tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKatie Couric: A Night on the Town

Katie Couric: A Night on the Town


I couldn't believe my dumb luck! Here I was, just a Joe average guy from the Midwest. I was standing in the studio of the morning show hostest with the 'mostest; Katie Couric!

Just think; only two weeks ago I was just another member of one of those internet groups. You know the kind. The ones where horny guys, [and gals], get together to post pictures and talk about their favorite TV and entertainment ladies.

The pictures posted and the general messages at these boards; amount to what a couple of guys at a bar with a few beers in them might say. It is a place to talk about and admire your favorite babes; nothing more.

I had helped out the cause; so to speak; by making a larger than usual contribution to the board. These boards and groups are not entirely free you know.

The board owner jokingly said that my reward for being the highest contributor to the site; was a night out on the town with my favorite TV or entertainment babe.

I placed a poll up on the board, and figured that the other members would have a field day fixing me up with the 'perfect date'. It was all in good clean fun. Nothing more than that.

Little did I know that there was a member of the board who took this posting at heart. This member thought it would be fun to enter my name into the "Have a Date with Katie Couric" contest which her show was running. Little did this person or myself realize that I had a snowballs chance in hell of winning. But win; I did!

You could have knocked me over with a cottonball when the shows' associate producer phoned me and informed me that I had won a date with Katie Couric. Hell! I didn't even know I was entered!

Remind me to thank whomever it was who entered my name into this contest. I owe you one, buddy. Big Time!

I was flown out to the 'Big Apple', [NYC], on a thursday night. A limo took me from the airport to a fancy, expensive, hotel. There was a full suite reserved there in my name.

I couldn't believe it. I was actually going out on a date with Katie Couric! She is my favorite morning show host. My 'wet dream' come true! [And I do mean, cum true!].

i must have masturbated myself to climax at least a half a dozen times that night! Wow!

In the morning; a representative from the show picked me up in another limo; and whisked me to the studio.

I was informed by this representative; [a young and very pretty brunette named, Jill]; that I would be interviewed by Katie herself during the last segment of the show. Upon hearing this, I almost had a heart attack on the spot!

Just think; the entire viewing audience would know that I was the lucky SOB who had won! They would also get the privilege of seeing me melt down into a babbling idiot in front of the beautiful and sexy Katie. Oh, Great!

I shifted my weight nervously back and forth on my legs. I awaited my turn to sit in the big chair across from the lovely Katie.

I was in the 'Green Room', as they call it. It was a small reception lounge where guests waited their turn to appear on the show.

The only other person in the green room with me, was the aforementioned; Jill. It did not help my anxiety very much to see Jill sitting there wearing a very short miniskirt.

The sight of Jill's lovely crossed legs which showed me all of her wares; [ including a peek of her white panties.]; did not help me to calm down. In fact, the view had the opposite effect on me.

My penis had a raging hard-on! Here I was, about to go on live television with the lovely Katie Couric. I was about to show my 'excitement' to the whole world!

"Calm down, Jack." The soft sound of pretty Jill's voice, soothed me, somewhat.

"Katie really wants to meet you. I'm sure that the two of you will hit it off. Relax! It's going to be ok."

"Maybe it's going to be ok for you; but what about me?" I was pleading with her. "I can't go on the air with my dick as hard as a rock! What would Katie think? What would the audience think if I came on stage with an erection?"

"That's the idea, Jack. I'm here to make sure that you go out with a 'woody'.

Jill uncrossed her legs and gave me an even better view up her miniskirt of her long, lovely, legs.

"Time to go meet Katie; my horny little buddy!" Jill said this as she left the room.

I followed the pretty brunette out of the Green Room and down the hall to the studio set. My eyes did not stray from their stare at swaying hips and sexy butt of Katie's helper, Jill.

Jill had accomplished her mission! My penis was pointing to the sky; and I had no way to hide it!

I arrived at the set and Jill introduced me to Katie. I was struck speechless at how beautiful and sexy Katie looked.

I sat down in the big overstuffed armchair which was across from the one Katie was seated. A couple of makeup people were trying to put pancake makeup on me; with little success; I might add.

I was nervous and sweating like a pig. What I really needed to cover up was my hard-on! Not my shinny forehead!

"Relax; Jack is it? All you have to do is follow my lead and answer my questions." Katie's lovely voice calmed me down a little. "It's just like two old friends talking to one another. Nothing to it really."

If Ms Couric's demeanor was calming; her appearance was anything but!

Katie was wearing a sleeveless top which; by the size of her alert nipples; was intentionally too tight. She was also wearing one of her short; [I mean, SHORT!]; miniskirts with a slit up one side.

Katie made a slow motion show of crossing her firm, shapely, legs. She made certain that I got a perfect view up her skirt.

