tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJulie's Blossoming

Julie's Blossoming


Few women want the reputation of being a slut, but many secretly long to experience the promiscuity of one, if only once.

To know the boundless liberation of conceding to any and all sexual needs, desires and curiosities without recrimination or guilt.

When Julie graduated and began working for Caster and Cray she was surprised by the attention she received from some of her male co-workers.

She wasn't popular in college because was introverted and seemed to prefer her own company.

Her behavior was primarily due to low self esteem but that didn't translate well to people who didn't take the time to get to know her.

She had never considered herself sexy or overly attractive and wasn't bothered too much by her lack of dating or friends.

She took care of her own sexual needs through masturbation, reasoning that an orgasm by her own hand brought her the same pleasure and relief as by somebody else's.

Her emotional needs languished though and now as an adult, and being openly perused by men, she had a lot to learn.

She liked to get outside during the summer to feel the warmth of the sun.

There was a small park a couple of blocks from the office where she'd go on her lunch hour.

That's where she got to know Warren and Brad who also worked at her office.

Right off she was attracted to Warren who had a certain j'ne sais qoui that sent thrills directly to her clit.

They became something of the three musketeers, doing lunch and sometimes going out night clubbing after work.

The ironic thing about it was for a girl with such a libido the only sex she was getting was in her fantasies.

This changed when Warren was on vacation and Brad got her in bed.

After that Warren seemed to concede that she and Brad were a couple and they seemed to accept it as a fact as well.

Despite the situation with her and Brad she never gave up her fantasies and she masturbated often while imagining having sex with Warren.

But while Warren got her wet, she felt that her heart belonged to Brad.

She had an overactive sex drive but she more or less had kept it within the confines of her imagination.

She often wondered if there was something morally wrong with her because from the age of nine or ten she masturbated daily.

Most of the time having multiple orgasms while fantasizing about men in her life to whom she had no emotional attachment.

The only requisite needed to set her off was that she felt a sexual attraction to them.

Even after falling in love she still maintained her secret life of fantasy and masturbation

Her self indulgence in the pleasures of her body came with a price though.

When she was thirteen, going on fourteen, she was watching TV in the basement with her older brother Daniel who was seventeen.

They got into a quarrel over the remote control and ended up wrestling over it.

At one point he was on back of her, when he wrapped his arms around her reaching for the remote he inadvertently touched one of her budding breasts.

She giggled and held the remote he was reaching for between them.

He kept brushing them with his hands but seemed hesitant to touch them deliberately.

She took his hands and held them against her breasts.

He cupped them in his hands and began to squeeze them as the remote fell unto the sofa.

He pressed his body tight to hers and she felt his excited dick pressing against her ass.

She felt the same ticklish sensation between her thighs that usually preceded masturbation when she was alone.

It was the first sexual awakening within her body caused by the touch of another person.

He crushed his stiffened cock against her and as he became more excited his breathing become heavier and faster.

Needing no encouragement from her anymore he moved his hand down over her belly towards for her pussy.

Without allowing herself time to ponder her own actions she reached behind.

Her trembling, virgin hand timidly made contact with the bulge in his jeans.

Everything was happening too fast and it all seemed surreal.

She was acting on impulse and in spite of knowing it wasn't appropriate she felt powerless to resist.

Paradoxically, being aware that it was improper seemed to stimulate her to want to do it even more.

He pushed his hips forward pressing his denim covered dick into her hand.

She closed her hand over it and squeezed.

With her heart pounding wildly she instinctively tilted her head back towards him with the expectation of being kissed.

She didn't know how far they would have gone if they hadn't heard their mother's footsteps coming down the stairs.

The guilt she felt because of it was not only for allowing it to happen, but because she liked it and wanted it to happen again.

Shortly after their near incestuous liaison Daniel began dating Nicole.

Even though she knew it wasn't right, she felt jealous of Nicole from the beginning.

She used to spy on them when they were necking and petting in the basement.

