tagIncest/TabooJust Like Her Mom.

Just Like Her Mom.


"Why not?" Conrad said as his cock sank into his daughter's pussy.

The question he was asking was, why not fuck his own little girl. He had just as much right as the next guy to have a taste of her hot 18 year old cunt, maybe more.

But how did it all start? Because at the start of the day he was faithful and content to fuck his – still admittedly hot – wife of 22 years.

It started like all things do sort of without even thinking it was starting, Conrad Hart was a nice respectable man with a pretty good life, Conrad had two nice kids: his boy Paul, a junior in college, and his apple of his eye, his baby girl Clarissa just turned 18 and almost out the door for college herself next year. He also had his sweet sexy wife, Jennifer – Jenny for short – and they had a wonderful life still filled with plenty of hot sex, and all the other lovey dovey perks that come with it.

Conrad and his wife filled their romantic time you see, with fucking............that's right, not love making.........FUCKING!!

It isn't that they were not in love, oh yes they were. But they both loved it rough and hard and dirty................the filthier the better Jenny always said to him, as he pounded her in her cunt, or just as often in her tight asshole.

Looking back what was it then that brought him to the point of slamming his shaft deep into his special little girl Clarissa.............Punkin as he mostly called her.

It started earlier that day, when instead of going to work straight from home for that afternoon meeting and his few hours running the office, got a craving for a burger. He normally ate his breakfast or in the case of a late day like today, his lunch at home before leaving. But today he ran out and as he waved to his little Punkin, Clarissa, herself on her way out to meet her school friend Sharon for cheer practice, he found himself looking at her small near perfect ass sway down the block and felt a sting of sadness. Not sadness that he was going to work or had missed lunch but that here he was, 44 years old and soon his daughter would be gone. Off to college just like Paul she planned to stay in the dorms. Conrad sighed, "Oh crap, why is she growing up? Please honey stay home with daddy." Maybe it was melancholy, maybe wanting to feel young again – be twenty six again and holding his infant daughter – whatever it was he found himself thinking about taking the kids and his wife to Cappy's.

Cappy's was a dive, not a nice family restaurant but his kids loved it and before the kids he took Jenny there after class many a day, when they were dating. Conrad looked at his watch, saw he had no time to stop, and didn't give a shit. So he called work and said he had a family emergency; parked the car and went inside sliding into a booth ordering the usual: burger fries, and coke. Ahhh yes, a man needs a meal from his youth when he feels old.

As he began to devour his huge burger he surveyed the surroundings and thought, things look very much like always don't they. Boy's and girl's from the local high schools cutting class, moms and their kids have lunch before going to shop at the nearby mall. It was all just like always.

"Yeah, yeah, you bet it was great. Man what a fucking mouth this girl had. My dick felt incredible." Conrad's ears pricked up at this series of sentences. He realized he was hearing the three boys behind him, obviously talking about some local high school tramp.

He always wondered how one girl could be so good and respectful and sweet like his Clarissa, and sitting right next to her in class, the next girl – most likely from the same background – might be the school tease, or even its slut. Conrad Hill felt his cock stir thinking about some hot teen slut with her mouth jammed down on one of these boys' cocks.

Then he heard this: "Really? Man what a lucky shit you are Billy, who is she?"

"Clarissa Hill"

"Oh man! That girl is so hot, but she is such a tight ass, how did you get her to suck your dick? I mean she don't even date, boys," the kid chuckled. "Shit we thought she was a dyke."

Conrad's chest tightened as he listened to the teenagers talk. My girl? How can it be he thought, as he continued to listen his burger now in its plate.

"Well she ain't a dyke that's for sure," the lucky blow-job recipient said.

"Did she let you fuck her?" a third boy said.

"No the bitch told me she was – get this – saving her cherry for true love."

"Fuck no!"

"Yes she did...........she actually said she is saving her virginity for her true love. But here's the real deal. I found out she doesn't date at school but she sucks lots of cock. She's a fucking slut, just not at school, I my friends are the lucky first at school."

The boys hooted and laughed, then calmed down and continued to listen.

"She picks up guys around the college and sucks them off; sometimes she takes a guy in an alley and blows him. She loves it in her mouth but get this she usually pulls it out and sprays it over her face too."

