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King Charming


Note to readers: This single volume tale is a follow up to the Prince Charming series, that detailed how a young, arrogant Prince behaved as King following the untimely death of his father. It will probably help a bit to have read the original series, but if not, it’s not exactly Shakespeare so I’m sure you’ll pick up the plot as you go.

PROLOGUE(KING NOTHING) Thomas trudged through the forest, stumbling on a tree-root and stubbing his bare toe painfully.

“Ah shit!” he swore, limping slightly in pain. His filthy feet were bruised and battered, a number of cuts on his bare soles.

“How the fuck did all this happen!” he swore again, shivering slightly. The afternoon was definitely getting colder, and the fact he was walking completely naked through the forest certainly didn’t help things.

It had not always been like this, Thomas contemplated to himself as he hiked onwards, yelping as his bare thigh brushed past a sharp bramble, drawing a thin line of blood. Once, not so long ago, Thomas would never have imagined himself in such a position. Thomas had been King. No, he corrected himself. He was still King.

CHAPTER ONE(HIGH TREASON) A day earlier King Thomas took his seat in the royal throne room, his throne room. On his brow rested a richly bejeweled golden crown, and around him sat his most loyal and trusted advisors. Or so he thought.

“You took quite a risk your highness,” said the ancient Sir Conrad, a gray bearded old General from one of the border counties in Thomas’s kingdom. The nobleman was referring to the bold demands that the King had made of the Amazon Queen when negotiating a peace treaty between their nations.

“None-the-less the king made a very beneficial settlement,” cut in General Bairacali, head of King Thomas’s armies. “We keep all the lands we have captured and as we speak one hundred Amazon slaves are heading towards the city to ensure the peace treaty holds.”

“What are we going to do with one hundred Amazons?” asked Conrad. “The dungeons are full as it is.”

The King unfastened the front of his robe, he was naked beneath, his thick cock already semi-erect. This would have shocked any normal court, but King Thomas’s advisors were becoming used to such displays from their young ruler. He gestured to the lovely noblewoman beside him, Lady Valeria. The sexy noble immediately went to her knee’s in front of her king, letting out a soft, resigned sigh as she lifted his cock to her lips and began sucking on him. King Thomas gave a satisfied sigh and patted the top of the beautiful noblewoman’s head as she began to bob up and down in his lap.

“We are going to do whatever we want with them,” snapped the King impatiently. If it weren’t for Valeria’s talented mouth he would never have the tolerance for council meetings such as these. “They are slaves not prisoners. I’m sure General Bairacali wouldn’t mind a pair of fat titted Amazon servants? They will not put any pressure on our dungeons.” The King gave a soft sigh of pleasure as his cock grew to full erection inside Valeria’s wet mouth.

“Do you really think they will not retaliate?” asked the plump Baron Pehlam, another of the King’s advisors.

Valeria’s mouth moved rapidly over the king’s cock, her skilled tongue swirling around the head each time she drew back, before her mouth once again plunged down over his hard shaft, taking him deep into her throat. “It’s possible,” conceded Thomas with a nod as he gently ran a hand through Valeria’s long flowing hair. “But if they do then General Bairacali will crush them once again.”

“Without breaking a sweat,” Bairacali confirmed with a grin, eyeing with a tad of jealousy the rapidly sucking lips of Valeria. The pretty noblewoman slurped noisily at her King’s cock, her cheeks blushing from either embarrassment or effort, the General was not sure which.

“Enough,” said the King at last, grabbing a handful of Valeria’s hair and yanking her head up out of his lap. The lovely Valeria noted once again that he hadn’t come in her mouth, although she should probably be humiliated by the experience she actually felt a little disappointed he hadn’t finished the job as he used to. Was she losing the King’s interest?

“I have a meeting with the royal sorceress,” continued the King. “We’ll continue this discussion tomorrow.”

As the assembled nobles all filed out the General took Valeria by upper arm and pulled her aside.

“I need to talk with you,” he whispered, glancing rather nervously in the direction of the king. Thomas was already on his way out the door however.

“What do you want?” Valeria demanded of the General, her face showing her distaste. She had always detested Bairacali, and had hated him even more after the King had given her to the General for a night as a reward for his success in the war against the Amazon’s. That night Bairacali had ruthlessly used her to sate his lusts, showing no care for her own needs, merely using her as a receptacle for his seed.