I could see that she wasn't wearing any pantyhose. Just her gorgeous legs were in view! Right up to the pink silk panties, which covered her tight, inviting love mound!

Katie looked at me with a playful grin on her face. A quick glance at my crotch, showed my aroused manhood to her; as well as to the rest of the viewing audience. Katie had me exactly where she wanted me!

I don't remember the interview at all. I was too busy looking into the pretty dishwater blondes eyes. I was also, some what mesmerized by the sight of her pert nipples; pushing against her tight top.

And her legs! What can I say? My eyes were glued to Katie's lovely thighs! All the way up to her pink panty covered pussy!

Before I realized it; the interview and the show; [both the program and the leg show which Katie had given me.]; was over.

"That's a wrap." The voice of the floor director signaled that the show was off the air.

Katie rose from her chair and came over to where I was still seated. I was not sure what I was supposed to do next.

She leaned down and gave me a soft, tender, kiss on my lips. I was surprised and pleased by her kind gesture. My face flushed red with embarrassment! I had just been kissed in public by Katie Couric!

"I see you didn't mind the interview too much." Katie said this as her eyes were fixed on my pants. I had forgotten for a moment about my erection. I silently hoped that the pretty morning show host would not think that I was a sex pervert.

Katie laid to rest any fears I might of had by grabbing my crotch and giving my penis and balls a playful hug.

"Something tells me that we are going to have a whole lot of fun on our date, Jack." She had the gleam of sexual lust in her eyes as she said this to me.

I could hardly wait for the next night; Saturday; to come. I just had the sense that myself and my rigid pecker were going to have fun!


The limo rushed through the uptown traffic toward my hotel. My night on the town; my date with the lovely Katie Couric was almost history. Or so I thought...

Katie had picked one of those trendy, fashionable, nightclubs for our date. You know the ones; all glitter and flash. And, naturally, only the elite of NY society and the entertainment world are present.

As for myself, I couldn't have been a fish out of water any more than I was. But, Hey! I was out on a date with the sexy and beautiful Katie Couric! Nothing in this world was going to ruin this night for me.

Katie was a dream date; let me tell you. She introduced me to the cream of NY society as her escort and companion for the evening.

it was as if Katie and I were a real couple. Just two people, in love with one another, having a Saturday night fling on the town!

And Katie herself; beautiful, gracious, and oh so attentive towards me. If I wasn't before; I was now, deeply, hopelessly, in love with my pretty Katie.

We ate and drank and danced the night away.

My two left feet were magically transformed into Fred Astair. And the lovely, sexy, Katie Couric was my Ginger Rogers! A more pleased guy; and a more sexy and beautiful lady than Katie; would be hard to find!

This night of nights; my dream date with Katie Couric; was almost over. Once the limo dropped me off at my hotel; I would revert back to just plain old, Jack. Mr. Joe Average.

Katie's head was on my shoulder. Her eyes were lightly closed as she rested from our night of fun. My arm was around her. I held her soft, sexy, body as close to me as I dared. The scent of her perfume filled my nostrils. The sight of her toned, sexy, body; filled my vision.

I couldn't help but notice her two perfect breasts; nipples hard; as I looked down at her smiling, beautiful, resting face.

My eyes took in the vision of her well toned, firm, legs. The slit in the side of her evening gown; showed me all of the loveliness her gorgeous gams had to offer. I was able to see; [discretely of course; for I am always a gentleman]; the view of Katie's pantyhosed covered legs all the way to her desirable, love hole.

My penis was rock hard and ready for action in my pants. I wanted so very desperately to impale my love tool into Katie's hot, tight, pussy.

It didn't help matters any that Katie had her hand on my crotch. She was stroking and caressing my male member through my pants. I was about to climax; right then and there!

When the limo reached my hotel; I got out of the back seat and turned toward Katie. I wanted to thank her for a grand, wonderful, evening.

To my surprise and delight; Katie had also exited the limo behind me.

" You are going to invite me up to your suite for a nightcap; aren't you Jack? The night is still young and I want to properly thank you for a very lovely and enjoyable evening."

Then Katie pulled my face down to hers. Our lips and mouths met in a soul searching kiss. Our arms enveloped themselves around each others body. Our hands grabbed and clutched at our hot, passion filled, forms.

Our lips parted from their kiss and Katie turned towards the limo driver.

"You can go now. I'm going to be occupied for the rest of the night, I'm afraid." Ms Couric looked at me with affection as she turned back to me. The limo disappeared into the darkness of the night.

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" I asked as I stared into the two shinning pools of light; coming from beautiful Katie's eyes.

