tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInstructions for a Sex Slave No. 01

Instructions for a Sex Slave No. 01


Here are your first set of instructions, my Sex Slave.

You are to find a secluded spot on a coastal path that has a wooden bench overlooking the sea, or, if there is no such bench near where you live, a gently sloping grassy bank facing the sea where you can sit on a blanket, and go there on a warm day.

There will be ships in the offing, or fishing boats out to sea, that are close enough to land so that you can just make out people on them, visible as tiny figures.

When you go to the bench or slope on the coastal path, you must wear a long coat with a belt, warm enough that if you were completely naked under it you wouldn't be more than a little cold, just cold enough to make your nipples hard.

You should wear a dark coloured bra and knickers of course, black if you have them, and a dress with thin straps over your shoulders. The dress should reach no further than your knees and should show the pale white cleavage of your beautiful tits.

You will take with you a harge handbag or shoulder bag containing your camera, the blanket for the grass, and a magazine that you will read if people come near, and a dildo. The magazine will be one of the womens' magazines that often has articles about sex positions, or orgasms, featured in prominent letters on the cover. You will leave the bag slightly open on the bench or grass next to you, so that if somebody looks into it they can see the dildo but it's not obvious to anyone just walking past and minding their own business. Your camera will be in an inside pocket or somewhere else where it is safe.

Take out the magazine and open it at one of the articles about sex, and put it down to your left side.

When there is nobody about other than the boats and ships on the sea, you will reach your right hand into your top and start fondling your left tit, cupping it and stroking it, running your finger in circles around the nipple, then squeezing it. You will make a face full of lust, fluttering your eyelids and licking your lips. You will push down the fabric of your bra and dress to expose your nipple a little. Then you will change hands and cup your right breast with your left hand, kneading it, caressing, and pulling on your nipple, pulling down the fabric again as much as you can to expose this tit like the other. As you fondle it, you will put your right hand on your right knee and very slowly slide your fingertips up your thigh, until they reach the crotch of your knickers. You will look left and right to check nobody is around and part your legs wider, pushing up your dress so that the fishing boats can see your knickers.

Now you will alternate hands, one hand cupping and teasing your tits whilst the other strokes your cunt lips through the fabric of your knickers continuing to do this until you feel very wet and aroused. Now you will check for people again, then slip the straps off your arms and pull the dress off and down to your waist, showing the boats your black bra against your white skin, before you quickly remove it, holding it up with one arm for them to see and then dropping it slowly into your open bag, repositioning the dildo so that it is visible on top of the bra.

Now you will pull your dress back up with the straps on your shoulders again.

With both hands you will stroke your tits through the dress, cupping and lifting them up, offering them to the boats, squeezing both nipples as you lay back more on the bench, shuffling your bum lower and opening your legs wide, pushing the fabric against the seat or the blanket until your knickers are fully exposed, pulling it up with your hands if you have to until it is round your belly.

Stand up. Hold the hem of your dress high round your waist with one hand so the sailors can see your knickers, reaching between your legs with the other hand and ribbing the now-damp crotch of your knickers, pushing the material inside your body. Close your eyes and moan, then slowly slide your hand inside your knickers and push two fingers into your wet cunt lips, frigging yourself and counting each in-out motion until you get to 30 or more. If there are several distant boats, make sure you move your body so that each one gets a proper look at what you are doing if anybody is looking your way.

Now, still holding your dress up, slowly push your knickers down until they fall to your feet. Remove them and hold them high, and to one side, showing all the boats your knickers in one hand, with your dress pulled up so that they can see your cunt hair. Raise you knickers to your face and slowly rub them across your mouth and nose, breathing in the scent of your juices, seductively licking the fingers that you were using on yourself moments before.

Drop the knickers into the bag, again moving the dildo on top. Open the bag wider, pushing the sides down a little so anybody could see the contents if they walk past.

If somebody does approach, you must arrange your dress so as to be reasonably modest until they pass by, holding up the magazine with it open at the pages about sex so that they can see you are reading it. You must keep your legs parted slightly so that if they look particularly they can see your knickers, or bare cunt if you have got to that stage.

Sit down on the bench with your dress pulled up high, spread your legs wide and rub your clit with your fingers, sometimes circling it, sometimes rubbing it and sometimes thrusting fingers into your body until you are very aroused.

Check that there are no people about, only the watchers on the boats with their powerful marine binoculars, and pull down the top of your dress again, exposing your tits with their hard nipples. Now caress a tit and frig yourself, keeping your legs wide open all the time. Take a moment to get your camera and take a few photos of the boats, making sure that your flash is on to attract their attention.

Now get the dildo and hold it up for them to see. Turn and face the bench, bending over with your dress up on your back and your legs wide. Hold the dildo vertical with the tip at the entrance to your body, moving your hips so they all can see, then adjust the angle and thrust it in hard and deep, all the way in one stroke.

Now dildo yourself and rub your clit until you feel yourself close to coming. Check that nobody is about, stand up facing the sea and remove your dress completely, putting it at the bottom of the bag with the bra and knickers on top. Put on your coat and leave it wide open, sit back on the bench or blanket on the grass, lift up your knees so that they are bent with your feet flat on the edge of the bench, or down the slope, with your legs wide and continue thrusting hard with the dildo, moaning and quietly saying things encouraging your master to fuck you if he were there.

If people approach now, you will gather your coat around your naked body and fasten the belt but nothing else, sitting down so that you look modest to the casual observer but so that anybody looking more inquisitively will be able to see glimpses of your nakedness underneath.

When you are nearly coming again, put your camera on the ground facing you and take a photo with the self-timer, or a video clip if it has that feature, as you finally dildo and fondle yourself until you come. You should make a little noise, not so much as to attract people but so that if there is somebody secretly watching they will be able to hear you.

As you come down from your orgasm and get your breath back, push the dildo back inside your body and put on your knickers to hold it there, doing this facing the sea so they can see you, then slowly put on your bra. Wave goodbye to the boats, fasten your coat and return home.

Take more photos at home as you open the coat, as you remove the dildo and lick it from base to tip, one with just your underwear and one when you have put the dress back on.

Log-on and send the photos to your master for inclusion with these instructions on the website.

Now you just need a warm day....


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