tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKatherine Ch. 04

Katherine Ch. 04


This is one of a series. I suggest you read them in order.

CHAPTER 4 Katherine learns to obey and is enjoyed in public

I awakened to the gentle touch of Katherine's lips wrapped around my cock as her tongue gently glided across the tip of my shaft. Both of her hands played with my balls as she sucked as much of my shaft into her mouth as would fit. When she could feel my rod responding to her caresses, she began to really tease and titillate my cock. I moaned loudly as she continued to suck on my manhood. Her talents were all evident as I felt a stirring deep in my balls.

Katherine shifted positions and brought her hand to my shaft. The combination of one hand squeezing my balls and the other pumping my shaft as her lips and tongue caressed my cockhead had almost immediate results. She sucked hard, creating a fabulous vacuum around my cock and then flicked her tongue across the opening in the tip of my shaft and was rewarded with gobs of hot cum as I shot my entire load over her tongue and tonsils and she swallowed it down, straining to get all of it. She kissed my cockhead and then bathed my entire crotch with her magnificent tongue before crawling back up my body and wrapping her arms around my body.

"I guess you enjoyed yourself." I teased. "You are a beautiful lover when you don't play childish games." I said playfully as I slapped her ass.

"I still can't believe how fantastic it all felt. I've never been so, so dominated before. I've never had such powerful orgasms - or so many of them." she confessed.

"I'm glad." I said as I kissed her. Katherine's body felt warm and soft as she pressed herself hard against me.

"Would you like to join me for dinner?" I asked.

"Yes." she answered, "but not just yet."

A while later we got up and showered. We both thoroughly soaped each other and then dried off. Katherine picked up her panties and then looked around for her bra - or what was left of it. She sat down on the edge of the bed and started to put on her panties.

"Not yet." I said. She looked up at me in surprise. "I have some presents for you." I held out a small gift-wrapped box and Katherine smiled as she took it from my hand.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Open it." I said and she did. She lifted out a beautiful pair of sheer, dark pantyhose. Looking up at me she smiled.

"Put them on." I suggested. She turned them one way and then the other and slid her legs into them. As she stood to pull the waistband up, she realized just why they had looked a bit peculiar when she first saw them. The entire crotch area was missing. From the very tops of her thighs the material was cut and sewn to the outside of her hips and then to the wide waistband that ran over the tops of her beautiful asscheeks. She looked at herself in the mirror and spun around.

"These are cute." she quipped.

"Yes they are." I agreed. "And from now on you will wear them under your panties when you are with me, so that whenever I want you, you can slip off your panties, lift your skirt and be available to me. Do you understand?" Katherine just smiled.

She slipped her panties up her legs and into place. Picking up the remnants of her bra, she held it up to me. "Not much left of this, is there?"

"That's OK. From now on, you will not wear a bra unless you are exercising or dancing." I instructed her further.

"I won't?" she asked teasingly.

"No. You won't." I said with finality. Katherine dropped the bra and picked up her leotard. I shook my head and then held out another box. Katherine took it and opened it, lifting out a beautiful silk blouse with buttons down the front. It was dark, with a pretty flowered print. She slipped it on.

"Oooo." she sighed as the sheer fabric slid over her supple body. She gasped as she felt the soft silk slide across her tender nipples. She could feel them begin to harden as she buttoned it up and then, picking up her skirt, she slid it up her long legs and over her hips, tucking in her new blouse. She reached for her shoes and I shook my head. She looked at me, waiting for me to do something. I lifted my hand holding out a black pair of high heels. She smiled and took the shoes as she sat down on the bed and slipped them on. As she stood up, she looked delicious. The heels gave her a bit more height but also accentuated her long, shapely legs. I dressed quickly as Katherine brushed out her beautiful, long hair.

She came up to me and pressing her hand to the crotch of my pants kissed me. "Thank you." she whispered.

"For what?" I asked.

"Everything. The good fucking, the multiple orgasms and the lovely presents." she replied. I kissed her and then reaching between her smooth breasts unbuttoned the next button on her blouse.

"Daring, aren't I?" she joked.

"For starters it'll do." I teased as I wrapped my arm around her slender waist and led her to the door. She looked up at me quizzically.

"We're going to Le Club for dinner." I said. Katherine was thrilled. It was the finest restaurant in the city and she'd always wanted to go there but the prices were just too prohibitive for her. As she sat next to me in the car, I placed my hand on her knee and then drew her skirt up until I was able to put my hand on her stockinged knee. I caressed her knee and Katherine parted her thighs. I kissed her cheek and pulled her skirt all the way back to her hip. Gently I began to tickle her soft inner thigh, getting closer to her moistening quim with each moment.

