tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInstructions for a Sex Slave No. 02

Instructions for a Sex Slave No. 02


In Instruction number 1, my Sex Slave had to find a secluded spot on the coastal path and slowly strip herself naked, fondling her lusty body in full view of any ships, or passing yachts, or fishing boats. She doesn't know if anybody saw her as she became more aroused, doesn't know how many pairs of binoculars were trained on her body as her tits jigged up and down as she brought herself to orgasm, but she hopes that any watchers enjoyed the show. In this next task she will orgasm and know that people are watching.

You must stand in your bedroom, naked, and search through your drawers and wardrobe for a cupless bra and matching knickers, preferably all black of course, and lay these out on the bed along with your vibrator. Then trousers; jeans may be suitable for this task but you may have to experiment until you find the best ones. Sit on the edge of the bed facing a mirror and spread your legs wide so that you can see your cunt, imagining that the mirror is a window where people are watching you prepare for this task. Place the vibrator on the edge of the bed and lean forwards to press your crotch down onto it as it whirs away, then when you feel your lust increasing, put on and fasten the bra, moving your upper body and lifting your breasts so that the watchers see them to best advantage. Bring your legs together and grip the vibrator, drop the knickers on the floor and step into them, then lie back on the bed and pull up the trousers, finally removing the vibrator so that you can pull them up. Stand in front of a long mirror and run your fingertips across the soft skin of your neck, imagining your Master doing this, then slowly down across your breasts, circling each nipple, then down further across your belly and just into the waistband until you feel your hair.

Now take your vibrator, turn it on full and slip it down vertically into the waistband, into your knickers until the tip brushes past your clitoris; hold it there for a few minutes and savour the sensation, then push it further until the base is just poking out where you can reach it to turn it off and on. This is just like you might see your Master clothed, as he watches you writhing naked on the bed with a dildo, pleasuring yourself for him, with his erect cock inside his trousers, but where the tip of his cock would be poking out waiting you to lick it, you will have the base of the vibrator with its controls. Now sit down on a chair, rocking backwards and forwards on the seat, pressing it against your body and then sit/stand up a few times and walk about. Will it remain in place, nestled against your clitoris and cunt lips? Can you feel the tip pressing into you a little with every step?

If it won't remain in place, then you must take down your trousers and use a long length of sticking plaster bandage to hold it in place. If you need to stick this across your hair, then you will have to shave this off first. Of course you will have to remove your clothes again first and position yourself in front of the mirror to do this. Your Master will sometimes want to watch you shave, and sometimes he will want your hair to grow, but always the area around your wet cunt lips and clitoris must be shaved so that your Master can always see your moist sex.

Once you are happy that the vibrator is secure, you can put on a top and jumper, or just a jumper, so that the rough material can rub on your nipples. Look in the mirror and see the outline of the vibrator nestled tight against your sexy cunt and practise turning it on and off surreptitiously by touching the controls through your top.

Now, with the vibrator running, you must drive to the library, taking the bumpiest route you know, so that the jolting of the car presses the tool into you and you feel every jolt with your clitoris. If you feel like you are going to come, you must turn it off and stop for a while until you calm down; when you do come it will be stronger. Park in a public car park and wait until there are people in the distance, but nobody nearby, before you go to the ticket machine with the vibrator running. You can stop the vibrator if it seems likely that people will hear it as you walk to the library.

You will have reserved a book of sensuous stories and it will be waiting for you to collect from the desk; when you collect it from the librarian you must lean forwards against the counter if you can, pressing the tool into your willing sex. If you are lucky the librarian will have read this Instruction and will smile at you as she hands it over; she will perhaps just innocently touch your hand with a finger tip as a signal. You may see her watching you later. You will sometimes find books by Anais Nin that can be ordered by the local library, from a central stock, and the 'sleeping beauty' series by Roquelaure are a very good choice. Let us assume that you have already read the first book in the trilogy and have ordered 'Beauty's punishment'. Take your book and sit in a secluded part of the library, but where people can see you as they walk about or sit in the distance.

Start reading, holding the book up sometimes to show the cover; you must not hide what you are reading. Start at the beginning and read at least to the chapter entitled 'The captain of the guard', imagining the time to come when your Master will have you acting out these events - you can imagine your vibrator is the captain's golden jewel-encrusted dagger, pressing into your crevices. If it is not too quiet and at an opportune moment, start the vibrator, and rock on your chair, reading. If you can, sometimes touch your breasts or even reach inside your trousers and part your lips with your fingers. Your aim in this task is to orgasm in full view of people in the library, but without it being obvious to the casual observer; anyone paying you special but discrete attention, such as the librarian, will know what you are doing and will face you holding a book open, watching you over the top of it, and you may see her stroke a hand briefly into her crotch as a signal when she looks directly at you. You may wink at her when you leave.

If you have read some of the book and the opportunity to run the vibrator and orgasm has not arisen, then you must go somewhere more noisy and more crowded. Go to the busy shopping mall and find a seat, then turn it on. You may not leave until you have succeeded in coming at least once. As you come, look around and see how many people can see you, then later you will post a comment here that will tell your Master the number that saw you orgasm in the library or the mall.

When you return home, you may have to remove the sticky plaster. Lie naked on your bed, caressing your body , your legs spread wide and the vibrator running. Press it against your clitoris with one hand and with the other slide fingers into your wet cunt. As the orgasm builds, get ready. When it hits, rip off the plaster and plunge the dildo into your body, thrusting it deep and hard; you deserve it.

All Slaves who have followed this instruction must post a comment, telling where they went and how many people may have seen them come, to encourage others...

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