Hello Doug,

I am going to give you my address and three days. You can come one day, two, or all three. Do not tell me what you are going to do. If you plan to come all three, the first day you will come armed with toys and enough rope to bind me any way you choose. That will be your only day to do with me what you wish, because after that your goal will be my pleasure. If you choose to come only one of these days then I am yours to command. If you come two of the three, one day will belong to you, the other to me. The door downstairs will be open, I will be inside. You can bring one friend if you wish. See you soon, and don't forget to bring your stamina.

J. W.

My finger trembled a bit on the mouse as the cursor hoovered over the "send" button. I was trying to sound confident, sure, and ready, but this was first time doing anything like this. I wanted this man to dominate me, but I was also terrified. Terrified of meeting him, terrified of what might happen, terrified that I was putting my life in a strangers hands!

But he wasn't a complete stranger. We had talked a bit over the past week about ourselves, our ideas, what we liked, what was out of bounds, and even our work. He seemed nice, but he also displayed the dominate attributes I so desired. Just composing the e-mail had turned me on so much my groin was throbbing.

He was also the only one I had found willing to take on a FtM. I might still have a vagina, but in all other ways I was male. From my deep voice and scruffy chin to my growing prick and pronounced muscles. This all made him want me more, and that made me even happier. There were no requirements other than we wanted each other.

I hastily click, and the e-mail zooms into cyber space. I won't know if he's agreed until he shows up or doesn't. I try to settle my nerves by making myself a cup of tea, and when I return to my computer there is an e-mail waiting for me. It simply says:

Do not touch yourself.


I sigh and sip my tea before closing the only other tab I had open. So much for getting the release I was hoping for. He might not be here to see me do it, but I didn't want to let him down. I clench my legs together and go in search of something to occupy my mind. A few hours of TV later I am back to reality and ignoring the ache between my legs.


Monday had come all too soon. I had spent Saturday and Sunday cleaning the house, dragging a mattress into the vacant basement, and making sure everything was ready. I had planned this so that I could be sure there was no question as to what would happen. Doug would come Monday night, if he came at all, and have his way with me but we would both have to be at work the next day so our time would be limited to a few hours. I wanted to have fun, but I didn't want to be trapped for too long.

Now it was 8pm, and he was either going to be here in a few minutes or I was going to go another day without release. That had been driving me crazy, and I had to squeeze my legs together often to try and diminish the need. There was a TV down here, so I clicked it on and sat watching some show about how things are made. I didn't realize how engrossed I was in how they made and packaged chips until a hand clamped over my mouth and I was jerked to my feet.

I tried to pry the hand away from my mouth and struggled to get away, but I just wasn't strong enough. The man holding me laughed heartily, and I hoped desperately it was Doug. I finally stopped my struggles when my breathing became labored. My nostrils flared as I tried to bring in air.

"Good!" the man said and a hand wrapped around me and was forced between my legs. I was lifted off of the ground and thrown on my back on the mattress. The man standing over me was huge, muscle bound, and dressed head to toe in black including a ski mask. I had no way of knowing who he was, or what I had just gotten myself into, so I opened my mouth to shout and was rewarded with a hard slap to groin. I gasped, the man laughed. "I like a fighter! You'll learn soon enough. That's what tonight is. Your training."

I stared at the man towering over me, suddenly feeling very weak and small. He dropped a black duffel bag off his shoulder that I hadn't noticed before and began to pull out different lengths of rope. I was quickly and efficiently undressed and bound. My hands were tied together in front of me, my feet were tied together,and a rope was pretzeled around my pre-op chest. My breasts were small, but he tied them tight enough to make them stand out. I squirmed in my bonds and watched him return to his duffel bag.

Now he removed a number of different dildos and butt plugs. The last thing he pulled out was a ball gag. He smiled down at me, flashing white teeth, before the gag was forced between my lips and I was silenced for good. I quickly began to drool over the foreign object in my mouth, and there was little I could to stop it. My jaw ached, and I tried to gurgle out a "please, it's too much," but Doug, god I hope it is Doug, ignored me.

