Jim's Camp Counselor Exam


"Good, now just breathe normally," she says. After listening to his back for a few more moments, Stacy declares that she is done with this part of Chris' exam.

"Your turn, Jim," she says to me, "hop on up here and take Chris' place. I told you I wouldn't keep you waiting very long."

Chris dismounts the exam table and I quickly take his place. He stands in roughly the same spot where I was standing just a few feet from the table.

After swapping exam forms, Stacy prepares to conduct the same examination on me. However, before she begins, she cleans the bell of her stethoscope with a small sanitizing wipe. I guess that's something she was taught to do in nursing school. She begins by placing the blood pressure cuff on my left arm and securely fastening it with the Velcro. I can feel the coldness of the stethoscope as she presses it firmly against the skin of my arm. I now feel the pressure of the cuff as she manually pumps it up.

Once she records my pressure, she releases the cuff and moves on to my temperature and pulse. Just as I saw her do with Chris, she inserts the probe of the thermometer into my mouth and then proceeds to check my pulse. After a few seconds, the thermometer beeps and she records the results.

"So far, so good, Jim," she says to me, "everything is normal so far."

She now does the same neurological tests on me that she did on Chris, having me follow her finger with my eyes and then squeezing her fingers with mine.

Since I'm already shirtless, she starts to listen to my heart with her stethoscope without any hesitation or noticeable break in her routine. I feel the coldness of the bell on my chest as she presses it against my skin and silently listens. She then orders me to begin the deep breathing part of the exam so she can listen to my lungs. After a few minutes of that she moves behind me and I feel her press the stethoscope on my back. She asks me to breathe normally as she listens. I look over at Chris and notice that he's smiling at me. I'm not sure why -- maybe he's just trying to be friendly. Or maybe he's actually enjoying this. He may feel relieved because he thinks that the exam is almost over. Little does he know that if Stacy follows the exam form, there is much more to this exam.

"OK, Jim, you can get down, it's Chris' turn again," she says.

As I'm getting down from the exam table, I look at Chris's face and detect his disappointment that the exam isn't over. Since it's his turn again, he just realized that there is at least one more round to this exam. I think he honestly thought that it was already done. But it seems that Stacy is about to make the next part of his exam a bit more interesting.

{ P A R T 4 : D O W N * T O * Y O U R * S K I V V I E S }

"Chris, I need your jeans off for this next part," she declares. "You can slip your shoes off too."

"I don't understand," Chris replied in protest, "I thought we were almost done. I mean, you've already checked the most important stuff, right?"

"I'm sorry, Chris," she replied, "but I guess you didn't pay attention to what I said earlier. I thought I was being very clear about this exam. As I said earlier, I'm required to check all of the major systems that are listed on the form. There are some parts that I'm just not allowed to skip. And right now, for the next part of this exam, I need you to remove your jeans. But don't worry, you can leave your underwear on -- I'm not asking you to take that off yet."

I noticed that Stacy included that little word "yet". I don't think Chris noticed what she said since he's having such a fit about something simple like removing his jeans. But whether Chris noticed or not, it was looking like Stacy planned to include some of the more interesting and embarrassing parts of the exam. And Chris is turning out to be just as embarrassed about this exam as I predicted.

Once I got down from the exam table, I took my spot right next to where Chris was standing. I looked up to see that Stacy was standing on the other side of the table and looking in our direction. I watched as Chris untied and then removed his shoes. He went ahead and slipped his socks off too, even though she didn't ask for that. He now reluctantly began to remove his jeans, first undoing the top button and then unzipping his fly. He wasn't wearing a belt. The jeans slid down his body in one quick motion, landing in a puddle of material around his ankles. He was now standing there wearing only a pair of light blue, loose fitting boxer shorts. After stepping out of his jeans, he threw them on the chair on top of his T-shirt and once again mounted the exam table.

"See, that wasn't so bad," Stacy said as she approached him. "You see, right now I need to check your reflexes and that's more difficult when you're wearing your bulky jeans. And, of course, I'll need your jeans off later in the exam for a few other things. So sooner or later, they would need to come off."