“I have a proposition for you,” he told her, the glint of lust in his eye’s easily apparent.

“There’s nothing you can offer me to make me sleep with you again,” Valeria replied almost spitting the words at him, her face a grimace as she remembered that night.

“How would you like to be Queen?” the General asked.

“King Thomas may like the way I suck his cock, but he will never marry me,” Valeria scoffed, wondering what the ugly soldier had in mind.

The General grinned, his eye’s unconsciously darting down to glance at Valeria’s deep cleavage. “Who said anything about Thomas?”

Valeria’s eyes widened as she realized what the General was suggesting. “You’re not saying…”

“Not here,” snapped Bairacali, suddenly silencing her. “Let’s retire to my room.”

Valeria hesitated for only an instant. The lingering taste of King Thomas’s cock on her tongue was all she needed to make up her mind. The lovely noblewoman took the General’s arm and let him lead her to his chambers so they could talk in private.

“What do you have planned?” Valeria asked as soon as they were alone in Bairacali’s chambers. She felt a little uncomfortable there, remembering the last time she had been here, when King Thomas had ordered her to warm the General’s bed.

“Tonight my assassin will kill the King, I will invoke Martial Law and take control of the kingdom. With the support of the council I will take the crown in the King’s absence,” the General told her.

Valeria’s eyes widened slightly, tonight? “Why trust me with this?” she asked him dubiously.

“You hate the King even more than I want the crown, he humiliates you in front of the council every day. Even in front of the court and even in front of servants,” the General replied. “Plus I need support on the council to get the crown and both Pehlam and Sir Conrad are both spineless.”

Valeria nodded slowly, “This is treason,” she murmured, stating the obvious.

The General remained silent, watching the lovely noblewoman carefully.

Valeria frowned. “What do I get out of this?”

The General chuckled, he had her now. “I am the one taking all the risk. But nevertheless when I am King you will be my Queen.”

Valeria’s heart soared, Queen? She smiled broadly, “Queen Valeria? I like the sound of that.” Of course it would mean she would have to give herself to the lustful General, but at least she would not be treated like some slut or a piece of meat as she was currently.

“So we have a deal?” Bairacali asked eagerly.

“Yes I will convince the council to support your claim when the King is dead,” Valeria agreed.

“And you will become my Queen?” pressed the General, stepping close to Valeria, his hands resting on her hips and drawing her closer.

“Yes, I will be your Queen,” she replied, cut off as Bairacali suddenly pressed his lips forcefully against her mouth in a crushing kiss. The General’s tongue roughly forced it’s way into the beautiful noble’s mouth.

“Excellent!” he said as he broke off the kiss. “We should celebrate, seal the deal.”

Here it comes, Valeria thought to herself. “Yes,” she said with a nod, steeling herself as Bairacali’s rough hands climbed from her hips and seized her full breasts through her gown, squeezing them roughly. She gasped slightly as he crudely groped her tits. “The King is with the sorceress tonight, is it wise to attack tonight?” Valeria asked as she was shoved onto the bed.

Bairacali stood at the end of the bed, unbuckling his belt as he loomed over Valeria. “My assassin knows how to deal with the sorceress,” the General explained as he dropped his pants, revealing his already erect cock.

“Brilliant,” Lady Valeria complemented him as he climbed onto the bed and pushed up her dress to her hips, moving between her creamy thighs with little foreplay.

“Tomorrow you will be a Queen,” murmured Bairacali as he thrust his rock hard cock painfully into Valeria’s unprepared vagina, she let out a gasp as she lay back on the bed and let the General spend himself inside her. Thankfully sucking the king off during the meeting just before had aroused her somewhat so she wasn’t completely dry. “Ahh I had almost forgotten how sweet your cunt was Lady Valeria,” Bairacali breathed as he humped her.


Meanwhile in the royal bedchamber Carmen the White, royal sorceress to King Thomas sat astride her sovereign, her gown of pure white hiked up to her hips as she rode the king’s regal member. Thomas groaned, holding his sorceresses hips as she worked a very special kind of magic, rolling her hips and grinding herself down on his rock hard cock which Lady Valeria had done such a good job of warming up for him.

“You know that my magic is weakened through such carnal activities,” Carmen cautioned her king as she tossed her long flowing snowy white hair, arching her back as she rode him.

