tagLoving WivesLana - My Wife's Third Photoshoot

Lana - My Wife's Third Photoshoot


This is Part 3 of "Photoshoot with Loving Wife." (All future stories will begin with Lana. Sorry for the confusion.)


The day after our second, and absolutely shocking, photoshoot, we were having dinner with our good friends Raquel and Cliff. After we showered, I told Lana what to wear, and as usual, she obeyed without question. I watched as my darling wife dressed slowly - a black G string at first, followed by a green miniskirt and a thin white top. She doesn't need a bra to hold up her beautiful A cup breasts, of course.

I manage to control myself and dress as well, and we leave for our dinner date.

When we arrive, Cliff greets us at the door.

"Come in, come in. Raquel is running late from work - she's about an hour out."

Feeling a little awkward given the events of yesterday, I do my best to set it aside as we walk inside. Cliff and Raquel have a gorgeous home - it's easily twice the size of ours and much fancier. We all sit down in the living room and start chatting about this and that. After a lull in the conversation, Cliff brings up yesterday:

"I just wanted to say, yesterday was the most fun I've had in a long, long time."

Lana instantly turned beet red, and I stumble over my words, not sure what to say. Cliff continues:

"Did you enjoy yourself Lana?"

I look at my perfect little wife, fearing her answer, and secretly needing to hear it. She looks back at me, silent.

"Go ahead, Lana. Answer."

Head down, red as ever, she whispers "I had a really good time too."

My nostrils flare with jealousy as my wife says, out loud, that she liked fucking another man. My cock also instantly becomes hard. Damnit.

Cliff smiles, and stays quiet for a moment. Then he decides to press the issue.

"Say no if you want to, but I'd be willing to do another quick little shoot here if you guys want."

Lana keeps her eyes focused on the ground in front of her. I hear myself saying:

"But I don't have my camera"

Cliff has a counter, of course. "Use your cell phone. They'll be even hotter."

Silent for a moment as I ponder this proposal... I think about asking Lana if she wants to... but I know she does. She doesn't say no to me, and besides, she already admitted to enjoying the previous shoots. What harm would a third quick shoot do? I speak up:

"Ok, Lana, strip down and get in position.

I watch as my perfect little wife, hands trembling, undoes the buttons on her shirt. Slowly it falls to the floor, leaving her perfect breasts bare in front of another man yet again. Her skirt follows, leaving her in her tiny black G-string. She looks at me again, questioning, and I nod.

She walks over in front of Cliff, drops to her knees, and unzips his pants, pulling out his semi-hard penis.

One more glance at me, and I tell her to place it in her mouth as I start shooting photos with my phone. She works on his cock quickly, getting him fully hard in no time. I tell her to start stroking herself as she sucks, and she does without hesitation.

Soon little gasps escape her lips, and I know what she wants. But I don't think I want it. Thing is, it doesn't matter at this point. Cliff gives the next order.

"Get up on my lap." he barks, and Lana jumps up, straddling him, back to me.

Snap, snap snap, my phone goes.

"Untie your panties" I hear my voice saying, not knowing why I said it.

Lana trembles noticably, and I'm unsure if she wants more or if she wants to stop. She does as she's told though, and unties her panties. Cliff takes them and tosses them away. As she hovers above Cliff's lap, I can see her pussy glistening, and there's no longer any question what she wants. But do i want to let her have it?


"Yes?" my tiny wife breathes.

"Fuck him."

She freezes, yet her whole body is trembling.

"Lower yourself onto him now."

Nodding ever so slightly, she does just that. She wraps her hand around Cliff's massive cock and drops down, allowing the head to stretch her sopping wet hole wide open. She moans loudly, and I just keep snapping away as she sinks down, Cliff's cock delving deeper and deeper into my wife's pussy.

My. Wife's. Pussy.

The view is amazing. Lana's ass is a sight to behold - it's small but just a little plump - very muscular and tight, though. It's absolutely perfect on her. Watching her tight little ass rise up and down, watching her pussy swallow that massive cock time and again was just amazing.

Soon she's riding him hard, coming up nearly all the way, and taking it all in. Cliff decides to screw the rules, and begins kneading my wife's perfect ass, squeezing one cheek and then the other, and shortly she starts crying out in a powerful orgasm. Her body goes semi limp, but Cliff continues the motion, moving her up and down on his cock.

Her moans are half-whimpers now, and she doesn't say a word as Cliff appears to be getting close.

In between snapping photos, I manage to choke out:

"Don't come inside her" (That's a phrase I NEVER thought I would say about my wife.)

Cliff nods but keeps fucking Lana's limp body.

Suddenly he pulls her up and off, setting her down in front of him. He insistently pushes his cock between her lips, and floods her mouth with his own orgasm. She manages to keep it all in this time.