He returned to his bag, which I thought had to be empty by now, and started pulling out a few more things. I craned my neck to see, and whimpered when I recognized leather bound paddles. He looked over his shoulder at me and grinned. "Tonight is my night, remember? Before it's over you will be begging for this." He picks up a small paddle and lightly taps my perky nipple. I grunt and he chuckles. "Now, let's get started. First of all," he rises to his feet and paces around me, his eyes roaming every inch of my skin, "you will refer to me as Master or Sir. When you receive one of these," he slaps the paddle against my thigh, "you will say 'thank you Master' or 'thank you Sir'. Do you understand?" He slaps my thigh again, harder, and I cringe in pain but manage a muffled "Thank you Master" through my gag. He nods and trails the paddle along my abdomen.

"You will do as I say, when I say. If you are good, you will be rewarded." He bends down and rubs his thumb over my nipple which sends jolts through my body to my huge clit and I close my eyes and nod. "If you disobey me," his thumb is removed and replaced with the cool tip of the paddle, "you will be punished. Do you understand?" I nod my head and open my eyes. He keeps looking at me and I suck my spit from the gag before saying "Yes, Master."

"Good," he says and stands up again. He stands there looking at me for a few long moments before he walks to my feet and pulls them into the air. I watch as he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart. He grunts satisfaction and keeps fondling my butt. He squeezes my cheeks, and rubs his hands all over. Then he strikes, his hand slapping my ass. I squeak, and he rubs his hand over the now red skin.

But he isn't done. He slaps the other cheek, and I squeak again. He squeezes my cheeks together and then spreads them apart, and then he slapping them repeatedly. I grunt, and squeak, and squirm, until he stops and looks around my legs at me. "What do we say?"

"Thank you Master!" I cry, and he traces his fingers over my burning skin.

"You like this don't you? You've been a bad boy, and you know you need to be punished. Did you touch yourself after I told you not to?"

"No Sir," I gurgle and he returns his gaze to my ass.

"I don't think you did. Your cunt is dripping already." His fingers slid between my pussy lips and I moan. He displays his very wet fingers to me laughs. "You've been waiting for me. That's a good boy." He rubs his fingers against my ass hole before he jerks my hips into air. My weight is shifted to my shoulders, my legs dangle over my head, and Doug buries his face in my ass.

He licks and kisses and bites my ass cheeks. I grunt and moan as he works his way towards my asshole. Finally I feel his tongue make contact and I close my eyes as he give me a sloppy rim job. His saliva runs down my pussy and my back as he spits on my asshole and licks. I am whimpering before long, desperate for him to do more, but that's when he lowers my hips back to the mattress.

I see him reach for the smallest butt plug and some lube. I can't imagine he'll need it, given how much of his own he has just left behind, but I greatly misjudge its size. After he lubes it up and my hips are brought back up in the air, Doug places the plug at my ass hole. He rubs it around a bit, allowing the tip to warm to the temperature of my skin. And then, unexpectedly, I feel his finger pushing its way inside of me. I clench around him and gasp.

"Open up," he says, but I my ass has a mind of its own. I try to relax but my muscles keep clenching. "Let me in," he says with a bit more force and I suck in a sharp breath as his pushes harder. I relax the best I can, but it's not enough. His finger pulls out and he slaps my tender cheeks. I cringe and moan against my gag. Another slap and I squeak. "What do we say?"

"Thank you Master!" but not before another slap.

"Don't forget it."

"Yes, Sir!"

His finger returns to my asshole and I am doing all I can to let him in. He slowly pushes his way inside and probes me. "Good boy," he says I feel another finger touch my hole. He spits on me and rubs this on the second finger before pushing it in. I grunt and clench at the new intrusion, but I quickly make myself relax again. I am very soon filled with two of his fingers.

