tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 08

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 08


The vibrations of the toy deep inside of her seemed to radiate throughout her entire body. This was a feeling Sara hadn't felt in a long time. Sara was torn between the intense pleasure and the guilt of turning it on. Rick had trusted her. She wanted to turn it off, but it was like her finger was stuck to the button.

Sara felt herself building inside. "Noooo," she cried out loud, then shut it off. She had betrayed Rick before when he trusted her, she couldn't do it again. The remote had to return to her pocket.

Time seemed to stop as she did her daily house work. Sara kept looking at the clock just waiting for Rick to get home. She felt guilty for turning it on and hoped that Rick's punishment wouldn't be too bad. He had told her that her punishment would double and it would be with the paddle. Twelve times across her bare ass. Sara had never had that many, at least not with the paddle.

Rick arrived home shortly after five. Sara had supper ready and waiting for him on the table. They ate, exchanging small talk, then retired to the living room. Rick mentioned nothing of the toy, but Sara was well aware of it's location, always.

Sara waited and waited for the time to take off the belt, but that time had come and gone. It was almost bed time now.

"Let's take off that belt, shall we?"

He had barely finished saying that and Sara was already unbuttoning her jeans.

"Take all your clothes off babe."

Sara finished removing her jeans, then her sweatshirt exposing her firm breasts and very hard nipples. Just undressing for Rick was exciting to her. She raised her arms over her head and hung on to the rope that had served her well so many times before.

She stood there wearing only her chastity belt, her little pink socks that matched, and the remote that swung freely between her legs.

Rick got out of his chair and removed the key from around his neck He carefully placed the key in the lock and released the pressure the toy had against her lips. He eased the belt to the floor as Sara stepped from the chains like she had done so many times before.

The toy remained in place as Sara tightened her muscles around it. Rick picked up the remote.

"Spread your legs, wide."

Sara complied hoping the toy would remain. Rick had put that toy inside of her and it had to stay until he removed it.

Holding the remote, Rick kissed Sara softly on the lips, then asked, "Did you play today?"

Hanging her head, Sara knew that he could tell if she lied. "I'm sorry, I just had to turn it on."

"You better not have cum!"

"I didn't, I swear. I wanted to, and I could have if I would of left it on. You may punish me for that if you like. That's not why I turned it off. I turned it off because I love you, and you trusted me. I'm so sorry, I'm weak"

Rick touched Sara on the cheek gently, "I'm a little disappointed,"

Rick turned on the remote without warning.


"You can have this toy as long as you can keep it in you," Rick said as he lowered the remote back down to the swinging position.

Sara was already wet from before, now, the vibration was only making her wetter. She squeezed her muscles tight around the toy, but the weight of the remote was pulling it from within her.

Rick sucked hard on Sara's left nipple causing her to break her concentration and the toy slipped out with ease.

With a gentle slap on the ass and a kiss on the lips, Rick said softly, "Let's go to bed. Your punishment will be tomorrow night. I'll let you think about that all day."

After cleaning up the toy and herself, Sara put on her night shirt and crawled in bed next to Rick. She was still so horny, and laying close to Rick wasn't helping.

Sara slept off and on all night and the next morning was back to the routine. She waited for Rick at the shower door so that she could please him, sucking his throbbing cock and eating his gift to her. Then it was back to the chastity belt. Sara was thankful that Rick didn't give her the toy again today. She didn't think that she would be able to handle that again, and it was Friday. This meant that she would be free of the belt again for the weekend, unless Rick had changed his mind.

Before Rick had left for work, he reminded Sara, "You know that you have to be punished tonight, right?"

"Yes, I know."

"One last thing. After you clean the house today, I want you to watch the DVD I just bought. It's all ready to go. Watch the whole thing...I'll ask you about it tonight. Love ya babe."

It was about 2PM when Sara finished her chores, played on the computer and caught up with her e-mail. She relaxed in the recliner and turned on the DVD player. Within just a couple of minutes, Sara realized what kind of a movie she was watching. The title of the DVD was, "For the Masters Taking."