Conrad sat with his face white. Another voice – the second boy said, "What a cum slut piece of shit man, and to think I thought she was little miss prim and proper."

"That's enough!" Conrad stood looking down at the three high school boys. His angry face and tone of voice told the boys, who were about to tell him to buzz off, that this guy wasn't someone to mess with right now.

"Do you scumbags know that this girl you guys are talking about is someone's fucking daughter? Someday you jackasses might have one. Keep it in mind." As he turned around he stopped at the counter and paid for his food and left, leaving behind the three dumbfounded kids in their booth.

Conrad never went to work but rather drove back to his house and found a note from his wife; it said she wouldn't be back until late tonight maybe after midnight, because her mom wasn't feeling great and she was going to stay with her until her brother got a home attendant to come for the night. He said it wouldn't be until late evening, she wrote in her note. Jenny asked if he could get something delivered for him and Clarissa tonight.

Conrad Hill looked at the pictures in the living room of his daughter; they ranged in age from infancy until her fairly recent 18th birthday party. How in the world this could be, Conrad thought to himself, that she could become a dirty joke among boys at school. How does my little girl become a fucking dirty back alley cocksucker, how? Hearing the door slam he was snapped back to reality, he glanced at the clock and saw it was already 5:00. "Daddy? Mommy? You guys here. Oh, hi Daddy, where's Mommy?" Conrad stared at his daughter and could only picture her on her knees in an alley. He felt his penis stir in his pants, and his stomach clench as soon as he felt it and knew he found it a turn on to think about, a turn on, but also a horrible disappointment to him.

"Daddy what's wrong," Clarissa said, her voice trembling.

"Momma is at grand's she won't be back 'til late"

"Okay, but Daddy is everything else a-alright?"

Conrad looked at his daughter, and thought, look at her. And look he did, and she was hot, very hot, as hot as her mom. She had long red hair and full lips. Her hips weren't wide but they fit her height perfectly, and her legs in her short cheer outfit were not long but were just gorgeous, the shape amazing, just like her mother's.

"Do you have anything you want to tell me Clarissa?" Conrad spoke firmly using a tone he had rarely used on his daughter even when she was little.

Clarissa shook a little and found she couldn't stop shaking, and said, "What do you mean Daddy....sir?"

Suddenly her fathers hand flicked out and she almost heard it before she felt it; a sound like a slap, and then she realized her father had hit her. For the first time since she was.............she couldn't even remember when, her daddy had hit her.

Clarissa's face blossomed in pain, as the shock wore off. Tears began to form and she burst out in a torrent of them.

"Oowww, Daddy what did I do?"

SMACK!! SMACK!! Twice more her fathers hand lashed out across her face red marks forming, and Clarissa stepped back and fell into the chair behind her, with her skirt high and her legs splayed wide. Conrad looked at his daughters open legs and her exposed panties, they were white and virginal looking.

Conrad felt his own hand throb, and just like that knew he had hit his daughter; almost at once he fell to his knees in front of her and tried to grab her in his arms, tell her he was sorry. But she pulled back crying out to him, "Please Daddy please, don't hit me anymore please!"

'No baby, Daddy is so sorry. He didn't mean it I lost my temper."

"But Daddy why?" she said, and then, Clarissa's eyes went wide.

"Oh no Daddy you know about......" Conrad nodded.

His daughters' whole body, Conrad saw, began to shake and she started to sob louder than ever. She cried out, "I am so sorry daddy, I don't know why I do those things I just can't h-h-help i-it"

"But what do you mean angel?" Conrad said softly. "What can't you help?"

Clarissa looked up at her father and sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

"I just well have.......you know.......it's embarrassing Daddy." Clarissa looked down at her feet. "I have these feelings and I try not to give in but I can't stop it, I feel like I need you know, sex." The teen's hands pressed together as she spoke.

"I used to be able to feel better by playing with my pus – my vagina – Daddy, but after a while I would feel like I needed sex all the time and I figured maybe I was like Mommy is."

"What do you mean honey like Mommy," said Conrad.

'You know a n-nympho."

Conrad stood and laughed and pulled his daughter to her feet. "Honey what are you talking about? Mommy just likes to well, make love is all."

Clarissa's eyes tilted up to her daddy's. She pressed her chin into his chest and held on tight; Conrad could feel his daughter's soft young breasts pressing to him.