“Who gives a fuck, you’re a great lay,” grunted Thomas in reply, running his hands up from her slim hips to cup and squeeze the magic users sizeable breasts through her white gown. He groped the sorceress’s lovely tits and rammed his hips up off the bed, thrusting up to meet her surging loins.

Thomas gripped the front of Carmen’s gown and yanked it open, her ample breasts spilling free, jiggling wildly. With a grunt of lust the young King seized the pale orbs, squeezing them tightly in his fists as his cock thrust even deeper up into the lovely magician. His greedy fingers captured Carmen’s nipples and he gave them a firm pinch, causing the enchantress to gasp sharply.

“One day you may need my magic, your highness,” Carmen breathed, but before the King could reply she leant forward, offering her full breasts to his ravenous mouth and cutting off any answer. Thomas moaned as he ardently licked and sucked at the sorceress’s wonderful tits for a several minutes, all the while the rapturous rolling of her groin over his cock never ceasing.

Thomas then lifted Carmen up off his cock and sat up, leaning over towards her and passionately kissing her pale lips. The king’s tongue slipped deep into the sorceress’s mouth as he gripped her snowy white hair and yanked her head back. He then broke off the kiss and moved off the bed, dragging Carmen behind him with a handful of her hair. Carmen gasped as the rough monarch pulled her across the room, as much as she enjoyed his attentions the young royal sometimes got a little carried away with his lust.

“I wish to gaze upon my realm,” he breathed as he pushed Carmen against the ledge of his bedroom window, bending her over so that her head was outside and her buttocks perfectly presented towards him. The sorceress gasped slightly as the king pushed her gown back up to her hips and lined himself up with her cunt. His bedroom was at the top of the eastern tower of the castle and looked out across the city, it was quite a dizzying height.

Thomas gave a grunt as he thrust himself back up inside her, his balls slapping against her as he started to hump her from behind. “Oh yeah!” he gasped, driving deep. “It’s a pity we’re up so high,” he murmured as he reached around with one hand to grasp as squeeze one of Carmen’s ample boobs. “Your spectacular tits are probably too far away for anyone else to admire.”

Carmen’s breath quickened, there was something very erotic to be hanging out such a high window and being fucked at the same time.

Suddenly the door to the royal bedchamber burst open. Thomas pulled out of Carmen in surprise, turning to see who had dared interrupt him.

The limp body of the King’s bodyguard slumped through the burst open doorway, a throwing knife imbedded in his forehead.

“Assassin!” yelled the King, hoping to summon any nearby guards.

”Run!” yelled Carmen, stepping in front of her King, her gown still gaping wide open as the attacker entered the room.

“Oh fuck!” swore the King, looking left and right for a getaway. Thomas’s heart leapt into his throat as he saw his assailant for the first time. The killer was dressed from head to toe in a deep, blood red robe and carried a wide bladed scimitar. It was a Jubanti, one of the deadly tribe of expert assassins from the Northlands, feared throughout the realm and known to never fail to execute their mark.

Thomas looked desperately around for an escape as his semi-naked sorceress stepped towards the Jubanti to defend her King. The only exit from the room was blocked by the assassin, so Thomas, seeing no alternative started to clamber out of the window, hoping to cling to the ledge outside whilst Carmen the White dealt with the assassin or his guards arrived.

The Jubanti hesitated a moment, sizing up the white haired beauty that was between him and his target. Carmen’s hands slowly started to trace an almost hypnotic pattern in the air and her lips started to move. The Jubanti’s eyes widened as he suddenly seemed to realize just who the sorceress was. As the assassin slashed out with his scimitar there was a loud bang and a sudden bright white light. A small shockwave rocked the entire tower and Carmen was thrown backwards to the floor. There was a scream from outside the window.

Seconds later four guardsmen burst into the room to see Carmen lying on the floor in front of a burnt husk of human bones. Captain Menza, head of the castle guards was at their front, he took one look at the scorched bones and leveled the point of his sword at the dazed sorceress.

“Arrest her,” he growled, “And get the General.”


Thomas stepped out of the bedroom window, onto the very thin stone ledge that ran around the frame.

“Shit!” he swore as a sudden gust of wind rocketed him, almost throwing him off the ledge. The King gingerly peered down and immediately wished he hadn’t, he was about forty feet above the city, standing on a small, crumbling stone ledge.

Inside the bedchamber the assassin and sorceress were facing off, and Thomas edged sideways, trying to get as far out of the reach of the killer as he could. He just hoped that the guards had heard the commotion and were on their way up.

