tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKara and Diana Ch. 01

Kara and Diana Ch. 01


The story involves Supergirl and Wonder Woman sharing a lesbian relationship. I use the actual names of the comic characters, but mean no copyright infringement.


Tired from a long day, Diana flew in and landed on the balcony of the Embassy. She walked silently inside, nodded to some of the staff. The Princess was known for her kindness and few escaped her notice, she had a nice word for virtually everyone.

Her body ached from stress and combat. She'd spent most of the last few days in battle with Cheetah and had come out victorious, although not without some minor bruising. A few hours of rest and therapy on Themyscira and she felt well enough to return home to those she loved and was loved by in turn.

She'd been in contact with the League. Kal offered any assistance he could, Bruce was solemn and glum, yet she knew there'd be a cheque to help pay for any damages incurred. She could always put her trust in them.

The marks were mostly faded now, a benefit from the healing powers of the Purple Ray, and she knew she'd be fine. She thought, as she looked in the mirror, she looked tired and a touch older.

The people in Patriarch's world didn't think she aged or could be hurt. Both of these were untrue, of course. Being an Amazon from an immortal society, she had not aged, but had given that up to live in this world. Still, she aged at a much slower pace than humans did. About one year for every hundred or so. Her mother had lived for Millennia, Diana expected to do the same.

At one time, she had expected to live out those years with Kal, as he aged at roughly the same rate she did. Alas, it was not to be. He'd found the woman he loved and shared life with, and Diana could only have his friendship, although that had many benefits.

Only recently, after some fleeting affairs, had Diana truly found love. Some might frown on it, she knew, but coming from the society she did, Diana had embraced it with her whole heart and soul.

After cleansing the stink of battle from her body and removing her armor, Diana went to her bedchamber, her heart swelling with joy at what she knew she would find there.

In the bed they had shared for the last six months, her beloved Kara sat up and smiled at her, the smile that lit up Diana's world.

"Hey." Kara said to her. "I saw the news. Hard day?"

"Hey yourself. Yes, a very hard day. I am glad to be home." Diana smiled as she sat on the bed, taking Kara into her arms.

Their lips pressed together, their tongues mingled. The heat from the two of them was palpable, their need fierce and demanding. Blonde, tall, sexual and radiant, Kara was everything Diana had ever wanted in a lover. She was gentle, yet fierce in her lusts for the sensual amazon. Kara's hands, capable of bending steel, ran over Diana's firm breasts with the gentlest of touches. Those hands drew pleasure from Diana's pliant flesh, as Kara caressed her, Diana knew she was the luckiest woman in the world.

She'd had no idea over a year ago when Kal had asked her to help train Kara [ with Bruce's insistence as well ] that this would happen. Kara had been an adept pupil, Artemis and the others had taught her well. She was kind and loving, yet everyone seemed to adore her.

Over every foe, Kara triumphed. Yet it was when faced with the lord of Apokolips once again that the relationship between the two of them changed.

Darkseid had tried once again to conquer Earth and the League had made several attempts to stop him. He'd brought Parademons and many of his legions to earth, intent of conquest and intent on reclaiming the beautiful Kryptonian and once again making her his servant. Kara had no intention of backing down and she told the others that, Diana included.

Diana's instincts to protect this girl overwhelmed her common sense. She had shackles forged made of Kryptonite and chained the girl up so she could not leave and face what Diana was sure was her doom.

She had not counted on Kara's overpowering confidence. She got free and flew to join her compatriots in battle. Diana spotted her and her heart fell. She didn't want anything to happen to Kara and intercepted her in flight, to stop her self-sacrifice.

"Don't stop me Diana!" Kara said, her stunning blue eyes blazing. "This is my battle just as much as anyone's!"

"Don't be foolish Kara!" Diana yelled back. "We can handle this, Darkseid can be beaten!"

"By all of us!" Kara yelled back.

Diana tackled the girl in mid-air and the two of them went crashing to the ground. They fought, rolled around, Diana fighting to protect the young woman. As they grappled and fought, a strange feeling came over the Amazon princess.

She looked deeply into Kara's blue eyes and knew what it was. She saw the same feelings mirrored in Kara's eyes. They leaned in towards each other and kissed, not as friends, but as two women who loved each other deeply. Both held the kiss, liking these new feelings, yet somewhat afraid. Tongues swirled around, the battle temporarily forgotten, as they kissed softly.

Reality came back a minute later. "Later." Diana intoned.

"Later," Kara agreed and went to join the battle, no more arguments.

They had been victorious, of course, and there seemed to be an unspoken agreement. Kara had accompanied Diana to the Embassy, yet neither had spoken a word. Neither had seen the need.

