tagLoving WivesJulie Surrenders to Dark Temptation

Julie Surrenders to Dark Temptation


Alex finished his workout in the lap pool and climbed onto the decking. The water glistened as it dripped from his tightly muscled, mocha colored body. Now twenty-five, he had achieved in muscular definition an incredible physique, one which most guys would never attain. At six foot two and one hundred eighty-five pounds, Alex was lean, but very, very tightly muscled. His upper body was very broad at the shoulders, and his biceps were especially well developed. His thick neck left no doubt that he was a strong athlete, and as one scanned the rest of his torso, his thickly muscled and carved chest, his abdominal definition, and his very thin waist reflected beautifully taut and formed muscle tissue. His lean, but tight thighs and calf muscles mirrored the attention that Alex had paid to the rest of his body.

He had disciplined himself over the years by hitting the gym six days a week, following a strict workout and dietary regime. Now, his almost daily visits to the gym not only helped him to maintain this appearance but they also offered him a chance to unwind, to get rid of the stresses that had built up during the day at his job as a CPA in a high powered accounting firm in downtown Boston.

In addition to his great physique, Alex had also been blessed with incredibly good looks by his parents. His face was finely chiseled with thin lips, high cheekbones, and a perfectly constructed nose, a blend of features that made him a remarkably handsome black man. Over the past several years, he had allowed his hair to grow several inches, and he now sported thick, shiny black dreads that complemented his light to medium brown skin color. Most of the women in his office thought that his hair, his face, and his incredible body made him the cutest and hottest stud around.

The expensively tailored business suits he wore couldn't cover up his remarkable physique. In addition, the women loved the eye candy he provided them with on a daily basis. He was frequently the topic of conversation among them; and racial lines notwithstanding, most of them would happily let him have his way with them. Alex sensed that but just wasn't the type of guy to jump from bed to bed. In fact, he had deliberately not dated anyone in the office to avoid any problems that that might cause. Maybe that's what made him so intensely attractive to the females at the accounting firm.

At the moment, Alex had no love interest in his life, and that was a good thing. With tax season just around the corner, his time was going to be very limited indeed. Because of appearance and his down to earth manner, Alex had never had trouble connecting with the most beautiful of women, both white and black. What he found with most women he started dating, and what he did not like, was that most of them were interested in a long-term relationship. Alex couldn't do that just yet he thought. He would not be ready to settle down with one person for at least several more years. In the meantime, he tried to date outside of the office, and he tried to let his dates know up front that he was not looking for a long-term relationship, at least for the moment.

As he walked toward the locker room from the pool, Alex looked around and hoped that the Caribbean resort he would be going to tomorrow with about thirty of his co-workers would offer similarly excellent workout facilities. He thought that usually resorts did, but knew that it was not always the case. In any event, Alex had been selected because of his performance over the past year to enjoy a combination training and vacation in St. Marteen with a number of other high performers from the firm. They would be spending eight days and seven nights learning a little, and relaxing a lot, all at the firm's expense.

Being selected for the trip was an honor in the company, and he knew that. He had even been offered the chance to bring a spouse, or in his case a friend, along for only the cost of the airfare. He declined that offer. But, he knew that some of his co-workers had opted take the firm up on the offer. He almost did not want to go, but knew that would be a stupid move if he hoped to move ahead any time soon.

Arriving at the airport at five a.m. was no small hassle for Alex and the other members of his group. But he was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the other chosen ones were people he knew and liked. And, he noted that there were a good number of people who came along without a spouse or friend, so mingling would be easier for everyone. He also noted that about twenty members of their party were younger employees of the firm, and he thought that was a good omen as well. On the flight down, Alex made sure he sat next to a partner of the firm, trying to score as many points as he could. His easygoing manner made him very approachable, and he found he could talk comfortably with people his own age, or much older.

