tagLoving WivesJust a Few Pics

Just a Few Pics


Chapter One - While It's Not Too Late

My wife (Elizabeth) and I had married young and were relatively inexperienced. As the years unfurled we discovered the wonder of sex with a truly loving partner and our union gave us two wonderful healthy children.

As middle age approached I began to experience physical problems which began to make lovemaking a frustrating and embarrassing affair. The spirit was as willing as ever but the flesh... you know the story - one day it would stand up the next not. My ever-loving wife tried all the tricks she could and the sight of my wife dressed in beautiful black lingerie using a vibrator on herself will stay with me till the end of my days!

I began to notice that only by fantasising about my wife with other men could I realise the kind of erections I had as a young man. At first I found this disturbing but having discovered the internet I began to realise that my fantasy was not uncommon. In fact if I hadn't known better I would have said lots of website builders had actually climbed into my head and created sites specifically for my enjoyment.

I have a very honest relationship with my wife so I began to edge around the subject with her to gauge her reaction.

At first she rejected it out of hand but I noticed after talking for some time about the possibilities she was always very moist and was the first to admit that being as I had been her only partner it would be nice to try someone else, before it was too late!

Her ideal partner was Johnny Depp apparently but I had to let her down gently to the fact that as far as I knew he didn't frequent the kind of website I had targeted for our little adventure.

I had been visiting a swingers website for some time marvelling at the huge amount of people involved in the 'lifestyle' and how much they all seemed to enjoy the whole ambience of partner swapping and a lot of other very interesting activities.

We tentatively placed an ad along the lines of middle-aged couple with no experience who would like to meet easy-going males or couples with a view to meeting socially and hopefully more.

The response was amazing, within a week about 20 men and several couples had answered all of whom seemed to fit the bill!

We finally decided on a man named Bill who was middle-aged like ourselves and judging by his attached pic a very healthy and well-endowed guy.

He had put his mobile phone number in his reply so I tentatively called him (my heart was threatening to come out of my shirt as I punched in the numbers), but straight away he put me at ease and I could tell he had done this before.

We agreed to meet in a local bar which had a Travel Lodge attached (just in case!).

On the night of our liaison my wife needed several large glasses of red wine to steady her nerves but I had to say when she had got dressed in her lingerie finished off with a beautiful wrap-round dress and black stilettoes she looked asbsolutely stunning.

We entered the bar and spotted Bill immediately (a copy of The Times under his arm believe it or not!). After introductions we sat down and had a couple more drinks and I could see Elizabeth was quite attracted to Bill - and vice versa.

After an hour or two I could see them edging closer and Bill's hand slowly edging it way up from my wife's knee making its way inside the wrap of her dress.

He looked at me enquiringly but after glancing at Elizabeth's face I knew immediately there was no turning back.

I got up and said I would go next door to the Travel Lodge and book a room and return when I knew the room number.

When I walked back into the bar there was my wife giving Bill a rather intimate kiss (considering they had only met two hours before) and I felt as if I was intruding as I leaned over and told them the room number.

Elizabeth got up and took the key telling us to give her 20 minutes and then come to the room.

Bill took time to put me at ease saying he respected any limits Elizabeth and I wanted to impose and even created a 'safe word' which when uttered would immediately stop whatever was occurring at that time (God he really was experienced!).

So 20 minutes later I unsteadily got to my feet and followed Bill back to the Travel Lodge. When we entered our room the air was heavily scented and Elizabeth had had a moment of inspiration and ordered an adult movie which was playing on the TV.

It was easy to comment on the writhing couples on the screen and proved a real ice-breaker as we both sat on the bed either side of Elizabeth. She kissed us both and immediately uzipped us and lo and behold I had the biggest erection I had known for about five years... wunderbar!

Bill was indeed rather well endowed and Elizabeth seemed mesmerised by it and within seconds she lowered her head and took the bulbous head between her lips.

Bill sighed and winked at me motioning me to get behind my wife.

So my fantasy was coming true I slid effortlessly into her and she murmured softly as she sucked enthusiastically on Bill's erection.

The only time the safe word was uttered was when Bill attempted to put his cock in my wife's arse, something we had never done as a couple and something my wife was definitely not ready for!

Bill, gentleman as ever, immediately apologised and the next few hours was spent in a wonderland of sex and laughter involving several orgasms and the taking of about 100 pix on my new digital camera.

We finally fell asleep and in the morning Bill had conveniently disappeared (very diplomatic I thought) but worryingly so had my camera.

Elizabeth and I made our way home both very pleased with how it had gone. Sex for the next couple of days was fantastic as we relived our experience and waited for Bill to contact us with a view to a repeat performance but on the third day our euphoria evaporated with the arrival of a brown envelope amongst the usual plethora of bills and junk mail.

