tagErotic HorrorIs This Real? Ch. 01

Is This Real? Ch. 01


The more she stared at him the more she was intrigued by his presence. Even though the house that belonged to Dylan Quincy was full to capacity he stood out in the crowd. She watched his every move the moment she had laid eyes on this gorgeous creature. From each sip he took of his dark red punch, to the laughs he emitted while chatting amongst his circle of friends and down to the subtle way he swept his short light brown hair away from his oddly pale face. She had even heard a few girls, who were obviously hypnotized by him as well, whisper his name. Jorgen. What a unique name she thought. It did suit him well though, a mysterious name for a mysterious man.

"Stare hard enough and you'll burn a hole in his head." Blake jumped and turned to Zahara, the woman she had met two weeks ago at the club she worked at. Zahara had invited her to the party and since it was a change from her usual Saturday nights that involved her curled up in her bed watching a horror movie, she decided to take her up on the offer.

Blake smiled at Zahara who shared her deep mahogany complexion. Both women were attractive beyond measure but Zahara exhumed this supermodel presence. Her hair was in crinkle curls that laid on her shoulders. She was dressed super sexy in a short green skirt that showed off her amazing legs and her tight green and white tee squeezed her moderately sized breasts up and into the view of anyone she spoke with. Blake almost felt underdressed in her plain summer dress that hung onto her slightly voluptuous frame.

"Do you want to meet him?" Zahara asked. "He's a dear friend of mine and he loves meeting new people." She wrapped a slender arm around Blake's shoulder and started walking towards the balcony where Jorgen and his crew had moved to.

"Oh, no. That's OK. I'd be too embarrassed." Blake blushed and tried to pull away but Zahara held tight.

"Don't worry. He caught you staring a few times and asked me personally to bring you over." Blake wanted to crawl into a hole and die when she heard he had seen her practically drooling over him. Zahara reached out and opened the door that led to the balcony and Blake scanned her eyes over the three men, aside from Jorgen, and the two girls in the group. All were incredibly pleasing to the eye. The guys each gave off that bad-ass persona and the girls were both on the small side and reminded her of the girls from high school who used to tease her for not being stick thin. What Blake couldn't get over was how pale all six of them were. Did they get enough sunlight?

"Guys, this is Blake. I met her at Harold's two weeks ago. Isn't she lovely?" Zahara cooed and stood her in front of the crowd. "This is Kevin, Zack, Randy, Tabitha, Mandy and..."

"I'm Jorgen." he said before Zahara could introduce him and he approached Blake and took her hand in his. He kissed it lightly and she felt herself grow weak.

"So how do you like Timber Pledge so far Blake?" Tabitha spoke after the group was silent. Blake tore her attention from Jorgen's captivating green and brown eyes and looked at Tabitha with a raised eyebrow. How did she know she had just moved into town? "Zahara told us you were new in town." Tabitha said, as if reading her mind.

"Oh, well it's only been about a month but things are looking up." she smiled.

"Have you been given a proper tour? We'd love to show you around." Kevin piped in.

"Yeah, what do you say? Tomorrow night would be good." Randy added.

"I don't know. I do have to work tomorrow night." Blake explained.

"We could start early and be done before you have to be in." Zahara said. "You start your shift at eleven right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?" Blake rose her eyebrow again in suspicion.

"Lucky guess." Zahara smiled as she shrugged her shoulders.

"So, we'll pick you up around 8?" Kevin smiled.

"Can't we do it earlier? How about around four or five?" Blake asked.

"The town is so much prettier at night." Jorgen said and brought her attention to him. "Eight?" he smiled and Blake just nodded her head yes. "Great! Kevin, Zahara and I will swing by and pick you up."

Blake stayed and chatted with the group for a while and she decided to call it a night when 2 AM hit. She pulled her tiny Camaro into the parking lot in front of her apartment building and crawled out of her car. She walked inside her apartment and threw her purse on the couch. She made it to her bedroom and collapsed as soon as she reached the bed.

A cold chill woke Blake from her dream. She sat up in the gritty white sand that encompassed one of Timber Pledge's nationally admired beaches. "How did I get here?" she said aloud and rubbed her eyes. She looked down at her body and she had on a beautiful sheer white spaghetti strap dress. She stood and walked around barefoot as the wind blew her hair around her face. She pushed back strands that had fallen into her eyes and saw a tall figure in the foggy night approaching her.

