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Kevin Got It All


Tina was unhappy, very unhappy, she was recovering nicely from the operation, but the fall out was a lost holiday. She had looked forward to it for many years. They were to fly half way around the world for a dream holiday in The Maldives and then The Seychelles.

One month they had booked for, and now she couldn't go; her husband and 2 children were okay to go, but not her, not without taking possible risks.

Three months ago after suffering from severe headaches the medical people she was under had discovered a benign tumour behind her right eye, that if left and it grew it would endanger her sight, then possibly endanger her life.

An operation was performed and all had gone really well, they had had to leave a little of it behind as it was dangerous to try and remove it all as it had attached itself to her optic nerve.

The downside was the surgeons and specialists who had treated her advised her not to fly for at least 9 months due to the possible adverse effect of cabin pressure in the airplane putting undue pressure on the eye and surrounding area.

She told her husband, who seemed to Blanche at her words, she asked what was the problem. But without even checking, he knew they weren't insured for their holiday if a medical problem was the reason for cancellation. He had skimped a bit on it, they weren't insured for pre existing conditions, and now the chicken had come home to roost.

Tina was more than unhappy, she was bloody furious; she called him all the names from a pig to a dog. He had stupidly found the cheapest of insurance that had hardly covered anything if things went wrong, well now they had, big time!

The only option was for her family to go, and leave her behind, or they would lose the whole deal. Tina was incandescent with rage at her worthless stupid ignorant fool of a husband.

She did love him of course, and would never love anyone else in her life She knew that, and so did he, but it didn't alter the fact that their dream holiday had been ruined by him, especially for her.

She could of course go on the holiday and risk possible injury; they had only been advised not to go, not told not to. But Tina was too scared of that, this episode in her life had frightened her, and she wasn't prepared to take the risk.

What also scared her was being left at home on her own for a month with him living next door. He would surely try his luck again, and again after that.

Tina had almost given in the last time, but managed to get him out of the house and garden. She kept out of his way as often as possible. But as he lived next door and her husband paid him to keep their huge garden in trim, it was almost impossible.

Tina was married to John Symonds for 13 years, he was 36 she was 32, and they had a boy 12, and a girl 10, and were always very happy until this day arrived.

He had a good secure job, but saving for this holiday had taken a lot of doing, it was enormously expensive. Like most marriages theirs had drifted along lately, their love making wasn't as often, or as passionate as she would have liked it to be.

Tina was a petite lovely woman, who had an internal softness that sometimes maddened her husband. She would always retire from a tiff with him or someone else gracefully.

Her shortish hair was soft and dark that framed her angelic face, huge lovely dark brown eyes, the cutest of button noses.With a beautiful seductive smile that could light a dark sky.

All on top of a boyish figure that still was very feminine and she moved with a beguiling grace that belied her bodily appearance. Her dress sense was daring in the fact that she always wore short dresses or skirts and little tops that enhanced her beauty And her use of soft silky underwear left nothing to the imagination.

Him next door was Kevin Foster, he was 20 years old, fantastically good looking in a very manly way, had lots of girlfriends, and she knew he had seduced a couple of married ones. His personal charm was his biggest asset, he could charm the birds out of trees.

Tall and strong, wavy brown hair, that did what it wanted to do, chisel chinned, a smile that was breathtaking. A natural powerful build, and an easy way with him, and all who met him succumbed to in the nicest way.

He was unemployed, he had a couple of jobs but due to the financial crisis sweeping the world had been let go again. So her husband paid him a small sum to keep him going. She had suggested letting him go, but he couldn't bring himself to do that.

Tina thought to herself. 'You would soon get rid of him if you knew he was trying to seduce me, and get into my frilly knickers!'

Today she had gone shopping, the kids were in school and John was at work, when she came home, there he was, wearing gloves, on his hands and knees weeding the garden. Tina had to admit the garden was so lovely and it was all due to him

'Hi Kevin,' she called out to him. 'Hey Tina, how are you, been shopping?' He asked. 'Yes, but the town is so busy, I came home sooner that I expected to.' She said.