Arriving on the island around mid-morning, Alex and the others found their accommodations to be absolutely fantastic. Each of them had villas that were tastefully designed and beautifully decorated while affording the occupants private terraces from which to enjoy the incredible views of the ocean waters. Alex's villa was sandwiched between those of two other bright and young high achievers in the firm. Courtney Lane, a very attractive single woman who was about Alex's age was on one side. Alex had worked with Courtney several times over the past three years, and while he liked her, she just was not his type. She had come onto him more than once, and had no shame about trying again and again, even after his polite rejections. Nevertheless, she was fun to be with and he knew she'd party with the best of them in the next week.

On his other side were Julie Mathis and her husband, Mike. Julie was someone whom Alex had only worked with briefly a couple of times. She was a recent CPA, really bright, and incredibly beautiful in Alex's opinion. Like Courtney, Julie was a blond. But she possessed an absolutely beautiful face, and as nearly a perfect body as Alex had ever seen before. Julie was plain and simply a stunningly beautiful woman, with a perfect face, fantastic breasts, a great ass from what Alex could tell. When Alex got a look at her husband, he was surprised to find that while Mike was a good looking guy, Julie clearly could have done much better if she had wanted to.

Julie was one of the few women Alex had met at the firm over the past four years who caused a stirring in his loins. She was just so damn beautiful that he thought many times to himself that it was a shame that she was married. On the couple of occasions he had worked with Julie, Alex tried his best not to betray his total infatuation with her, or his complete disappointment that she was married. Working with her was both pain and pleasure. He wanted to come onto her in the worst way, but she was married. And yet, even though he knew he had to suppress his excitement about being around her, he still loved working with her, secretly stealing glances at her body, smelling her fragrances. He did a good job of hiding his feelings because Julie had no idea that the extremely hot young man she was working with felt the way he did.

For her part, the first time she set eyes on Alex, Julie was totally taken aback with how very handsome he was. Normally, Julie had no problem working with good looking guys because she was completely used to having them come onto her, even after she got married and wore the large rock her husband had given her. But Alex was different. Although he was Afro-American, he was clearly one of the most physically handsome men she had ever met. From his exceptionally cute face, his not quite shaggy hair, to his remarkably formed physique, Julie found that she had butterflies in her stomach when she was near him. On top of what he looked like, she also found his personal manner to be genuine and charming.

On the two occasions she worked with Alex, Julie found it hard to concentrate. She found herself trying to sneak glances at him when he was not looking. She loved the look of this young black stud, and she found herself fantasizing about what he looked like naked, without his expensive suit, shirt and tie on. However, she would never admit to the other women in the firm who lusted after him, that she too felt her vagina moisten in his presence. Secretly, she was a little puzzled and slightly put off that he seemed not to show even the slightest interest in her. He made no effort to even attempt to flirt.

Today when she saw that he was in the villa next to her, Julie felt a fresh wave of excitement wash through her body, and her abdomen. She knew that she would soon be able to feast her eyes on his body in a swimsuit. She couldn't wait to have her eyes confirm for her what her mind had imagined so many times before. Julie knew that her thoughts were improper for a married woman, but she reasoned that any normal woman would be turned on in the presence of any guy who looked the way Alex did.

Afternoon activities included a half hour meeting for all of the firm's party. An itinerary for the coming three days was reviewed. This included a listing of all "work related lectures", which everyone had to attend. The final five days were totally free time for all to enjoy the island and all it had to offer. Following the meeting, the group divided itself into golfers, those who wanted to play volleyball, or those who just planned to sit around the oceanside bars and drink rum concoctions and relax.

Mike Mathis left Julie with the volleyball group as he joined some of the firm's golfers, including Alex, for an afternoon of golf. As Julie and Mike said goodbye, she felt a thrill tingle through her body as Alex walked by wearing a loose white cotton pullover with its sleeves cut off at the shoulders, revealing beautifully thick biceps; and through the slit of the pullover, she caught a quick glimpse of his incredibly defined right pec. She felt her heart leap as she found herself staring at Alex's body, which already was way more defined and sexy that she had imagined. She knew she had to put these thoughts to the side. However, as she watched Mike and Alex walk toward waiting golf carts, she found herself concentrating on Alex's backside. His broad shoulders and defined triceps were immediately apparent. But now Julie noted his firm buttocks outlined under the loose fitting plaid shorts he wore. And, while she could not really make out Alex's thighs, she noted his beautifully developed calf muscles. She wondered if he had even noticed her as he walked by.