"Hello?" she called to the figure. As it got closer she recognized the figure as Jorgen. She sighed a little relieved as they were face to face.

"Are you afraid?" he asked and brought a hand to her cheek.

"Why should I be afraid?" she countered and licked her suddenly dry lips.

Jorgen pulled her slightly closer to her and leaned down to place his lips on her neck. He sucked on the chocolate skin and Blake moaned with pleasure. "I have been waiting for you Blake." he breathed against her neck. "Searching for you. Be by my side my Queen."

What did he mean by that? Blake could hardly think straight as she felt pressure build on her neck. Jorgen was biting her. Her mind comprehended this as she heard her skin tear. Jorgen was sinking his sharp teeth into her neck. Blood trailed from her neck onto the part of the dress that covered her breasts. She screamed out in pain and beat her fists against Jorgen's shoulder for him to stop. He held her arms with his as she watched the blood stain disappear from her dress and trail back up the side of her neck. The blood was going towards Jorgen's lips which were plastered on her wound. Was he drinking her blood? What the hell was happening? Blake felt her body go cold and she grew limp in Jorgen's arms.

"You're mine now." Jorgen whispered after releasing her and laying her gently in the sand. He kissed her lips lightly and disappeared into the fog.

Blake opened her eyes and she was in her bedroom. She jumped up and immediately rubbed her neck. It was all a dream; a weird dream. She looked at her clock which read 7:45 PM. She had slept for 17 hours! She jumped out of bed realizing that Jorgen and his friends would be at her place in 15 minutes. She showered quickly and pulled on a pair of jeans and a tank top. As she pulled her hair into a ponytail she heard her doorbell ring. She walked out of her bedroom and to the door.

"Hey sweetie." Zahara smiled and kissed her cheek as she entered her home. Zahara noticed her worn out face. "Did you get enough sleep last night?"

"More than enough. I just woke up less than twenty minutes ago." Blake said and grabbed her purse and slid her red polished toes into a pair of thong sandals.

"Well, come on. We don't want to keep the boys waiting." Zahara pulled her outside and Blake pulled her door closed. When they walked into the parking lot Blake's mouth dropped at Jorgen's car; a classic Ford Mustang convertible restored to its natural beauty with a few extra modern gadgets added.

"Hop in." Jorgen called to Blake. Zahara jumped in the back seat with Kevin and Blake sat in the passenger seat. She pulled on her seat belt as Jorgen revved the engine and jetted out the parking lot. Blake held her breath as Jorgen weaved through traffic and nearly caused three accidents. One was even witnessed by a patrol car but Jorgen wasn't pulled over. Kevin and Zahara were in the back seat cackling like witches when they weren't making out and Blake caught Jorgen's stare on her heaving breasts more than once.

They had finally arrived at the beach that Blake had dreamt about and Jorgen parked his car. The four got out and met Randy, Zack, Tabitha and Mandy who had set up a picnic for the group. Blake sat on one of the blankets and Jorgen sat next to her. Zack opened the basket when everyone was seated and passed the food around.

Blake ate in silence as everyone talked amongst her. "Hey, Blake since you work at Harold's could you get that mean ole bastard off our backs?" Kevin finally spoke to include her in their conversation. Kevin was laughing but stopped at the look Jorgen threw him.

"Why doesn't he like you guys?" Blake pondered. Harold was a nice old man and the only people she had seen him fight with since she had started working there three weeks ago were the drug dealers and prostitutes and she was hoping and praying Jorgen and his friends weren't into that.

"No, big deal." Jorgen answered. "He just wants to uphold an image at his place and we're a stain in that plan."

Blake wished that racism was dead but in reality it wasn't. Harold's was a mainly black hang out spot but she had seen a few white people venture inside. She didn't think Harold had a problem with it but it was his business so she dropped it.

Randy turned on the stereo Tabitha had brought and soft music was emitted. Couples were formed and they got up to dance. "Do you want to dance?" Jorgen asked Blake. She smiled and leaned back into his chest.

"I'm much more comfortable right here." She looked up at him and he draped his arms over her. He interlocked them at her neck and began squeezing tightly. "Jorgen, I can't breathe." she mustered and tried, unsuccessfully, to free herself.

