tagMatureItaly Ch. 2

Italy Ch. 2


I'm Linda Brooks on my back , with Tony Carone next to me in a bed at Tony’s club. We had just finished being joined, in an intense fuck. For an overweight woman of sixty, Tony’s trim body driving his cock every-which-way in me was a dream come true. I told Tony, “You have turned back the clock. I was not sixty here on this bed.”

Tony had responded, “In the dark, my Sweet, no woman is sixty. Tits and pussies are timeless.”

Tony’s finger was lazily twisting and pulling on one of my nipples. I reached over to touch his cock, which was limp. “You must make a lot of girls happy with that?”

“Depends upon the woman. I am too long for some, too short for others.”

“What do you do then?”

“I’d work out a trade with one of the other escorts. If you needed more cock, for instance, I could trade you to Flex in exchange for Helen. Helen was smaller inside than you are when we first fucked. It takes me several minutes to bury myself in her. Now, she can take Flex with ease. You took me without any problem. How big a cock do you prefer?”

Laughing nervously, I said, while shaking my head, “Tony, you are the only man that I have had in years that I could feel in me. When my husband is in me, I can not feel him. The only reason that he stimulates me at all is because of his body rubbing on my clitoris. As far as what do I prefer, I have never had an exceptional cock in me. It matters more to me that the man is attractive."

“Would you like to experience some attractive men?"

“Oh God, Tony. I would be too afraid to do that. I might as well tell you, that I had no idea that you were going to meet me here in Italy. I thought that I was hiring a guide by the name of Tonya Carone. I was scared to death when I found myself with you. Doubly so when we were riding the elevator up to the hotel room.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha. Well, you handled the mix-up very well. You must have really wanted a man to sex you, for you to have done the things that you did tonight. Parading around the room downstairs in front of all those people with just your heels, stockings and garter belt on, while the men fondled you tits and ass. Letting me put my cock in you in front of seventy people.”

Tony reached down to slide his finger in my pussy. Slowly, he finger-fucked me. “I would have never known that you are sixty years old from the tone of your pussy. It was very tight.”

“I had my bladder lifted a year ago. The surgeon asked me if I wanted my pussy adjusted while her was in there. I said that I could not feel my husband, so he made me narrow, but did not change the length.”

“Ah-ha, that explains it. When you started to orgasm, your pussy clamped my cock in the most wonderful way. This is getting to be very interesting. I must tell the other escorts that you are an exceptional fuck. They will want to fuck you, I’m sure.”

“Please don’t do that Tony. It sends shivers through me thinking of strange men being with me."

Tony, now hard, rolled onto me. With both hands, he reached under my legs to pull my lips apart. We both could smell his cum, which was running down my ass. The head of his cock nestled in my slit. With gentle pressure, he pushed forward. The ring of my pussy opened for him. Using gentle little strokes, he eased his cock into me, until we both felt his balls on my ass.

With a lazy circular motion, Tony fucked me. There was no hurry. He was in complete control of me. I was in his country and would go wherever he suggested. He was my escort. I wanted to be fucked. He was going to give me what I wanted. Later, I would thank him for giving me some really good fucking experiences.

I had an intense orgasm. My pussy clamped on his cock. He was ready for it this time. He went into a frenzy. I went through my entire orgasm with him pounding into me. All women want that, but few are so lucky.

I was covered in sweat. I was unable to speak, at first. Tony cum.

“Let us clean up and return to the dinning room.”

“My clothes are down there. I don’t want to go down there looking like this.”

“Like what?”

“Well, my hair is a mess. My breasts are red, where you played with them. My pussy is all wet with your cum.”

“Go wash your face, and pussy. Everyone in the room will be naked, and will have just fucked someone.”

Reluctantly, I did as I was told. Tony held my hand as we entered the dinning room. We sat at with Flex and Helen, who both naked.

Helen smiled at me. “He is a good one, isn’t he?”

“I’ll say.”

“He was my first escort, four years ago. Half way through my visit, he traded me to one of his friends. I was taken to a party where I had my first multi-partner sex.”

I shot Tony a quick look. He returned my glance, with a shrug, as he displayed his hands palm up.

"Now, I request a new escort every two days. I love the excitement of a new man." Said Helen.

Stammering, I asked, “How many men did you have?"

"Ten, or so."

Flex, Tony, and Helen threw back their heads laughing.

Turning to Tony and Flex, Helen continued, “You men must take Linda to the La Mount club.”

Tony addressing Helen said, “She has said that she would be afraid to try anyone else. I don’t want her to be mad at me."

Helen, the Englishwoman, retorted with an impatient toss of her head, “She is a woman. She bloody-well will thank you for taking her there. She does not know, what she does not know.”

