tagLoving WivesKate's Old Man Ch. 02

Kate's Old Man Ch. 02

bySteve English©

Hi my name is Steve and I am a 30 years old and I have just caught my wife Kate with a much older man while she was drunk at a pub this is the 2nd part of the story, Please read part 1 first

Once I was out of sight I turned and looked back, I saw John leaning over to Kate he pulled her top down, John then leaned in and begin to suck and lick her big very and hard nipples. I slipped back to the same place I watched from before and continued to watch. Kate reached out and unzipped John's trousers and released his hardening cock.

I then watched as Kate then squatted down in front of John and took hold of his hard cock. Kate then lent forward and I watched as her tong came out and lapped the glistening bulbous head of his cock. From where I was watching I heard John groan as Kate's tong rasped around the edge of the head. Kate then opened her mouth wider and ever so slowly she began to engulf his cock.

John then groaned again and placed his hands on Kate's shoulders, Kate then began to bob her head up and down, each time she took more and more of John's cock into her moist mouth, John was beginning to thrust his hips in time with Kate's bobbing. Kate soon had all of John's cock engulfed in her mouth, John was becoming more vocal and I could hear him grunting each time Kate bobbed down his cock.

Then Kate stopped she pulled her mouth off his cock and with one final lick from her tong she stood up, Kate then lifted her short pink skirt and turned around. Kate then took John's cock in her left hand guided his cock into her pussy. Kate then lowered her self down John's cock and began to slowly pump her pussy up and down his cock as he pulled on her big stiff nipples, Kate was moaning as she moved her pussy up and down John's cock I could see Kate's juices glistening on John's cock.

I then heard Kate say "Oh my god John your so big it feels so good"

I then noticed Kate had started to move her ass around in small circles as she moved her pussy up and down John's cock. John was thrusting his hips in time with Kate and as she started to hump her ass up and down faster John also sped up. Kate had her eyes closed and John pulled her face around and I watched as his tong met hers and they began to kiss.

I then saw John move his hand down to Kate's pussy and he began to rub her clit, Kate was moaning and I heard her say to John "Oh god that is so good John. " Kate started to shudder as she got closer to cumming. Kate then thrust herself down hard onto John's cock Kate moaned loudly "Oh Fuck " I then saw John close his eyes as he thrust his cock hard into Kate's pussy and a groan escaped from his lips as for the second time he emptied his nuts into Kate's hungry pussy.

Kate sat on his lap for a short time and I took the opportunity to go to the bar and get John's drink, when I returned to the table they were both sitting and chatting. We all sat and chatted for a short time Kate then said to me "Steve John only lives about 10 minutes drive from us. We can give him a lift home can't we"?

I replied, "Sure no problem, drink up and we will go". We walked to the car John walked with Kate and I followed as they chatted, once we were at the car John and Kate got into the rear and I drove out of the car park. I watched John in my rear view mirror as he slipped his hand onto Kate's leg and soon he was playing with her clit, I knew he had hit the right spot as I heard Kate gasp.

I couldn't watch all the time as I had to concentrate but I could see that as the journey progressed Kate became hornier and less concerned about where she was. By the time we were about 5 minutes away from John's house her pink skirt was around her waist and her legs were wide apart as John was fingering her pussy. I called out to Kate "Kate we are 5 minutes away love".

John replied, "ok Steve", he stopped fingering Kate and they tidied themselves up. When we arrived at John's you wouldn't know that any thing had gone on, Kate said goodbye to John and gave him a big kiss.

Kate said to him "we must meet up again for a drink John"

I shook his hand and said "thanks again John". John got out and I drove Kate home, by the time we arrived Kate had fallen asleep and I had to carry her from the car to the house.

Kate woke up as I was undressing her she began to kiss me and said, "fuck me Steve. I need you", I didn't need to be asked twice. My cock was rock solid and I quickly undressed and Kate pushed me on to the bed and climbed astride me. Kate then took hold of my cock and placed the head in the entrance of her pussy.

I thrust my hips up forcing my entire 7 inches into Kate's pussy, Kate moaned and then began to thrust herself up and down my hard cock, Kate's pussy was so slippery a mixture of her juices and John's cum. I couldn't hold out for long and I soon thrust in to her for the final time as I came filling her pussy with my own load.

Kate rolled off me and soon fell asleep; I got up and had a shower before joining my beautiful slut Kate. I had no idea that Kate could be such a slut and as far as I knew she had always been faithful before. How wrong could I be.....

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