Chris didn't say anything in response to her. I think he was still shocked at the direction this exam was taking. From his body language, it was obvious that he felt uncomfortable sitting on the table in just his boxers. His legs were held tightly together and his hands were both resting in his lap. It was as if he was trying to cover up.

She now produced a small rubber hammer and proceeded to tap on various points on Chris' body. She tapped on his ankles, his knees, his wrists and his elbows. She then pressed on the top of his left knee and asked him to try and lift up his leg. She repeated the test on his right leg. She then knelt down in front of the exam table and tried to pull his legs forward while he resisted her movement.

"Well, your reflexes and muscle control all seem to be good so far. Lay back on the table for me, Chris," she ordered. "I need to check your knees and hips."

As Chris laid back, Stacy pulled out the metal shelf that was tucked away in the end of the table to support his feet. Chris' boxers were very loose fitting and the material around his legs gapped open, providing a brief glimpse underneath.

"Now raise both of your knees for me," she ordered.

Chris obeyed by raising his knees, parting his legs and planting both feet flat on the exam table. This provided an even better view under his boxers as the leg openings were stretched apart even wider. This was a view that was obviously not lost on Stacy. It seemed that she was becoming slower and more deliberate during this part of the exam. Perhaps she was slowing down in the hopes of catching a glimpse under Chris' boxers.

She now lifted and twisted his left leg -- first lifting it off the table a few inches, then grabbing his ankle and pulling it to the left -- then the right. As she lifted and twisted his leg, his legs parted even further, providing an unobstructed view between his legs. I noticed that the loose material of his boxers was now being pulled tightly against his crotch. For the first time, I saw a not-so-subtle outline of his genitals. I caught Stacy looking down between his parted legs as well.

"Any pain there?" she asked.

Chris shook his head, no. She now repeated the same exam on his right leg -- lifting and twisting it at the knee. Satisfied with her test of his knees, she now turned her attention to his hips. She asked him to keep his knees together while she pushed them to his left side, then his right, using a rocking motion.

"You're joints all seem to be fine," she announced. "You can go ahead and lower your knees."

As Chris began to lower his knees, she went to the counter to retrieve her stethoscope. But before returning to Chris, she first turned her attention to me.

"Jim, I'll be ready for you in just a minute or two, so please get yourself ready by removing those khaki shorts."

"Sure, no problem at all, Stacy," I replied in my most mature and confident voice.

I knew this moment would arrive, and I guess I was trying to mentally prepare myself for it. But now it was finally here. No more preparation -- it was time to undress beyond just taking off my shirt. I looked over at Chris and saw that he had turned his head in my direction and was about to watch the show. I looked at Stacy and saw that she too was looking at me. I guess watching me undress was more important than continuing with Chris' exam. So much for saving time.

I reached down and untied my shoes and removed them, placing them under the chair where my T-shirt was thrown. I unbuckled my belt, undid the top button of my shorts and unzipped my fly. I slowly slid down my khaki shorts, revealing the tight white briefs I chose to wear today as underwear. I carefully stepped out of the shorts and placed them on the chair with my other clothes. Once there, I bent over with my back to the others and removed my white socks.

Now covered in just my white briefs, I walked back toward the exam table and took my position just to the right of the table. But this time I decided to stand much closer than before. I stood with my arms at my sides and my feet comfortably spread apart. I didn't cross my arms, or hold my hands in front of myself. I wanted to make sure they both had a chance to take a good look at me. I didn't want to appear embarrassed at all, even though deep down I was shaking in fear. I looked at Chris who was still looking in my direction. When our eyes met, we both simply smiled. I then looked over at Stacy and gave her my best confident smile. And she smiled back.

Stacy moved back into position above Chris to begin his abdominal exam. Chris was laying on the table with both of his hands resting on his lower abdomen. She began by lifting both of his hands out of the way and placing them to either side of his body, resting them on the table. She then began to use her stethoscope to carefully listen to Chris' abdomen. She silently moved the bell of the instrument from one location to another, pressing it firmly into his bare skin and briefly pausing to listen for any abnormal sounds. She started near the top of his abdomen and slowly worked her way lower until she reached the waistband of his boxers.

