tagInterracial LoveKali Opens Up Ch. 01

Kali Opens Up Ch. 01


Kali Cardano drives home in her mini van after a stressful day at work thinking about all the household chores she will be burdened with when she arrives. "At least the kids will be with my parents," she thinks to herself.

Being a pretty thirty-two year old woman in the sales field leaves her to deal with too many, demanding, middle aged men and sends her home mentally exhausted everyday.

"Where are the kids," her husband Michael asked, annoying her just hearing his voice.

"They're at my parents," she replied in her raspy annoyed voice.

Michael sat in his recliner watching his wifes ass as she walked past him in a fast pace trying to hurry and get things done before she had to pick the kids up. Even after eight years of marriage he still couldn't keep his eyes or hands off her body. He sits and wishes she would dress more sexy.

Her firm breast were nice but he loved her defined calf muscles, her thick thighs, and especially the way her ass stuck out from the small of her back. She can credit all these feature to her years of gymnastics and cheerleading in high school and college. Michael sat and thought to himself how he loved almost everything about his wife's physical appearance. "We should get it on real quick," he said to her.

She turned her head quickly to look at him making her straight brown hair swing out from her head. Her usual puppy dog brown eyes burned with rage as she looked at him. Her lightly freckled face scrunched with anger and disgust. "No, is that all you ever think about," she answered in her usual annoyed tone.

"Ya, it would be nice to get a little once in a while," he quickly answered back. He sat and thought to himself she couldn't really be as uptight about sex as she always acted to be. "then again, it's been this way for their entire marriage," he thought to himself.

After Kali left to get the kids Michael was left once again to resort to the Internet to quench his desires. He masturbated to images, movies, and stories of white woman being used by hung black men. He has always had a desire for this type of pornography but knew his wife would never understand let alone do anything like it. He always imagined the woman in the videos were Kali and when a husband was involved he imagined it were him. It always got him off seeing these white woman being stretched and dominated by large black males.

Michael and Kali lie in bed watching television. She reaches for him and starts rubbing his crotch making him erect. After removing just their pants she climbs on top of him and routinely begins to ride him. Unenthused by this routine sex he became flaccid making her angry, confused, and hurt. "What's wrong with you? Don't I turn you on? Is it me?" she asks him almost suggesting it's the couple pounds she has put on since they first started dating. "This is like the tenth time this happened!"

"It's not you physically, Kali, it's just the whole routine of it. Don't you ever get bored with the same old thing all the time? I bought you a toy you used it for two minutes, I got you sexy cloths you refuse to put them on, you get irritated every time I bring up sex, and insist you don't have any fantasies when I ask you what they are.

"I don't have time to fantasize," she said once again annoyed. "I don't understand why I have to dress and act like a SLUT to make my husband hard!" she fired at him. "And that dildo you bought me is to f'n huge!" She rolled over a drifted off to sleep not speaking to her husband for days.

"The kids are in bed, so I'm going to get a shower," Kali said to her husband, breaking the silence.

"OK" was his only reply.

Sitting in his recliner Michael watched his wife walk through the living room wrapped in a towel, fresh out of the shower. Never learning his lesson he said, "why don't you put on something sexy," knowing it was a lost cause that would surely start a fight.

When She returned into the living room she was wearing a thin see thru lingerie top and a matching g-string. Her outfit was topped off with a pair of high heels. Michael sat amazed staring at his sexy wife as she walked past him to pour them both a glass of wine. She didn't get mad when he walked behind her feeling her plump ass with both hands. He was even more shocked when she allowed him to take a picture of it with his cell phone and even bent over the kitchen counter for a second picture.

They drank wine and watched a show on tv where a girl made a joke about the rumors about black guys. "Do you think that's true?" Kali asked him.

It turned him on immediately and he wasn't about to let an opportunity like this pass without at least painting a picture in his wife's mind. Without trying to seem overly excited he replied "I don't know about all, but I can tell you when i was an equipment manager in college a couple of the black guys on the football team had dicks that were huge and swung between their legs." "Do you wanna see for yourself on the Internet?"

