tagErotic HorrorKeegan and Flanna Ch. 01

Keegan and Flanna Ch. 01


Author's Note: Thanks to kendo and rgraham for helping with editing on this story. I hope you enjoy the introduction to a rare breed of vampiress. Thanks and as always I look forward to comments and suggestions. Have fun. ~ Red


Keegan listened to his slave Lawler, his anger growing as he heard him tell of the women and the village they were slowly draining of life. He'd hunted that village, the people his. "How many have they taken this night?" He knew the answer before Lawler spoke, but he had granted his slave the right to speak his thoughts, so he waited for the answer.

"Four, Master. The young women took four this time," Lawler kept his head bent, not wanting to see the black eyes flecked with red flare up in anger. He had served his Master for several years, just as his family had before him, and as his would after him. Keegan was a kind Master, unless he was angry, and then he became a force to be reckoned with.

"I'll go tonight and find them. They will be taught that they are not to invade my lands. One by one I'll send them to their deaths," Keegan closed his eyes, allowed his mind full control of his body, and soon was soaring through the night sky seeking out his prey.

Lawler watched his Master leave the keep and hurried about preparing the rooms, in case Keegan came back with a prize. He envied the vampire, had begged to become one, but he was told he was too weak. For his loyalty he was allowed to dine on some of the blood from Keegan's finds; he hoped tonight would be one of those nights.

Duana caught sight of the band of drunken men stumbling into each other. They were fools to be out and about. Just last night she and her sisters had taken four of their kind and charmed them into a dance... a dance of death, and now here were three more idiots to enjoy and torment. "This time, we'll make them suffer," she told her sister Keely. Keely's yellow-gold eyes flashed as she looked at the men and then to Duana. She said nothing as she descended from the trees and became the beautiful brown-haired maiden that she knew the men would find exciting.

Duana wasted no time in changing from her form and dropped to her sister's side. Her raven-hair flowed in the breeze, hanging mid-thigh as did Keely's and her other sisters'. "Flanna won't like this you know," a third voice joined in. The two women turned and smiled over to Vevila, her golden locks falling to the ground. She had heard her sisters' thoughts, having been on a hunt herself. She looked at the three men just as hungrily as her sisters did.

The women chuckled. "We will keep these for ourselves then," Duana said as she motioned for Vevila to begin. The three vampires moved to the clearing and waited for the men to come to them. Vevila began to sing, her voice filled the air to rest on the drunken fools ears.

"Do you hear that?" the eldest of them asked. They all stilled and nodded. One by one they became entranced with the melodious sound."It is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard," the youngest of the group whispered.

"Aye," the final man spoke. "But not as beautiful as this." His eyes took in the three women, each one sporting full breasts, narrow hips and hair that seemed to go on forever. They moved toward them and listened with all their heart and soul to the golden-haired beauty that sang so beautifully.

"Would you care to dance?" Keely asked the eldest man. Her yellow-gold eyes flashed at him. Her lips rose in a seductive smile and she began to weave a spell of charm over the man as her body moved to the tempo of her sister's voice. The men watched her, drank in her form as she glided closer to their leader. Her body became one with the music, her hips swayed, arms slid slowly along her trim form, over her breasts, and down to her sex. They all licked their lips and felt their manhoods grow.

Keegan heard the sounds and his mind filled with rage. "Baobhan-siths," he thought to himself. He then descended to the trees, blocked his mind from theirs, and watched them slither their ways into the minds of his property. He'd known the Baobhan-sith existed, but he'd been unaware of them on his lands. They were a rarity, only coming out when necessary. A few kills scattered here and there had not caused him concern, but as he watched the three women begin to dance closer to the men he realized that the Baohbhan-sith were out looking for fresh blood. The reason behind it he would have to find out. He watched and waited, hostility showing in his dark skinned face. "Four kills last night and another three this night," he grumbled. "I will have to deal with them."

