tagChain StoriesIt Happened One Night Ch. 04

It Happened One Night Ch. 04


Thanks to Judo for reading this – and making a large number of constructive comments. Especially her work on my somewhat abysmal punctuation. I hope that you find this chapter as entertaining as the preceding three!

Fay Presto is a real-life transsexual magician.

* * * * *

Adam was still dazed when he got out of Milady's limousine clutching the envelope her manservant had handed to him. As silently as a specter, the car glided away leaving Adam standing by the curb wondering if it had all been a dream. Once again, he put the envelope to his nose, inhaled deeply and he knew it had not been a dream.

He looked around, then he saw the car, near the entrance to his apartment block stood an old black limousine. Had Milady's manservant returned to fetch him, or was she watching him? One of the limousine's back doors opened and a figure got out. In the dawn half-light, when natural light and streetlights cancel one another out, Adam could not see the figure clearly.

A tall blond in a long black evening gown approached him giving a friendly wave. "Hello big boy." Her unusually deep and husky voice made her British accent sound sexy. She held out her open hand, then suddenly as if to grope him, her hand moved towards his groin. "Or should I say golden balls." She opened her hand to reveal two gold colored metal spheres.

She tipped the gold balls into Adam's cupped hand. Adam gave a surprised gasp. When he looked he saw not the balls he expected to see but two cigarettes.

"Why thank you," the woman took the cigarettes from Adam's hand, lit them and handed one back to Adam. She inhaled, when she put her head back Adam's eyes were drawn to her prominent breasts. A series of perfectly formed smoke-ring puffed from her glossed lips to drifted lazily into the gray. "My name is Fay, Fay Presto! That's my professional name, my own name is Olivia and ... it doesn't concern you." There was a passing wistful look, brightening she concluded, "I'm a magician from London, England. I was hired for that party as entertainment."

Adam's gaze ran from her coiffure down the sculpted curves of her gold lamée clad body, wondering what else her profession was. Towering over him on her high heels she looked back at him and gave a disarming smile. "But everyone seemed to be ... Ah entertaining themselves when I arrived." Adam remembered the pairing off, the debauchery - he had been a part of it. She put the cigarette to her glossy scarlet lips, Adam thought he had never seen a woman put a cigarette to her lips so sensuously, not even those old Hollywood Stars like Marlene Dietrich – he thought he detected a tremor of movement from his limp cock. "I saw you and thought there is a man I could do things with. Then you disappeared, so I came looking for you." The magician gave Adam a long, deep, penetrating look. "Well, golden balls, are you in the mood to entertain me?"

Shit this is fucking weird! The last thing in the world I need right now is another creepy dame. "Miss Presto how in the heck did you find me?"

Her teeth flashed a hint of an enigmatic smile. "Let's just say I have some psychic abilities, but that's our secret – don't tell the Magic Circle, they disapprove of those ideas. Well are you going to oblige me by taking a ride with me?"

"Miss Presto, I am afraid I am worn out. All that I am looking forward to is a shower and my bed."


"Milligan but call me Adam I hate the formality of surnames."

"Mister Milligan, my car is over there and I want to take you for a drive, you have some unfinished business at that party."

"Did Chandler send you?"

"Chandler? Oh you mean your employer. You don't call her mzzz or Miss? How quaint, makes her sound very masculine. I positively insist upon being called Miss Presto. Now are you going to return with me? I am sure that you will find it very rewarding."

"Miss Presto, I'd be obliged for the ride."

"Come with me, Mister Milligan.

She took him by the hand and led him to the large fifties-style British limousine. A chauffer in a gray uniform got out of the right front door. He touched his cap in a salute as they approached, then opened the back door for Fay and Adam to get in.

"Reggie, this is Mister Milligan and we are taking him back to where he disappeared from,"

Reggie's face remained impassive as if this was a regular occurrence, "Very well, Miss Presto."

"Now let's have some privacy." The blonde pressed a button; a motor whirred, a blind rose isolating the passenger compartment from the driver.

"These shoes are killing me." She kicked off her high-heeled sandals, then reached forward and opened a walnut cabinet containing a bar. Can I ever get back into the Yugo?