I moan through my gag as he slowly pulls them out and then pushes them back in. Another drop of saliva and I realize he is preparing a third finger. My asshole is already stretched around his huge fingers, and I squirm under the pressure of more. "Uh uh," he says and I stop my fidgeting. But he isn't going to spank me, he wants his third finger inside. And he gets what he wants.

I stifle a loud moan, closer to a shout, as he pushes inside. When he is completely in he spreads his fingers to see in my ass hole and then I hear him spit again. This time it drops inside of me and he groans. "God your ass is so tight. I can't wait to see if take me. But you'll have to stretch first. Do a good warm up."

His fingers work their way in and out of me slowly as my hole becomes accustomed to them. When he finally pulls them out, I feel the the another glob of spit and then the butt plug. This is very slowly pushed against my hole. I moan and grunt as it stretches me even more than his fingers. I squeeze my eyes shut and try my best to keep from clenching. Until finally, with a quiet pop, I am filled.

Doug rubs his thumb over the end of the plug and lets my hips fall back to the mattress. Now he grabs a vibrator, a big grey ball attached to a long handle, and plugs it in. I hear it buzz to life and then my legs are back in air. My prick is swollen and soaked when the vibrator is placed against it. With my ass so full and having gone so many days without touching myself, I almost instantly come. I moan loudly and my juices flow down my ass. But Doug keeps the vibrator in place and soon I'm twitching and squirming uncontrollable. Doug just grips my legs in his massive arms and keeps me stimulated. I am shouting and flailing before he removes it and I gasp in relief. A few deep breaths later the vibrator returns and I immediately begin convulsing again. The vibrator is removed and returned time and time again until I am so weak I can do nothing but moan and twitch. Finally Doug pulls away and cleans the vibrator off before setting it down.

The ball gag is removed from my mouth and I get my first glimpse of his cock. It is huge, at least eight inches in length and probably four inches of girth. My eyes bulge as he places its head against my lips. I open my mouth and he slides in. I suck and lick but only a few inches are all that fit. He pushes against me and a few more inches go in to the back of my mouth and I gag. He pulls out and thrusts back in a few times until I am drooling down my chin. Then he grips my nose between two fingers and pushes against my throat. I gag and gurgle and force myself to swallow his member. I hear him moan as he pushes in as far as he can. He can't get all the way, but he begins fucking my throat anyway.

I gag on thrust after thrust. He releases my nose when he is sure I am not going to force him out and my nostrils flare as I try to catch my breath. He grips the back of my head and is fucking my face hard and fast. His cock and my chin are drenched in my saliva before he pulls out and slaps my face with his giant cock.

I gasp and spit on his cock. He rubs it against my lips before he gets up and returns to my feet.

This time he unties them and spreads my legs apart. He pulls two large weights out of the duffel bag and anchors my feet. My pussy is dripping and stretched open when he settles between my legs. He has removed his pants now, and he rubs is balls against my cunt and prick. It must really get him hot to see that little prick swell at his touch, because he grunts and places his cock against my pussy. In one quick thrust he buries himself inside me. I arch my back and cry out as I am filled and stretched.

He wastes no time in my pleasure though as he begins pumping his hips. He starts slow, pulling himself all the way out and thrusting himself balls deep back inside. I moan and reach my hands down to rub my throbbing prick, but my hands are slapped away.

"Put your hands behind your head," Doug says, his voice gruff. I grudgingly place my hands under my head and whimper in need. But Doug ignores my noises and slaps my ass. I grit my teeth as my cheeks are lit on fire again.

"Thank you Master!" I force out and Doug leans over me. He pumps his hips in short but quick motions and begins nibbling on my nipples. I can feel his ball sack slap against my ass and the butt plug. The jolts from my nipples to my groin cause me to moan loudly and arch against him. His thrusts become faster, and I try to move in time with him. Doug covers my mouth with his own and fills his hands with my breasts. Our tongues wrestle and his cock drives in and out of my pussy.

