Kaz Ch. 01


Kaz quit pounding her feet on the steps, but the hammering in her head continued just the same.

Two hours today. She’d have to keep this up for the next month if she was to qualify. This was the time of day when she most doubted her chances, and her resolve wavered briefly. Dragging herself to the weights room, she collapsed on the machine.

~Kas, you want to try to better yesterday’s effort?~ the weight machine asked through her link. The question sounded directly in Kaz’s inner ear, with a clear baritone voice, hovering somewhere between obnoxious and sexy. Kaz thought nothing of it. She had been fitted with her CommLink before puberty, and all the machines communicated this way, except for a few ancient security modules.

~No thanks. It’s all I can do to keep up. Just load it the same, alright?~

~Okay Kaz, but don’t you want to qualify?~

~Oh, shut up, and load the bar.~

~As you wish.~

~Fucking machines.~

Angry with herself now, she grabbed the bar, and lifted it off the rack, grunting and struggling, but determined to continue, knowing that the machine would log her efforts, and the panel might check. Once she started, her years of training took over, and she completed the required lifts, and then headed for the showers.

Leks was just arriving from the running track, and she walked into the changing rooms with him, grumbling pleasantly about how tired she was. As was polite, they spoke aloud, despite them both being fitted with Links. Kaz turned into the female section, and Linked Leks now that he was out of site.

~You seeing anyone just now Leks?~

~Nope. I got dumped. You?~

~Locker, open.~ The locker clicked reliably, and the door swung open slowly. ~Nah. Not for a while now. The last one wanted to contract me. I’m not up for that. I want to go to Earth.~

~Yeah, we know you do. It’s all you ever talk about.~

Kaz grabbed her towel from her bag, threw off her shorts and shirt, and threw them in the bag. ~Yeah, I know. Sorry. Locker, close.~ The Links could determine who the message was intended for, and forward it only to the correct destination, but without sufficient pause between sentences, it could get confused. That last comment went to Leks instead. ~Fuck it locker, shut, will you?~ The door closed quietly. ~Sorry again Leks. I hate it when it does that.~

~It’s alright Kaz. It happens to me all the time. And I don’t mind hearing about Earth. Honest.~ He was naked and walking towards the shower, and the two met again.

Kaz could never understand this particular hangup. Showering together was okay, but getting out of your clothes was done in private. Leks was quite a guy, big shoulders, well toned, nice face. Well provided down below, too. “Listen Leks” she said, speaking aloud again. “I don’t know how to say this subtlely, but I need some sex. Today. I don’t want a relationship, just an orgasm or two. You interested?”

He stopped suddenly, and looked, no, investigated Kaz. She was about 1.8 metres tall, with a tomboyish look about her, but in a feminine way, if that’s possible. Short, practical hair. Smallish, pointed breasts. Sexy as hell, though rather detached about it. This was no place for this discussion though. There were plenty of other people showering and walking about, and he wanted to keep this between the two of them. “Yeah, I’m interested, and I don’t want any commitment either. Come on. We can organise this while we get clean. ~Shower. Water on. Pulse. 41.~

They both moved towards the jet of water. The communal showers had huge shower heads, and plenty of hot water. They busied themselves for a few minutes under the water, getting rid of the sweat, and quietly sneaking peeks.

“You ready for some shampoo Kaz?”

“Yep. Go for it.”

~Shower. Shampoo. Kaz to the right. Me to the left.~

“You know Leks, we could go straight after the shower.”

He looked her in the eye and smiled. “You that desperate?” he asked quietly.

~God yes! I need it now!~ Kaz linked, so that no one else could hear. She didn’t know why, but she seemed to be horny all the time since she started training for the games.

~Shower. Shampoo stop.~

“How about we meet at my place. I have to finish an errand first, but I’ll let the door know to let you in.”

“Sounds great. I’m out of here. See you soon. Don’t take too long.”

~Shower. Water stop.~ “Okay. You’ve got a deal.” Grabbing his towel, Leks quickly wrapped it around his waist, before any evidence of his interest started to show. That wasn’t acceptable in public, either.

They walked quickly back to the lockers, split up and got quickly dressed. Leks took the tube to the retail district, and Kaz took the walkway to Leks’ apartment.


