tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 05

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 05


Little Recap

While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, from months I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha.

We all knew there were fires in us.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....

It seemed dreams could be accepted and then our desires became butterflies chasing honeys in gardens!

Every thing went for sweeter honey!


Rekha seemed tired ; for few minutes she aimlessly joined me at TV and then slipped deep over my shoulder and closed her eyes. Before a shorter minute she did loose her weight over me and was lost in doze.

One of her arms pretty full of red bangles was resting over my lap while the other she had kept in her's. Her aroma also had a soapy sniff and the softness in my connection was inducing me. I lowered my face and floatingly kissed her hairs. Oh! What a splendid women I had over my shoulders.

Her face seemed in tranquility ; may be she was dreaming me! Her lick lips partly open and wet not because of my salvia alone, were before me. The raised contents of her black blouse gave its shades below the electric red georgette sari and sent a shiver in me. There was a hesitant moment before I bent and lightly kissed her lips caring for her little nap after such exertion. Her lips seemed softer in sleep!

How many women like her we had in town? – and how many men had them ever resting over their shoulders? I wondered this marvel went so unseen for so many years! It sent butterflies in me that onwards I had access to two beautiful females!

Which honey was sweeter?

I had seen Sarla for six years! She always remained smiling & fresh; I mean both in days and nights! She, slim and tall and her's self-sustained bosoms of a young fairy, were something that gave a feeling of freshness; it were only her hips that didn't disguise she was married and mother of a kid! Every time I went through her pleasures , I felt I was doing for the first time. The firm breasts came in my palm while inserting through her slimly creased lips was like deflowering a virgin!

Rekha was a tremendous change from I had been mostly seeing at Ranchi when she used to be less spoken beautiful woman looking after her two kids and husband. I was newly married then so I didn't roam my eyes but I had often seen one her unmarried young & familiar neighbor flirtatious to her and really trying for intimacies.

Her changed looks after one and half years were amazing. She was turned in leading adultness ; deep eyes and fantastic balance of flesh at sensitive curves prepared her only for fucking! The way her incredible breasts and hips had taken shape, she had surely no idea exactly how many men had cum in pants on streets. To sum up she was ripe garden for a man!

Sarla took sex a necessity while what I had seen during last hours Rekha had sex tailored in her from hairs to nails! She seemed to take manly desires in true ladyship and had womanly flames deep in her that still needed to be truly satisfied. Her scented responses to my eyes after they came at Delhi, suggested she was now aware of manly mysteries and some good man had been playing her after we had left Ranchi.

It was hard to say who among me and Pawan was more lucky! All I knew that I was dying for this moment since she knocked me.

I was not in mood that all these thoughts were nasty and loving other woman was risky like slipping on ice ; however that set renewed urge in me. I continued to look in her lips and then I again lowered my face and brought my lips near to her's never touching them. Her breaths from her nose fell over my nose while my lips had distinct radiation of heat from her lips.

It was not that I really didn't want to intrude in her soft nap but such nearness to her was something I wanted to seize in me. From this place her lips looked swollen and were almost kissing mine. Then I floated over her forehead and kissed her there in real.

Slipping though her nose I again was over her lips and softly kissed them this time here too in real. She didn't open her eyes and her lips looking at me were still partly open. I did that again! Then about fifty another kisses in slow counts and then roved my tongue over them and slipped inside her mouth. While her eyes were closed, lot of salvia of us had dissolved in each other's.

Before it could be frenzy, she lightly opened her eyes and looked at me doing that! She didn't smile and disengaging her sat upright and removed her arm from my lap. That reminded me I was sitting with her.

She was getting worried, I could sense from her body in contact with me. We remained towards TV before long when she spoke.

"It is very late now, children have special day in school ..we should sleep or move to home..oh...what's the time now," She said weakly.

I looked at my watch, " 2:35," I said.

She stretched her up while I held her hand and put over my lap.

"Please call them," She asked me.

I looked towards the bed room they were in and spoke giving her a vague smile, " Won't you see where they are?"

That didn't change any thing, " I do not want ...you may see your friend if you want..but please....it is very late.."


I left her hand and looked towards the room. It was diagonally opposite to kitchen at far left and next to our bedroom. There was no apparent sound coming from there. For few minutes I continued in dilemma then not coming anywhere, looked at Rekha.

She was going desperate, " Please call him."