Tina walked into her kitchen that looked onto the rear garden, and watched him for a moment. He really is good looking she mused, then shivered at her lewd thought, a thought of what he would be like in bed.

She turned away, and then heard a little yelp from outside, Kevin was stood up, glove off and sucking on a finger. He must had stuck himself she thought, and decided she would see what the problem was, when she got to him she saw he had dug a hole in his 3rd finger with the forked trowel.

Blood was dropping from it quite freely, 'come with me Kevin, let's have a look at it,' she said. He followed her into the house, where she bathed it, then put a sticking plaster over the wound. Being this close was having an adverse effect on her senses.

He was grateful and thanked her by giving her a kiss on her cheek, she tried to avoid it but he got her, his lips on her cheek were soft and cool and hot! It made her shiver internally, and he smelled lovely, sweaty and manly, she had to breathe deeply to regain her control.

He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him, before she could protest properly he had kissed her fully on her lips, she almost melted right there and then, she gave a muffled protest.

Then fortunately for her there was a car horn sounded from out on her driveway, she pulled away from him and said. 'That must be Anne my friend, I forgot she said she was coming round. Kevin you must stop this. It won't get you anywhere, and if you don't I'm going to tell John about you okay?'

He gave her a knowing smile and said, 'okay Tina, I'll be out in the garden if you want me, say hello to Anne for me.' And he left her with a breath taking smile that almost demolished her. He knew she wouldn't tell her husband, if she was going to, she would have done it by now.

He went and Anne came in, she was a feisty 26 year old woman, of Asian extraction, with enormous almond shaped eyes, and gorgeous with it. When she spotted Kevin in the garden she gave Tina a hard time about her gorgeous young man on tap from next door.

'I wouldn't have any problems letting him at me,' she sniggered. 'Anne!' Tina said, 'you are married,' she admonished her. Anne laughed and said with a wink. 'Not any more I threw him out at the weekend, I am now very gainfully single, and don't tell me you haven't thought about him doing you!' 'I have not,' she said quietly. 'Now I know you have Tina, you said that too slowly.' Anne replied.

Tina was getting angry, angry at herself for letting herself be quizzed like this, and angry at Anne for rightly guessing it. 'Drop it Anne or you can go,' she told her friend. 'Okay Tina, I'm only joshing you, stay calm honey.'

They spent the afternoon chatting, and they both watched Kevin too from her rear room window behind lace curtains. Both kept the sinful wishful and wistful thoughts to themselves. Again Tina thought of how she was going to be able to keep him from her and her fidelity.

Anne left but before she went she said to Tina, 'if you don't want to fuck him, send him to me, and I mean that Tina. I can tell you want to just by looking in your eyes, so don't try and deny it okay.'

Today was Thursday, John and the children were leaving on the Saturday. What Tina didn't understand right then was that her seduction was there already, right in front of her, and she didn't see it! Neither did Kevin.

Tina ushered Anne out with a promise to meet up next week for shopping.

Kevin called out that he was leaving and that he would be over on Saturday morning, he didn't know yet that Tina was staying behind. That she was on her own for a month, that would have brought a whoop and a holler from him if he had known it.

Saturday came and Tina was morose about missing her holiday, and also by the fact that she and John had tried to make love the previous night. But it had failed miserably; she couldn't get into the mood even though she tried. And he wasn't up for it either because he knew he had more than badly let her down.

Kevin came around to see them as they were readying for their flight and asked what was wrong, everyone was more than a little sombre. 'I'm not going on holiday Kevin, that fucking idiot fucked up the insurance, and I can't go because of my operation!' She pointed her finger at her husband.

Her astonishing outburst stunned not only Kevin, and her husband just stood there with his mouth agape! Tina was also amazed, she never ever used language like that, and she apologised immediately.

Kevin said straight away that he was going and would call round later, he was out of the house and he was gone. He left a very tearful Tina, a more than contrite husband, and two sad children because mum wasn't going to be with them.

He stayed away the rest of that day, he decided he would call on Sunday morning and be there when she got back from church. She always went on Sunday mornings, it wasn't one of those long sermon things, it was more of a sing along, and she loved it, he knew she would be in a better mood after it, and he was right.