They sat at the computer and he started searching for pictures of hung black guys as Kali looked on intently. She looked at the monitor at a well built black guy holding the base of his hanging cock and said, "oh my gawd, what are you supposed to do with that. it's fucking huge and it's not even hard. How could you even suck it or fit it inside you," she said quizzically to him.

"you just suck as much as you can and it would fit in your pussy, it would just stretch you a little," he replied back in a joking tone but having more trouble hiding his excitement. His hand found it's way between her legs and began rubbing her panty covered pussy. He was pleased to find they were beginning to become damp as she let out a light moan, never taking her eyes from the monitor screen.

The next number of pictures were of black men with white woman. He noticed that his wife's legs were spreading wider now. "Holy shit look at her hole, it looks huge" she said with amazement in her tone.

"It probably wasn't like that before she took that dick in her," he said now slipping a finger into her sopping pussy. "As wet as you are right now I'm sure you could take it too." "He would love this tight little pussy and your thick booty too," just then realizing he got caught up in the moment and waited for backlash.

"Do you think that could even feel good," she asked rhetorically as she started slowly rotating her hips. "Now I see why all these young white girls all fuck black guys. How could you even feel a regular dick after that thing is in you," she said shocking him and turning him on even more if that's possible.

He didn't reply but instead played a streaming movie of a white woman that had dark hair and was built like her. He acted as though he just found the video but he has seen it many times and always got off pretending it was Kali.

He was surprised at how she watched the movie as he played with her clitoris. The woman in the movie was taking all of the huge black dick that was pounding her from behind and making her moan out loud and beg him to continue fucking her. "She seems to be enjoying herself, don't you think?" he asked her.

"You should go get my toy," she said to him.

He went to get her vibrator that she always complained was too big. When he returned she had her feet on the seat near her ass while sitting on the computer chair with her legs spread wide fingering her naked pussy. He fell to his knees and began licking it making her buck back at his tongue and moan. "Eat that dirty little pussy," she said aggressively while moaning aloud.

He never heard or seen her act like this but was harder than he's been in years and was enjoying this "new" woman that was his wife. "Put that dildo in me," she said while looking down at him with glazed eyes.

He rubbed lube all over the big white dildo and began penetrating her tight pussy. She gasped as the bulbous head pushed past her opening into her pussy. He began filling her with all eight thick inches of dildo making her occasionally wince but she never quit moaning. "Aaawwww, ya!" she moaned as the final inches slid into her. "Fuck that pussy. Give me that big black dick!" she moaned out with a confidence he's never heard from her. "Is this what you wanted? Me to act like a slut?"

He looked at her seeing in her eyes how turned on she was right now. "He'll ya, is that what you want? A big black dick in this tight married pussy?" he answered feeling as though he couldn't control himself any longer.

She gripped both sides of the chair and began lifting her ass up so the big dildo her husband was fucking her with could fully penetrate her. "Get that little white pussy! Ooohhhhh fuck I'm gonna cum all over that big black dick!" she moaned loud. With clenched eyes she picked her ass up from the chair one last time pushed herself onto the big dildo and shook in orgasm. "Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd give it to me, get that pussy!"

After her orgasm subsided he pulled her onto the floor and easily slid his average sized dick into her open pussy and fucked her hard and fast until he exploded in an intense orgasm inside of her. She laid motionless still feeling the effects of her intense orgasm. "So did you enjoy yourself?" she slyly asked him.

"He'll ya! How bout you?"

"Oh ya" she said with a smile on her face. "Was I slutty enough?"

"I don't know where that came from but you were perfect!"

She reached down as they lay on the floor and finds he is still hard. "Wow you really did enjoy me being a slut!" she said to him coyly as they drifted off to sleep.


Please rate and feel free to leave comments or suggestions for part two. Hope you enjoyed.

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