I slightly coughed and then again better did that, and that was beginning to upset her. I stood from settee and walked near the door of that room. It was ajar and had curtained drawn at its back that gave me no glimpse of inside. I stepped near to it and there seemed muffled giggles faintly coming through that curtain.

".....hhmmm..," and then it was Pawan's hushings, " .....nooo .....keep here ....." and then again it went noiseless.

I stood there for few seconds and then again there were murmuring, "...juust oopen moree... ..."

There was nothing particular I could make out and then I heard muffled Sarla , " sshhhheeeee ...chhheee.... "

Again a mutter, "....ooopen ..."

Sarla's whispers went in my ears, " Ohhhh...ssseeeiii....ggeeeiii..."

"...don't closeee..."

"Seeeiii....aaaeeeiiii...eeeiiii..." I stood not moving anywhere.

Then Sarla giggled, " What are you...doooing?....at least leave my hand ...."

Then following rustling of sheets the bed squeaked once, it was some thing that was not hasty and different to way Pawan had been acting since evening.

"...oooopen ..yeh here..puut it heere...hold it.. .pleeasse ."

"Ssseeeiiii....uuufffffeeeee....," I could hear Sarla's muffled hisses.

" doo not prreeesss me...let me dooo... ...." Pawan hushed.

"Seeiiiiii...iiiii..eeeiii....chhheee...not thereee..." Her quiet whistling was all in the room.

"Pleeasseee..." Pawan seemed gentle.

"eeeiiiii....remove this pillow...sseeiiii....." Sarla sobbed.

There was a rustling of sheets and then Sarla giggled, "....ohhh...but not ..there...seeii.." "ssssseeeeeee...seeeeeeiii....howww you doooo..sseeeiii..."

It was then 'puuch' some thing like kissing and then Pawan mumbled, " ..it iss veeery sweett ...please open more ...how you takeeee in thisss...it iss soo smallll..."

"Seeeiiii...uuuuueuuu..." Sarla sobbed rowdy.

I turned a bit and could see worries in Rekha's eyes as she looked contentiously at me standing there with out any further shift. I was not going to act different to the wishes of this lady .

Not understanding beyond that, I slowly knocked at door and then coughed loudly.

I called, " Pawan..it's time to move out please...Rekha is calling you.."

No one spoke ; I coughed again and then suddenly I heard rushed drags and pushings and few squeaks.

I came back to Rekha and sat besides her. She was in no other mood . We alternately looked at TV and room. It had been over three minutes; and then my breaths stayed as Sarla came out almost dashing at door. She was in petticoat, holding her sari bundled in hand and her arms crossed over her chest that seemed a complete mess; her hairs were flowing wildly all over her.

It looked as if she almost escaped ; she didn't look at us for a second, turned and disappeared in our bedroom. I could make she had bra but its straps fell behind her.

Equally amazed Rekha continued to look at the door. For a moment I felt indignity coming over my face, but then I looked towards Rekha.

She grinned, " I told you most of time he acts like this."

I faintly smiled, "I don't think they have done any thing beyond that."

She said, " I know ..he always wanted this with some other women...."

I spoke, " Oh no! We all are friends and are here togather ....."

For few moments we looked at each other and she once faintly but cutely smiled.

I again wanted to kiss her but it would have been embracing for her, as Pawan was about to emerge. Followed another long five minutes, neither of them came out. That really turned Rekha bemused and she looked at me.

I kissed her once on hair and stood leaving her hand and walked towards the room. I didn't hear any thing at door and knocked it once. No response appeared and I walked in through the curtain.


Pawan was straight over the double bed we had for guests, which looked messy. His shirt was drawn from pants and had hairs like bird's nest. His one arm was over his chest while the other was elbowed over forehead near his closed eyes. He didn't move, neither opened his eyes for once as I stood near the bed. I could see he was breathing from this his face spread by heavy redness. His pants at front showed entire length of penis drawn out from his underwear.

"What is happening to you man?" I muttered as I sat besides him on the bed and held his hand, " Rekha is worried for children. ...it would be good if you come out and talk to her..."

He opened a slit in eyes and looked at me, I could feel him unsteady under my hand before he closed his eyes again not letting any view to escape from his mind.

"Seems you had extra hard time here!" I smilingly chuckled.

He moved his hand out of me, held mine instead, " Friend... .... you have amazing woman ... new than a virgin... , " his palm went damp around my finger as he spoke, "....you have luck ... Oh! I can't dream of a woman becoming so hot from a touch! Oh! She can bring earthquake ..."

