We walked over to where Jan had indicated and I heard Jen start giggling as I helped Ellie into the void between the other two girls. I went over to the soda dispenser, grabbed a large plastic glass, put in some ice and began filling it with soda. I looked at the girls and asked if they wanted a soda and took their drink orders. When I brought the last of their drinks over, I sat at the far end of the conversation pit next to Jen, who snuggled into me.

Suzie, who had the remote, started the movie. We watched the relationship develop between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The funniest part of the movie was watching Meg act out having an orgasm in the middle of a crowded restaurant. The girls were all giggling and said the famous line after the orgasm. The older actress said to the waiter after Meg quieted down, "I'll have what she's having."

The giggling started all over again. When it finally settled down, we were quiet for the rest of the movie. When the credits started rolling I asked, "Who wants to break in their new credit card?"

Jan was the first volunteer, agreeing to order us a pizza. I was surprised when Jen stayed curled up with me while Jan left to find her credit card and call in the order. Jan went upstairs in her robe to get the pizzas when they arrived forty minutes later. We talked, ate and enjoyed each other's company. When we finished eating I got up, grabbed Suzie's hand and pulled her into my arms. "I'll be back in a while," I said to the other girls as I carried Suzie out of the room, headed for the bedroom.

I took her into the bedroom and put her gently down on the bed, got in beside her and held her. I kissed her with building passion. She quickly matched my heat with her own as she kissed me back enthusiastically.

It didn't take long for my dick to come to attention and realize, 'oh goodie, I get to do it again'. I was fully erect and leaking pre-cum as we began our embrace. I took my time and stimulated her till she pressed hard into me.

I kissed along her jaw, down her neck to her breasts. She cooed excitedly as I sucked one nipple and pinched the other. I moved down and teased her thighs. The outer lips of her pussy had swollen and separated; her juices were flowing. I moved in and began licking her aroused sex.

"Oh Davey, that feels so fucking good." Suzie moaned.

I redoubled my efforts, and concentrated on driving her out of her mind with pleasure. Her first orgasm surprised me with its speed and intensity. The duration was shorter than I remembered hers to be, but I was determined that others would soon follow.

Her over-sensitivity kept me from immediately continuing; however, I moved into position to manually stimulate her. I put one hand on her mound, spreading her outer lips, while holding her down. The middle two fingers of my other hand went into her vaginal opening, searching for her g-spot.

I began the motions which I knew would drive her wild. My fingers inside stimulated her g-spot, while the heel of my hand stimulated both her clit and u-spot. Within a few moments this level of excitement brought her to an intense orgasm. Her limbs began shaking uncontrollably as she began to merge into multiple full-body climaxes.

I kept her cumming for nearly fifteen minutes, stopped in place and then leaned down to kiss her. She was disoriented, but eventually began kissing me back. I leaned back and started the treatment again.

Her howls finally tapered off after the third time I restarted the motion. I believe that I would have rendered her unconscious if I kept at it. I moved into position and inserted myself into her. I began thrusting into her with a slow, gentle, regular rhythm.

Suzie shortly began responding and wrapped her legs around me. My level of excitement was building quickly, and I knew that I would cum soon if I didn't stop. Suzie pulled me in tighter, preventing me from escaping. I surrendered to the inevitable and began thrusting faster and faster. My orgasm was so strong, it felt like I briefly turned myself inside out through my penis when I came.

We held each other for a long time afterward, talking and sharing our intimate thoughts. We were both exhausted and lay close together. She began wiggling, and then got up and went into the bathroom to clean herself. She'd left quite a mess on the bedspread which I cleaned up.

"Davey, it means so much to me that you wanted to spend time alone with me. I love you Davey. I wanted to ask, can I move in with you and Ellie?" She asked.

When I hesitated before answering trying to frame my reply, she spoke up again anxiously, saying, "I promise that I won't be any trouble. Ellie and I have been together for so long I miss her too much to be by myself."

"Let me talk to the other girls before I agree to anything: but, I'm sure that having you stay with us tonight won't be a problem" I said.

We walked back into the theater room and sat back down with the other girls. I grabbed another slice of pizza and sat down with another glass of soda. We talked for a while and I tried to find out from the girls why we were going to New York. They still refused to tell me, and seemed much more interested in teasing me. I'd had enough, walked over grabbed the twin's hands and pulled them out of the room behind me. They didn't struggle at all, but only giggled as they followed after me. I pulled them with me up the stairs, all the way to their room.

"I haven't been in here in years," I told the girls as I walked into their room.

I briefly looked around. The furniture was French provincial, including two queen-sized canopy beds, a dresser, a vanity desk with a lighted mirror and a large supply of makeup. The girls clearly didn't value continuous cleanup, as their clothes that they had removed were strewn around the floor near the hamper.

The girls turned to look at me and Jen said, "What did you have in mind, Davey?"

I looked thoughtful for a moment and said, "Extended rules, no test, nude, option D."

Jan giggled and asked, "What are extended rules?"

I grinned as I explained to her, "Extended rules mean we each have to come at least two times before we stop."

Jen was giggling harder as she asked, "We understand the no test and the nude; but what is option D?"

"It's like option C, but I'm going to be doing the one on top." I explained.

The girls were giggling as they pulled each other into bed. They finally lined up their faces with their twin's crotch, but they were struggling and giggling as they tried to push each other onto their back. Jen decided that her best chance to win lay in eating Jan into submission and it worked immediately. Within seconds, Jan was on her back with a surprised look on her face.

I got on my knees behind Jen and pushed into her already wet cunt. Jan began her oral assault with a focused intensity. Jen continued her work on her sister and me as I thrust energetically. The situation was so stimulating that I was getting extremely excited far too quickly. Jen began to cum hard. Her head came up and she began to moan loudly. I grabbed her hair and pulled till she straightened her arms. I almost survived through her kegel contractions, but finally could hold out no longer. I bellowed out an animalistic howl of satisfaction as I squirted blast after blast of cum into Jen.

I released Jen's hair as I pulled out of her. A large blob of cum followed my semi-erect cock as I withdrew from her and fell into Jan's mouth and on her upper lip. Jen went back to her oral attention of Jan as Jan cleaned my sperm out of her. I was getting excited again as I watched her amazing ass clench out her next orgasm. Jan's expression began losing concentration as she grunted out her own orgasm. I moved around to the other side as Jen finally allowed Jan to roll over on top.

I was almost completely hard again as I pushed into Jan's still twitching cunt. She continued her oral attentions as I began to fuck her enthusiastically.

By this time I was fully revived and ready to pound out another several orgasms from Jan. Jen was fully cooperating with my fevered plan as Jan came again. The next half hour was unlike anything I could have imagined even a few days earlier. Having cum several times earlier in the evening, I took quite a while to do so again. Jan must have cum at least another dozen times to only five more by Jen and my final orgasm of the night.

I fell to the side and watched as Jen cleaned Jan out from my final gooey mess. After Jan's final orgasm, they came over to me, pushed me to my back and snuggled into my arms, one on either side.

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