One time she saw Nicole with Daniel's swollen dick in her hand.

She watched in amazement as Nicole's clenched hand move swiftly up and down the shaft until cream began shooting from the tip and Daniel tried smothering his obvious sounds of pleasure in a pillow.

It was the first time she had seen the real thing, his dick was so big and chunky and she was fascinated by it.

It got her so aroused that for weeks after she masturbated, almost nightly, while pretending it was she who was handling his excited meat.

She had no experience with oral sex but she would suck on her fingers and fantasize about having it in her mouth, wondering how it would taste or how it would feel filling up her mouth.

Another time when their parents were on vacation he and Nicole used his bedroom like it was a motel room.

One evening she hid in the closet of his bedroom to secretly watch them make out.

When they came home they thought they were alone in the house they started before they even got to his bedroom.

By the time they did they were both naked.

They were standing only six or seven feet from where she was hiding when Nicole dropped in front of him and started sucking his cock.

Again she experienced the narcotic blend of jealousy and arousal.

She let her hand wander between her thighs.

She had prepared for this moment, wearing a short skirt and no panties.

Her fingers caressed her primed, overexcited clit.

She felt the juices flow from her and quickly coat her hand.

She wanted to get her self off so bad but her fear of being discovered left her unable to fulfill her strongest desire while watching her brother having his cock sucked.

When he withdrew his throbbing stiff cock from Nicole's mouth Julie's envious eyes were glued to it as it glistened with Nicole's saliva.

He got Nicole to kneel on the bed and slid his big dick into her from behind.

Again she felt cheated; it should be her who he was fucking, her who should be receiving the exquisite pleasure that showed on Nicole's face.

When she was alone she emerged from her hiding place

She knelt on the edge of the bed just as Nicole had done and allowed her imagination to take control.

After relieving her irrepressible deviant craving she collapsed on his bed.

With her face buried in his sheets and her breath coming in gasps the guilt demons came rushing back.

By now she was quite adept at pushing them from her conscious mind and keeping them suppressed.

When that summer gave way to fall Daniel went away to collage.

She did her best to purge her mind of thoughts about illicit sex with him, but every now and then, especially while she slept, they would creep back into her unconscious mind.

Even though she was determined not to act on them, sometimes she did surrender to temptation.

Now that she was older, by all outward appearance she was a normal, well adjusted woman living by the morality instilled in her by a middle class, Christian upbringing.

Though she tried to live that kind of life, she knew she had to keep the secrets that lurked just below the surface of her conscious mind confined.

She usually reasoned away the contradiction by likening it to a person born bisexual or gay, it's not a choice.

Brad had an over active libido as well and, unlike her, was very open about exercising it.

He loved to dream up different scenarios for sex and try to get her involved in them.

Brad often questioned her about whether she had sex with Warren and seemed obsessed with the fact that he'd like them to try a threesome with him.

She didn't acquiesce; although after masturbating many, many times while fantasizing about it she was warming up to the idea.

She told herself that she really wanted to do it for him, but if the truth be known she really, really wanted to do it for her as well.

Her biggest concern was what he would think of her when it was over.

Her second biggest concern was her body, which she thought wasn't particularly sexy because of the extra ten or fifteen pounds she carried.

Even though Brad and Warren were initially attracted to her because of her plump, voluptuous look she wasn't always happy with that look.

The first time Brad got her to slow strip for him he couldn't believe what a turn on it was.

He became adamant about wanting her to do it again for him and Warren.

Although she resisted she really wanted to do it, and after seeing how Brad reacted she felt she was quite good at it.

Brad finally got her to agree for them to meet with Warren for drinks and if nothing happened then that would be the end of it.

Now she found herself in a hotel room with two men, all three of them more than a little high.

She reached for her glass and gulped the wine from it.

She knew what the men were expecting and she needed to bolster her courage.

She hoped it would be sufficient to give her enough nerve to get up from her chair.

When she got to her feet the men fell silent causing her heart to race.