"But Mommy told me she was you know, a nympho and that she can't do without your........" Clarissa shivered with embarrassment.

"My cock honey?" Conrad felt his cock shift as it pressed into his daughter's tummy.

"Yes Daddy, she said she always needed sex so bad, but she never let on. She told me when I talked to her about it, that she always has to struggle to be faithful, but she is because she loves you so so much. She said that.............it's good.........oh Daddy......she said if you didn't fuck her so good she wouldn't know what to do.

I asked her what to do and she said I had to find a boy who could help me feel satisfied, but it should be someone I love.

"But Daddy, I don't like any boy's I go to school with, so I thought maybe I could just do it with anyone, but I couldn't. So I would you know do that other thing, and it would make me feel so sexy that I would play with my pussy and think of what a slutty thing I did, and I would cum hard. So very hard, Daddy."

Conrad listened to his daughter and ran his hands up and down her spine and felt her shiver and pull harder to him.

In his fog and arousal he thought, why not Clarissa? If his wife is a slut at heart, and still his sweet lover and the mother of his children, then why not his daughter. Slut or no she was still his little girl, and he now felt hard and stiff and knew where it was going, and what he thought his baby girl really wanted to say.

"Do you want Daddy to fuck you baby?" Conrad held his finger under her chin so she had to look in his eyes.

"Yes Daddy."

"Do you want to be Daddy's fucking little slut?" Conrad used the language he would use on her mother to see if, indeed she was like her mom.

"Yes please, Daddy," she gasped. "Make me a slut for you"

Conrad grabbed his baby girls' arms and turned her roughly so her back was to him, and closed his hands over her small tits. He squeezed hard making her gasp in pain, but also in pleasure. "Oh Daddy, yes............oh hurt me Daddy I am bad please Daddy, fuck me Daddy, I saved my cherry for you Daddy. I knew you would be the first"

"You did, baby? A slut like you and you saved your cherry," Conrad said in a stern fatherly, but somewhat contemptuous voice. "I find it hard to believe that."

Clarissa shook and reddened with embarrassment. "It's true Daddy, I did I saved it for you," Clarissa whined in a little girl voice like she did as a child, or when she wanted to manipulate her father.

Conrad wasn't falling for it and if she wanted to be treated like her mom was then he would show her how to be a man's fuck toy. Conrad also found himself wondering about his wife, Jenny; how she had told their daughter such things knowing that - at least from the things Clarissa had said she would be turning their little girl into a total cum-slut to be. He knew he would have to confront her, but right now, he had his little girl to take care of. His daughters ass, firm and rounded ground against his cock and he knew she was going to get more than one load of cum both in her and on her today.

He roughly grabbed his daughters hair and began to pull her by it to the couch and bent her forward over it, and then flipped her skirt up over her hips with his over hand and tore at her thin cotton panties, they began to shred under his assault. All the while Clarissa whimpered and cried at the pain coming from her hair being pulled, and then moaned a little as her own father exposed her tight ass. Even when she was behaving like a common street whore, sucking men's cocks in back alleys. She had never let them see her body or manhandle her like this. But now she felt her juices begin to flow and her pussy start to leak, it both excited her and caused her to be mortified to know her daddy could probably see her now wet and soaked cunt. She felt her juices dripping down her inner thighs.

Conrad saw how wet his little girl was and saw red, he thought, "What a fucking tramp," he said, and then realized he had said it out loud causing his daughter to shake and cry louder.

"You are a fucking little whore aren't you?"

Conrad punctuated his words this time by bringing his hand down across his daughters' smooth teenage ass.


"You piece of shit twat, my own little angel a fucking back alley cock sucking whore."


Clarissa couldn't remember being more humiliated............... or more turned on in her life. It was, for her as if a light bulb had gone on and she was alive at last. Awake for the first time. She had sucked cocks but this was something else. Daddy was punishing her; calling her names treating her like she was just another cunt. She couldn't figure out why this was a dream, but it was. Clarissa's cunt was burning as her father spit out one obscenity after another and followed it with a vicious slap at her ass.

She could feel her ass burning and also knew that he was hitting it hard enough to bruise as well. Clarissa wallowed in the punishment, and didn't care how much it hurt.

Conrad was in flame, his cock hard about to rip out of his pants, it almost hurt it was so hard. He thought he wished his wife were here so he could slap her for helping to turn his punkin into a whore............. yes he would spank her too............ later.