I gasp and go stiff as my orgasm builds. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" I whisper against his lips. He pulls away and grips my hips in his hands. He slams his cock in and out of me as hard as he can. He grunts with the strain and pleasure. I arch my back and scream as I explode all over his cock. Doug doesn't stop, and after a few long minutes I am bucking against him and my hands instinctively reach to stop his movements. Only then does he pull out and allow me to recover.

I lay there gasping for breath when I feel the paddle on my nipple. I don't the chance to react before he slaps my breast. I shout and the ball gag is returned to my mouth. "I told you to put your hands behind your head for a reason. I wanted you to keep them there. I didn't say you could move them." Another slap and I moan. He moves the paddle to the other breast. "What do we say," he says and slaps.

"Thank you Master!" I gargle. Another slap.

"And from now on you will do what I tell you." Another slap.

"Yes Master! Yes Sir!" He seems appeased, but each breast is given another slap for good measure. "Thank you Master!"

He drops the paddle and returns to my feet. I am untied again, but only long enough for him to flip me over. My knees are tied together and my ass is forced into the air. Doug fondles my ass and rubs his fingers over the butt plug before he grips it and starts to pull it out. I moan as he slowly removes it, making sure to twirl it around as the largest part comes out.

"Now I think you're ready for me." I can feel Doug position himself behind me. He spreads my ass cheeks wide and spits into my gaping hole. "Oh yeah, I can't wait to fuck this tight ass." He puts the head of his cock to my asshole and I close my eyes. I relax the best I can, but his cock is even bigger than the plug was. He very slowly pushes inside of me, making sure I feel every inch. It takes a very long minute before I feel his balls against my pussy.

Doug groans as my ass spasms around him. I feel my juices flowing again and I moan as I push back against him. I want him to fuck my ass. Doug laughs quietly and slaps my ass cheeks. I grunt but keep pushing against him. My ass is ready.

With a loud grunt Doug slowly pulls out. He begins with long slow strokes, he is so big. After a while he speeds up, and I am grunting into the mattress. He fucks me harder and faster, pounding his cock into my ass. I am moaning and grunting in time with him.

He is gripping my hips, fucking me with all he has. His balls are slapping my pussy with a squelching noise. My prick is throbbing, and I am getting close to another orgasm. I mumble for him to fuck me harder, and Doug's cock swells inside of me. "Oh god, oh fuck, oh yes, uhnnnnn." Doug slams into me as he cums in my ass. I can feel it inside of me, his streams are so strong. He pumps his cock inside me for a few more seconds, milking every drop out of his balls.

When he pulls out he rolls me over and tells me to squeeze his cum out of my ass. I push it out, and feel it drip onto the mattress. His cock is still hard and I hope he plans on putting back inside. But Doug leans down and takes my prick into his mouth. I groan and pull my legs back to give him better access. He begins sucking me roughly, and I feel his fingers working in and out of my cum filled ass. I moan and rock my body against his face. But I was already close and once again I am cumming.

Doug sucks me until I am twitching. Then he pulls away and stands over me, his huge cock in his hands. "I would love to do that again, your ass was so nice. But now I'm going to leave you. I'll be back in a little while. Maybe your ass will be ready for me again." I stare up at him, a bit shocked. I know we've been at this a good while and I figured he would be leaving soon. It must be late, and what about work? He sees the confusion in my eyes and laughs.

"Oh, you don't get off so easily. Tonight is just a starter. The next few days will be filled with fun things. I'll let you go to work, but while you're there you will wear a vibrator. I'll be in control of course. And if you take it off I'll know. And when you come home, you will get ready for me. I expect you to be naked and on your knees, ready to take my cock in your mouth the moment I get here. I might even bring that friend you asked for, and you will service two cocks. And if you make your Master unhappy, your ass will be far more bruised than it is tonight. But for now, I'm going to go take a break. I'm going to leave you here, and when I come back we're going to finish the night just as good as we started. Be a good boy." Doug pinched a nipple gently and walked out the door. I heard his car start and I lay there helpless, but I couldn't wait for him to come back.

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