I order her to turn toward the camera and open her mouth. She does, and I snap photos of her mouth full of semen.

"Now swallow."

Lana doesn't really swallow very often, and it isn't her favorite thing. She knows better than to argue, though, and she swallows like a champ. I then tell her to get dressed. She pulls on her shirt, and her skirt. She's trembling as she's searching everywhere for her panties, but can't find them. I tell her not to worry about it. The panic'ed look in her eyes tells me she's having trouble with that.

Maybe 5 minutes after Lana and Cliff have finished and are dressed, Raquel comes through the door, much to my surprise. I forgot she was coming. Hell, I forgot why we were here. Dinner, that's right.

Raquel is all smiles as she greets us, hugging us both, kisses on both cheeks. It's enough to make me forget all about the events just a few moments ago. Raquel goes up to change, and comes back down looking, well, beautiful, if I'm being honest.

Like I mentioned before, Raquel is a big girl, She's 5'10", probably 230lbs or so. She's quite curvacious - her breasts are easily double D's, if not bigger. She has hips and ass for days. She's wearing a dress probably a little too low cut and a little too short - plenty of cleavage and leg is on display. I'll decide not to complain, even if she isn't really my type. (I like my ladies slim, which Raquel most definitely is not.)

We eat and talk, having a great time. After dinner we're all relaxing, and she sits up with a start "Why don't we all go for a dip in the hot tub?"

Cliff smiles and says "That sounds great!"

The look on my face must've been obvious, as Raquel says, disappointed "Oh, you guys didn't bring your suits, did you?"

I'll never know why I said what I said next. That's been happening a lot lately.

"We could just go in our underwear, if that's ok with you guys?"

I can feel my beautiful Lana's eyes burning a hole in the side of my head. I don't look.

Raquel says with a smile "Well, I don't suppose one of my suits would do you much good, Lana. Why not, we're all friends. You mind, Cliff?"

"Oh, I don't mind" he says with a ridiculously huge smile. Raquel slaps him playfully on the arm, telling him to watch himself.

Cliff & Raquel go upstairs to change, and Lana is all over me.

"What are you doing? You know what I'm wearing. And I still can't find my panties."

"Just relax. It'll be fine."

She just glares at me until our hosts return.

Raquel is wearing a *very* deeply cut pink one-piece suit. It's designed to hide her stomach and accentuate her massive breasts. It does so very nicely, as her tits are practically spilling out of the top. Cliff is wearing gray board shorts.

I whistle playfully at Raquel, she blushes, and it's Lana's turn to slap me.

"C'mon honey, let's go change." I grab Lana's hand and head upstairs to the bathroom.

I strip off my pants and shirt, leaving me in my tight, white boxer briefs. Lana takes off her shirt and skirt, folding them neatly. She's standing there naked, and absolutely radiant.

"Do you really want me to do this?" She asks, an incredulous look on her face.

"Just relax and have fun. Pretend it's normal. For me."

She takes a deep breath, I open the door and head downstairs, Lana following a few steps behind.

When we get back downstairs, Raquel & Cliff are already out back in the hot tub. Its' a four seater, two on each side. The lovebirds are sitting across from one another, leaving a spot next to Raquel and one next to Cliff.

We step outside and Raquel keeps the game going as she whistles at me in my underwear. I hop in the tub quickly, hoping to keep Raquel's eyes off me, and slip into the hot water next to my dear friend.

As soon as I move from in front of Lana, Raquel immediately gasps as she sees my completely nude wife.

Lana, trooper that she is, maintains her composure as she climbs into the hot tub, slipping down opposite me, next to Cliff. She sinks down, keeping her breasts below the bubbles.

Raquel comments on her shocking nudity, and Lana, playing a great role, confidently says that well, we're all friends, after all. "I just wasn't wearing anything underneath today."

Raquel shakes her head in disbelief at her brazenness, but seems to come to terms with it.

We all relax, have a a few drinks, a few more drinks, and enjoy the steaming hot water. My mind wanders, as it does, and I can't help but enjoy the site of my wife's bare breasts appearing above the water ever so often, along with the sharp contrast of Raquel's massive breasts trying to burst out of her too-small bathing suit. Our conversations split into two's - I was chatting it up with Raquel, and Lana with Cliff. I'm ashamed to say I really had trouble looking Raquel in the eyes. Seriously, her tits were huge and nearly bare. I was ignoring Lana & Cliff pretty well by then. All the beer didn't help, I'm sure.

It's getting late, everyone is drunk, and everyone begins to get out, first Cliff, then Lana, then Raquel. Raquel grabs my hand and pulls. I stutter that I'm not quite ready to get out yet.

Raquel, pretty well drunk at this point, blurts out "You probably have a woody from watching us two beautiful women," laughing all the while.