He was busy gardening when she returned, and called out to him to come in for a cup of tea, He wasn't sure what was going to be said, but he knew something was coming, he could tell from her demeanour.

She poured the tea, and began, 'Kevin, you know John is away and the children too?' 'Yes,' he dutifully replied. 'Well you have to behave yourself okay, I feel bad enough being left behind, without worrying about what you might get up to okay?'

'I understand Tina, don't worry, I'll be a good boy I promise,' he said with fingers crossed behind his back. Tina accepted this at face value and thanked him. Kevin said to himself, 'I'm never gonna get to heaven lying like this.'

'Okay Tina, I'll go and finish up in the garden and tidy away right?' 'Yes thank you Kevin, call in when you've finished and I'll give you the money John has left for you.'

'Will do,' he called over his shoulder, there was no way in hell he wasn't going to fuck her now, she had already almost given in twice. He was sure if he uttered the right words he would get that beautiful body where it belonged, under him!

She made them both some lunch, Tina did ask herself what she was doing, he had promised to behave, but did she really believe him? He came in for his money and Tina told him to sit and have lunch with her.

He immediately turned on the charm, paying her easy lovely compliments about anything he could think of, including her beauty. His smile and cheeky grin was affecting her again, she responded to his chatter with her own and soon they were talking like old friends, revealing this, and revealing that, it went on for two hours.

Tina was succumbing to his gaze again, his voice had a hypnotic quality to it, she could feel it, and somehow he was now sat almost next to her, how had he got there she pondered.

She managed to break her reverie, and suggested it was time he went home. He went without a murmur of protest, knowing he would almost certainly succeed in getting into her panties tomorrow.

As she saw him to her door, he kissed her again, she really tried to turn away but didn't quite do it, he had got her again. Lips locked for a few seconds, and he knew it was his game to win, and hers to lose.

He left and Tina had to sit down, what was she doing? Playing with fire that's what, her lips were tingling, and her heart was beating like a bass drum, her legs were weak. 'Please don't let me give in to him, please don't,' she said quietly to none but her.

She never even realised thatshe just had, he knew, she didn't. Tina just about got through the rest of the day without masturbating herself, but she did when she went to bed alone. She tried to imagine John with her, but she couldn't.

It was the thoughts of Kevin who made her come so hard and explosively, the imagined feel of his strong arms around her, his hard young body pressing her into her bed. And his prick buried to the hilt deep inside her was more than she could bear.

The following morning, he never appeared so she went into town for something to do, she met a couple of old friends and had a good day, and didn't arrive home until late in the afternoon. Tina fully expected Kevin to be there but he wasn't. She wondered why, and felt a little unreasonably annoyed because he wasn't.

That night at 8:00 her phone rang, it was her husband, calling, they chatted about the holiday, and what she had been doing, was she okay, he grovelling apologised again, that sort of thing. But when the children came on it broke her heart. They were having a wonderful time; they missed her and wished desperately that she was with them.

As she put the phone down her hand stayed with it as big tears filled her soft brown eyes. That's when she heard a knock on her back door, that could only be Kevin she thought, why is he here at this time?

She walked slowly to her door, there he was with that bright toothed disarming smile again, Tina opened the door, and straight away Kevin saw the tears, he stepped forward and asked why she was crying?

'Oh it's the children, they are having a wonderful time, and they miss me,' she said. The drops fell like angel tears, he stepped to her and put his arms comfortingly around her, and she sobbed more. Her head was laid on his chest, turned in toward him, her perfume assailed his senses, and through her tears Tina could smell his man aroma.

He stroked her hair gently, and said, 'don't cry Tina, I hate to see you like this, unhappy.'

She lifted her teary face to him and smiled sadly, he brushed away a tear with his thumb, that's when he lowered his face to hers and he kissed her. His lips locked on as if super glued, and only he had the solution to free them.

She felt herself resisting internally but her body didn't move, her response was nil, apart from her lips filling with lusty blood there was no movement from her.