Vevila continued to sing as she stood and approached the last man. Her sisters were already dancing with the other two, each one's nails were now talons slicing away the clothing of the men. She too joined in and soon the men were moving with the women, pulling them close into their arms, trying to mate with them like rutting beasts of the forest. Vevila allowed her dress to drop to the ground as her talons scrapped along the man's arm, opening his skin for her. She lapped at his blood. He felt no pain, only pleasure, as his cock pressed against his partner's stomach. He was not aware that a second, a third, followed by several more cuts were being placed on his now naked form. His body ground into the woman's as his blood flowed hot from him.

Keely purred into her victim's ear, "You are so large." Her hand caressed his cock as she danced her hands up and down on the hard rod.

"Can you handle me?" he laughed, and then gasped as he watched her trail a talon down his chest while she dropped to her knees. Her eyes sparked to life, a tinge of the yellow shining brighter than the gold. He didn't feel the talon slice into his skin, his whole being was too consumed on the luscious lips of the brown haired wench moving to her knees.

"I will drink all of you," she smiled. She heard his growl of lust at the same moment her talon pierced his balls. Keely sipped at the fiery liquid that flowed free; the hot, sticky blood slid down her throat and settled into her belly. Her talon moved up and down his shaft, opening the sides with small nicks, so when she covered his cock with her mouth, she could taste the rust, metallic flavored skin, and she welcomed it.

The remaining sister and her male moved toward the forest, Duana's body clothed in a velvet green gown. Her plaything was nude, just like his companions. His body was as aroused as the others, but Duana was hungry; hungry and needy. Her moves turned from slow seduction to rage and fire. The man felt every whip of her talons as they clawed down his chest, over his ribs and across his legs. He screamed in pain, unable to move away from her or fight back. His body locked in her spell of charm and seduction. She lapped at his wounds, drank the life from him, and suckled his cock as his blood seeped from the cuts that littered his body.

Keegan watched the display, his own aroused hunger pulled at him, he fought the urge to make himself known to the women and claim their hunt... his property. As the sisters devoured their meal, he left them. He would seek their home later, right now he needed to feed. His lust was thick as he took to the skies in search for his own meal.

Flanna's eyes flew open, she lifted her head from the book she'd been reading and glared into the night. Swiftly she changed and within moments she was in the meadow, her anger showing in the depths of her splintered red and blue eyes. "Why? Why have you done this?" She looked at the carnage, the waste of blood, and then her sisters.

They each left the now empty bodies, licked at each other's chins, before addressing their red-haired sister. "We meant to play with them for days," Duana said, humor in her voice. "I guess we lost control." She ran her hand down her torso, gathered the spilt blood of her victim and licked her fingers clean.

Vevila and Keely chuckled. "They were tasty. I will have to feast on drunkards more often," Vevila said. Keely added her own, "Mmmm...," as she too licked away blood that was on her arm and fingers.

Flanna shook her head, "We hunted last night. We took four from the village, now you've taken another three. Do you want hunted yourselves? Do you look for the moment that you are taken and killed? Do you hunger for that like you do the blood of the men?" She was angry. They had moved to this place hundreds of years ago, to feast slowly on the village, always taking when they needed. Normally they fed on travelers, but her sisters had forced many travelers to no longer come through this forest.

"Clean up this mess and return to the keep." She lifted herself from the ground and flew into the night, her raven form speckled with reds.

The wind pushed her, aiding her toward her path home. As she flew she began to crave the taste of blood, the smell of it on the meadow floor had stirred in her a need. She dropped to the village and looked for a small taste of something.

Keegan was at the village. He immediately sensed the presences of the Baobhan-sith and growled. "They push their luck," he thought to himself. Once again he closed his thoughts and moved toward the ones he could read. "Alone this time," he told himself as he shifted into the mist of the late evening and watched the vampiress move into the tavern. Her body was one to tempt the mortals and he knew had he not been who he was he would easily have succumbed to her form without her spells of dance and song. He took his human form and moved into the tavern, his eyes following her every move.

Flanna shook her long red hair, felt it fall free from her crushed velvet cape and fur-trimmed hood. The cape was taken by a serving girl and laid in the back of the tavern. Flanna moved toward a group of young gentlemen. She only wanted a snack, not a meal, so she hunted out a young man, one easily charmed and seduced, one she wouldn't have to take much time to enjoy.

"Hello, lovely," the blond haired man spoke to her. She smiled and her gaze ran over him.