She quickly reached for her glass and held it out to Warren for a refill.

"Nervous?" he asked.

"A little" she lied.

"Would it help if we took our clothes off first?"

She took a sip from her glass and thought about it.

"Yes, I think it would" she confided.

The men quickly undressed and stood before her naked, their cocks in different states of arousal.

Seeing them naked had a strange effect on her, a combination of excitement and disbelief.

Even though she had fantasized about it, never in her wildest dreams, did she believe it would actually happen.

Especially the way she, so quickly, had two naked men in her presence.

She felt like she was having an out of body experience, like it was happening to somebody else and she was witnessing it.

Brad took her hand, placed it on his semi hard dick and kissed her.

She was unsure about what to do concerning Warren.

He came closer to them and, without letting herself think, she reached for his already stiff cock.

Warren squeezed her butt and kissed her neck.

To her astonishment, she was pondering whether she should kiss him or not.

Here she was with his overly excited dick in her hand and was unsure about kissing him.

When Brad broke off his kiss Warren attempted to kiss her.

She didn't resist and accepted his tongue into her mouth.

She felt Brad's cock grow rock hard in her hand as he watched her and Warren necking and fondling each other.

Brad was overcome by strong emotions he'd never experienced before.

Watching her make out with his friend induced a combination of erotic rapture with sharp pangs of jealousy.

It was a bitter sweet emotion which totally enthralled him.

He had never wittiness anything so sexually stimulating yet so emotionally excruciating.

The mixture was like a hypnotic elixir to which he was instantly addicted.

Warren broke the spell Brad was under when he said to Julie "show time."

They sat down while she went to the middle of the room.

One more swig of wine and she got ready to start.

Now that the ice had been broken she wasn't as nervous as before but still self-conscious about her body.

She wasn't fat by any means but she was overweight.

Both Brad and Warren had told her that they preferred women with a little extra padding, and she believed them, but that did little to allay her being ill at ease with it.

She smiled bravely as she unbuttoned her skirt.

She still had a hard time believing that she was about to undress for two men.

She was extra excited by it but still nervous.

The men being naked and aroused did help.

Her anxiety didn't stop her from pushing her skirt down and stepping out of it.

Warren saw her plump sexy thighs for the first time and let out a horny groan.

She was encouraged by their vocal reactions, but their swollen cocks were the silent supporters that most made her feel sexy and bold.

Just the realization that she had the ability to swell their cocks with such lusty desire had her pussy flowing.

She folded her skirt neatly and draped it over the arm of the sofa.

She wasn't sure if it was the wine but she was much more at ease now and in a playful, teasing mood.

Now it had become fun, she was even playfully caressing her tits and touching her pussy, something she never envisioned herself doing.

She now felt like the sex loving loose woman that she had kept hidden inside her all of her life.

The biggest surprise of all was that, like the incident with her brother when she was thirteen; she liked it and was really turned on by performing for the men.

Next she preformed a neat trick, removing her bra through the arm of her blouse.

This took a little longer than she'd planned and while Brad was content to sit and watch the performance Warren was out of his chair and grabbing her at every opportunity.

When she got it off she held it up for them to see, bringing applause from them.

She tossed it on the bed and Warren immediately picked it up and covered his face with it.

Next to come off was her pantyhose and when she bent over to remove them Warren sidled up behind her.

He massaged her ass which she tolerated but before she knew what was happening he pushed her panties aside and shoved his cock into her.

She enjoyed a few pokes then pulled away from him leaving him with his cock wet with her juices.

She scolded him, telling him, as she shook her finger at him, that he would have to wait for the fun part.

Brad was turned on by it all and stroked his cock, but made no attempt to get up.

She lightheartedly pointed out his civil behavior to Warren and said that Brad should be rewarded.

She walked over to where he was sitting, bent over and gave his cock a few sucks.

Warren cried foul so she gave Brad a couple more.

She got back to her stripping and was down to her blouse and panties.