Kevin lifted off her for a very short moment before locking on again, her lips moved of their own accord into pursing a kiss she gave, they accepted it fully.

That was it for Tina now, game over, game won, game lost. The kiss seemed to last forever, her eyes closed, his eyes closed, they were in a true lovers embrace, her arms found their way around his back to hold him near. His tongue slowly slipped lovingly and softly into her mouth where she gently sucked it.

Kevin broke away suddenly, turned, closed and locked the door, he stepped back to her and continued her loving seduction, there was no way back for her now. And he wanted her more than any woman or girl he had made love to.

Bending slightly, he placed his arm under her knees, her arms came up automatically, and as he laid her back in his own, her own went just as automatically round his neck, her head went onto his shoulder.

He walked down the hall, knocking the lights off with his elbow as he went, he didn't intend on coming back here until well into tomorrow morning, he climbed the stairs 2 at a time.

'Oh Kevin,' she whispered, 'what are we doing, what are you doing? I mustn't do this, please don't,' she almost begged. He hurried he had to get her onto her bed before her senses returned to normal, and she tried to resist him.

He climbed knees first onto her bed, and got her in another kiss of kisses, her resistance waned once more, his tongue gently caressing the inside of her mouth completed the job. Mmmm that was close Kevin thought.

He raised his mouth from hers and told her he loved her, that he wanted her so badly it was driving him nuts, he constantly thought of her. Of her luscious beautiful body lying next to him, where he could and would love her like no one ever had. All this was said in his soft melodic hypnotising voice that crushed her will totally.

He started to undress her in-between kisses and hugs, squeezing and twirling her nipples, she helped, so he knew he was safe and had won her over, no going back!

He stood up quickly and stood before her, really and truthfully, he should have stripped and got on her and in her before any thoughts of wrongdoing invaded her mind again. But he took the chance and stripped slowly, he wanted her to see what she was getting and be so taken with it, she would lust for his body.

He pulled off his top and let her feast her eyes on his upper torso which he knew was good to look at. After all he had been told many times, it was strong flat chested and well defined and chiselled.

Tina was doing exactly liked he hoped she would, her eyes were taking it all in. And he could see all his dreams and hopes materialising right there and in her own bed.

He undid his belt even more slowly, followed by the zip, it made a slow grinding sound as it went down. He had her now, pushing his pants and shorts down over his shapely hips. Kevin at the same time turned away from her so she was now gazing at his back.

Kicking away his clothing he raised his arms above his head and let her see his entire body, the definition of his muscular back as it closed on his spine mesmerised her.

His tight powerful buttocks took her breath away; his thick strong thighs were a sight to behold. But it was when he turned around to face her that made her gasp with amazement.

His prick was stuck out, proud and strong, it was turned upwards under its own power, it was thick and long, and certainly bigger than her husbands, not massively bigger, but bigger none the less.

The beautifully purple rounded mushroom head caught her like a rabbit in headlights, she couldn't take her eyes of it or him, he slowly moved toward her, his very hard prick swaying in front of him as he did, climbing on to her bed he was now within reach of her, 'grab hold of it Tina,' he said to himself.

She did, but murmured again as she looked at it, and squeezed it in her soft hands. 'Oh Kevin, what am I doing, I shouldn't do this, but I have to now, I can't say no to you any more, take me Kevin, take me, make love to me. Do whatever you want to do to me. I don't care now, I want you too much my sweet man boy, I can't resist you ever again.'

He pushed her onto her back and while Tina held his prick tight, he told her to put it where she knew it belonged, she feverishly did so, knowing that her pussy was screaming for it to be in her.

His prick split her pussy like a butchers knife cutting a joint of meat, it clamped tight to the monstrous flesh organ that was now fully embedded all the way in, and in places her husband had never reached, she couldn't breathe.

Kevin held her tight in a lovers embrace and said.'Oh Tina, at last I am where I have needed to be so much, I've dreamed so much of this, I can't believe that we are making love at last.' Tina found some breath and uttered back through clenched teeth. 'You had better believe it Kevin, this is no dream.'

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