Kim Ch. 05


Chapter 5: The Pop Concert

When I was in my 20s I went to a pop concert with some friends, we had quite a few drinks before we went in so I was quite merry when we arrived. It was being held in a soccer stadium which held about 25,000 people. Once we got into the stadium we found a place near the back where we could stand up, there was a crash bar in front of us so we had something to lean on. A combination of drink and excitement at the up coming concert made me feel really high.

As it got more and more crowded we got more and more squashed together. As soon as the band came on stage everyone shifted forward and started trying to dance to the music. After a while I realised that someone behind me was rubbing themselves against me so I turned around to face three guys. One of them was quite good looking and smart, but the other two were a mess and god had forgotten to give them any looks whatsoever.

I looked straight at the smart one and said, "Back off."

"I am awfully sorry but it wasn't my fault." he said, and grabbing hold of his dick which I suddenly noticed was erect and pushing against his shorts added, "It was him." and he waved it at me.

I couldn't help but look at it again and I went bright red, "You should do something about that." I said, and I turned back round. Now I don't wear under clothes very often especially when I go out to enjoy myself. A few minutes after the first encounter I felt him rubbing up against me again so I turned around quickly to have another go at the guy and he was standing there with his dick in his hand, in the open, I had my mouth open to say something but when I saw his huge erection I just stood gaping, mouth open wide.

Before I could pull myself together he said, "You can if you want." and waved it again. I was too stunned to say anything and realised that he was moving closer.

"Noooooooo!" I cried, and raised my hand brushing his hard dick as I spun around and face away from him.

The thought of that hard swollen erection behind me wouldn't leave my mind, I kept wanting to look back to see if he had put it away, but I was too scared, but constantly thinking about it had started my juices flowing.

After a moment he started brushing against me again, only this time I didn't stop him even when his hand moved up my short skirt and rested on my cheeks I didn't stop him, and when his hands moved up and started to brush my nipples I nearly had an orgasm, 'God I'm a fucking slut sometimes' I thought. Then he moved his hand round to my juiced up pussy and that was it, I turned sharply and said "No! No more." But I realised that his hardness was now brushing against my stomach, I looked at the faces around me but no one realised or cared what was happening.

Then I noticed that the two uglies had moved either side of me so I looked straight at him and said "No more! Please." and then made the stupid mistake of pushing his erection slowly away from me.

"You don't really mean that." He said, and moved closer to me slipping his hand up my skirt and playing with my wet pussy, he leaned in close to my ear and said, "I think you want me to fuck you." and he slipped a finger in my open juicy slit.

"No!" I said, "I don't want you to." but my voice was shaking, the thought of all this happening in front of 25,000 people was turning me on something terrible I was shaking all over. Once again I turned round to face the front, determined to ignore him.

But he wasn't going to give up and It was only a second before he was rubbing his hands on my bum cheeks again, only this time it was rough. He pulled me to him and pushed my head forward.

My heart was thumping and my pussy was throbbing, as he pushed I thought I was going to fall and reached out for the guard rail, as my hands caught the rail they were grabbed by strong hands and clasped to the rail, the two uglies were holding me down.

Suddenly I was scared, I felt his fingers playing inside me brushing my swollen clit and then he was brushing his erection against my wet lip's sliding it in slowly, God I was on a high, no longer frightened and no longer caring, I was being fucked in front of 25,000 people, and for a flasher like me that was just such a turn on.

The uglies grabbed at my boobs lifting my t shirt up to my neck squeezing them hard and laughing in my ear, and all the time he was banging into me. Lost to the situation I felt my orgasm rise from the pit of my stomach at the speed of light, it was upon me and it was so powerful my legs buckled, I would have been on the floor but for the uglies.

He dug his nails into my bum cheeks as he came and I felt him fire inside me, after a second he slid out and moved in front of me, One ugly releasing his hold, my arms were at full stretch now and smarty took a hand full of my hair and as I opened my mouth to scream his prick slid in, right to the back of my throat, it was at this point that I felt another hard erection forced into my juicy cum filled hole and realised it must be the ugly, He was big and stretched me but by this time I didn't care I sucked smarty hard and long, ugly No 1 ramming into me until he came with violent bursts, flooding into me and running down my legs.

There was no pretence now and no one was holding me, when ugly no2 entered me it was a willing and wanting pussy that awaited him. Ugly No 1 came round the side so I took his prick into my hand and brushed any remaining juices against my face, Ugly No 2 lasted only a few seconds and was back round the front before he even registered on my fanny scale, By now I was on cloud nine and wanting it all again so when smarty went around back I was yearning for him to take me again.

The two uglies were in front of me now and I was sucking them in turn a second or so each, they both had a hand on my head and the other hand was grasping a boob pulling it and holding it in vice like grips, tearing at them without any though of the pain.

Smarty was slipping fingers into my juicy orifice and then slipping the finger into my arse, it was driving me insane and then suddenly it wasn't his fingers in my arse it was his hard swollen erection, it absolutely shattered me and my leg's finally gave way, I was on my knees with two pricks in my mouth and another up my arse, and none of them were gentle, my mouth was being stretched and shagged and so was my arse.

One of the uglies took his prick out of my mouth and leaving the big one in, after a second of banging my head against his stomach big dick came straight down my throat, I nearly choked but managed to swallow every drop. At this point my arse was gripped with sharp nails and I felt smarty cum, this set me off and my arse squeezed tight, I exploded in orgasm again, shattering me totally but the uglier grabbed my hair and lifting me up put his prick in my hand and said, "Spray your tits darlin." As I grabbed his erection and rubbed it his cream spurted all over my swollen and sore boobs "Now rub it in bitch" he said. I did as I was told unable or unwilling to do anything else.

The three of them moved behind me and I thought 'Oh god not any more please,' I grabbed the rail and pulled myself up straightening my clothes. The concert was continuing, all eye's looking at the stage.

On very rubbery legs I turned round to say something to them, but they were gone, nowhere in sight, the feeling was very strange I had just been well and truly fucked by three guys' who had, just vanished. God what a turn on that was


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