As she strolled along the walkway, adding to the moderate speed of the path, Kaz was thinking about Leks’ naked body, and was pleased that women didn’t show such obvious signs of arousal. She’d wanted to spend some time with Leks since they first met, and this arrangement was ideal. Arriving at his apartment, she walked up to the door. ~Door. Authorised access.~

~I’m sorry Kaz, but you are not on the authorised list for this apartment. Please make application at the official ……~ Leks had an impressive security system, but she had no patience for all of this.

~Leks? Kaz. Hey, what about this door?~

~You there already?~ ~Door. Add Kaz to auth list. No app needed. She’s standing at the door now.~

~Do you realise that non app authorisations are exempt on your insurance Leks? Please provide confirmation of intent.~

~Oh, shut up, stupid machine.~

~Confirmation not received.~

~Oh shit, confirmed, alright?~

~Confirmation received. Kaz 39186 added. Thank you Leks.~

~Try again now Kaz.~

~Door. Authorised access.~

~Authority confirmed.~ The door slid quietly to the side.

~That’s it Leks. Thanks. How long will you be?~

~About five Kaz. Help yourself to a drink.~ ~Apartment. Unlock cabinets.~

~Thanks Leks, but I think I’ll skip that. I’ll just get some water. I’m in training, remember?~

~Okay. Be there soon.~

~Cool. God I want you Leks. Hurry up.~

~Me too honey. I’m hurrying.~

Kaz knew that Leks had a bath in his apartment. She’d seen it once before, though she’d never used it. Despite having a shower a few minutes ago, she decided to wait for Leks in the water. ~Bathroom. Run bath. Three quarters. 42. Notify when ready. Confirm.~

~Bath confirmed.~

~Food prep. Iced water. Glass.~


She wandered through the apartment to the food prep cubicle, admiring the artworks on the walls, and the stylish furniture. Just as she got to the bench and picked up the glass, the bathroom announced its readiness. Taking the glass with her, she strolled into the bathroom, looked at the steaming old-fashioned bath, put the glass down on the wide ledge on one side. Kaz had always had a bit of an obsession with baths, and there weren’t many of them on the habitat. Quickly removing her clothes again, she slid slowly into the water, the slippery water sliding up her body, and stopping just where her nipples were, leaving them floating on the surface, as though they were some sort of inbuilt flotation aid.

“Ah, this is just right,” she sighed to herself. Only one more thing could be done. ~Bathroom. Do you have any sort of oils you can add to the water?~

~Olive, margarine, butter, lard,……~

~No, bath oils, stupid.~

~Apologies Miss Kaz. Lavender, geranium, sandalwood.~

~Just Kaz. Not Miss. Lavender. A little sandalwood.~

~Sorry Kaz. Confirmed.~

The water bubbled briefly, pleasantly, and the room was filled with the pleasant aroma.

~Kaz, I’m going to be a couple of minutes, okay?~

~Fine Leks. I’m quite comfortable here. Not too long though.~

~Don’t worry. I won’t be any longer than I need to be.~

Kaz relaxed in the bath, picking up her glass of water to have a sip. The glass had formed condensation on the outside, and a drop fell, happening to fall on her nipple. The contrast between the hot bath water and the cold condensation was electric. “God!” she thought. “He’d better hurry up.”

She sat back for a while, then suddenly sat up and picked up the glass. Scooping in the top with her fingers, she took out an ice cube, and put the glass back down. Holding the ice in her left hand, she touched her nipple with it, and felt the shock race through her again. As she removed and replaced the ice, her nipple got alternately hot and cold, and she became more and more aroused. Treating her right nipple to the same treatment, she became thoroughly engrossed in the feeling of her nipples, and the heat between her legs.

“So this is how you relax in someone’s apartment then?” Leks had poked his head around the doorway, and was smiling contentedly.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you come in.” She was suddenly embarrassed.

“Not to worry Kaz. It’s alright.” He walked into the room, and he was already naked.

From where Kaz sat, it was impossible for her not to look at his legs, thighs, and his relaxed penis. It was both wide and long, though not threatening. Kaz wanted some of that, and soon. “Come and hop in here then. I’m really jealous of this bath of yours.”

“I like it too, but we’ll have to let some of the water out.” ~Bath. Empty to half.~

As he turned to locate some towels, Kaz got a good look at his butt, solid, tight and firm. She reached over and pinched him, and he jumped. “Come on then. The water’s draining out. You need to get in.”