"She is lovely... isn't she?" the redhaired male chimed in. Flanna blushed, her pale skin tinged pinker than normal, having fed the night before. She moved her fingers to rest on the counter and took a seat next to the blond who'd spoken to her. Flanna kept her talons sheathed until they were needed.

"May I join you?" she asked, her finger ran along the man's hand. She could feel his blood running through his veins; she licked her lips in anticipation.

Keegan watched her seduce the unsuspecting fool. This time he allowed his mind to open and he invaded hers. "I can't let you dine on him." He closed his mind, watched her stiffen and search him out. He stayed in the shadows, hidden from her thoughts and eyes.

Flanna had been about to press her fingers to the man's pulse, nick him and lean in for a quick suckle from his neck when the voice invaded her mind. She stopped and pulled her hand away, looked around the room, her eyes taking in faces while her mind ran through thoughts. She searched him out, the voice that invaded her head. She stood to leave when the man she'd been tempting grabbed her wrist. "Don't go yet, lovely," he said.

She turned toward him, hissed, and bared her fangs. For a split second the man paled, dropped her hand and found no words to speak. He pushed away from her. "Demon " he shouted. Everyone in the tavern looked to the woman and the man who was scurrying back. They laughed at him, thinking him drunk, but when they saw the flash of red in Flanna's eyes they too became fearful. Chaos erupted. Flanna changed from her Goddess image to that of her raven form and flew toward the door.

Keegan cursed, saw the events and pushed his way toward the windows of the tavern. "Here," he shouted to the woman, his thoughts collided with hers, and he felt her fear. "Foolish imp." He watched the raven fly free. He followed her in flight, his bat form catching up with her bird form.

The villagers scrambled to action. They had known the legend of Keegan, known he'd hunted, but now they thought he had a mate and they feared for their lives now more then ever. It was only moments later that the elders of the village were meeting and forming a plan, a plan to exterminate the vampire and his lover.

Duana and her sisters, Keely and Vevila, left the meadow, the men's bodies now free of life laid in a pile on the road. They moved back to the keep, expecting to see their sister alone, but were surprised when they came upon not only Flanna, but a dark-skinned man as well. "A pet, Flanna?" Duana chuckled. "You were just ranting at us for having a bit of sport, and you bring home a pet?"

Keegan rose and moved to Duana, grabbed her throat and lifted her into the air. "You'll do best to remember your place, or I'll allow the village to hunt you down." He pushed her away from him, released her throat, and watched her crumble to the floor.

Keely and Vevila hissed, their talons emerged and they moved toward the intruder. He stared hard at them, his eyes black and tinged with the color of blood, stilled their movements. Their talons returned to fingernails. "You hunt on my lands... I've known of this, but now you have become greedy. Leave here or die."

Duana stood and glared at the vampire's back. "Keegan, I take it," she spat out his name, as if it were poisoned blood.

He turned and stared back at her. "If you knew of me, why did you push your luck and force my presence?" His eyes traveled over her, he could see why the mortals would be lost to these women. He'd never seen such beauty or refined grace, grace when it wanted to be displayed.

Flanna spoke up. "We have lived here in this cave for several hundreds of years, and hunted only travelers. We were hungry last night, so we hunted one for each of us. The travelers have been few and far between. Your legend grows, Keegan."

Keegan turned back to the redhead. "Not just by my deeds. I've been accused of your kills as well. I haven't been hunted in years, but now there are thoughts that rally at me, thoughts that invade my mind. The villagers no longer believe I am content with an occasional kill. Because of you they all believe I am hungry for more."

"Tell us what brought you here, Lord of Darkness," Vevila purred in her sing song voice.

He told them how he'd watched them feast on his belongings, he told of Flanna attempting to find her own meal. "Snack," she said interrupting him. He lifted his brow and she kept quiet, though inside she steamed. He finished the story, telling them how he would not allow Flanna her freedom or her life if she did not bring him to their cave.

"Well you've seen it, now go," Vevila told him, her words poured from her, and she began to sing a song of love and romance. Keegan stared at her, his thoughts rammed into hers and forced her voice to cease.