Stacy now took her stethoscope out of her ears and began palpating his abdomen. She firmly tapped on different parts of his abdomen, asking him if he was experiencing any pain. Then, rather than tapping, she firmly pushed into the left side of his lower abdomen -- once again asking if he had any pain. She repeated the deep pushing on his right side.

Once she completed the examination of his abdomen, she turned her attention even lower, to his femoral arteries. To gain access to them, she ever so slightly pulled down the waistband of his boxers, just enough to move the bell of her stethoscope into position. Since I was standing so close to the exam table, I was able to notice just a hint of pubic hair around the uncovered area. After positioning her stethoscope, she listened to the artery on his right side, before switching to his left. During this exam, I looked up at Chris' face and quickly realized that, due to her contact in this area, he appeared to be much more apprehensive than before. And that's understandable. After all, even though you wouldn't consider it an intimate area, it is so very close to your genitals. Right now Stacy's fingers and her stethoscope are about as close as she could get to his genitals without actually touching them. Stacy completed this part of her exam by gently palpating the area around each femoral artery.

"Alright, I'm ready for you boys to switch again," declared Stacy.

Stacy pushed in the metal shelf at the end of the exam table as Chris began to get up. He walked the few short feet to where I was standing as I mounted the exam table, clad only in my white briefs. I immediately sat down, parted my legs and rested my arms comfortably at my sides. I wanted Stacy to know, along with Chris, that I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed sitting there in my tight briefs. I didn't care if they looked at me -- shit, for some reason I really wanted them to see me. I was proud of my body and I wanted to prove that to Stacy. Since Chris was standing more or less in the same spot where I was, he was about to have a good view of my exam.

Stacy retrieved the rubber hammer and proceeded to check my reflexes, just as she checked Chris. She methodically checked my ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. And just as she did with Chris, she then performed some resistance tests on my legs.

"Lay back for me, Jim," she ordered, "and raise your knees."

I laid back on the exam table while she pulled out the metal shelf for my feet. I immediately raised both of my knees and planted my feet flat on the table, positioning them at the left and right edges of the table. I wanted to give Stacy an unobstructed view of the clean white cotton that was tightly caressing the mound between my legs. Unlike Chris' boxers, my briefs didn't have any gaping leg openings, so she wouldn't be able to sneak a peek beneath them. But they also didn't leave much to the imagination. With my knees in the air and my briefs stretched tightly, you could clearly see the outline of my penis and testicles. They were still covered with material, but there was no doubt that they were there.

She began to lift and twist my left leg, asking me if I had any pain while she was doing so. As my leg was lifted off of the table, I felt more exposed than ever. It was as if my briefs were being pulled even tighter against my body, making the white bulge between my legs much more prominent. Just before she lowered my left leg back to the table, I noticed her looking down between my legs, directly at the front of my briefs. As she lowered my leg, she looked up at me with a big grin on her face, as if she was congratulating herself on having the best job in the world. She then completed the same exam on my right leg.

To finish this part of the exam, she checked my hips by rocking my knees back and forth to my left and right. Having finished the orthopedic exam, she instructed me to lower my knees, which I immediately did. I kept my feet spread comfortably apart and continued to rest my hands at my sides. Once I was in position, I raised my head and looked down toward my feet. I observed that the white cotton mound between my feet was even more prominent and noticeable now that I was lying flat on the table.

After retrieving her stethoscope, she began my abdominal exam. I felt her press the bell of the stethoscope to my upper abdomen and just hold it there for a few seconds while she listened. She then moved it to another location and listened again. She repeated this movement several times. Each time I could feel the firm and deliberate pressure she was applying to the instrument.

When she reached my lower abdomen, she stopped listening and began palpation instead. I felt her tap in several locations of my abdomen using both of her hands. She now pushed deeply into my left side and asked me if there was any pain. After I answered in the negative, she moved to my right side and pushed again.