Suddenly there was a massive bang and a bright light exploded out of the bedroom window. The entire tower rocked in the blast and Thomas was thrown off.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuck!” he cried as the ledge was torn out from under his feet. His stomach leapt into his throat as he fell towards the city below at an alarming rate. The buildings below swiftly rose up to meet his falling body and he crashed painfully through a thatched roof, then everything went white.


“It wasn’t me. That’s not the King!” protested Carmen the White as two guards manacled her hands behind her back.

“I suppose the King just disappeared then?” scoffed Captain Menza.

“No, he’s outside the window,” replied Carmen fearfully. She didn’t even notice the guard on her right leering at her large breasts, which were still exposed.

“Oh right,” Menza replied sarcastically. He kicked the burnt pile of bones with the toe of his boot, “and I suppose this pile of bones is the page boy?”

“No, you don’t understand, he’s an assassin. I saved the king!” argued the sorceress, with her hands chained she was unable to use her magic to free herself.

Menza laughed at her excuse. “Take her to the dungeons!” he ordered.

As the guards dragged away the protesting sorceress Menza turned and glanced out the window, there was no obvious sign of anyone on the ledge or the rooftops below, but Menza had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Get a squad together and search the buildings below,” Menza ordered the remaining guard.

“For the assassin?” asked the guard, surprised that his Captain had believed the sorceress’s feeble sounding excuse.

“For the King,” Menza corrected.


It took Thomas almost a full minute to realize that he wasn’t dead. He shrugged aside the whiteness, which turned out to be a linen sheet and found himself staring into the most impressive cleavage he’d seen in weeks. The mouthwatering cleavage and plump bosoms turned out to belong to a very pretty young brunette dressed in a servant’s gown. She gasped in shock at the sight of Thomas.

Thomas’s hand shot out, clamping over her mouth and stifling her scream just as it started to burst from her lungs.

“Silence wench!” he snapped at the wide-eyed laundry girl. “I’m the King!” He gave her a moment to calm down before finally releasing his hand from her mouth.

“King Thomas?” she gasped in amazement.

“Yes, now remain silent girl!” he ordered, glancing around nervously, worried that the assassin would try to kill him.

It seemed to suddenly sink in just who he was, as the laundry girl began to curtsey and bow. “I’m sorry your highness, I didn’t recognize you,” the girl hastily apologized.

“Shhh!” said Thomas at once, his mind racing. “We have to escape the castle, they may still be following me.” Thomas’s head snapped around at the sound of the guards beginning their search of the buildings below the tower window. At the moment he didn’t know who to trust and decided the best course of action was to get the fuck out of the castle until he could determine who was behind this attack and if it was safe to return.

He peered around the castle laundry, the buxom young servant was the only person there at this late hour. Thomas saw that he had crashed through the roof of the laundry and landed in a wheeled cart filled with clean sheets. The Gods were definitely watching out for him.

“I’ll hide in this cart,” Thomas decided. “You wheel me out of here, and whatever happens, stop for no one!”

“I can’t!” protested the laundry girl. “I’m not allowed to take the laundry outside the gates, I’ll get into trouble.”

Thomas sighed and grabbed the girl’s wrist. “What’s your name?” he asked.

The girl swallowed, “Kristy, your highness. Kristy Woodcock.”

Thomas smiled, trying to look as reassuring as possible. “Listen to me Kristy, I am your King, do you understand that?”

“Yes, your highness,” she replied, with a small curtsey.

“And you must obey your King, correct?”

“Yes, your highness.”

“Now do you really think you will get in trouble for doing as your King commands?” he asked her.

“No,” she replied in a meek tone of voice.

“Good,” said Thomas. “Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get the hell out of here!”

Thomas ducked down under the sheets, pulling them over him as Kristy started to wheel the cart out of the laundry. Just as Kristy pushed the cart through the doorway and out into the courtyard she was stopped by two guards.

“What are you doing?” demanded one of the guards.

Kristy’s voice was almost shaking in fear. “I’m taking the laundry out.”

“Where?” demanded the guard, his eye’s narrowing as he peered at the very nervous young woman. Under the sheets Thomas tensed slightly, they could be in trouble.

“The stains are stubborn, I am taking them to the alchemist to clean,” the pretty laundry maid replied, Thomas smiled at her quick thinking.

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