She poured herself a Gin and tonic - without asking Adam what he drank, she poured him one too. "Relax Adam."

He sank into the soft old leather of the sumptuous seat and felt relaxed. Adam felt as if he was in a luxurious cocoon, up front separated from them by a glass screen and the blind Reggie dealt with business of driving. In the back they sat in state, as far as Adam could see nothing was made of plastic. The seats and interior panels were covered with leather; other panels were of highly polished walnut. The car might be old but it was sure a comfortable ride. She laid her hand lightly over his. He looked at the blonde, would she be as good. "This your car?"

"Of course I shipped it over with me for this tour, the car is a part of my identity. If you are interested, it is a Daimler with a Mulliner body." Her hand slid up the inside of his thigh.

"Miss Presto ... Fay." He caught her wrist. "Ma'am I've had three sexual encounters tonight, at least I think the last one was a sexual experience, and although I find you a very attractive woman I regret to say I am physically as the French would say hors de combat."

She laughed, "You mean you're knackered!" she exclaimed. "When I had a willy I used to get that problem."

Had a willy! "When you had..."

"A long time ago, another life. Don't worry Mister Milligan I'm all woman now."

"You mean..."

"Yes I've had an operation. Now shush ... no more questions. I just want you to relax and I will cure your little problem." She lifted her hand and removed one of her crystal drop earrings. "Adam I want you to watch the crystal. Let your mind go blank. Relax. Nothing will hurt you. Remember the mind is strong whilst the flesh is weak. Your..."

Adam's gaze was drawn to the slowly turning crystal that glinted as it caught the light. His eyelids were getting increasingly heavy, yet even through his half-closed eyes he was unable to avoid the lure of the sparkling light. What am I doing is this a man or a woman?

"You are feeling sleepy. Relax. Don't fight the feeling. I am going to count one to ten, when I reach ten you will be in a state of total relaxation unable to move unless I command you to do so. One you are relaxing. Two your toes and fingers are floppy. Three your legs feel amazingly relaxed."

Adam became aware that he was detached from his limbs. He tried to move a finger, but discovered he could not summon the energy such an operation seemed to require. If I let she ... he whatever have their way with me what am I?

"Adam concentrate on me, don't fight. Surrender yourself to me."

How does she know?

"Four your arms are resting. Five your brain is moving into a dream dimension. Six your body is at rest."

Although her voice seemed like a distant drone, and the luminous crystal far away at the wrong end of a telescope, each word remained distinct and the crystal the only discernable object in his reality. Oh it doesn't matter!

"Seven you are going deeper. Eight and you are going deeper. Nine your brain is shutting down surrendering to my control. Ten mind and body you are under my control I am your reality."

When Fay Presto was certain that Adam was under the influence she undid the zipper of his pants. Adam, although he was aware of what was occurring, and some small voice in the recesses of his mind told him to resist. He found that was unable to resist – in fact he lacked the will to resist. His detached legs animated so he was able to comply with her command when she told him to lift his ass so she could slide down his pants.

The small voice spoke, this is not right! He lifted his feet and raised his thighs as she dragged his pants down his legs. Adam never took his eyes from the crystal until she seemed to effortlessly float from seated next to him, to kneeling on the floor between his knees.

It didn't matter that the crystal had gone from his sight - lead weights seemed to tug his eyes shut. Yet her voice remained as a constant in his brain, the only sound of which he was aware. Her presence seemed to overwhelm him. Adam resigned control of his fate, knowing that he could not resist Fay Presto in whatever form she chose to adopt.

His pants became bonds that shackled his ankles. Fay Presto's hands felt soft and gentle as they caressed his thighs. Adam was pleasantly surprised when he felt the blood flowing into his cock. As life flowed into his cock any reservations he had about Fay flowed from his mind. Wow there's life in the old dog yet!

Gently she lifted his cock and rained upon its pulsing underside a series of soft butterfly kisses. His cock swelled as he felt the soft caress of her lips as she kissed and licked the stem of his cock.

"Your prick is like the snake charmer's cobra, curled up resting and awaiting the call. I am going to count one to five then hum. When I hum your prick will stand hard and strong and will not loose that erection until you loose belief in yourself you will live in a state of permanent arousal."

