Jubilees Orgasm


It was hard for Jubilation Lee. The young teen was one of the members of the mutant team known as Generation X. She had seen so many deaths and so much destruction in her young life that the headmasters had sent her back home to be with her family (or at least the only family that she had known). The X-men…

Orphaned at a young age, Jubes, as she was known had taken to performing on the streets at local mall. She had the powers of pyrotechnic blasts and was able to use those powers to create little light shows.

The young girl had been found by mutant hunters and had been forced to flee, running into X-men Ororo Munroe a/k/a Storm and Jean Grey.

This is where our story takes place.

Jubilee looked around at the massive room, that Professor Charles Xavier had offered her. Her small bag of clothes had been placed on the floor and she was now working her way through sorting them when she heard a knock at her door. She turned her head and looked up.

A young redhead smiled at her. “How is it going Jubilee?”

“Fine Jean, how are you and Scott?”

“Not bad, we’re going out later to catch a movie, do you want to join us?”

Jubilee shook her head, “you know what they say, and 3’s a crowd.”

“All right, if you’re really sure.”

“Yeah I am.” Jubilee felt odd. She wanted to go ahead and join the vivacious red head, but for the life of her, she didn’t want it to be a pity-take, which she knew that it was going to be. So she’d opted for the easy way out, and said no.

She always figured that she could spend some time on the net and just goof off there a little bit. Thank-God that the Professor had allowed some repairmen to wire the dorm rooms with internet, otherwise the Asian woman would have gone stir crazy.

She opened up the door to her room and flipped on the lights. Walking in, she saw that her bed was just the way that she’d, left it, muddled. She didn’t care.

She closed the door behind her and locked it, letting herself glide to her bed. She kicked off her Keds and led them fall onto the floor before seating herself down on the bed. It was nice and soft, and for a moment Jubes wondered if she was going to be able to keep awake for what she wanted to do, but this was not going to be a problem for her as she felt an unknown energy begin to ease into her body. She went to the button on her jeans and started to unfasten it.

She quickly pushed her jeans passed her hips and down her thighs, past her knees and stepped out of them as they landed at her feet.

She was already wet, and could feel her juices leaking through her panties. She slid a finger past the elastic band, and let it tangle in her black pubic hair for a moment, enjoying the silky softness. She had heard Elizabeth Braddock, and Jean saying how nice it was to have their bushes freshly shaved once and had tried it, but it had itched her so bad that she had given up on that.

She lifted her buttocks and slid her panties down and off, letting them get tangled around one of her ankles, where it hung there for a moment. She didn’t really care, all that she did care about was that she was naked from the waist down and was able to get her fingers to where she really needed them.

Gently, she began to slide a finger up and down her opening, not going in mind you, but just enough so that she would be able to get excited. It worked and she began to feel her juices start to get revved up enough so that she could feel them leaking out of her.

Now was the time that she should go ahead and touch herself, it was what she’d wanted after all, wasn’t it?

She slid a finger in feeling as her pussy lips started to close in on her finger like the invader that it was.

It was warm and wet, sliding up into her cavern. She could feel that she was getting close to her core and nearly died as she touched herself there, the little pink nubbin that was her core seamed to cry out the instant that she made any type of contact with it. She wanted more, more. She automatically started to frig herself faster, to force her fingers to go faster than they ever had, around and around her clit.

Until finally, her orgasm shot out of her, her legs spasmed, her heart rate increased, and unfortunately, her powers took hold, igniting a huge plasma burst.

The burst decimated a corner of her room leaving her naked body there for a shocked Jean, Logan and Scott… who were in the Television room a few doors, down.

“Oh maan…” She thought as Logan and Scott tried to hide burgeoning erections, and Jean called over to the professor. How in the hell am I going to explain this?” She laid back and mercifully passed out…

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