I spoke, " Thanks Pawan for what you say... where we go now..?"

Pawan wobblingly whispered, " I don't know .... I can do anything thing you say ... it has entirely come because of you... ....you have upper hand ... let us do it....if you let me once! " He tightened his fingers over mine.

"You haven't yet?" I dug his palm.

He giggled, " It is not that easy...with a virgin like her!"

This was something I could never expect to hear for my six years spouse ; blood raced to my face.

"But she is no virgin," I said.

He briefly looked at my face," Oh! I didn't mean that....please don't mind if I say ... how a woman can have such thin & clean crack there .... and how.. did ... you make her pregnant!"

I could only smile, "Seems you have better seen her and in niceties .... I can understand that... she had most of cloths in her hand when you released her ...she has hid her in other room after that ."

He hesitantly looked at me, and his grip over my palm loosened. He seemed to recount his speech before me.

Patting his forefinger inside my fist, I said, " Oh noo! I am not here to know these personal secrets of two of you ...."

"No friend ...how anything can be private from you...it is because of you .. at my own.. I could have never dared with any woman ..."

"I told you ..let ladies plainly know your mind at first sight ...I mean not hands.. .... And tell me it works..?."

"Thanks friend! It perfectly woks! .. I know you have upper hand with ladies...but please .... I will do any thing for real time ...it is like putting in burning fire. "

I spoke tentatively, " I said...its ok for me...but depends on women... they have the privilege to make rules ....I think you must see Rekha first ...she may have feelings of neglect specially from you.."

He faintly asked, " Where is she?"

"She is where we sat ... waiting only for you..."

"And Sarla?" he mumbled.

"In our room... She is not coming out!" I said.

He made a little face and said "...I said she must still be hot.....if I had that right ..."

I said, " Pawan...please forget her for some time...Rekha is worried for children...they have school day in morning ...she probably wants to leave now..."

Pawan chuckled, " Oh! I knew...but friend ..you can see...I am in no state to move .... ...please realize this...I can at least say now to you ...I had been unfair to you ....by constantly thinking her for so many years in every way ...the first thing was I jumped when I knew of my transfer near you ...but for God.. I never knew I shall ever be touching her in real ...and she would be so hot to touch ... .please don't mind my words.....we ought to be honest ...."

I said, "Now you had your dream here with you....but I think that is not going to help Rekha ...you have to move with her...or make her and children upset... "

He kept on looking at ceiling for some time and then held my arm and said , " Oh! I know that's important...Now if you listen...please..there is an idea if you can live with it... please do a service to a friend ..."

He hesitated and then gripped my hand before saying, " Please take her home and drop children at school."

"At this time?" I said looking at my watch, " Its three of night!"

"Ok...one hour later...may be little more.."

"And you?" I asked.

"Please leave me here.....ohhh...I won't touch Sarla if you tell me so...I want to be aloof or at least near her... do it friend as the other good deed to me ..."

"And what I tell at your home?" I asked looking in his eyes.

His speech was chocking, "...tell I had queasiness in movie, had to take medicine in night and is sleeping at your place.... I have seen...she would be happy going with you ..."

I gripped his fingers and said, " Look Pawan...this I can do for a friend like you...but in any case you have to see Rekha first...this is a mile stone ...we can possibly do that if you can make her right! "

I felt my palm too began sweating around his finger.

He weakly looked at me, "...I can talk her .... but believe me..no other than you can better influence ladies ...even my wife...."

I spoke smilingly, "...Thanks, sounds an idea!... but she is your home and you have to talk ...."

He grinned, " I will do as you say.."

I sighed," ok....that's sensible....should I send Rekha or Sarla here ...? "

Pawan held me by arm, " ...please do not make joke of me at this time... we may talk Rekha ......"

"We?... you have to tell her.." I said.

He briefly looked at me and pleaded, " You said Sarla is in room .....please can you call Rekha here....and if you too stay here... would help her to understand.. ...I mean..."

"And after that..?", I asked.

He looked in my eyes, " Keep Rekha wherever you want till morning... or may be for later.... as you two feel..."

That sent a nervous shiver in my penis and instantaneously it tightened my underwear.

"Oh no! Pawan....I never meant that... ... I wish you stay with your wife till morning... ...that is important for ladies to feel cared..."

He held my hand and spoke with chocked voice, " Oh friend! I will obey you!"


...some more in Ch.6

A little feedback I desire besides your delights!

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