"You'll not cast a spell on me, woman. I've more power in me then the four of you petty girls combined. Even now I feel the thoughts of the villagers. They are determined. You will have to leave this place. I don't even know if I'll be able to stay now. Meddlesome females... only good for fucking and drinking," he pushed his hands through his thick black hair and felt his fangs extend. "Leave this place or I will allow them to find you."

Flanna rose up and moved to her sisters. "We'll go... we apologize to you, Keegan."

"You'll stay," he told her, his eyes commanding her.

"NO " the three girls chimed in moving closer to Flanna.

"She goes with us. She was looking for a snack, not a meal. You'll not give her to them," Keely said. The women blocked Keegan from Flanna and they felt fear run through them. They'd never been separated and they had no idea how to live if one of them left the fold. Each one protected the other, each one had a gift that allowed them to hunt well together.

"It was her trek into the village that brings them here now. Her need to snack was the excuse the villagers needed to act. Now they come closer, I smell them, and by the look in your eyes so do you." Keegan moved to the entrance of the cave, the sisters followed him. They did smell the villagers, smelled their blood, sweat, and rage.

"She goes with us," Vevila told him. Her fingers wrapped around Flanna's hands and curled them with her own.

"What will you do with her?" Keely asked. "Will you give her to them? Allow her to die by their hands?"

Flanna saw the answer in his eyes, not bothering to read his thoughts. "I am the sacrifice for them... If they take my life, they will be satisfied and will not hunt out Keegan. He will be allowed to continue his rest here."

Keegan nodded his head. "It is your payment for the men you have slaughtered for no reason."

"We had a reason " Duana shouted. Her black-raven hair was flung over her shoulder to fall behind her back. "We were hungry We can't explain it... the hunger was there, burning at us. It was unlike any we'd felt before. We needed to feast... still need to."

Keegan thought for a moment, his thoughts locked to himself, and all that the women could do was hear the sound of the mob trampling through the forests. They heard the thoughts of the men who carried holy water, crosses, stakes of oak and hawthorn. Some carried iron beams that would weaken the vampires, some held shamrocks to ward off the Baobhan-sith, and garlic to ward off Keegan. They remained silent until Keegan's mind opened and he sent the reason for the females hunger to them.

They blinked as they read him, knew the truth of his thoughts, and hissed in collective anger.

"Mating You fool, surely not?" Duana said.

Keegan lifted his brow, his gaze moved to Flanna. The flecks of red and blue locked with his of black and red and he knew she felt the truth. "He is right," she told her sisters. "I'd not realized it until he brought it up. It is time... We've not mated before. We probably should have long ago. Do you remember now, sisters? Do you remember the need we had to kill, taste, and drink? Do you remember why we left the last village?"

They looked at each other and dawning crossed their features. "It doesn't matter. You will still not be payment for Keegan's gain," Vevila said.

Flanna stared at her sisters, kissed each one's lips. She held them in an embrace and looked to Keegan. "Keep them here," she told him. "I will lure the villagers away from here; you will release my sisters. I will be your payment, if you find them a home."

He nodded his head and with his power blocked free will from the remaining women as he watched the red-haired beauty move off into the night. When he could no longer read Flanna's mind he invaded the thoughts of each sister. "Fly with me to my home or your sister's death was for nothing."

"She isn't dead, you fool," Duana said, but she feared he spoke the truth. "We leave here for her, not for you " The women took their forms and disappeared into the night intent on finding another place to hunt and rest. Keegan took his own shape and headed toward the villagers, knowing the other sisters would never return to his lands. As he flew he was able to recapture Flanna's thoughts and he sensed her fear. He moved toward her, skimming the tree branches.

Flanna moved through the air until she was miles from the mob. She descended down and took her form. Her gown was a thick green velvet, the color of the moors, allowing her to blend in with the night. Her red-hair hung low, caressing her back, ass and thighs. Her hips curved into a rounded ass, as her torso was encased in the thick material that covered not only her stomach but her large breasts. With a deep breath she sang out, called the rioting mob away from the cave and away from her sisters. Her voice filled the night sky, each note weaving a spell around the men's hearts, locking all thoughts of death from their minds. She could only hold the crowd for a short time, their number was twenty and she pushed herself to hold them long enough to bring them to her.

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