“I was wondering if I should watch you play with that ice for a while first,” he commented, grinning again.

“You saw that?”

“I did. In fact, I think I’ll get some more ice, before I get in.”

“Alright then. Just hurry.”

~Food prep. Ice. Bucket.~ “I’ll just go and grab it. Don’t go anywhere.”

“I won’t. Don’t worry. Quickly now.”

He raced out to the bench, grabbed the ice, and ran back. Dropping the ice on the ledge beside the glass, he dropped into the large bath, and the water rose to about the level it was before.

Leks leaned forward, and Kaz thought he was going to kiss her. She approved fully of this, but then he stopped and removed some of the ice from the bucket, put a cube in each hand, and approached her nipples with intent.

“I can do this better than you, I think.” He proceeded to rub the ice cubes on both nipples, which were becoming large and firm with all the attention. He seemed to know exactly when to remove the ice and let the warm water flow back over them, and Kaz was moaning quietly every time he replaced the ice.

After a few minutes of this, Leks grabbed a larger handful of the ice, and cupped it in his hand. Lowering his hand below the water, he moved slowly towards Kaz’s thighs, and gently rubbed ice against her pubic hair, and down further, slowly rubbing it up and down her labia. Kaz was no longer coherent, and she opened her legs as wide as she could in the bath, giving him access to her most private parts.

With the now familiar grin on his face, Leks took a single ice cube, and gently inserted it inside her. She gulped and jumped, but settled back in the bath. He slowly added cubes to the first, always enough for contrast, never discomfort. As he inserted the cubes, Kaz would alternately pull away from the cold ice, and press hard against his firm finger. Her clitoris was fully erect, and she was very close to the edge now.

Leks took another cube from the bucket, and cupping it in his hands again, put it down below the water. Opening his hand, he quickly touched her clitoris with the ice, and then stroked her with it. As the ice touched her clit, Kaz could feel herself start to orgasm, and she groaned loudly in time with the ice strokes. Suddenly, Kaz felt her muscles tighten against the remains of the ice inside her, and she shivered all over as she came. Jerking violently in the bath, she forced the ice away from her clitoris, as it was suddenly unbearable. She lay back in the bath, her whole body shuddering with pleasure.

“Oh Leks, where did you learn that trick?” she sighed contentedly, moving slowly in the water, providing just a little arousal as the waves flowed over her nipples.

“It’s your fault Kaz. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

She looked over at him. Leks was kneeling in the bath. His hard chest wet and glistening. His handsome face smiling, and his penis fully erect and expecting action. Kaz got up on her knees and turned around, presenting her firm back and backside to him. “You like it like this?”

“Oh, yes. Lean forward a little, so I can get in the right place.”

Kaz knelt, leaning forward, with her hands firmly clasping the end of the bath, her knees apart, her nipples just touching the bath frame from time to time. Leks knelt behind her, his hands on her waist, and moved his penis forward between her legs. Kaz couldn’t see what was happening, but she could certainly feel it. The tip of his penis pushed against her labia, and she put her hand down between her legs to help.

“Just put it in honey,” she told him. “I want you in me now.”

“I want it in there too Kaz. I’m going to cum if you keep handling me like that.”

Kaz could feel the end of his penis inside her, and then suddenly he pushed the full length of it inside, firmly, but not roughly. Then he started to move slowly, his penis touching just the right places. He moved his hand down to rub her clitoris, which she normally would have loved, but she moved his hand away.

“I don’t need that, Leks. I’m going to cum again, any moment.”

“I am too. God this feels good in here.” As the speed of his movement increased, small waves of water started to wash over the end of the bath, and Kaz’s nipples were once again accosted by an alternation of hot and cold.

Kaz could feel herself nearing orgasm again, and started to move in opposition to Leks. Her nipples were becoming sore, though it was nice, and Leks was speeding up further. Just then, she felt hot spurts inside her, accompanied by grunts and groans from behind her. This was the last straw, and Kaz orgasmed, even more severely than last time, and collapsed, her breasts flattened against the bath, the weight of her lover on her back, his cock slowly shrinking inside her, perspiration pouring from both of their bodies.

Unable to speak for a moment, Leks Linked, ~I don’t know about you, but I think I need another shower after that! And what are you doing until the selections? I don’t think I can let you just leave.~

~I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere Leks. At least not today. You don’t still have any of that ice, do you?~

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