"Just relax." he whispered and squeezed tighter until she screamed out.

Blake jumped up and nearly knocked over the stereo. She had dozed off and was shaken awake by Jorgen. "Are you OK?" he asked circling his index finger on her bare arm. He was staring down at her with those intense eyes and pulled her up. "Let's go for a walk."

She walked with him and he led her away from the group that had started to rip each other's clothes off. She looked over her shoulder and saw Kevin kissing Zahara's neck. She could swear he locked eyes with her as he was kissing her just the way she had dreamt Jorgen had done to her. She shook her head and tingled when Jorgen brought her into his body and rested his arm on her hip.

"You're really beautiful." Jorgen said to Blake when they had stopped. He released her and spun her to face him. "I don't know if you're into me or not but I just had to let you know."

She smiled and stepped into him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm game if you are." she said to him and smile crossed his face. He leaned into her and kissed her HARD. So hard Blake felt as if he was crushing her face. She pulled back and caught her breath.

"What's wrong? I thought you wanted me." Jorgen seemed a little irritated and she sensed it in his voice.

"I do but we don't have to rush." She looked at her watch, it was barely 9:30. Jorgen also knew she had to work that night so he wouldn't try to keep her at that beach all night.

"Baby, we have all the time we need." Jorgen slyly said.

Blake giggled as Jorgen had started to tickle her. She squirmed and he grabbed her face and kissed her again. They fell onto the sand and Blake lifted her body.

"Can we get a blanket?" she asked.

Jorgen ignored her request and kissed her. She fell onto her back and Jorgen crawled on top of her. He unzipped her jeans and slid them off her legs. He grabbed her knees and opened her legs and sank in between them. Blake's breathing increased when she heard Jorgen unzipping his jeans. Her panties were pushed aside and she felt his throbbing cock slide into her.

Jorgen removed Blake's tank top and freed her breasts from the strapless bra she wore. He engulfed one of her breasts in his mouth as he pounded away at her pussy. Blake dug one hand into the sand beneath her and another hand into Jorgen's hair and suddenly both were completely naked and fucking in a soft bed.

She took in her environment and panic entered her body. "Jorgen? What the hell---?" Jorgen kissed her voice away and continued to ravish her body. Jorgen felt his balls tighten and he unloaded his sperm into Blake's pussy. She too orgasmed and as she screamed it out Jorgen sunk his teeth into her neck again. This time the she felt more pleasure than pain and came again from him nibbling on her flesh.

"Blake? Are you OK? I heard you screaming!" Harold burst into the women's bathroom and saw Blake leaning over the sink.

Blake opened her eyes and saw that she was at work. She was dressed for her shift and water was drizzling from her face down her neck. She touched the skin again and it was unmarked. "I'm losing my mind." she muttered and turned to Harold. "Can I have a little privacy please?" she snapped and Harold stared at her as if she had sprouted a third eye.

"Sweetie, maybe you should take the night off and go see a doctor." Harold suggested.

"No, I'm fine. I'll be right out." she countered and Harold left the bathroom. Had the events in her mind taken place? She was sure she and Jorgen had sex but she knew the part involving the bed and the biting were just a figment of her imagination. Too many horror movies, she chalked it up to. She shook her head and walked out the bathroom.

She left the bathroom and saw that the room was packed. She also saw Jorgen, Zahara and Kevin sitting at a table in the darkest corner Harold's possessed. Harold spotted Blake look in their direction more than a couple of times as she waited on the tables.

"Stay away from them hun. They're bad news." Harold spoke to Blake as she came to the bar and placed drink orders for three of her tables.

"What are you talking about Harold?" She knew who he was referring to but she wanted to know why he disliked Jorgen and his friends.

"Stick around after your shift and I'll explain it all to you." Harold whispered in her ear and walked off.

Blake felt a shudder enter her body and travel down her spine. She looked over at Jorgen's table and he was sitting alone. He was staring at her intently as he raised his glass to his lips and drank the contents. She wondered where Kevin and Zahara had wondered off to.

It was close to the end of her shift and she hadn't seen Harold the rest of the night. Most of the crowd had cleared out and as Blake cleaned the tables Jorgen approached her.

"Hey do you wanna come back to my place? I would love to hear you scream my name once more tonight." he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Can't. I'm supposed to stick around for Harold. He wanted to speak with me and it's late so how about we get together tomorrow. We can meet for lunch."