“Tomorrow? Would the two of you like to come?”

“I would not miss it,” came from Flex.

During the drive to the hotel, I asked. “So what is this La Mount place, and why does Helen think that you should take me there?”

“It is an Italian version of your Chippendales. Ten men perform nude on a stage.”

“So why would I get anything out of that?”

“They entertain couples after their show.”

“I still don’t get it. Why is this something I should go to?”

"They are attractive men." Changing the subject, "I saw a red-velvet dress in your closet. You should wear that tomorrow.”

Strangely, Tony did not fuck me that night, nor when they got up the next morning. He wanted me fresh for my adventures that evening, I guess.

While I was taking a shower that afternoon, Tony placed a phone call to the manager of La Mount.

"Roberto, how is da man?”

“I’m a really good. I hope that I know a why you call me.”

“Yes, my friend, I have an client who needs to be played with. We will be there this evening. I also will have Helen. You remember Helen?”

“Helen, yes. I can still hear her screams. Those old ones can’t get enough of the young cocks.”

“I think the one I have tonight will be very enjoyable for the boys. She is very tight.
She also if somewhat afraid of anything new, so we will use the; I’ve got to go on an errand, as an excuse for me to leave her alone with your boys and Helen.”

“That’s a good.”

The performance started promptly at ten PM. The men who came running onto the stage were of different sizes, both as persons, and as to their cocks. What they had in common was that they were, as a group, the most attractive men that I had ever seen. “My God,” I exclaimed.

Helen, I noticed, begin to slowly pull her dress up. As the dancing and strutting went on, Helen’s finger was slowly stroking her clit. There she was, dress up to her waist. He black pussy hair split by her finger. Several men noticed.

I could not keep my eyes off the men as they strutted before me. I looked at Tony, only to find that he was looking at me.

“How would you like to have those men take you down, ravish you, one right after another? Imagine what it would feel like. I could arrange it for you, you know?”

“Oh, Tony, I would be scared to death.”

“Linda, raise your dress. Do what Helen is doing. You will note that several of the women are doing the same.”

Soon, I was slowly running my index finger the entire length of my pussy. There was the smell of pussies in the air. I realized that I was unbelievably horny. As soon as I am alone with Tony, I am going to demand that he fuck me. I didn’t care if it was under the street light outside.

One of the dancers strutted over to me. He placed his cock sideways under my nose. I pulled my face backwards. He placed the end of it on my lips. Surprised, I opened my mouth. Laughing, the dancer shoved himself into my mouth. With my head full-back, there was nowhere to go, so I was trapped. Giving Tony a wink, the dancer slowly head fuck me for several moments. Then He was gone. His taste remained. I was in a terrible state of turmoil.

I wanted a man to fuck her. Any man. If this treatment of me did not stop, I would run out into the street to beg the first men that I saw to please put out this raging inferno I have between her legs. I turned to Tony, a look of pleading in my eyes. Helen and Flex saw my expression.

The show ended. Flex, Helen, Tony and I hurried to our car. I thought that they were returning to the hotel to fuck. Instead, they pulled up to a large estate three blocks from La Mount. Confused, I was led to the front door.

Upon entering, Helen took my hand. "You come with me."

Tony said to Flex, loud enough for me to hear,"You and I will go for some drinks. Girls, we will be right back."

They were gone. I stood there, horny, panting, confused, needing to be fucked so bad.

Helen led me to a door at the end of the hallway. She opened it, while gently shoving me into the room.

“Welcome ladies.” A man’s voice greeted us.

Helen said loud enough for all ten men in the room to hear, “This is Linda. Give her a real good time, now won’t you boys? I‘ll come back to join in the fun after you have gotten to know her, as I know that you will.”

She turned and left, closing and locking the door behind her. I heard the lock click. Three men surrounded me. The man behind me lifted my dress. He took the cheeks of my ass in his hands. The man in front did not bother to unzip my dress. He merely pulled the fabric out and down leaving my breasts to fall unsupported onto my chest. My zipper was lowered, as both men continued to fondle me.

I looked into their eyes. Each had a confident smile on his face. There was no hurry. I was now naked. “Here, put her on me,” a big blond fellow chirped.

A man on each side of me picked up one leg, while placing my arms around their necks. They advanced toward the big blond fellow, placing my legs around his waist. A bump and grind song was played. “Whop-a-do” he hollered out as he thrust his considerable member into my cunt. He leaned back, while thrusting upward at my pussy as it was descending. Somewhere in my soul, an animal was released. I found herself thrusting my ass forward to receive all of him. In moments, we both cum.

