tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 02

Katherine Ch. 02


Ch. 02: Katherine Remains Bound

This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order

"Will you untie me now?" Katherine asked as I gently stroked her bare breasts.

"No, not yet." I replied as I continued to play with her pert nipple. "I enjoy having you available like this." I teased as I leaned over and kissed the tip of her clit.

"Please. I can't take anymore right now. My body is exhausted." she said. "I've never felt like this before - so spent, so..."

"Satisfied?" I suggested.

Katherine blushed as she nodded, almost unable to admit how much she'd enjoyed being at the mercy of my ability to manipulate her body.

Reaching over her head, I untied her wrists from the headboard and helped her to sit up. She held out her hands but I was not ready to untie her wrists.

"Go in there and clean yourself up. You'll feel a lot better." I suggested as I nodded in the direction of the bathroom.

"Untie me." she insisted again holding out her hands.

"Not yet." I repeated as I helped her off the bed and gave her a gentle swat on her sculptured ass.

Katherine disappeared into the bathroom as I thought about what to do with her next.

When she returned, she looked much better. Her hair was brushed, her body washed and her face smiling. As she approached the bed, she sank to her knees and began to stroke my spent cock. Her long fingernails teased my shaft and balls as she lowered her face to my crotch. I felt her warm, wet tongue caress the tip of my cock and then I felt her tongue lick down the side of my shaft to my balls. I watched as she licked my cock and gently sucked on the sides of my shaft. When her tongue finally made its way to the crown of my ramrod, she licked around the entire tip and then parting her lips, enveloped my shaft.

I lay back on the bed as her hands and mouth pleasured my cock. Her lips and tongue were quite talented and I could feel my tool begin to harden. I watched as Katherine's head moved up and down along the length of my growing shaft, her long, thick hair tickling my thighs and stomach. Her tongue traced along the side of my cock and then she sucked my balls into her mouth. The suction was tremendous and her tongue licked and pressed my balls. As I raised my hips, her tongue flicked across my asshole. If she was grateful for what I'd done for her, she sure knew how to express it. I relaxed as my captive lover licked and sucked on my cock until she was just too exhausted. I let her rest with her head buried in my crotch.

It was getting to be late afternoon and I decided on my next move. I lifted Katherine to her feet and had her lie face down on the bed with her bound wrists stretched over her head. She had a beautiful ass and I just gazed at it for a moment and thought about how nice it was going to be when I filled it with my cock.

Taking her ankle I pulled it to the edge of the mattress and after placing a soft, leather band around it, secured the attached ring to the railing of the footboard.

"No more!" Katherine protested. "Let me up. I don't want to be tied up again."

"You'll do what you're told." I said softly as I pulled her other ankle to the other side of the bed and secured it the same way to the footboard. Katherine tried to roll herself over but with her legs spread so wide apart and her arms over her head she was not having much luck, though it was enjoyable to watch her predicament.

I slid my hand over the back of her open thigh and gently caressed her open pussy. "You know I really like the idea of having you so available for my pleasure - and your own." I teased as I slid my finger into her wet pussy. I leaned over and placed a warm, wet kiss on her smooth asscheek.

"No. Please don't start again." she pleaded in a soft voice. "Not now, I'm too exhausted to enjoy it.

Just then I got an idea. "OK. I'll wait." I said as I pulled my fingers out of her body. "I want you to get up." I instructed.

"How?" she asked sarcastically. I released the her wrists from the headboard but kept them bound together.

"Ass first." I replied as I gave her a playful swat on her smooth asscheek. With her legs still tied wide apart it took some doing but eventually Katherine slithered her body back far enough to raise that beautiful ass up. She pulled her elbows under her chest and rested on her knees and elbows.

"You look absolutely beautiful." I complimented her, "and I thoroughly enjoyed making love with you." Katherine smiled as my fingers traced up the soft skin of her inner thigh. I pressed my thumb into the crack of her ass as my fingers slid into her pussy.

"I thought you said you were going to wait." she scolded as her body quivered.

"I lied." I teased as my thumb began to tease her tight sphincter. "Your body is so inspiring."

"Oh. Don't do that!" she pleaded. "It's too much." Her spread thighs were shaking as her chest collapsed onto the mattress.

"Stop!" she cried out as her body lunged forward flat onto the mattress and away from my invading fingers.

I laughed loudly. "You really have a problem when you can't control your body. You love it but you hate it." I taunted her. Katherine once again knew I was right. She always wanted to be in control of any situation - especially with men - but never before had she been so excited and devastated by a sexual encounter.

"OK, slide back here." I said. Katherine made no effort to move. "I won't tease you again now, but if you don't obey me now, I will punish you." I said adding a new aspect to her situation. I watched as Katherine's leg muscles contracted and her body slid back toward the footboard and once again her beautiful, young ass was raised up in the air.

"All the way up." I instructed and Katherine lifted her body to a kneeling position with her knees spread wide and her bound wrists crossed in front of her sweet love box.

Standing behind the bed, I wrapped my arms around her body and lifted her to sit on the top rail of the brass footboard. My hands slid up to her firm titflesh and I began to fondle her firm breasts and nibble on her slender neck as she adjusted to a comfortable sitting position. The metal was cold against her warm thighs.

"Hold onto the rods." I said and Katherine pulled her arms in close and held the vertical rods of the footboard. She was able to balance herself. She then realized just how exposed she was.

I left the room and returned with a full length mirror which I positioned on the pillows at the head of the bed. As Katherine looked into it she could see her thighs spread wide and her dark love nest glistening with excitement. Her nipples were still quite hard and she was very self-conscious.

"I'm going out for awhile to do some errands. I have some things I want to get - some of them presents for you." I said.

"Don't just leave me here like this. You can't - you wouldn't!" she protested.

"Not only am I going to leave you - but since you didn't want me to enjoy your body a few minutes ago, I plan to enjoy it fully when I return. You see, you are so completely open and available to me. The first part of me that you will feel is my cock entering your sweet pussy." Katherine's mind was racing. She again looked at herself in the mirror and saw just how open and available she was. She was thankful that she was at least sitting on the railing.

"Don't do this." she pleaded. "I'll scream if you leave me." she threatened.

"No you won't. Because then you'll never be invited here again and I'll never make love with you like I did today." I threatened. Katherine was beaten and she fell silent. I came around behind her again and ran my fingers around her waist and then up to her dangling breasts. They felt firm and tender and I pinched her taut nipples playfully. Katherine again looked in the mirror and saw my cock standing rigid, pointing directly at the entrance to her open pussy.

"Oh, one last thing I forgot." I teased as I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her body back until her calves touched the footboard and her knees bent, sending her ass descending down onto the top of my cock as it stood out straight. Katherine gasped loudly as her engorged pussy lips grazed the top of my shaft and my hands slid up to her panting titflesh and I began to knead her breasts. Looking in the mirror, we both saw how easy it would be for me to fuck her when I returned. Her mind was racing.

"See you later." I teased as I planted a warm wet kiss on the back of her neck as my fingers gently pinched her taut nipples and my cock slid across her moist pussy lips. Katherine's body shivered. I picked up my clothes and left the room.

Katherine was all alone with her thoughts, fantasies and a perfect view of her spread open body. She looked at the mirror and was aroused by her helplessness. Then she thought of my reappearance and the initial thrust of my cock deep into her quivering pussy or perhaps even her tight ass. She'd never climaxed so many times or been so sexually drained - and now it was going to start all over again. Her body seemed to hold no secrets from him she thought. He had had her cumming at will. Already her insides were juicing. How long before he'd return?

To be continued…

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