Indeed, Alex had noticed Julie as she and Mike walked about twenty yards ahead of him moments before. Her long and slender legs with their perfect shape were a big turn on for him. But, her beautifully silky blond hair, her shapely and slender body, covered by a thin white cotton two piece beach outfit immediately made her the hottest sight on the beach. But Alex did not want to be seen staring. Before he looked away, he took in the fact that Julie had tied her cotton blouse just above her waist, revealing a taut abdomen with wonderful cleavage just above. He thought he could see what looked like an absolutely tiny navy blue bikini top showing through the white cotton outfit. Alex thought he saw that Julie's bottom was nothing more that a tiny navy blue thong like affair. As he looked away, he felt his loins stir, knowing that Julie was as beautiful as his mind had imagined her to be many times. He doubted that he, or anyone besides Mike, would get to see anymore of Julie than the white cotton two-piece that covered her magnificent body.

As Mike kissed Julie goodbye, Alex noted that he reached around and squeezed her beautiful ass cheek. How Alex would like a shot at doing that. He envied Mike in that instant.

"Did you see him Julie? I have been waiting for three years to see that guy in something other than a suit and tie. He is soooofuckinhot!", Kim said to Julie as she watched Mike and Alex walk toward the golf carts. "I can't believe those shoulders, arms, and that wonderful ass. He is so hot Julie. Not that Mike isn't, but Alex isn't taken, like Mike is." Kim continued.

"Cool your jets, Kim. I wasn't even paying attention. Where is Alex anyway?" Julie pretended to her coworker that she had not even seen Alex. She hoped it worked.

"Open your eyes. He's next to your little cutie, Mike." Kim responded, incredulously.

"Oh, I wasn't even paying attention. Sorry. He is a cutie, isn't he? Maybe you should ask him to join us for a drink later. See if you can make any headway." Julie hoped that Kim would do this. Maybe they would all get a closer look at Alex later that day. Julie knew that Kim might just do it, especially since she talked about Alex a lot. Her stiffest competition in the next few days would be Courtney, and Julie secretly wanted Kim to move fast on Alex, because Julie did not like the thought of the very attractive Courtney getting her claws into Alex. As Julie had this thought, she wondered why she cared. After all she considered, "I am married, so what difference does it make anyway?" The golfers returned late afternoon after three hours in the hot sun that was punctuated by cold drinks. Alex and Mike happened to be in the same foursome, and while Alex was cooling off with ice water, Mike was enjoying rum drinks throughout the round. While Alex had wanted to kick back and relax, he knew that this had to be a mostly sober vacation for himself, while Mike could kick back and truly enjoy all the resort had to offer, including as many rum drinks as he wanted.

Alex made sure that he was in a foursome with at least one partner, wanting to capitalize on the opportunity as much as possible. He also enjoyed Mike's company, finding him to be at once bright, pleasant, with an engaging personality. He learned that Mike was an actuary, and he was already a vice president with his company. Alex thought to himself that Mike was probably in better physical shape five or six years ago when Julie and he met. And, while he was in decent shape now, he had clearly not been a regular at the gym, as Julie most certainly was.

But Alex had to concede that Mike's overall profile, including his natural good looks, even if he was slipping away from being in the best of shape, his easy going personal manner, and his potential for providing an extremely comfortable living for his wife and eventual family, made him a great catch. Alex wondered if he could ever have been competition for Mike, given the fact that he was black, even though he thought to himself that he always had to have a head start on Mike in the looks department. Well, it made no difference, Julie was taken. He hoped he would find someone like Julie when he was ready to make a long-term commitment.