Helen, watching through a one-way mirror, turned to Tony. “You know, we are making a slut out of this woman. “

“Yes, she told me that her husband has not given her a proper fucking in over twenty years. Before tonight, she was a wasted pussy. Now, several men will find her to be a willing sex partner. She is from Jenkintown, a small town just outside Philadelphia. I will send e-mails to several friends of mine who live there. They will keep her well fucked, I am sure.”

I was placed on her back. Tony whispered to Flex and Helen, "I love to watch a woman take a strange men between her legs."

Another guy, oh so handsome, lowered himself onto me. I wanted him in me , so much. He was preparing to fuck me by slapping his cock on my pussy. Each time it slapped my cunt lips, it grew thicker.

Still knelling, he used one hand to open my cunt lips. Like it was some sort of tool, he grasp his cock in the middle, so that he could force the end past my lips, into the hole itself, made large enough to take him without too much effort by the cock of the big blond guy. He lie on me.

He fucked me, and fucked me, and fucked me. I had a series of orgasms, one blending right into the next. After the fifth, I moaned out, “Oh, God, stop. I can’t take any more. Let me rest, then you can all have a turn.”

The nine men, watching me being fucked, all clapped their hands. Some whistled. Helen, Flex, and Tony all walked in. To me, Helen said, “I see that you have arrived. You are one of us now. A lucky woman you are, my dear. Tony will make sure that you have all the cocks that you want when you return to the States.”

Taking off her dress, she walked over to a sex swing. “Okay, one of you secure me in this thing. I need some great sex, c’mon now?”

In moments a large white ass was pounding, thrusting a cock into the hairy cunt of Helen, who was spread wide, helpless before the onslaught. “Oh, I love it so.” She said over the slap, slap, slap of his body slapping against her ass, as his cock drove deeply into her.

As the evening wore on, each of the ten men fucked both Helen and I, as did Flex and Tony.

It was four in the morning when Tony and I went to sleep at the hotel. There would be no touring the next day. I awoke just after one PM. I lie on her back with a bemused look on my face. I had experienced nine orgasms at one stretch, I recalled. Fantastic! Had not had nine orgasms in the last twenty years. Turned to look at a sleeping, Tony. Reached over to touch the end of his flaccid cock. I wanted to take his cock into my mouth, to taste it, lick it, caress it. Sliding over to him to take his member in my mouth. In slow motion, it all was in. I did not move, yet it swelled, just from the heat of my mouth.

He awoke. Without a word, he rolled me onto my back. Now wet, He put his cock to good use fucking me hard and fast. I loved every stroke. No longer the shy housewife, I kept my ass busy, fucking Tony as hard as he was fucking me.

“You are really becoming a super fuck. With your tight pussy, and your energetic ass, you are a prime fuck. Since you can’t get pregnant, I know of some real studs in the States who will fuck you bareback.”

Having heard that last night from Helen, I said, “I’m game, bring them on.”

Tony received my personal e-mail address.

Departure date. I truly liked Tony. There would be another Italy tour, if for no other reason than to fuck Tony Carone.

My return home was uneventful. Tom, my husband was glad that I got home safely. I fell into my usual routine. Three weeks later received a short e-mail. I was about to delete it, then took a second look. “TCADVISEDMETOCONTACTYOU” I trembled as it made sense to me;“Tony Carone advised me to contact you. ”IHAVEWHATYOUNEED,” “I have what you need.” followed.

My finger flew to my pussy, which was bare, since no panties were worn since my trip. I stoked myself, cumming in just a few seconds. Fingers coated with wetness, I tapped out my desires on the keyboard. “I can meet you from noon until four PM this Saturday. Where?”

At just after ten PM, an e-mail came. The answer was there. It was an address in Warminster, a short drive from Jenkintown. Saturday came. I found a large condominium complex. As directed, I knocked on the door of unit, 307. A good looking guy, who appeared to be about forty-five answered the door. “Hi, I’m Linda Brooks.”

“Well, Linda, we have been eagerly waiting for your arrival. Come in.”

There were two other men there. They stood up for the introductions. A coke was offered. Cheese and crackers were on the table. Took a dish with several. We sat. It was all so gentile, mannerly. All the men were married. Each told of his children, with obvious pride. The stereo played soft music. I told them, "I love my husband, but he can not provide sex for me. I am here so that you can provide sex for me, lots of sex."

“Tony covered that in his note about you.”

Abruptly, I stood up. As though the men were not in the room, I took off my clothes. By the time that I turned to face them, my body was flushed, breasts had swollen, wetness was seeping down my legs.

“I am ready. I am very, very ready. I‘m going into the bedroom. I‘m going to lie on my back, with my legs open. I want you one-at-a-time for some good old fashion missionary position sex. I‘m not in the mood to give anyone a blow-job, or let anyone play games in my ass. I want you to make love to me, then fuck me. It‘s playtime, gentlemen!”

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