tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLee Ann Ch. 01

Lee Ann Ch. 01


"Now girl, get down on all fours," Jim told his girlfriend. He used a harsher tone of voice than intended, because he wasn't very pleased with her. Lee Ann had persuaded him to visit a BDSM club for the first time. It was something he felt uncomfortable with, but she had nagged him all week until he gave way. He wasn't scared it just wasn't his sort of thing.

He was hoping she would get it out of her system and return to normal. It was sure to be a disappointment and nothing like she expected.

Like him, she too had been a normal young person, with a sheltered upbringing. She would have admitted to being shy, though being submissive had never occurred to her, until recently. It was only a few of weeks ago that she came across a BDSM story when the term submissive, came to mean something. That story had her looking for another, until she was hooked.

She wanted Jim to experiment in the bedroom, which he reluctantly gave in to. Lee Ann wanted more. Eventually he gave in, so that's how she came to be on hands and knees, in a BDSM club.

She was a beautiful, petite blonde only five-four, nervously waiting for him to tell her what to do. It was difficult being a submissive, when your partner didn't take the lead. On hands and knees she looked up at him, wishing he would get into the spirit of things.

He gripped the leash tight while psyching himself up to walk to the bar.

Lee Ann smiled at him, trying to reassure and motivate him. It would spoil things if she pushed him along, for it was supposed to be him in charge.

"Don't walk too fast," she reminded him. Lee Ann bit her tongue, to remind herself not to nag him.

Giving her 'master' instructions spoilt the atmosphere. She looked around at the small, early evening crowd. Some of them were dressed in bizarre outfits. She was fairly conservative, wearing a tiny pair of shorts with a halter top. Her breasts were natural and large, but not huge. A big handful, Jim liked to joke.

What he didn't like was other guys touching her. So she wore a red collar, which meant others could watch, but not touch. At the moment that was enough for Lee Ann.

While he walked to the bar, she had to crawl. Her breasts kept swinging out from the loose top. Lee Ann hadn't thought of this when getting changed. If she told him to stop it would bring attention to them swinging free, as well as spoil the submissive role. She kept her head down hoping no-one had noticed. It was humiliating being made to crawl beside a master with her nips on show, and she loved it.

It was nuisance having such large nipples as it prevented her wearing tight tops as they invariably showed through. Her nipples had already grown like Pinocchio's nose, and were ready to spring out further from the least provocation. Her nipples didn't lie about her state of arousal, they blatantly proclaimed it. From the least stimulation her nipples would shoot out, swelling long and hard.

"Nice pet you've got," Robert said, holding his hand out to Jim.

They shook hands, which helped break the ice for Jim. Standing at a bar with a beer, talking to a guy about football, brought a touch of normality to the situation. He could almost forget he had his girlfriend lewdly dressed, squatting at his feet.

This didn't seem too bad. Less was going on here than at one of their neighbour's late night parties. At June's, everyone got drunk, or high. Then the fun would start, so they usually left. He wondered if something happened at the corporate party to push Lee Ann into this. She hadn't mentioned the club until after that party.


At the corporate party last week Lee Ann wore a nice dress; the usual boring housewife kind of style, nothing too racy.

Jim was talking to a contact when he glanced across the room at his wife. He did a double take and hurriedly excused himself. Her nipples were sticking out like organ stops. He had seen them like this before of course, but not at a party in front of business colleagues. He looked around to see where the boss was; fortunately the boss hadn't seen her.

The man she was talking to was Richard, the main rival for a new Planning Executive position. Both men were keen on winning the job and competed against each other at every opportunity; always trying to impress the boss. By the time Jim made his way across the room they had moved on. He hoped Lee Ann knew who the guy was, not wanting her to say the wrong thing.

Richard recognised Jim's wife and he soon established she didn't know him. He kept her talking, to see if he could get some dirt on Jim. He flirted with her, dishing out compliments, and was surprised how easily she responded to them. His interest grew on seeing her nipples hardening, pushing at the fabric of the dress. He couldn't help 'accidently' nudging her breast while talking expressively with his hands. She ignored it thinking it was due to the hard pressed crowd.

He asked her what she read and she mentioned an author, only to quickly clam up. She went red from embarrassment. He knew why, for the author mainly wrote about women becoming slaves. He took a closer look at her, with plenty of eye contact. His questions and comments were subtly turned into commands and demands.

He had experience of the BDSM scene, belonging to a couple of clubs, and so recognised a submissive when he saw one.

Taking hold of her hand he dragged her onto the dance floor, giving her no chance to refuse. The dance floor was full so they had to squash up close. He purposely rubbed his chest across her breasts, aggravating her distended nipples. He noticed them swelling and her breathing becoming more ragged. Her eyes almost closed, as though she were far away. He had heard of this but never seen it before. He didn't hold back now. Whenever they were turned away from everyone he discreetly pinched her nipples.

Lee Ann wanted to pull away but he held onto both wrists. Something was happening to her. She felt hot and bothered, but couldn't understand why. When her boyfriend played with her in the bedroom she naturally became aroused. He wasn't here, yet she was feeling so heated up.