"All I was able to think about all night;" Katie began; "Was how much I wanted; no make that needed; for you to make hot, passionate, love to me! I want you to take me, Jack. I need you to fuck me; long and hard!"

Who am I to deny a beautiful lady's request? When Katie Couric says to fuck her; any normal, self respecting man with an erect pecker; is going to comply!

We rushed up to my suite; and practically broke the door down in our lustful haste. I immediately began tearing off my clothes; strewing them to and fro across the floor in my flight to the big, inviting, bed.

Ms Couric; as women are apt to do; excused herself and went to the powder room to make herself more presentable.

Hell! All I wanted was for Katie to get buck naked; and fast! We had some heavy duty screwing and banging to do!

I lay there on my back on the covers of the bed; for what seemed like hours. My penis was pointing to the sky in anticipation of violating each and every one of Ms Courics' love holes! Hopefully more than once!

Then a vision of loveliness emerged from the bathroom. Katie was standing in front of me in all her naked glory. Her petite; but toned sexy body; was a sight to behold.

My eyes traveled down her body; taking in the total beauty of it. Her well rounded breasts; with their stiff, perky, nipples were made for fondling and sucking on.

Her neatly trimmed love mound called to me to eat and ravish it with my carnal desires.

Katie eyed my rigid manhood and decided what the first course of this love fest would be.

Katie climbed on the foot of the bed and stopped when she reached my taut, erect, member.

She began to kiss and lick the head of my penis; ever so softly. Her talented mouth and tongue took their time in delighting me with the wonderful sensations they offered.

I moaned softly as she took the length of my shaft into her lovely mouth and down her throat. The bobbing motion of her head increased with the intensity of her deepthroating action. It wasn't long before I was ready to shoot my load of loveseed into Katie's sexy mouth!

I grasped the back of Katie's head. I did not want her to miss one drop of my jism as I sprayed her mouth and throat with it. My penis throbbed and sputtered as it spewed forth it's tasty, creamy, prize deep inside of the pretty blondes mouth.

Katie's trained mouth and tongue worked their magic on my spurting member. She deftly took every drop of my cum and swallowed it all!

When my climax was complete; she softly kissed the head of my flaccid manhood. She thanked my penis for the tasty treat it had just given her.

Now it was my turn to taste Katie's lovely, juicy, pussy.

Katie climbed to the top of the bed. She gave me a deep kiss; sharing the flavor of my jism with me.

The beautiful blonde then threw her leg over my face. Her knees were at my shoulders. She was facing the headboard. Placing her hands on the headboard; Katie lowered her hot, juicy, love pie to my waiting lips.

I grasped her round sexy ass, and guided her pussy to my face. Katie shuddered as I thrust my tongue deep inside of her hot, moist, love slit.

My licking and sucking on her erect clitoris made her cry out with pleasure. My mouth and tongue probed every recess of Katie's hot pussy they could find.

She cried out as her orgasm came. She ground her spasming pussy into my face; showering it with her tasty love juice. I licked and swallowed all I was able to. The rest of her love nectar covered my face with its' creamy love goo.

I pushed the climaxing Katie off of my face. My , by now, recharged cock was ready to bury itself deep inside of Ms Couric's hot, tight, love hole.

I laid the pretty blonde on her back. She opened her muscular legs to me. The sight of her pussy; still spasming from my tongue lashing; invited me to impale my penis deep inside of its' hot, moist, confines.

I pushed myself deep and hard into Katie's waiting love mound. Her tight pussy was pulling and milking my tool of lust. I brought myself up closer to Katie and thrust my penis as deep as I could inside of her.

She rocked and bucked her hips back up at me. The fucking was hot and heavy.

Finally I could hold back no more. My cry of lustful joy was met by a cry from Katie's lips as her own orgasm overpowered her.

My penis deposited its creamy love load deep inside of Katie's spasming quim. She milked every drop of my cum from my now shrunken, cock.

When our lovemaking session had ended; we looked into each others eyes. A burning passion showed out from our smiling faces.

After a few minutes of rest and cuddling; we went back over the sexual territory we had just covered with a renewed lust!


The following morning, I was peering out of the window of my jet. My mind and heart were still with my lovely Katie. She is one hot babe. And a great little lovemaking machine! This is one date I will never forget!

"I wonder if I should tell the guys on the board of my night of passion with the lovely and beautiful Katie Couric." I was thinking this to myself as my jet brought me home.

"Nah; I had better not. Besides, there is a new contest, which if I'm lucky; some one on the board might enter me in."

A weeks cruise to the Bahamas with the beautiful, leggy, blonde goddess of the Foxxy Net News network: Laurie Dhue! I'll just let the guys enter the old man of the board in that contest.

After all; I don't have a rats' ass chance of winning, do I?

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