Sara watched intensely as Master Aaron used his submissives with clamps, restraints and paddles. There wasn't much of a plot, but Sara could feel what the other women were feeling. As he would tease them with his massive cock, Sara could feel her lips swelling and ached to be taken. For an hour and a half, She watch the submissive woman please their Master and how they were forced to please one another. Oh how she wished that she would have been one of those women.

Sara never had the chance to be with another woman but was very curious. One of her friends online was Bi and they talked frequently. She had Rick, and that's all she wanted right now. Just to please him anyway that she could.

After watching the movie, Sara was even more sexually frustrated. Unable to touch herself, and as tired as she was from lack of sleep, she curled up in the recliner with a blanket and took a nap.

The next thing she knew, was Rick gently waking her up. She had overslept and didn't make anything for supper.

"Huh? I overslept, I'm sorry, I'll fix supper."

"That's okay babe, we'll order out."

Rick ordered a pizza, then headed for the shower, "Care to join me?"

Still a little groggy, Sara got up and followed Rick to the bathroom. They both undressed, then dealt with her chastity belt. Leaving it on the floor, they both enjoyed the soapy warm water as they lathered one another up. Sara loved to soap up Rick's ball's and cock because she knew how much power she had over him that way.

"Maybe later," Rick said.

After the shower, Rick and Sara ate their pizza on the living room floor wearing only their bathrobes. Even though it was still daylight out, Rick had lit some candles on the coffee table and on top of the TV.

"Did you like your movie?"

"Oh, yes," Sara said as she flashed back to a scene. She instantly could feel a twinge between her legs. "What part did you like the most?"

Sara though for a second, "I loved how they pleased their Master..." Sara blushed, "I kinda liked the two women together."

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Now, are you ready for the punishment that you have coming?"

"Yes... I know that I have to be punished."

Rick got up from the floor and retrieved a box. Sara watched and wondered what Rick had in store for her. Inside of the box was her leather restraints, both wrist and ankle cuffs. It also contained the paddle and spreader bars. "Do you remember how to put these on? Rick said jokingly.

Sara smiled, then slowly began to put the cuffs on her ankles.

Rick spread out a comforter that was folded in half and a pillow on the floor. "Need a little help?"

Finishing up with the ankle restraints, Sara began to buckle her left wrist.

"Babe? I think you better take off your robe ."

"Oops," she said as she sat cross legged.

After the robe fell off her shoulders, Rick helped Sara with the clumsy restraints. He then guided her to the awaiting makeshift bed.

"Wow, this is soft," as she laid her head on the pillow.

"Just relax, I want you to spread your legs for me...real wide, that's it."

Rick slid the spreader bar under her ankles and attached both ankle cuffs to the ends. "Put your arms at your sides...that's it, right next to your butt."

Grabbing a shorter rope, Rick attached one end to her right cuff, looped it through and eye bolt on the center of the spreader bar, then back up to the left cuff. Pulling up the slack and making Sara spread her legs wider, he tied it off. "Comfy?"


Leaning over Sara, Rick gently kissed her on the lips, then placed a blindfold over her eyes.

Sara heard Rick leave for a couple of minutes, then felt a soft tap on the inside of her right thigh. "We've been saying that we we're gonna shave "Her" for a while now...guess what, now is the time." Rick said as he tapped her lightly on her pussy.


"Hmmm, are we wet already?" as his finger gently parted her lips.

Rick eased a warm washcloth between her legs and washed all around Sara's pussy. He then spread the shaving cream around her sweet lips.

Sara tried to move but could only raise her hips a little.

"Hold still."

She could feel each stroke that Rick made with the triple edge razor, and it was driving her crazy. Her hips involuntarily raised to give her pussy more attention.

Rick stopped shaving, "I told you to hold still. Guess I have to divert your attention."

Sara felt Rick's fingers playing with her already hard nipples. She then felt the cold steel of the nipple clamps as Rick slowly tightened each one to the desired tension.

"Are we going to move again?"

"No," Sara said as she clenched her fists.

Rick slowly took two more strokes with the razor, then wiped the area with the warm cloth. Sara wished that Rick would finish or just fuck her with the razor handle. She didn't care anymore.

"We're almost finished, just a little more. We want her perfectly smooth when out guest arrives."

Sara thought for a second, then struggled with her restraints.



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