She not only needed to go to the rest room, she thought it necessary to escape this man. He may be a colleague of Jim's, but he shouldn't be dancing so close. On the other hand he might be an important contact, so she didn't want to upset him.

"I need to go to the bathroom," she shouted into his ear. Despite trying to shout, her little voice was hardly heard over the music.

"I'm not going to let you, until the end of this dance," he said, with a demanding voice.

She was taken aback by the refusal. He was obviously used to managing people so he might be Jim's boss. She decided not to antagonise him, in case it got Jim into trouble. Surrounded by the corporation's employees she had to behave herself.

The combination of his deep voice, the compliments, his flirting, and his tight grip of her wrists, all this was preventing her from complaining. He was stopping her from going to the restroom, and somehow that added to her state of confusion. Strangely, her heart was fluttering.

She became aware of an unexplainable arousal. She felt as though this stranger was taking control of her. She had to stop herself from calling him master, as though she were in one of the stories she read. The feeling must be resisted or she might make a fool of herself. On the other hand, she couldn't make a scene before her boyfriend's colleagues. She felt trapped, though it was her fantasy thoughts that were ensnaring her.

At last he led her off the dance floor, toward the rest rooms. She really needed to go now. There was a queue, and he could see she was agitated.

"I know a restroom where there won't be a queue," he told her.

He had a tight hold of her wrist, leading her around as though she belonged to him. She tried to shake off the feeling, which was straight out of one of the naughty stories, but couldn't.

She was being pulled around so quickly she didn't have a chance to think straight. It felt as though he had her on a leash, just like one of her fantasies. When she weakly complained he cut her short, with a big strong voice. He took her along a corridor to another restroom, not being used. He barged in, pulling her along.

"In here, we won't be disturbed," he told her. "We can finish the dance then," he said, as way of explanation.

She scurried into the stall, fumbling with the lock only it didn't work, or she was shaking too much. He was standing right outside, telling her to hurry up. It was only a small thing, but he had denied her permission to urinate now he was giving her permission to go. It felt as though he had taken charge of her.

He was telling her where to go and what to do. For a moment she imagined he owned her. Somehow she was letting him think for her, and she couldn't help obeying him. That was the awful thing about it, she was obeying him. She hoped he had realised what he had done to her.

She kept telling herself he was just helping her. He wasn't taking her over, he was just used to organising people and she was used to being organised.

"Hurry up," he demanded. "Aren't you finished yet?"

She was a mature woman and he was treating her like his little girl. Though, since reading those naughty stories she associated it with being dominated. He opened the door, just as she let go. He was watching her pee! In a confusion of embarrassment and arousal, she could do nothing. It seemed to be going on for ever.

"Is that better?" Richard laughed.

He was amused. It made her feel even more embarrassed and confused. She should have been humiliated and angry. She should have told him off for being so rude.

Lee Ann couldn't say a word. She just didn't know what to say. She dried herself with a tissue and was about to pull her panties up. It was highly embarrassing, being in front of him with her panties on the floor, around her ankles. She felt so weak and nervous she couldn't think straight.

"Don't pull them up they will be wet on this floor. Give them to me and I'll dry them for you," he ordered.

Like a fool she obeyed him. Handing her panties over felt so bad it made her tremble. This stranger had taken charge of her so completely she was simply obeying him.

He was big and strong and very powerful, she just couldn't help it. He took them, and gripped her hand. She had to follow him, knowing she would follow him anywhere, and do whatever he said. How this had happened to her she couldn't fathom. Instead of using the blow drier he pushed her panties into his pocket. Before she had a chance to protest he pulled her out of the restroom.

No! He's taking me back to the dance floor!

The dress was modest enough, but the thought of being out there, among all those people, with her panties in his pocket, was dreadful. It was also stoking her up. Her nipples were now clearly pushing at the dress. Her face was a picture of arousal and embarrassment.

She dare not think what he was going to do with her next. As they danced to a slow number, she noticed Jim looking for her. She buried her face in Richard's broad chest, trying to hide.

Her whole body buzzed with excitement. She just couldn't help it. It was so wrong, yet just what she wanted. A big strong powerful man was taking charge of her.

"I have a room here, so you will come with me. I'll dry your panties, though I'm sure your pussy is too wet to put them on," he whispered, in her ear. "You are such a naughty little slut, my little slut. I shall teach you to be my little slut," he said. "What do you say, slut," he asked.

As though she were a character in a favourite story, she answered him.

"Yes, sir, I'm you little slut," she feebly answered.

From those few words she felt herself giving in completely to him. All around her people were dancing and laughing. She felt so carried away, so light headed, she knew he had trapped her, in her own little fantasy.

He led her away, from the dance floor, to his room. She knew it was terribly wrong. She knew she must protest, yet felt so helpless, so much under his control. She felt controlled by him, so submissive, she could do nothing but obey him. He was taking her to his room!

He had her panties and her arousal was already enough to have her panting for him. Once there he could say anything and she would have to obey his every word. Her nipples were throbbing from when his hard fingers teased them.

