Missy was coming home from work one Friday night. She pulled into the parking lot of the apartment building. She got out of her car. As Missy started walking towards the door to go into the building, someone came up from behind her and put a pillowcase over her head. There was a hole cut out of the case for her nose and mouth to breathe out. She was told to keep quiet. Missy was taken to across the parking lot. She felt as though she was walking quite some distance. She was place at the end of what seemed to be a car's trunk. She was bent across the end of the car. The man remained standing behind her. He took off the pillowcase, only to replace it with a blindfold. In the short time she had her eyes uncovered she noticed she was still in the parking lot but in the dark semi secluded part of the lot. He instructed me to open my mouth where he then inserted a gag shaped as a cock. He told her he was going to use her for his purposes and use her good. This will be one night she will never forget.

Missy heard clanking noises. She was not quite sure what it was. He told her to put her arms out in front of her. He took her arm and slid something onto her arm. He took the other arm and did the same thing. She figured it out they were handcuffs. He attached the two cuffs together. After the cuffs were on and hooked together, the man opened her blouse and removed her bra. He put a piece of clothing over her head. She realized it was a short skirt. He then stripped her pants and panties off her. She shook a little from the crisp cold night air. Missy could feel and smell his breath on the back of her neck. His breath was a combination of cinnamon and cigarettes. She had an idea of who the man was but was not 100% sure. She believed it was her Master. He began to chuckle at her noticing nervousness coming over her. He rubbed her back to calm her down a little, but also to make sure she was unaware of what he was going to do next. Missy heard another clanking sound.

He took the chain and place one end in the front of her body and the other end on the back of her body. He took the one end of the chain and wrapped it around her breast to bind it then hooked the rest of the chain to the handcuffs. He took the other end of the chain and bound the other breast and placed the chain over her back, through her pussy lips and hooked it to the handcuffs. He just stood there laughing at her. Missy heard something click. He told her that she would make a good submissive whore for his party that he was taking her too. This picture will be passed around the room to give people an idea of what she really was – a submissive whore ready for use. He grabbed the front and back of the chain. Missy gave a yelp. He guided her towards the vehicle so they could leave. Once in the car, he opened her blouse wide open so anyone could see her tits and enjoy the view.

We arrived at what seem to be our destination. He came around and opened the car door to help her out of the car. He took the gag out of her mouth and gave her a drink of water. As he laughed from the excitement, he put another style of gage into her mouth. This gag was long and round with leather strands hanging from the side of the gag. He instructed Missy to bend over because she was going to get a nice surprise. As she started to bend over he began fanning her with this soft material. It felt like someone's hair. When Missy was all the way bent over he began to flog her with this hair. He asked her if she was ready for her nice surprise and she nodded to confirm that she was. He rubbed her ass so that she would have no clue as to what to expect. Without any warning, he rammed the butt plug with the hair attached to it into her ass. He said now she has a tail just like a good pony. Missy grunted and jerked forward but could not go far because he had a hold of the chain from the back. She felt the sensation of the chain into her pussy and the motion her breast moved. He let her know that they were in a semi-secluded place so only the people he wanted to know knew where they were.

He stripped her so that she would be bare ass naked. Missy was not sure what to think. She had a butt plug tail, the gag had reins on the side and she was naked. He grabbed the reins to move her slightly forward. She heard more jingling. He stepped in front of her then turned her head to put a chain through the ring on the side of the gag. He attached the end of the chains to her tits. He did the same to the other side of her face. She heard the excitement in his voice as he was telling her that she was not only going to be a show pony, but also a whore that will feel pain, pleasure, made to suck and fucked. He also commented that it was such a turn on to see her so submissive and dressed like a sluttish white pony. He grabbed the reins and led her for a short walk. Missy could feel the chain in her pussy moving but most of all the tension and pain on her breasts. After a short walk he tied to a post, then went into the cabin.

In the cabin he lit some candles, set up the video recorder, and ran a hot bubble bath with candles lit in the bathroom for her. He made sure that all the taper recorders and tapes were in place. He wanted her to believe that she was really going to be shared and used at a party, but in reality he was just going to use the audiotapes to help him give that effect. Once the preparations were finished he went back outside to retrieve her. Missy was nervous because of the unknown. He picked up a tree branch. He asked her does she like pain with her pleasure. She nodded yes. All Missy could think was how and who was going to use her. She was excited but yet scared. The man attached her feet to two poles. He began to flog her body with the branch. Missy tried to move but was unsuccessful. The man gave out a very loud laugh, and proceeded to tell her that she can try to move all she wants but she will be unable to do so. She bowed her head the accepted her torture.

Missy felt her feet then the reins being detached from the poles. The man led her into the cabin. He took her straight to the bathroom. He unchained and uncuffed her. He removed the gag then instructed her that she was to take a nice hot bubble bath before the guests arrive. We want a nice clean and smelling slave when we go to use her. He made sure that the mirror was covered so that she would not be able to guess where she was or to see his reflections in mirror. Before he removed the blindfold he made her stand in front of him and when she takes the blindfold off to immediately crawl into the tub. He left the door wide open to make sure she not only felt that she had no sense of privacy but also to see if she would truly listen and be submissive to his wishes. As he suspected, she was very obedient.