Wow I'll be a super-stud.

"One and you believe your cock can become as hard as iron. Two and you feel the inner strength flowing into your prick. Three your cock overcomes its physical exhaustion. Four your balls become heavy. Five your cock is throbbing in anticipation. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Adam felt the jolt as his cock sprang into an instant erection. The pounding pulses in his groin thundered like a drum-roll. "Aaaagh!" He groaned in the throes ecstatic pain.

"Adam! You are now the hardest of men." Fay ran the tip of her tongue over her glossy lips. "Now let me taste your rejuvenated willy." As she lowered her head over the crown, the throbbing of his cock shuddered through his entire body. His back arched lifting his ass off the limousine's leather driving his cock into her soft mouth.

Her hands grasped his hips and pushed him down into the seat. Adam writhed in frustration with a sense of deja vu when she lifted her head. He wanted her to use her mouth on his cock, not for talking.

"My, you are an eager boy. I said I wanted to taste your willy, not have my throat fucked. Not yet anyway! I think you must be brought under control." She held out the crystal earring. "Adam focus on the crystal. The crystal is your whole world your entity. When you hear the holder of the crystal speak you will obey. When an instruction is prefaced with the phrase 'the crystal says', you will obey without question. Do you understand?"

Adam nodded his head, "when I hear 'the crystal says' I will obey without question."

"Now Adam I want you to concentrate on your willy, oops you call it your cock! I want you to concentrate on your cock. Are you concentrating?"

"Yes Miss Presto. Fay. I am concentrating."

"Feel it getting harder, a lot harder?"

"I feel it. It's throbbing like hell and feels like it is swelling fit to burst."

"Isn't it every man's dream to have a cock like that. A cock that's rock hard all the time, ready for action whenever the opportunity arises?"

That's a dumb question! "It sure is."

Adam did not notice the intensity of her eyes, nor that the corners of her mouth twitched mischievously. "Tell me Adam, what is it that you and every man wishes he had? – Say the words, spell it out to me."

Repeating the words by wrote, Adam felt foolish - it was as if he was back at school. Yet despite these feelings he did as she asked. "Now Adam how would you like to have a cock like that all the time?"

No more brewer's droop, never having to take a rain check. Wow that would be sensational. Why I'll be a regular Don Juan, women will kill each other to get near me. "I sure would."

"Be very certain Adam because there is no way that I can release you from the next stage of hypnosis."

"For my cock to be permanently like that I guess I'd happily sell my soul to the Devil."

"How quaint it is that you invoke powers like God and the Devil, when really the forces of willpower – mind over matter all reside within yourself.

"Now Adam I want you to concentrate on the crystal and I will become your Fairy Godmother and grant your wish. You do want me to be your Fairy Godmother don't you?"

Adam grinned what game was this woman playing, still compared to Milady's games it seemed a very safe game to play. "I sure do."

"Adam I shall count you into a state of deep Beta Consciousness. Are you ready?"

"Oh yes Mam I sure am." Adam enthused.

"I shall count you up from One-hundred to a Thousand in hundred blocks. Now relax again open the recesses of your mind. Clear the channels. Accept the words you hear as unquestionable truths. Watch the crystal. Once again your eyes feel heavy although they stay open. You stop thinking about anything except the crystal's motion. The crystal is the power source transferring energy to you.

Adam's eyes traced the crystals figure of eight movements. The crystal filled his vision her insistent voice dominated his hearing – until once again there was no reality except the voice and the crystal. "One-hundred and you start to loose any sense of failure. Two hundred your mind knows that it can control your body. Three hundred your mind wills your body to pump increased quantities of blood to your cock. Four hundred pulses are hammering inside your cock. Five hundred your body controls the circulation to maintain the erection you have achieved. Six hundred you know that a soft cock is only the result of a lack of willpower and your willpower is supreme. Seven hundred you will never ever again know the ignominy of a soft cock. Your cock will remain rampant and erect twenty-four hours a day no matter how many times you have sex. Eight hundred the crystal says, these instructions will become imprinted deep in your conscious and unconscious mind at all levels ranging from Beta sub consciousness through to the ununderstood depths of Omega consciousness. Nine hundred. I want you to repeat after me. My cock is an iron rod that will never soften or bend, like a soldier it will always remain at attention."