I stutter again, giving away the fact that, well, she's completely right. I have a boner and I'm wearing boxer briefs. If I get out now, there's literally no hiding it. I try desperately to think of something, anything else. No luck. Raquel decides for me, as she yanks on my arm, and I apparently didn't have it in me to resist, as I rise to my feet. She whistles even louder this time, as my rock-hard dick is clearly outlined by my wet underwear. Every inch is clearly visible, and Raquel doesn't bother to hide her staring.

"Damn, you really must like what you see" she blurts out, leaning forward to shake her massive chest toward me, laughing.

"You can't leave him like that. You're just gonna have to help him." Drunk Raquel blurts out to Lana, laughing even more.

"I can't do that!" My Lana shrieks, suddenly modest.

"Well if you don't want to, I don't mind."

What the fuck. Did Raquel really just say that? About me? With my WIFE standing right there??

It's Lana's turn to sputter, shocked at our friend's words.

"Lana dear, I know you've been sucking my husband's cock."

I have never seen a woman turn so red, so fast. Her jaw dropped as her skin turned the darkest shade of red I've ever seen.

Before Lana can come up with an excuse, Raquel smiles and tells her to relax. "I know it's for your photoshoots. It's not the first time someone wanted to borrow Cliff, if you know what I mean."

"Listen, we'll make it even. I'll take care of this little problem, and you can have Cliff again."

No one knows what to say. I sure as fuck don't. I'm so fucked up in the head right now, from the liquor, to the fact that Raquel *knows* to the fact that she's offering to take care of me.

I'm nowhere close to an answer when my dear, dear Lana says "Ok."

Drunk Raquel smiles broadly "that's more like it. Let's dry off and get inside." We all towel off and stumble after her, to the living room. Cliff & I stand in front of the couch, our wives in front of us. Well, my wife in front of him, and his wife in front of me. They both drop to their knees and, without a word, slide our clothes off. My cock springs out, all 5 and a half inches of it. Cliff's springs out next - it's bigger than mine already and it's still soft.

Raquel gingerly grasps my rock-hard cock and guides it to her lips. She wraps her lips around me and I gasp audibly as she begins to work some sort of magic on me. Whatever she's doing is absolutely divine.

I lose track of what's happening, but the next thing I know, Lana is riding Cliff right next to me, crying out in pleasure as she takes his massive cock deep within her.

Raquel looks up and me and I nod. She stands, and strips off her skin-tight bathing suit. Her tits are as amazing as you'd expect, with huge areolas and large brown nipples. They hang low, unable to battle gravity any longer. Once her suit is gone, I look her over briefly. She really is one of those women who are hotter with clothes on, if I'm being honest. She's pretty in her way - beautiful face, fantastic tits, big round ass - but she's also fat, so there's that. She also doesn't have the beautiful hairless pussy of my wife. I block that out of my head as my friend of 20+ years climbs onto my lap. She grasps my cock and guides it to her *very* wet pussy.

She starts to lower herself onto me, and I gasp - she's fucking *tight*. Like really, seriously, what the fuck tight. She's squeezing my cock like nothing I've felt in *years*.

"Oh my GOD, you're so fucking TIGHT." I can't help but remark, shocked.

She lowers herself fully, lowers her mouth onto mine, and we begin to attack each others mouths. My hands are mauling her massive tits, then her fat ass, then back to her tits. She moves up and down, squeezing my cock each time.

She's so. Fucking. Tight.

It's not been two minutes since I first felt her amazing pussy, and out of nowhere, a torrent of semen is suddenly bursting forth from my cock. I cry out as I flood her delightful insides, pumping more and more into her.

"Oh fuck I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to come in you."

Raquel just smiles, apparently knowing the power that she holds between her legs. "I forgive you" she whispers as she plants another kiss on me, then hops off to clean up.

As I'm coming down, I hear Lana manage her second orgasm as she violently rides Cliff.

He grasps her tiny waist tight, pumping her up and down, up and down. They're both moaning in rhythm now, faster and faster. I look my wife in the eyes, and her face says nothing but pure ecstasy as Cliff hammers her. She reaches her hand toward me, and I grasp it. She holds on tight.

I know I should stop it - it just isn't right. It isn't. But I can't. She wants it too much.

Cliff groans, and pumps up into Lana as he holds her down on his cock, burying every last inch of him in her, and I can tell he's pumping his second load of the day into her. He's coming inside my wife's pussy. No one else has ever done that, until now. I was the only one, and he took that from me.

What seemed like an eternity later, he releases his iron grip on Lana's waist. She rises slowly, unsteadily, and I see a torrent of semen gush out from between her stretched lips.

Why the fuck is that hot? That should make me angry, but it's just making me want her more.

No one else says much as Lana and I stumble to get dressed, awkwardly say goodbye, and drive home.

It was the greatest night of my life. And it was the very, very worst.

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