Time was up, he told her to get out of the tub and have her ass facing the door. She was not allowed to dry off and the blindfold was immediately put back on. He asked her if she would like some fruit and water. "Yes Sir, thank you Sir," she replied. He took her hand and led her into another room. Once they were in the room, he ordered her to kneel. Slowly she began to kneel. Before he fed her the fruit, he directed her to get onto all fours. He decided what is a dog without a tail. Not only do ponies have tails but also so do dogs. He lubed up the butt plug again and slowly inserted into her ass. He wanted it slow because he knew that there would be more pain because he was drawing it out from the slow motion. He sat next to her and began to feed her the fruit from his hand. "Good slave," he says, "now lets see how obedient you really are." He put the fruit into a bowl. The man initiated her face towards the bowl on the floor. Eat slave but you are not allowed to use your hands. He placed a bowl of water next to the fruit then coached her to drink the water. Missy realized she was being treated like a dog and became very humiliated. She hears a door open and what sounds like people coming in for the party. He tells her to keep eating and drinking. Missy finishes what she can. He takes her into the bathroom so she may urinate from the amount of water she drank. He removes the butt plug. He leaves the door wide open. She is uncomfortable with this situation of not being able to use the bathroom in private. The man comes back into the bathroom once she is finished and tells her to spread her legs. He goes behind her and wipes her pussy and ass with a diaper wipe. He wants her fresh and clean for his use.

"Now are you ready to be used, to please, to be forced to do things you never thought you would, to suck and be fucked," he asks

"Yes, Sir, - Thank you Sir, " she replies.

He leads Missy into another room. The man ties her hands above her head. He spreads her legs and attaches them to a spreader bar. She is able to move her ass but that is the extent of her movement. By now she is slightly wet with from her own cum juices. He runs his hands along her ass then down into her cunt. "MMMMM, you are getting wet already. You must be turned on. Just wait, you will be in for a bigger surprise." The man unties her hands and leans her over the end of the bed. He attaches each hand to the post of the bed. It is nice having a four poster bed he thought to himself. He rubs her body with his hands. She felt aroused from his touch. He realizes that she has now figured out it was her Master that captured her.

"Lift your head, slave," he said.

As she lifted her head he grew close to her face. He inserted the bit gag with the reins again.

"Now you are starting to look like a true slave whore, but we still have more things to dress you up with before you look perfect."

He walked behind her again. Whack, she felt and heard against her ass. It was a riding crop. He then began to hit her lightly all over the body then gradually increased the intensity of the flogging. While he was flogging her body he would integrate different floggers. Once he was satisfied with the color of her flesh, he stopped and rubbed her body. He lubed up another butt plug, but this time, this plug vibrated. He nudged a piece of small ice into her ass then slowly inserted the ice cold butt plug. By inserting the plug slowly, he knew that she would try to squirm and not allow him to place into her ass. He made sure that she was not able to move while he did this. The lube that he used from the butt plug was still on his hands. Instead of wiping it off onto a towel he wiped it onto her ass. He picked up a flogger and began to flog her ass. Missy jumped because the lube gave the impact from the flogger more of an intense sensation.

Missy begins to move her feet. The man realizes that her feet are beginning to hurt. He unties her from the bed and spreader bar. He slips the gag out of her mouth for a minute and gives her a sip of water. He then returns the bit gag to her mouth. He leads her to the bed and guides her onto the bed. He instructs her to lay on her back.

"Lift your ass whore, " he says.

Missy lifts her ass as he slides a pillow under her ass. Her butt now is in the air for easy access. He grabs her legs and reattaches it to the spreader bar. He ties the spreader bar to a string that is on a pulley in the ceiling. He takes her arms and binds them above her head. She is not quite sure what to make of what is happening to her. She is full of mixed feelings from excitement to nervousness. He begins to rub her entire body to help her relax.

"Now you are a helpless slave whore who is going to beg me to fuck you, use you and take pictures of you," he laughs.

He begins by putting some music on and lighting some candles. This helps with the atmosphere and the scents help with relaxation also. Missy hears him coming towards her. He grabs her breasts and twists them abruptly.

"What nice tits are they to use whore...I intend to make sure that they are marked and sore by the end of this session."

She hears him rummaging through things. Missy jumps slightly from the coldness that is placed on her tits. He lets out a loud laugh as he applies more ice to her tits. He then slowly slides the ice all over her body. He takes a large piece of ice and shoves it into her pussy then another piece in her ass. As he notices her body reacting to the ice, her nipples are getting larger, he decides this was a good time to apply the suction cups to the nipples. Wow, what a feeling, Missy thinks as the cups are applies to each nipple. He tells her he is not finished decorating her tits. He grabs a few clothespins and applies them to the outer part of her breast. Missy gasps as she feels her boobs being stretched and clamped. The pain hurts but yet it is a very big turn on for her.