When the golfers arrived back at the resort, most went directly to the bar. Alex was about to as well, but then his eyes caught sight of the volleyball game in progress. To his astonishment, he immediately noted that indeed Julie had removed the two-piece cotton cover up and was now playing the game in an incredibly revealing navy blue top, and almost not existent thong bottom. Alex excused himself from his fellow golfers for a moment to watch the game and enjoy the eye candy Julie, Courtney, and Kim were providing. He grabbed another water at the beachside bar, and joined other game watchers standing in the bright sun. The only thing that spared players and spectators was the strong late afternoon ocean breeze.

The sights were incredible. Alex scanned everyone of his coworkers and decided that hands down, Julie took the prize for most incredible body on the beach. Her tiny top revealed creamy white breasts that were firm, and very full, and so hot to watch. He imagined what it would be like to touch, and suck them. He so envied Mike. The fact that she had removed her cover up puzzled Alex. He didn't think she would do that in the company of her coworkers. It seemed a little risky on her part, given what she was revealing. But, as Alex looked around, he knew of no one who would complain about the women versus men game that was taking place.

At the change of servers, it all became clear to Alex. He saw Julie, Kim, and Courtney all take a quick drink break. And, they were not drinking water. He instantly knew why Julie had doffed her cover up. And Courtney and Kim were pretty much in the same boat. Alex loved watching these three beautiful women with their tits and asses bouncing up and down as they played their hearts out against the men. As the game ended, all of the players adjourned to order more drinks at the Oceanside bar. New teams were being formed, and some of the golfers were being recruited. Courtney spied Alex and insisted that he join her on her new team. Mike and several other golfers were also recruited, and once everyone finished drinks, a new game began.

Courtney, Kim, and Alex were on one team, while Julie and her husband were on the opposition. Alex liked this as he got to look Julie straight on as he played. Looking at her, directly in front of him was awesome. Her breasts were incredible, and the rest of her body was nothing short of fantastic. Now, Mike had joined Julie and the rest of their team. He had peeled off his shirt and applied sunscreen. He didn't seem tipsy at all, but Alex figured that he had to be getting close after drinking most of the afternoon. In terms of his physique, Alex could see that Mike had probably been pretty buffed out at one time, but it was clear that lately he had spent more time lifting beers than anything else lately. Nevertheless, he and Julie still made a handsome couple.

For her part, Julie was feeling just a little tipsy, now that she had had three of the resort's signature drinks. She was puzzled as to why she felt just a little jealous about the fact that Courtney had moved right in and garnered Alex, clearly a strong athlete, for her team. But, Julie was pleased with the vantage she had, looking across the net and seeing Alex's incredible body directly in front of her. He looked so hot. She actually felt her abdomen tingle as she took in his remarkable appearance. His arms were so developed, and his legs looked strong and athletic. His baggy plaid shorts hugged him at his narrow waist but did not allow any hint of what lay underneath, she could only imagine that.

While Julie liked very much what his sleeveless shirt and plaid shorts were revealing of his jacked body, she was hoping that the sun would cause him to get rid of the shirt. At the very moment Julie had that thought, Alex reached down to his waist, grabbed the bottom of his cotton shirt, and pulled it over his head, tossing it to the side near his golf shoes.

Now, in front of her stood a vision she had not imagined. Alex had definition that was just perfect. His upper body was wonderfully lean and absolutely ripped with muscle. His shoulders were remarkably broad, his chiseled pectorals were incredible, his waist was very thin and tightly muscled. The only body hair that was visible on him was a thin line that started just below his naval and traveled downward. The moment she took in Alex shirtless, she was stunned to feel her vagina gush with excitement yet again.

Deep in her mind, she wondered just how wonderful it would feel to lie naked with Alex and feel his firmly muscled body pressed against hers. She tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss his dark lips and to run her hands through his hair, and explore up and down his body. These dark thoughts caused her to gush even more. She was actually afraid that her thong might show a wet patch. As her mind raced, she relaxed a bit when she realized that navy blue would not show much, and she was wet from sweat anyway. Julie attributed her vagina's reaction to seeing Alex partly to the drinks she had had. She would die of embarrassment if Alex noticed.

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