tagNonHumanKirsten Ch. 01

Kirsten Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Kiss of Death

It was a freezing winter's day, and the pure whiteness of the snow on the forest floor and tree tops made it impossible for a person to find their way out of this wondrous maze. Kirstin followed the little dirt road pointlessly through the forest in an effort to escape its freezing grasp. Somehow her little stroll earlier that day led to her being lost and cold in the middle of the eerie woods.

Just as she was about to give up her fight against the icy wind, she saw a faint glimmer of light ahead. She suddenly had a burst of adrenalin shoot through her whole body that made her dash towards it. After what seemed like eternity, she finally reached a clearing amongst the trees. The sight brought warm tears to Kirstin's eyes, which burnt her soft cheeks as they rolled down her face. Before her stood a beautiful castle that looked so out of place amid its surroundings, but still looked as if it stood there for thousands of years.

Kirstin followed the footpath to the enormous oak doors that had nude women and men carved into it. Hesitantly, she knocked and each knock echoed through the castle. The castle had to be vacant, she thought, and so she decided to take shelter in the empty castle for the night before taking on the long road the following day.

She pushed through the doors and quickly closed them behind her as she did not want any wintry air to accompany her inside. As soon as she was inside the colossal castle she noticed that its outer visage did not compare to the interior at all. It was decorated with vintage furniture that oozed sophistication and wealth and the entrance hall boasted over a magnificent fire place that immediately made her feel safe and warm. The staircase on her left seemed to be so long that it led up to the gods themselves.

Kirsten snapped backed to reality and realized that her clothes where dripping wet. She removed her heavy black fur coat and threw it over the chair next to the entrance. Although her black Victorian dress was soaked, the heat of the fireplace was enough to bring color back to her pale skin.

She stood there for a few more minutes and decided to explore the castle. She headed straight for the staircase and made her way up the stone steps, which finally led her to a door that stood ajar. "Hello?" was the only word that escaped her lips as she suddenly felt scared, but still no one answered. Kirsten opened the door a few more inches to take a look inside. The room was even bigger that the entrance hall but much darker. In the middle of the room stood a gigantic four poster bed that gave her the urge to climb under the red velvet blanket and sleep for days on end. In the one corner of the room was yet another fireplace which made it feel even more inviting.

Her fear started to subside as she moved towards the bed. Kirsten slowly unraveled her dress which fell to the floor in a black mass and left her standing totally naked. Her skin was as white as the snow outside, her eyes where as blue as the ocean and her hair was as black as the night sky and hung just above her ample buttocks. She was only 5.2ft tall and her body was a piece of art at her young age of 20. Her breasts where of average size, but was so firm that made the word perfection inadequate to describe them. She climbed into bed and immediately drifted off into sleep.

Kirsten suddenly awoke and noticed that the fire in the fireplace had died and that the room was covered in darkness. "I hope you found my bed comfortable," a low voice said out of the shadows and made Kirsten sit up straight.

"H-hello?" she said to the darkness.

"Yes?" the voice whispered.

"Who are you?" Kirsten asked and started to feel scared again. She noticed a shadow in the corner of the room and realized that it was heading straight towards her!

"No... please... I was lost and tired... I knocked and no one answered, so I just came inside to..." she suddenly remembered that she was naked.

"No problem my dear, as long as you are feeling better, I'm pleased." The voice said and although she was frightened to death, the voice somehow made her feel calm. Kirsten felt someone get on the bed and it made her grab the covers tighter. The person came closer and she could feel his cool breath on her skin, but still she could not see anything.

The lights came on unexpectedly, which blinded Kirsten for a few seconds, but as soon as she could refocus, she saw a man standing over her. He was so handsome that she couldn't find words to describe him. He also had black hair which where shoulder length, but he kept it in a loose ponytail. His body was that of a god, but his eyes... his eyes where as black as the midnight sky.

Kirsten turned around to get out of the bed as quick as possible, but a strong hand grabbed her by the arm and pulled her closer to him. He pushed her down on her back, and with only his one hand, he was able to restrain her. His face met hers, and softly he whispered, "My name is Richard and I've been waiting for a beauty such as yourself for many years."

"Please don't hurt me, I..."

"Kirsten, if you pass the test tonight, your future will consist of nothing more than pain, but I promise that pleasure will accompany it." His voice was still soft but clear.

"How do you know my name? What test? Richard please just let me go!" she pleaded with him.

"Like I said, I've been waiting for you..." and with that Kirsten tried to free herself of Richard's grip, but failed miserably. Richard just stared at her for a few moments before kissing her soft cheek, which made Kirsten's mind melt.