After putting her stethoscope back in her ears, she pulled down the very top of my briefs and placed the bell of the instrument at my right femoral artery. I must admit that the feeling of her contact in that area was exhilarating and, in a word, arousing. She was so close to my genitals, but she wasn't ready to go there -- not yet. At that point I wanted her to do it all -- to pull down my briefs and give me the genital exam that I knew was coming. But that would have to wait. While she was listening, I looked over to see Chris intently watching my exam. He wasn't looking at my face -- his gaze was affixed at my midsection, closely watching her hands as they examined me.

After a few seconds of listening, she moved to my left side and listened again. Finally, just as she did with Chris, she completed this part of the exam by palpating the area where she had just finished listening.

"OK, I'm done with this part of your exam," she announced, "You can get up now, Jim. Go stand next to Chris, please."

As she spoke, she pushed in the shelf, allowing me to lower my legs and get up from the exam table. I turned to look at Chris as I took the last few steps to his location. He had a hopeful, yet anxious look on his face. Was she done? She hadn't said it was time for him again, so maybe, just maybe, the exam was over. Perhaps she decided to skip the most embarrassing parts of the exam that I knew were listed on the form. I think Chris was hoping that this might be true. I took my position standing right next to Chris and we both faced Stacy -- waiting to see what would happen next. We watched as she silently reviewed our exam forms, occasionally making check marks and writing a few notes on them. She was obviously recording the results of the exam to this point, but it also looked as if she was trying to figure out what to do next.

{ P A R T 5 : T H E * F U L L * M O N T Y }

"Can we get dressed now?" asked Chris. "We're all done, right?" Since Stacy was taking her time reviewing our exam forms, it seemed like a perfectly valid question. Perhaps we really were done.

"Hang on just a minute, boys," she answered, "I need to get caught up on these forms."

Chris and I just stood there facing Stacy, waiting. At one point we looked at each other and Chris rolled his eyes to express his impatience and displeasure with this exam. After a brief minute, our wait was over as Stacy turned to address both of us.

"Sorry for the wait, boys," she said, "but no, you're not done, there are a couple of things that are still on the list."

I immediately noticed that Stacy was smiling widely as she addressed us. I responded with a knowing smile of my own, since I had seen the form and knew what some of those things might be. I looked at Chris and saw that he was clearly not happy with the news. It was obvious that the last thing he wanted to hear was that there was more to this exam.

"Chris, it's your turn again," she continued, "so come over here and stand in front of the table, facing me."

Chris reluctantly walked the few steps to the exam table and stood in front of it with his back to the table. At the same time, Stacy rolled the small stool directly in front of him, preparing her seat for the next part of the exam. Standing in front of the table as he was, I'm sure Chris already had a good idea what was next on the agenda. But as soon as he saw her move the stool into position, there was no room for doubt. He was about to have his genitals uncovered and examined by this cute redheaded girl. And I was there to watch every bit of it.

"Go ahead and lower your boxers, Chris," ordered Stacy. Ah, the moment we were all waiting for, I thought to myself. Now we'll see how embarrassed Chris really is by how he reacts to this order.

"But, I really don't have any problems in that area," Chris protested, "so I don't really think you need to do that part of the exam. You can just skip it, right?" Chris was clearly not interested in baring everything right now. I wondered if he was embarrassed just because I was there, or whether he wasn't comfortable with a female doing this part of the exam.

"I don't think I can get away with skipping these parts," she answered. "We were taught that they're pretty much a standard part of any sports physical, at least for males. I've already skipped as much as I can." As she was talking, she walked to the counter to retrieve a pair of exam gloves, but she didn't put them on yet. She then sat down on the stool and looked up at Chris.

"I don't know," continued Chris, "I mean, this exam is already more than I bargained for. And you're not even a doctor. Are you sure you're allowed to do this?"

"Oh, don't worry so much Chris," she answered with a big smile, "I've had plenty of classes on this part of the exam. I'm sure I can handle it. Here, let me help you, we really need to move this exam along."

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