"Now for that cunt of yours, slave."

Missy moaned as he began to grab her cunt. She can feel the wetness of her cunt from her own juices from all the excitement but yet the coldness of the ice. Her Master begins to pull apart her pussy lips and applying clothes pins on them. She hears something that sounds like take as he peels it off the roll. She realizes that he is going to stretch her pussy lips back and tape them to her thighs. After he is finished with her pussy lips he grabs her clit and pulls and twist it extremely hard. Nice he thinks, but it needs to be decorated to. He sees how her nipples are growing with the suction cups that he decides to do the same to her clit. One thing that he is going to add though is some water in the suction cup with a small piece of ice. He also thinks another piece of ice in her pussy along with a vibrator will even drive her more crazy. He believes all this will add a new sensation to the play. Missy tries to move her hips from the sensation but is unable because she is strongly secured. Her Master just grins with pleasure because he knows that she is willing and wants to be his slave more than anything. She is willing to give herself to him.

He has decided that she needs a few more things before he can take a true picture of her. First would be that she needs her ass filled with a nice butt plug. Secondly, she needs to have her breast bound. And lastly, she needs to have "Master's whore slave" across her body. He finds a nice vibrating butt plug and without any warning shoves it into his slave's ass. Missy yelps. He takes the suction cups off her nipples and rubs them then applies clamps to them. He lifts her head as he places a rope around her neck. He takes each breast and binds them up. Not only will the clamps help keep the nipple hard but so will the binding keep her breast swollen till he is ready to use them. He just stands there smiling, as he is now ready to have some real fun with her. Oh, he realizes he forgets one thing. He is serious about making her his submissive/slave for the rest of their lives. He leaves the room and decides to register as his slave online. He prints out a large printed certificate that says that Missy now is his slave and she is registered to him. He leans the certificate on her side and takes a picture. He tells her she is now registered to him and he is taking this picture and framing it to remind her where her place is in their house.

Missy's Master takes the clamps and clothespins off her breast. As they come off, she gasps from the rush of the blood to her nipples. He leaves them bound. He takes a piece of ice and rubs the ice onto the tits. He knows that the wetness will add to the intensity of the flogging he is about to give her.

"What nice marks are on my slave's tits, but I am not finish marking my property" he says smiling.

He walks over to the dresser and picks up a flogger. Slowly he begins to flog her. It is a very sensual flogging at first then gradually working up to more intense flogging. As the flogging continues, marks begin to appear. With enjoyment, he flogs her even more. He stops the crawls onto the bed and straddles her.

"Show me how much you can worship you Master's cock, whore."

He takes the reins out of her mouth and replaces it with his cock. He fucks her mouth good. Missy can feel his cock getting hard and growing in size. She takes the cock and treasures him giving it to her. Now that he is nice and hard, he unties her legs from the ceiling but leaves the spreader bar attached to her ankles. He detaches her arms then reattach to a tether above her head. This way he can roll her over when he wants but yet her arms are still bound. He pulls the vibrator out of her pussy and begins to fuck her hard. Ramming it in and out, she enjoys it. He pulls out and replaces the vibrator. He rolls her over onto her knees. He pulls out the vibrator of her ass and grabs the reins from the gag bit. He tells her that her Master is going to ride his slave like a pony. He does not give Missy any time to prepare for his cock. He just rams it into her ass. She jerks up but He grabs the reins and holds her steady. Ouch!! As Missy deals with being fucked in the ass. She can feel her Master getting harder and hornier. He begins to cum in her ass then moves in front of her. He pulls out of her ass then grabs her hair. He takes out the gag out of her mouth.

"I am going to finish by fucking my properties mouth," he says.

He fucks her mouth till he is finished Cumming. He roars very loud and he not only cums but has an orgasm. He catches his breath.

"Since you have been a good slave, I am going to make you have an orgasm that you will not forget."

He rolls Missy over and reattaches the spreader bar to pulley in the ceiling. He decides he likes having her ass stuffed. He returns the vibrator to her ass. He pulls the suction cup off her clit. Master rubs the clit with such intense force. Missy begins to move her hips from side to side because she is so turned on. Her master places a suction cup with a vibrator attached to her clit. She hears him moving. OH My God, she, she feels not only him fucking her with one vibrator but with both. He is fucking her ass and pussy at the same time.

"Cum you fucking whore, cum and show me how much you appreciate me allowing you this pleasure."

She lets out a loud thank you Master as she begins to cum.

"You are not finished Cumming slave, my property is going to cum till I decide she has had enough"

He takes the vibrator out of her pussy, and puts it in her mouth.

"You must suck off your juices and keep it in there till the next time you have another orgasm," he instructs her. He decides that she needs nipple clamps on her tits to entice her Cumming more.

He begins to play with her clit. It is extremely swollen from all the attention he has given it. As Missy's Master plays with her clit she tries to move but cannot. He yells at her to cum. As she cums he fists her then takes her cum and wipes her face with it.

He detaches her from the clamps, clothespins, the ropes and spreader bar; he gives her some water and cuddles with her.

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