"You like this don't you, you fucking whore?" he said to his moaning daughter.

"Yes Daddy, yes!" Clarissa groaned as her daddy ran his hand over her abused ass cheeks.

Conrad pulled her to her feet turned her and ripped her sweater and button down shirt open and tore at her small bra.

"Get this shit off!"

He pulled and tugged as his daughter stood passive until she was naked as a newborn. He stood back and looked at her and pointed to the floor in front of him and said, "On your fucking knees you cunt."

Clarissa dropped quickly and put her hands behind her back, knowing instinctually that her daddy would want this. She knew she was right when she raised her tear stained face to see him smile and nod.

"What a good little slut you are. You know how to submit; you are just like momma aren't you after all?"

Clarissa's father undid his pants and dropped them to the floor and kicked them away from himself. He looked down and suddenly smacked his daughter on her cheek.

"Did I ask you a question? When your father asks you something you answer young lady. Fucking cunt hole bitch. I hope you understand me now!"

Clarissa thought back and suddenly said, "Yes sir I am like Mommy, I am I'm a slut a whore, a fucking fuck toy!"

Conrad smiled at his beloved little angel and said, "Now suck on your daddy's cock like a good slut."

Clarissa went right to work on his shaft taking it in her mouth deeply on the first try. Her mouth sucked loudly and wetly.

Conrad loved wet dripping blowjobs, the more messy the better. His daughters chin already was covered in spit and drool as her blonde head bobbed over her fathers cock.

"Good girl you suck cock so good you fucking little whore. You take after mom in so much, you fucking cunt."

Conrad grabbed his daughter's head and began to fuck her mouth hard, harder maybe than he ever had fucked her mom's face. He rammed his slut daughters face like it was a cunt slamming his cock into her throat; he heard her gag and couldn't care less he realized. She was no longer his daughter just another hole to fuck, and after 22 years of marriage he had not had another hole in a long time.

Clarissa kept her eyes looking up at her daddy, like she knew in her heart he would want it. As her daddy pushed his thick cock – all 8 inches of it - into her throat she struggled to breath, but never tried to get her daddy to stop. Being a good girl; a good slut, was paramount to her at this moment.

Conrad watched drool drip down his daughters chest and onto her thighs as he fucked her face more and more violently. He felt his cum rising and eased up and fucked her throat more slowly, but no less deep. Clarissa moaned, "hhmmphtmmm .......... mmmm," as he fucked her face.

"Oh, oh Daddy's gonna............. cum soon.......... get r-ready. Get ready to suck it down you fucking slutty whore."

His cum began to rise; Conrad's cock pulsed, and as it throbbed in her mouth Clarissa moaned loudly as her wet mouth was filled up.

"AHHHHH.............. YESSSS............. DADDY'S CUMMMMINNNGGGG!!!!!"

Clarissa gulped and swallowed over and over trying to smile up at her daddy as she did but gagging somewhat on his sticky load. Cum leaked out the corners of her mouth as she could not swallow it all as it came out.

"AAAHHHHHH," Conrad sighed as his cock slowly deflated and he pulled it from his little girls' 18 year old mouth. He looked down at his daughter as she smiled up at him and tried to scoop as much spunk as she could up into her mouth with her fingers.

"Mmmmm Daddy, it's so so very yummy," she said as she licked and cleaned his cock head next.

Conrad petted his daughters hair gently now and cooed to her, "You did such a good job for Daddy, and he is very proud of his little girl."

Clarissa found her body to be buzzing with happiness, and pain, and love, and humiliation. She felt both hurt by her Daddy's abusive words earlier and deeply in love with him all at once, and she found it all rather confusing, not at all like mommy described it, but still good and exciting.

Clarissa felt herself being lifted by her hair. Daddy had a handful and was lifting her from the floor, so as she felt this she put her feet and knees to work and lifted her weight herself, thus easing the strain and the pain from the hair pulling.

"Now Daddy is going to fuck that slutty box and take that cherry with his big daddy cock," Conrad said as she got to her feet. "Would you like that?"

"Yes Daddy," Clarissa said meekly as she thought she should to please her father, and indeed it did as she was rewarded with a big smile and a not un-gentle pat on her cheek.

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