"This isn't fair." she complained in a hushed voice.

"Would you prefer to do it yourself?" I teased but Katherine noted a hint of threat in my voice. She did not reply, other than to spread her thighs a bit wider. Finally my fingers wandered into the area above the fabric of the stockings and she felt my fingers tease her bare skin just beyond the entrance to her pussy. Her labia were swollen and peeked out of the edges of her panties. She grabbed my wrist with both hands as her body trembled.

I glared at her and she withered. "Now play with yourself. I want to smell your juices and I want to see those panties glisten with your cum." I said as I pinched her pussy for emphasis and she gasped. I withdrew my hand from her thighs. Slowly Katherine slid her fingers down to her own panties. Reluctantly she began to stroke herself. She was humiliated - she'd never masturbated in front of anyone.

"Lean against the door and put your leg up on the seat." I said. Katherine obeyed. "Now if you don't make yourself cum by the time we get to the restaurant, I'll let the parking attendant finish it for you." I threatened. Katherine was stunned. She was also scared, she slid both hands down into her panties. She began to caress herself and finding her clit, laid her head back on the seat and stroked it. She glanced at me and I smiled at her. Her embarrassment seemed to have passed and a soft moan escaped her lips as she teased and played with her very aroused clit. She was getting quite close and her sweet scent filled the car. In a moment she gasped and her body went rigid as her love hole flooded with her cum.

"I want you to cum again." I said softly and Katherine continued to rub her clit as her raised thigh began to shake.

"Ahhh." she gasped as another orgasm rippled through her beautiful, young body. She lay her head back on the seat as her hand remained wedged in the front of her panties.

"Now rub your panties over your pussy." I instructed and Katherine slowly withdrew her fingers from her pussy and rubbed the crotch of her panties over her seething cunt.

I placed my arm on the seat and smiled at her. Katherine slid over next to me and I wrapped my arm around her, cupping her full breast in my hand. The caress excited her as I nibbled on her ear and her fingers continued to rub between her thighs.

"Take off your panties." I whispered.

"What?" she asked in surprise.

"You need to obey me when I tell you to do something. Now take off your panties." I repeated. Katherine's hands slid back under her skirt and she slid her panties down over her beautiful thighs and then off completely. "Now wipe the cum from your pussy with them." I instructed and Katherine spread her soft thighs and rubbed the sheer panties across her oozing gash. I smiled at her and then I nodded. She pulled the drenched panties from between her legs and held them in her lap as we turned into the restaurant. She felt very strange and excited, aware of her totally bare pussy under her skirt. She had never gone without panties before.

"When we get out of the car, you will leave those on the seat." I said firmly. Katherine nodded. She realized that the silky panties were soaked and smelled powerfully from her love juices. As I stopped the car in front of the restaurant and the parking attendant opened her door, Katherine was totally surprised. She had not expected me to use the valet parking. She looked at me pleadingly but she knew what she had to do.

Stepping out of the car, she left the her drenched panties on the middle of the seat. The attendant, a boy of about 18, smiled at her as he drank in her beauty as he helped her out of the car. He couldn't help but notice her open blouse and the firm swells of her breasts as he helped her to stand in front of him. I got out of the car and walking to the curb, took the check from the boy. Katherine was blushing deeply but I ignored her embarrassment and kissed her on the cheek wrapping my arm around her slender waist.

"I like you much better when you obey me." I said as we walked up to the entrance. "Besides, it's more exciting for you when you do what I ask of you." Katherine knew I was right and took my arm as we entered the restaurant. She squeezed my arm against her breast and kissed me.

When the attendant sat down in the car, he saw the panties and picked them up. He could smell the aroma in the car and holding the panties to his face, was almost overpowered my Katherine's sweet scent. He looked out the window at Katherine's shapely ass as she walked beside me. He parked the car and brought the panties back to show the others. They talked and fantasized about the beautiful brunette all through our dinner. Periodically I saw the attendants sneak a glance in the front door and stare at Katherine.

As I'd arranged with the owner, we were shown to a rather private booth toward the back of the restaurant. The table had a floor length cloth on it and as the maitre d. seated us, I ordered a bottle of wine. The waiter appeared and cleared away the extra place settings.

"Please leave an extra napkin for the lady." I told him and he nodded to Katherine. She looked at me a bit puzzled as she sat down and got comfortable.

