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Laura's New World


Detective Inspector Lindsey Boxer was on her way home after a long day, chasing criminals and other nefarious nobodies was a time consuming and laborious way to earn a living. But she was doing her life's work, all she ever wanted since as far back as she could remember was to be a policewoman.

And now she was on her way up, at 30 she was one of the youngest ever Inspectors and her personal star was in the ascendancy. She had her own team, some of whom didn't like being bossed by a woman and one so young one at that, some of them had been hoping to be given her job. The higher ups though had seen her potential and promoted her because they knew she was good to go!

Her husband was a superintendant in the neighbouring city, and they lived in a house that was more or less situated between the two, so travel was reasonably easy for them both. She had been married for 6 years now and they were beginning to think of children, but it could wait for at least another 3 to 5 years.

Lindsey had always been at or near the top of her classes, right through school then through college, and also in the force's own college. She loved her life, she loved her job and she loved her husband, they had met when she was 21, and been together ever since.

The hours were always difficult, if one was home the other was working, or arrangements being made, were often broken because of work, but they both accepted it as part and parcel of what they did.

The only blot Lindsey had in her life was a drunken romp with a fellow officer one day on their way home. She had solved a particular nasty case quickly, received high praise from all, and they had retired to the pub to celebrate at lunch time.

She had drunk too much brandy, and her soon to be suitor offered to drive her home, he hadn't been drinking, so she accepted instead of getting a taxi. Brandy always made her randy, and today was no different, sat in the car next to this good looking fellow inspector, made her inners squishy, she knew she would be getting at her vibrator when she got home.

The trouble was she didn't get home, the more the seat got at her insides, and her pussy got hotter, the more she needed the relief.

Without thinking, she said to him. 'Do you think I'm attractive Dan?'

He was a little taken aback, but told the truth, 'Yes Lindsey, you are gorgeous.'

'Really Dan? Oh thank you,' and placed her hand on his knee and squeezed it.

'Every one does, you are a real beauty Lin.' He told her.

Her hand squeezed again, she felt so happily flattered.

He took his hand off the wheel, dropped it to hers and held it. Lindsey looked across at him, things were changing. In her befuddled head, she said to herself. 'He is really a good looking guy, quite sexy in fact?'

Another squeeze from her, and he gently pulled her hand up his leg, where he nestled it against his growing erection.

Lindsey felt the hot hardness against the side of her hand through his trousers, and moaned inwardly.

'Dan?' she whispered, as she looked at him though lust filling eyes. He turned the car and in moments they were in a secluded wood on a cart track, he pulled off that and into the trees, and turned the engine off.

'Lindsey,' he said. Her hand still where he left it, Lindsey took the plunge; she turned her hand and took hold of his now fully erect prick.

'Oh Dan, Dan?' she murmured.

'Lindsey,' he croaked.

He reached across for her, and they met in a powerful kiss, one that Lindsey would find no way back from, she had seduced herself for him!

His hand found, cupped, then squeezed her nipple, she crushed his prick. Soon clothes were being abandoned; and they climbed into the back seat.

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