She pulled up her blouse to show them her black panties causing them to work their cocks.

She mischievously tugged at the panties and asked if they wanted them.

Conceding to their pleas she slipped them off and tossed them to Brad.

He wrapped them around his horny dick and continued his jerking.

She posed for them in her last article of clothing, her blouse, teasingly pulling it up and allowing them fleeting glimpses of the lush black hair which adorned her pussy.

Warren asked impatiently if it was time for the fun part yet.

She told him to be patient and began unbuttoning her blouse.

To the disappointment of the men, she walked off to the bathroom without warning.

They were more than pleased by what they saw when she returned.

She was still wearing the blouse but she had only one button fastened.

It was open almost down to her navel affording them a sexy view of most of her tits.

Her tits were big and round with nipples that looked like they'd pop through her blouse.

She sat on the sofa and spread her legs; unfortunately for the men her pussy was hidden by the tail of the blouse.

She looked at them stroking their hard dicks and smiled as if to say 'it won't be much longer.'

She loved watching them jerk on their stiff cocks.

It wasn't so much a visual stimulus but more a psychological one.

The fact that they were stiff because of her made her feel very sexy.

And the anticipation of being pleasured by them made her very horny.

She reclined back onto the sofa, her legs still spread, and her pussy still not visible.

She raised one of her feet from the floor and planted it on the sofa.

Her bold move elicited horny yells of approval from the men.

Next she pulled her blouse up exposing her lusty pussy, and then pointed to it.

To the men that meant come and get it and that's exactly what they did.

Out of patience and overcome by lust they rushed towards her.

Because of her teasing she was as hot as they were and welcomed them with open arms, open legs and open mouth.

Warren dropped between her soft, fleshy thighs and ravenously ate her pussy, enjoying the rich heady taste only an extremely aroused pussy produced.

When he kissed her later she would discover the spicy taste of her own excitement form his lips.

Brad jumped upon the sofa and pressed his cock to her lips which she sucked with horny delight.

After a while he withdrew his dick from her mouth and bent over to kiss her.

The sensation of feeling Warren's hot wet tongue between her pussy lips and Brad's swirling in her mouth was beyond anything she could even imagine.

She owed her first orgasm of the evening to those tongues.

Her slow strip tease and that final sexy pose had the men hyper horny.

And to her elation they lustily sucked and fucked her to numerous other gratifying orgasms before cumming themselves.

After a quick shower Julie joins the men again who already have wine poured for her.

While sipping their wine they chit chatted as if they had just met at a bar, even though the men are still naked.

She was wearing shoes and had put her black blouse back on but didn't button it.

An hour earlier that would have had the men all over her.

There was a porno flick playing on the TV but was pretty well ignored, she'd glance at it every now and then.

By the time she was half way through her second glass everyone was paying more attention to the porno flick and less to chatting.

She was slowly getting aroused and nearing the point where she was ready for more action.

She checked for clues that the men might be ready also.

When Warren got up to refill their glasses she thought his cock was looking semi hard again.

The thought of shocking the men by asking "who wants to fuck me" sent a thrill right to her clit.

She knew Brad would especially love it but she didn't have the courage to verbalize it.

Instead she looked at Warren's dick and said "You look like you're ready to go again."

Just being bold enough to say that sent shivers through her because she felt like she was instigating another round of sex.

It worked.

She felt her arousal mount as he walked towards her, his dick becoming visibly more swollen now.

It was a different kind of excitement than she felt earlier when she was with both of them.

More personal, more like the excitement of a first time encounter.

Brad remained in his chair and ashamedly, way down deep, she hoped he would

She felt like a bad girl, about to have sex with someone she knew she shouldn't.

Even in the over heated throes of her passion she couldn't believe the feelings that were taking her over.

It wasn't the thought of having sex with Warren that turned her on so much but the fact that she wanted to so much.

"See if you can inflate it by blowing into it." Warren said.

After they all stopped laughing she looked towards Brad to see if it was ok with him.

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