Once inside her private chambers, Diana undressed for her tall, lovely blonde darling. She twirled around a bit, showing her nudity and feeling oddly girly. She could feel Kara's eyes on her nakedness. Diana's body was firm, yet beautiful. Her long, black hair ran in curls midway down her back. Her breasts were firm and round, like sculpted into perfection, capped with perfect nipples that stiffened ever-so-slightly. Diana's legs were long and tapered and Kara thought she had never seen anything so beautiful in all her young life.

Diana nodded and Kara followed suit. She got out of her boots, which had high heels. Diana had always thought heels silly for fighting, but they accentuated Kara's long legs. Her mini was impractical too, but Kara had the cutest tush. She longed to kiss Kara's soft buttocks and caress them. Kara wore a thong and as that slipped down her sleek, long legs, Diana gave an appreciative gasp at Kara's sweet blonde pussy. Her belly was flat, no traces of fat, her skin glowing from the sunlight, which enhanced Kara's powers.

Kara's breasts, which were revealed as the girl pulled off the top she wore, were smaller and more delicate than Diana's own. But, oh-so-perfect, Diana thought.

They stood, naked before each other. Diana reached out her hand and Kara took it. Neither was nervous, this seemed so right, so inevitable.

The walked, hand in hand, towards Diana's plush bed. The dark-haired Amazon lay her lover down on the bed. Kara looked up at her, smiled and nodded.

That was all Diana needed. She smiled, parted Kara's long legs and began to kiss upwards on those soft, muscular, sleek thighs towards what she desired most. Despite her amazing self-control, Kara squirmed on the bed as she began to enjoy her first sexual experience. She wanted to give all of herself to the woman she loved!

Diana had some fleeting experiences with her own sex and used all of them to please her Kara. When she reached Kara's blonde cunt, she went to town. She used her tongue and devoured Kara, sucking the hard clit into her mouth, slurping and licking noisily between her lover's thighs, drawing out all of Kara's juices. Nothing had ever seemed so sweet to her, and she longed for more. Her fingers plunged in and out of the girl's pussy and Kara screamed as her virginity gave way to Diana's probing fingers. Diana moved upwards on the girl's body and lay atop her as Kara breathed heavily, her first orgasm ebbing.

"I am glad you were my first Diana. I love you." Kara murmured.

"I love you too, my dearest Kara." Diana said, meaning every word of it.

Kara proved to be as adept a pupil in the Sapphic Arts as she was in the ways of battle. The pretty Superteen had eaten Diana to orgasm within minutes after that. She'd gotten out a dildo Diana used to satisfy herself many times, strapped it on and fucked Diana's pussy to an orgasm that made Diana weep in its intensity. Her body shook, yet her powerful Kara held on tight as she came.

Kara had a submissive side, so Diana was the mistress in the relationship. Kara's kinky nature pleased Diana. In public, both were like best friends. Behind closed doors, they indulged all the kinky delights both wanted to explore.

One time, wanting to prove herself to be Diana's lover and slave, Kara allowed herself to be shackled in the Kryptonite chains once again, to show her level of trust. Through the pain, Diana had gotten out a big dildo and used it to dominate her sweet darling, making Kara cum and cum again, as she plunged the big shaft into Kara's tight cunt. After unchaining her, she carried the still-weak Kara into her bed and made love to her, gently, throughout the night.

They had sex in mid air one time, discarding their costumes and indulging in `69' while flying through the skies. That had been Diana's idea and Kara had enjoyed every second of it.

Every moment was precious to them, and tonight was no different.

For the first time, Diana noticed what Kara was wearing. "I like it darling, very much!" she smiled at Kara.

Kara had gone out that afternoon and purchased a black lace teddy and bedroom slippers. The clerk had frowned a bit, but Kara's ID proved she was over 18. Kara was mouth-watering in the sexy outfit and she knew it.

Diana pulled Kara into her embrace, lips demanding and strong. Those lips took Kara's breath away and she felt Diana removing her outfit. Gloriously naked in front of her mistress & lover, Kara quivered with desire. Diana's hands were gliding over her nipples now, one hand moving down towards her steaming pussy. She groaned.

"Ohhh, Diana, yes, I'm yours!" she moaned.

"Yes, my darling Kara, you are mine and I am yours!" Diana responded as she rubbed her own nude body against Kara's.

If the world could see them now, Wonder Woman and Supergirl, locked in an erotic embrace, they'd be shocked, Kara thought. Neither cared. As Diana climbed aboard her face and she began to lick out her steaming cunny, Kara was happy.

She loved Diana, she loved being her lover. She came from a unique world, as did Diana. Diana's body brought her pleasure and as Diana tongued her cunt and fucked her with their favourite toy, Kara's body exploded in waves of pleasure. Only a select handful of people could know what they knew, the outside world be damned!

Moans and groans erupted from the room, yet no one questioned, no one intruded. The two women were left alone, until their bodies were sated and they fell asleep, both battle and loving being over for the day.

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