When Kirsten finally opened her eyes, she noticed that Richard was completely naked. His body was even more perfect than she imagined. Her eyes trailed down his torso, until they met his manhood. Even though she was still a virgin, she has never before seen one so large. It had to be at least 10" in length and as thick as her wrist. His voice suddenly brought her back to reality, "Prepare her." Prepare me for what? she thought, and with that two women entered the room. Both of them where blond and very beautiful. They walked straight to the bed and stood on either side of Kirsten.

"What's happening?" she asked Richard, and all he answered was,

"Your about to do the test."

The one woman started to tie Kirsten hands and feet to the bed posts, but it was the other woman, which Richard called Emily, that grabbed her attention. Emily had a big black bag and she was obviously looking for something. "Emily, do try to hurry up my dear." Richard said while watching the other woman tie Kirsten up. A few seconds later, Emily found what she was looking for. She held a strange tool in her hand, which was made of silver and looked like some sort of clamp with a lever on the handle. Emily looked remorsefully at Kirsten, before taking a position in between Kirsten's legs.

"No, no please don't do anything... please..." Kirsten started to cry uncontrollably which made Richard move closer to her and placed his hand on her restrained arm.

"I'm sorry, but this has to be done," he said while looking at Emily, "proceed." Emily nodded her head and after she rubbed some sort of lubricant on the tool, she put it to the opening of Kirsten's vagina. She continued to push it deeper into Kirsten's tight space, but stopped as soon as she reached her essence of her virginity.

"She's pure master." Emily told Richard.

"Good, carry on." Even though Kirsten was in immense pain, she couldn't have prepared herself for what followed. Emily started to turn the lever which caused the clamp to open.

"Nooooo!" Kirsten has never before been in such amount of pain. Her screams filled the castle, but was abruptly stopped by a white cloth being stuck into her mouth by the other woman.

"Shhh." She continuously whispered into Kirsten's ear to try and calm her down. With the final turn of the lever, Kirsten could feel her virginity being ripped away and fainted.

She could hear someone breathing next to her, but she was too afraid to open her eyes. She felt a dull ache in between her legs, and tried to close them but realized that she was still bound. "Finally, my dear. I was starting to get worried. You will be pleased to know that you passed the test. The only thing left for me to do is to give you my mark. This will be more painful that last night's events, but it will be worth it. I promise." Richard's voice sounded warm, and for the first time she could hear some sort of accent. She opened her eyes and tried to focus, but the sunlight that shone through the heavy curtains burned her eyes. She could feel Richard climb off of the bed and she heard him pull the curtains close. This made it easier for her to open her eyes, which met Richard.

"I'm sure you'll understand in the end Kirsten." He said. Kirsten looked down, and to her relief, noticed that she was dressed in a white nightgown, which made her feel less uncomfortable.

Before she could say anything, Richard was on top of her and stated to undo the string of her dress. "Please Richard, no more... I'm in too much pain..." Kirsten pleaded with Richard, but he didn't seem to hear her. He ripped open her dress like a wild beast and bent down to kiss her on the neck. He seemed to linger there for a moment before making his way down her naked chest. When he finally reached her gorgeous breasts, he paid much attention to her nipples by sucking and biting them harder than what Kirsten thought was necessary. Before he did anything else, he took a white handkerchief out of his pocket and stuck it into her mouth.

"Before you scream to loud my love. We did not have a chance to do this last night as you fainted..." he stared into her eyes and gave her a soft kiss on the mouth, and then he moved back to her breasts.

Kirsten felt so helpless, and decided to close her eyes while he ravished her body. Richard kissed her hard pink nipples once more, before moving down to her womanhood. He held both her breast in his hands, squeezing them hard every now and then, while he kissed and sucked on her clit. His cold tongue felt so good on her swollen vagina. Richard continued to kiss her lips for a few more seconds, before he decided to take her by force. He took out his enormous dick and placed it at the entrance of her vagina. "I will make you mine my love" Richard said before pushing into her so hard that she felt her heart skip a beat. He withdrew and pushed in forcefully once again. Tears came streaming down her cheeks, but this didn't slow him down. He kept on ramming his dick into her time after time before slowing down. Richard untied her hands and feet, and flipped her onto her stomach and with his one hand, he held her head down on the bed and with the other he guided his penis into her pussy once more. This allowed him to enter her even deeper and harder than before. His assault continued for about an hour before he shot a load of semen into her abused pussy.

Richard flipped her on her back and laid his head on her chest. After catching his breath, he kissed her breasts again, softly sucking on her nipples. He moved up towards her neck and left a trail of kisses in his path. He started to lick and suck her neck, before sinking his teeth into her neck. Kirsten's eyes flew open and she gave a blood curdling scream through the handkerchief. She could feel the blood flowing down her neck while Richard sucked on the wound.

Just as she was about to pass out again, he stopped, licked off his lips and said, "I've finally found you." He stood up from the bed, put on his clothes and left the room in one silent motion. Kirsten felt light headed and fainted...

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