It contained an a4 print of Elizabeth on her knees looking directly at the camera with Bill's engorged cock planted firmly between her lips, a large drop of spunk running from the corner of her mouth and dripping from her chin. There was a curt note included it read: Your attendance is required at the headquarters of Bill Gatsby Enterprises. Please be there at 10am tomorrow to discover how your lives are about to take a different turn...


Chapter Two - Welcome to the Digital Age!

We both looked at the picture in horror! When it was taken I had been absolutely overwhelmed with love for my wife as she enthusiastically acted out my fantasy and seemed to be really enjoying it herself, but now in the cold light of day it filled us both with dread.

Whatever Bill had in store for us it wasn't going to be a joint decision. He held all the cards as it were and we felt powerless and not a little nervous.

So next day at the appointed time we made our way to the City and were amazed to find Mr Gatsby's company actually filled a whole building. A huge bronze sign over the main entrance read: Welcome to Gatsby Enterprises.

We made ourselves known to the front desk and were told we were expected and to make our way to the penthouse suite where Mr Gatsby was waiting for us.

The elevator silently lifted us skywards but I think the butterflies in my stomach were already there and it was all I could do not to throw up as the doors opened onto a huge suite.

Bill was sitting behind a beautiful antique desk at the back of the room. He beckoned to us but I noticed he didn't bother to get up to greet us but casually opened a draw and withdrew a large manilla envelope and placed on his desk between us.

'Hi Elizabeth, hi Charles, it's good to see you again', he said. 'Please don't be nervous, I won't bite... not yet anyway,' and then he laughed and shook his head with glee.

'Oh by the way here is your camera, Charles, it's a nice model the pictures were exceptionally clear.'

I grabbed the camera and quickly checked the hard disc. Relief, all the pix had been erased.

'Yes, I erased them for you, but not before I copied them onto several cds. Oh and I printed a set for your records.' He pushed the manilla envelope towards me, I looked inside and wasn't surprised to see a complete set of pics and Bill was right, the quality was excellent there was no mistaking who and what was going on in them.

When I thought back I had taken most of them and the rest had been taken using the time delay facility. So basically there were a 100 pics of Elizabeth in various states of sexual arousal. From posing in her lingerie at the beginning of the evening to naked and dishevelled at the end; with quite a few of cocks in various states of arousal in between. Altogether a veritable blackmailer's dream come true.

I gave Bill a helpless look and waited to hear our fate.

'Now I am a reasonable man,' he began. 'I wouldn't wish to cause any embarrassment of awkwardness that would occur if these pics got into the wrong hands so I hope you will hear me out and think rationally about the alternatives.

'I run a large company and I often have to entertain clients to encourage them to invest with me. This can be a time consuming and expensive business. Now occasionally these clients ask for special favours and I do my best to oblige.'

He turned to Elizabeth: 'Now my dear you are a very attractive woman and as you showed last night a very sexual person. What I propose is that occasionally, and I mean occasionally, I would like to enlist your help in "oiling the wheels" as it were. Just a little wining and dining, making my clients feel at home and comfortable. The day before I will send a package containing clothes, jewellery etc that you should wear and send a car to pick you up at a specified time. Charles you are quite welcome to accompany Elizabeth but be ready to wait for a long time, quite possibly till the next day.

'So there is my initial proposal, you can discuss it if you like but to be honest I will be very upset if you disagree and I don't think you want to upset me.' He thumbed the envelope and smiled.

'I have to go to a meeting now, I will be back in 10 minutes, have your answer ready.'

When the door closed Elizabeth began sobbing quietly, 'What does he want me to do? I am not happy going without you.'

'Don't worry, I will come with you darling, I'm sure he just wants you to be charming and beautiful as you always are,' I said, trying to sound as normal as possible.

Inside I was quaking, my God he wants to use my wife as an escort. But what could I do? He had the pics, we had to go along with him, at least for now.

When he returned we said we agreed to his plan but that I would go along as a chaperone. Bill thought for a moment: 'Not as a chaperone, Elizabeth will be with me, you will be able to wait nearby, but that's all.'

'No you can go, I will contact you soon, but before you go I want to talk to Elizabeth alone for a moment, please wait outside.'

He pointed to a door I had not seen before which led to a large living room. I flopped own into a large sofa just behind the door and took a deep breath.

It was very quiet but I could hear Bill talking quietly and then after a couple of minutes a strange slurping sound accompanied by a low groaning. The groaning got louder and louder till finally Bill's voice became plain to hear:

'Oh I'm coming, suck it Elizabeth, suck it!'

A couple of minutes later Elizabeth emerged looking flushed. We walked to another lift and got in. I was not sure whether to look at her, but as we got to the ground floor I glanced across just in time to see a large blob of spunk sitting on her blouse. I quickly wiped it off just as the lift opened and we emerged into the sunlight and made our way home silently.

Altogether an amazing morning, but the most disconcerting sensation I was feeling, and had for an hour or so, was the most enormous hard-on which was threatening to explode from my jeans as I tried to walk normally!

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