Once we were alone, I turned to Katherine. She was smiling. She was thrilled to be in this restaurant and was excited to spend the evening with me. She was still a bit self-conscious about her panties but she could live with it.

"I want you to pull the back of your skirt up behind you so you are sitting directly on the seat." I told her. Katherine looked at me but then remembering what I had said about obeying, she did not question me. Instead, she reached under her thighs and pulled the skirt up. As she sat back down her naked pussy touched the coolness of the leather seats and she gasped. She was afraid she'd drawn attention to herself and figured everyone in the restaurant must know what she's doing. Then she realized that was silly but yet very exciting.

The waiter returned with the wine and poured for us. I raised my glass and toasted her. "To beautiful lovers." We drank.

As Katherine began to study the menu, I slid my hand between her knees and drew her skirt all the way up to her hips. As the waiter returned to take our orders, Katherine was having some difficulty concentrating. Her voice was a bit shaky as my fingers toyed with her excited pussy. The waiter sensed something was going on but was discreet enough to keep it to himself. As I looked down I could see that Katherine's nipples were hard against the sheer silk of her blouse.

Between courses I played with Katherine's pussy. She tried to shield her excitement and arousal but was very self-conscious as people walked by. As I finished the main course, I asked her to pull her leg up under her. She slid her shoe off and raising her body, folded her long leg and brought it under her firm ass.

Katherine's pussy was now lifted off the seat and open to my full attention. As she finished her dinner, my fingers were busy caressing her exposed pussy. It only took moments for her insides to erupt, bathing her pussy and my fingers with sweet cum. Katherine was terrified that the scent of her sweetness would be noticeable, not to mention her panting and stifled screams of passion. My young beauty wanted to die of embarrassment but soon realized that no one around us was even aware of her, let alone what was happening under the table.

I removed my fingers from her tight, little pussy and they were coated with her sweet nectar. Katherine could smell the powerful scent as I brought my hand up onto the table.

"Kiss my hand." I said and Katherine lifted my hand to her lips and was overcome by the power of her scent as it filled her nostrils and she kissed the back of my hand. Taking a napkin, she tried to carefully wipe her flow off of my fingers. I smiled at her situation.

When the waiter returned to take our dessert order, I slid my fingers back into Katherine's dripping love hole. This time I did not stop caressing her as the waiter stood over us.

"Would you like anything else?" he asked.

"Yes." she said nervously. Then I slid my fingernail across her tender clit and Katherine gasped "NO!" as her insides flooded. The waiter looked down, a bit bewildered as Katherine's entire body flushed with embarrassment. Katherine could smell her sweet scent and was sure that the waiter could too.

"The lady is fine." I said drawing the waiter's attention away from Katherine. "May we have the check?" I added as my fingers continued to fondle Katherine's oozing pussy. As the waiter left to tally up the bill, I removed my hand and then wiped my fingers on my napkin.

"You may use that extra napkin now." I said to her and Katherine realized that I'd planned this all along. Taking the extra napkin, she slipped it under the table and used it to wipe, what felt like buckets of cum, from her dripping pussy. "Don't forget to wipe off the seat." I teased her.

After paying the bill we got up to go. I left the napkin on the table for the waiter and we left. Katherine was exhilarated as she felt incredibly sexy and desirable. Many men looked at her beautiful body as she swayed through the restaurant. I kissed her ear. "You are beautiful and so very sexy." I complimented her.

As we approached the car attendants, they all looked at Katherine with lust in their eyes. She felt a bit embarrassed but very sexy. If they had only known what had been going on in the restaurant for the past hour or so.

When the car arrived, another attendant held open the door for her with a broad knowing grin on his face. The panties were resting on the seat where she had left them but it was certain that every one of the attendants had smelled them if not rubbed his face in them. I got in and closed the door.

As the attendant ran around in front of the car I beeped the horn to catch his attention. I lowered Katherine's window and he came over and looked in.

I nodded and Katherine looked down at her panties as they rested on the seat.

"I forgot your tip." I said. Katherine leaned forward and taking his wrist, she guided his hand across her firm breasts. She could feel his fingers squeeze her firm titflesh as she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Then holding his wrist, she placed her cum-drenched panties in his hand.

"I won't be needing these anymore tonight." she teased him. He stood up a bit bewildered by what had just happened. We drove away as the other attendants crowded around him.

"You catch on quickly." I said as I wrapped my arm around Katherine's shoulder and again, cupped her firm tit in my palm.

We drove around in the beautiful evening air and then returned home for a night of very passionate love making.

To be continued…

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