Jorgen ran his hand through his hair pushing it back from his striking face. "Tell you what? I'll give you a call tomorrow and we'll work something out." She smiled and nodded her head and puckered her lips to accept his kiss. "I had an amazing time with you." Jorgen said in her ear and kissed her again. He then walked out the door and Zahara and Kevin trailed behind.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Blake heard Derrick, the bartender yell from the back of the club. She rushed back and outside to where Derrick was. "No, sweetie don't look!" he screamed when Blake came out and grabbed her but he was too late. She screamed at the sight: Harold was slumped onto of two large piles of trash near the dumpster. He had two huge gashes on the left side of his neck and the blood soaked up the white T-shirt he wore. A bloodied knife was in his right hand and a pure look of shock was embedded in his lifeless face.

Blake broke down crying. She had only known Harold for the three weeks she had worked for him but he had given her a break when everyone else refused to hire her because of her lack of experience. Derrick saw to it that Blake got home safely.

Monday morning rolled around and Blake was free for the day. Come to think of it, with Harold's unexpected suicide, she wondered if she would still have a job within the next few days. She know either Derrick or Qianna, the club promoter would inherit the shop if Harold had written a will. Her job was safe if Derrick took ownership but Qianna was against hiring anyone new when Blake joined the team since she would have to work extra harder to bring in more business to pay another salary.

Blake threw her seats off her body and as soon as her feet hit the carpet her phone rang. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed it. "Hello?" she answered when she placed the phone to her ear.

"Blake? It's Derrick. Can we meet somewhere and talk?"

"Sure." She looked over at the clock which read 9:34.

"Now. Downtown. We can meet at the café and have brunch." Derrick almost ordered.

"Fine. I need to get dressed but I can meet you in an hour." she told him and hung up the phone. She got out of bed and walked into her closet and picked out something to wear. She showered and dressed and walked out the door and headed downtown.

She walked into the café and saw Derrick seated in one of the outdoor tables. She approached him and he stood. "Thanks for meeting me. Have a seat." He motioned for the seat across from him. Blake eyed him suspiciously; since when did he become a lawyer?

She sat and looked over the menu. When their waitress approached the table she order light and Derrick did as well. He waited until the woman was out of sight and he leaned over the table and slide some paperwork to her.

"What is this?" she asked.

"After Harold's body was removed I went into his office and cleaned it out and came across this; his will. I took it to his lawyer early this morning and he opened it." Derrick explained.

"So why are you showing it to me?"

"Blake. the only family that Harold had was a daughter. She was around your age and last year she was dating a guy and she came up missing shortly after. Harold was holding out faith that she was still alive but gave up hope after six months of searching and last night was the one year anniversary of her disappearance so I guessed he was so distraught that he killed himself."

Their waitress brought their food and Derrick continued after she left.

"Anyway, Harold wrote in his will that he hired you because you reminded him so much of his darling Octavia and he left you the club."

Blake's eyes bugged and she shook her head no. "He didn't. I've only been working there for three weeks. How could he leave me his shop?" she said in disbelief.

"It's here in black and white." Derrick showed her the will and she skimmed the document. She nearly fell off her seat when she also saw that he left her his home which was about three miles from Timber Pledge.

"Why would he do this?" Blake asked.

"No idea but it's in his will. So just go see his lawyer as soon as possible and once you sign the transfer paperwork it'll all be valid in thirty days." Derrick explained.

"I don't know anything about running a business!" Blake was lying on her couch that night. Jorgen was sitting on the couch as well and her head was in her lap. He was running his hand through her hair and gently massaging her scalp.

"Baby, Harold obviously had faith in you and you won't have to run the business as your own for thirty days so you'll learn." Jorgen leaned over her and placed a kiss on her forehead. "When is the funeral?"

"Harold's only family was his missing daughter and so his will wanted him to be cremated. It's getting done in the morning." Blake told him.

"Do you think that maybe that's what he wanted to talk to you about last night? About taking over the business?" Jorgen asked.

"No, actually he warned me to stay away from you." Blake said sat up. "Any idea why he didn't want to hang around you?"

"Nope. But maybe he felt because you were new in town you could easily be corrupted by a bad boy like me." he said and then broke out in a laugh.

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