In a dreamy voice Adam chanted. "My cock is an iron rod that will never soften or bend, like a soldier it will always remain at attention."

"Say it again"

Adam no longer had control over his body or his voice. When Fay Presto ordered him to speak Adam obeyed the impulse within him and spoke. He spoke without emotion sounding like a computer-generated voice.

"One-thousand. The crystal says, the words you have said, will keep running like an endless tape deep within your subconscious mind harnessing the power of will to defeat the weakness of the flesh. Now when I hum you will return to full Alpha state consciousness with no conscious memory of what has occurred. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Adam felt as if he had been daydreaming – he knew it must have been a good dream because his cock was as hard as iron, pointing from his groin like an arrow.

"Well big boy I think now is the time to finish off that blow job."

Adam felt pure ecstasy when her moist lips slowly slid over his glans to engulf the crown. Her sinuous tongue slivered lightly moistening the pulsing velvet head. The thick veins that were entwined around the rampant shaft thundered like drums, as his pulse beat stronger. His loins were aglow when she bobbed her head taking more of his cock deep into her mouth. This time she did not resist when his hips rose to meet her.

His hands pressed on the lacquered helmet of her hair forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. She built up a rhythm with him, taking his cock ever deeper into her mouth, so that it felt to him as if the swollen head was deep in her throat – he reflected that he had never been with a woman who could give such good head. He felt his balls tightening, his cock beginning to buck as the sperm pulsed along its length. Then he was cumming. Cumming with a difference, it was as if he had lost control of his bladder, the flow of sperm seemed to be endless. It seemed to him that an eternity had elapsed before the jetting pulses of his ejaculation subsided.

She lifted her head lasciviously licking the last of his creamy sperm from her lips before saying. "Well Adam did you find that satisfying?"

"It was different, at the time it was great, my body didn't feel like my body. I thought that I'd never stop cumming. O.K. at the time I was frightened."


"Scared, it was strange as if every fluid in my body was flowing away. I even thought I had pee'd myself. And you took it so deep down your throat. I've never been deep throated like that before. Say your a magician, do you do a little sword swallowing or fire-eating?"

"No Adam."

Adam became aware of his body, his hard cock to be precise. "Wow!" He exclaimed tentatively testing the strength of his erection between his thumb and forefinger.

"See Adam you have got your wish."

"Wish! What wish?"

"You told me that you wished you had a cock that was always ready for action. It looks like your Fairy Godmother has granted your wish."

"Well let's not waste this hard-on. I'm ready to go again."

"Adam much as I'd like to have sex with you we are back at your boss, Chandler's apartment block. Come on do your pants up."

It was then Adam discovered how difficult it is to pull his pants up and zip in a rampant erection. "How the heck do I get my pants done up."

"It would appear with a degree of difficulty." Fay Presto remarked her eyes twinkling with undisguised merriment at Adam's predicament. "Try holding yourself in dear."

Getting out of the car Adam became aware of the problems a permanent erection might pose. Bending from the waist his spare-tire pressed down on the tip of his cock. Then his cock caught in a fold of his pants and jutted forwards like a partially hidden cannon taking aim, hurriedly with furtive movements he restored it to a vertical position aligned with the zipper in front of it. Walking into the lighted foyer of the building he was acutely aware of his bulging pants. I'm sure that doorman's gazing at my groin.

Gotta get laid to get rid of this! Oh my god that cannot be true! Somewhere from deep in the recesses of his brain a thought struck him. His condition was permanent. He could fuck as often as he wanted. Get as many blowjobs as possible. Sit in the can jacking off and the erection would never go. This final thought of solitary masturbation took his thoughts back to the bartender Sherri.

Trying to ignore the friction of his pants on his cock he climbed the stairs to the door of apartment 1278 and pressed the button. "Hi who's that?" Amy sounded tired and inebriated.

"Amy it's me Adam buzz me in."

Maybe Amy will be up for the ride of her life...

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