tagGroup SexKaren & Mitch's Story

Karen & Mitch's Story


My wife Karen and I have been married 15 years and what was once an active sex life has, in recent years, taken a back seat to both our careers. We make up for it, however, by planing little romantic getaways as often as possible. During these trips we make up for lost time and missed passion. What is usually once a week becomes once an hour, if you know what I mean. Our trip last month, to New Orleans, was no exception. In fact, it was the wildest time yet.

We had just finished a wonderful dinner at a romantic French Quarter restaurant. Candles on the table, view of the Mississippi, a bottle of champagne and an Et Tu Fey so good it made you cry. After dinner we decided to check out a funky little club located at the end of the Esplanade. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. We were on our second round when this pretty co-ed steps between us to order a drink. As she’s waiting for the bartender, she starts a conversation with Karen. Her name was Cheryl and she just had a fight with her “no fucking good dick of a boyfriend” and she “doesn’t understand what she ever saw in the bastard in the first place” and on and on she went. She was becoming very friendly with my wife and her new boyfriend, Mr. Jim Beam.

Now over the years Karen & I can and have gotten quite kinky in our lovemaking, but we’ve never participated in, or even talked about group sex, threesomes or lesbianism. This was about to change in the next few seconds.

I noticed Cheryl get this look in her eyes. You know, the “I’m horny & I want you right here, right now” kind of look. Only, she wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at Karen. She starts to lean forward toward Karen and I’m thinking to myself “she’s going to kiss my wife, I’d better do something”. But before I can get my ass off of the barstool, Cheryl plants a big wet one on Karen. Instead of being repulsed, my wife opens her mouth and swallows Cheryl’s tongue like it was a piece of candy. I was flabbergasted, but the real shocker was, that when they finally came up for air, my shy demure and totally straight wife looks Cheryl in the eye and says to her “why don’t you come back to our hotel with us and let my husband and I help you forget that boyfriend of yours”. She nodded her consent; I paid the tab and followed the two women (now walking arm in arm) out of the bar and into a waiting taxi. During the 10-minute ride back to the hotel, Cheryl and Karen were kissing and fondling each other while the cab driver was constantly adjusting his rearview mirror to get a better view of the show in the back seat. I swear he never looked at the road. How we weren’t killed is anybody’s guess.

Once we were back at the hotel we ran to the room and undressed in less time than it takes to write about it. Cheryl was gorgeous. A stunning red head standing about 5’ 7” she towered over 5’ 3” Karen. Her tits had to be at least a 38D with large nipples pointing straight up to heaven. Karen and Cheryl jumped on the bed and started kissing and folding each other. Karen couldn’t get enough of Cheryl’s big tits.

I was beginning to feel like the odd man out, so I just sat in a chair opposite the bed and started to play with myself. My dick was as hard as a rock. Karen came over, grabbed me by my dick and led me back to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed as I stood in front of her and swallowed all eight inches of my dick. My God, that felt so good. Nobody, but nobody, can suck cock like my wife. While her head was bobbing up & down on my shaft, Cheryl snuck up behind me, drooped to her knees, and started reaming my anus with her tongue. That was it. I lost all control and shot my load down my wife’s throat. Or so I thought. As Karen let my dick dropped from her mouth she looked at me with a sly smile on her face. She opened her mouth to show me she hadn’t swallowed my load at all. Instead she went over to Cheryl and kissed her open mouth, and shared my juice with her. The two women then tumbled on to the bed together. After a little maneuvering they wound up in a 69 position with Karen on top of Cheryl. In the meantime I went back to by chair to watch the show and recuperate. From where I sat I could see Karen’s ass and Cheryl’s head between her legs licking at her clitoris. From the sounds they were both making Karen had also found Cheryl’s button. Cheryl reached up and pulled Karen’s ass cheeks apart giving me an unimpaired view of my wife’s rosebud. I’d swear it was winking at me. Of course by now I was as hard as a rock again, not that I every really went soft. In a flash I ran to the bathroom, rummaged through my wife’s makeup case until I found a bottle of baby oil. I put some oil in my hand and rubbed it on my cock as I walked back to the bed. When I got to the bed, I put a little more on my hand and started to rub it into Karen’s anus. I had gotten two fingers up her ass when she lifted her head from between Cheryl’s thighs and screamed back at me “Never mind you fingers, hurry up and put your dick in my ass and fuck me!” I dripped some more oil into her butt, then removed my fingers and brought the head of my dick in line with her asshole. Applying gentle pressure I eased the head slowly past her sphincter but Karen would have no part of this gentle crap. She was too hot and too close to an orgasm to care. Instead she pushed back hard impaling herself on my dick and letting out a scream of both pain and pleasure. Her ass felt so incredibly tight & hot that I thought I would come immediately. She shuddered and moaned as I started to pump in & out of her ass. I could feel the contractions beginning deep in her bowels and I knew her orgasm was about to begin. With just a few more strokes, Karen exploded. Her screams of pleasure muffled by Cheryl’s bush. As she bucked & rocked like a mad woman I felt my balls tighten and I started to come with her shooting load after load into her ass. Next it was Cheryl’s turn. I heard her shout “My God, I’m coming…Don’t Stop… Suck my clit…Suck it….” Her orgasm was so intense and wild that neither of us could hold on and Karen & I fell to the floor. We lay there laughing hysterically at our predicament.

After a few minutes we calmed down and I suggested we all take a shower. The great thing about luxury hotels is that they have stall showers bigger than most people’s bedrooms. This one was no exception. We all fit in quite nicely with plenty of room to frolic. And frolic we did. We had a lovely time soaping each other up and playing with the shower massage. You would surprise to find out how quickly women can orgasm with one of those things. Both Karen & Cheryl will attest to that.

After we dried ourselves off we went back to the bed for a second round of fun & games. By this time my dick was starting to show signs of new life, and not being one to waste a good hard-on (I mean how many times could I do this in one night, I’m not a young man any more), I was quite anxious for a repeat performance. This time I wanted Karen underneath Cheryl so I could get into Cheryl’s ass. Karen, however, had a different idea. She kissed me long and hard, exploring every inch of my mouth with her tongue. When we broke the kiss she said to me “Darling I want to watch you fuck Cheryl. Lie on you back and let her mount you.” Who was I to argue? I lay down and Cheryl climbed on bed between by legs and took my dick in her hand. “Lick his dick first” ordered by wife. Cheryl flicked her tongue over the tip of my dick. “No, not like that” ordered Karen, “lick all of his dick like it was an ice cream cone. But don’t put it in your mouth. I want to see your tongue.” My wife was becoming quite the voyeur. Cheryl did exactly as she was told. With the flat of her tongue she licked up & down my shaft starting at my balls and working her way up to the tip and back down again. When she had my rod completely covered with her saliva Karen told her to sit on it. When Cheryl didn’t move fast enough, Karen reached over and swatted Cheryl’s ass hard. “I said sit on his dick you horny bitch”. The loud slap startled us both. Cheryl straddled my hips, reached behind her to hold my dick up while she slowly lowered herself onto me. I slid easily into her. She was tight wet & warm. After fifteen years of fidelity it was both strange and exciting to feel another woman’s pussy caress my shaft. Karen came over and laid her head on my chest and played with herself as watched my dick slide in and out of Cheryl’s cunt. Having come twice already I knew I would last a long time. I asked Karen to suck my nipples. She turned her head and popped one into her mouth. I have incredible sensitive nipples that at times seem like they’re wired to directly to my dick. Up to this point I had just been lying there, letting Cheryl do the all the work, but once Karen’s tongue touched my nipple I bucked upward driving my dick deep into Cheryl. The quick movement caught her by surprise and, moaning loudly, she screamed for me to fuck harder. She cried out “Faster lover, I’m going to come, grab my tits and pinch my nipples”. Karen was quick to oblige. She got up and kissed her on mouth and took hold of Cheryl’s massive tits. As she twisted her nipples she swung her leg over my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. She was so wet that her honey dripped from her cunt and I greedely swollowed every drop. I pulled her closer until I was able to find her clit with my tongue.

With Karen on my face I couldn’t see what she was doing to Cheryl but, by the way Cheryl’s cunt was squeezing my dick, I knew she was about to explode. I quickened our rhythm and it became a race to see who would come first. I lost. Cheryl orgasm came in wave after wave. She shuddered and moaned until she couldn’t take it any more. She rolled off of me and lay beside us still shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Karen leaned forward taking hold of my dick in her hand and lowered her mouth over the tip. In long, slow strokes she lowered then raised her head over the entire length of my dick quickening her rhythm with each stroke. Faster and faster her head bobbed until I couldn’t hold back any longer and, for the second time that night, I came in her mouth. As I shoot into her mouth I bit her clit and she came hard, grinding her cunt into my face.

Then she turned herself around and kissed me. It had been a night of firsts for me. The first time with two woman; the first time since marriage with another woman; the first time I ever had a tongue up my ass; and, I realized as my tongue entered Karen’s mouth, the first time I tasted my own semen. Karen hadn’t swallowed.

Karen whispered in ear “I love you, darling” I put my right arm around her as Cheryl snuggled against my left side. We feel asleep like that, me between the two women.

When I awoke the next afternoon, Karen & I were alone. I got up to pee and on my way back to bed, I notice the dresser. I srugged my shoulders and climbed beck into bed. Karen opened her eyes, snuggled against me and asked, “Where’s Cheryl?”

“Gone” I said “along with our cash and credit cards.”

“What!” she said.

“I said she’s gone and she took our credit cards and cash along with her”

“You mean we’ve been robbed?” My wife has a real grasp of the obvious,

“Yes, we’ve been robbed” I responded, “What do you want to do? We can call the cops and tell them that some woman came up here, fuck the shit out of us and then stole our money; or we can call the credit card companies, tell them we lost the cards and have them overnight new ones to us, and take a loss on the cash. Hell, I only had about $300 left, anyway.”

“You’re right, honey” Karen replied “ I only had about $200 and there’s been nights when we’ve dropped more than that at the crap tables in Vegas. Besides” she went on “shooting craps was never this much fun”

“It was good last night, wasn’t it?” I said.

“Lover, it was great. I didn’t know I could come so often for so long or so hard. I though I’d never stop. I even had an orgasm just watching you fuck that little thief.”

“So no regrets?” I asked.

“Only one,” she said as she put her arms around me, “I never did get fucked in my pussy last night.”

I laughed, “Honey” I said, “if you think you can get it up, its all yours”.

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