She needed help! She had surrendered to him, otherwise why would she be meekly following him. Once in his room she would be lost in a pathetic world of obedience, prepared to submit to him as her master. She knew what a man wanted from an attractive woman and it felt impossible to deny him anything.

"There you are, I was wondering where you got to," Jim said.

He looked annoyed, and she just looked down submissively. She couldn't look at either of them. Jim grabbed her hand and took her to their table. He was too angry to question her. All she could think of was what might have happened, if Jim hadn't rescued her. A part of her was disappointed and that had to be suppressed for it was so wrong.

All week she thought about the party. It stirred her up so much she needed to do something dramatic to override the bad thoughts. Eventually she pressed Jim into taking her to a club.

He could see how much she needed to get it out of her system, so relented. He was hoping she would find it silly and a disappointment, and not go again.


There they were, drinking at the bar, as though nothing unusual was happening around them. Jim purposely didn't look around, not wanting to see anything upsetting.

Lee Ann was with like minded people. She watched them talking and milling about, taking in the sight of masters and mistresses with their slaves. Jim was trying to ignore it all while Lee Ann absorbed it all. She was becoming even more excited than the party last week.

Robert introduced Jim to his slave. She was a tall blonde with big breasts, and deep blue, exciting eyes. Lee Ann hardly noticed her, and didn't notice Jim's interest either.

"This is obviously your first time here. Have you registered yet? You should do. It will declare your limits as well as your likes and dislikes. My slave will show you the way. Look after the bimbo as she can get distracted. Slap her ass if she gets uppity," Robert casually said. He noticed Jim's look of interest and smiled.

"By the way, the stupid Bimbo forgot to wear panties. Bend over Bimbo," he ordered.

The tall blonde did a straight leg bend showing off everything between her thighs. A pair of plump pussy lips protruded rudely. Robert chuckled at the look of shock on Jim's face.

"In here she's vulnerable without panties, it's an open invitation. So keep a hold of her hand wherever you go. If she needs to go to the restroom you had better take her," Robert explained.

"Listen carefully Bimbo. You go with the nice man, do as he tells you, as your master, got it?" Robert told the tall blonde.

"Yes, master," she said. She took hold of Jim's hand and looked down between his legs. "I must obey you as my master," she recited. She gave him a pleasant little giggle and shyly looked down.

"I'm looking after her for a friend. By the way, be careful with her as she hasn't had sex all week. If she tries to hump you just give her a slap, unless of course you want to help her out," Robert smiled.

"She's fully trained, so won't give you any trouble. Just keep her close, tell her what to do, and she will do it," Robert said, when he saw Jim's reluctance.

"I'll introduce your pet to some friends," Robert said.

Robert handed the bimbo's leash to Jim, and took a firm grip of Lee Ann's leash.

Lee Ann was so surprised she didn't even think to protest. Her boyfriend had casually given the leash to this stranger. In this club, that was effectively handing over control of her.

"Err, excuse me," she murmured. Lee Ann needed to explain, that her boyfriend didn't realise what he had agreed to.

Robert was walking off, with her frantically crawling behind him. She looked over her shoulder to see her boyfriend was enthralled by the blonde. It looked as though he had forgotten all about her, leaving her in the care of this stranger.

The rules of the club meant he had control of her, and she had to obey him. If he thought she would let him get away with anything, he could think again. On the other hand she needed looking after. On top of that she didn't want to cause a fuss. She didn't want to be kicked out, before she had a chance to explore the place.

They stopped by a couple of men who had tethered girls at their feet. They knew Robert, and after the greetings, they asked about her.

"She looks a cute little thing, where did you get her?" a man asked. He began stroking her hair, despite the red collar. The other man joined in stroking her, though more intimately.

Lee Ann needed to protest yet found it impossible to open her mouth. Her breathing was coming in short gasps. Her nipples felt on fire. Her pussy was dripping wet. What the hell is happening to me? I must stop this, I must!

"I swapped her for bimbo," Robert answered. "You better not get caught doing that, she's wearing a red collar," Robert told one of them. The stranger was pinching her nipples, intrigued with how large they were swelling.

"Its nipples respond well. Let's see how big they get," he laughed.

Lee Ann was dumbfounded over their crude remarks. She was being fondled by a complete stranger, as though she was a mere pet they were stroking. It was humiliating when they referred to her as 'it; not using a name. To them she was a mere pet to be played with.

Before her anger burst forth, a fresh wave of arousal overcame her. She was on hands and knees panting like a bitch on heat. This stranger was fondling her nipples and breasts, yet instead of protesting she was highly aroused. Was it because he was a stranger, or that it was in public?

"Here, change the collar then," the other man said.

"I'm going to change your collar, do you object slave?" Robert asked.

"What ever you say, master," Lee Ann whimpered. The pathetic sound of her voice left her feeling weak. Falling into a fantasy and letting this man become her master was wrong. It might be dangerous.

Looking around the room Robert furtively exchanged the red collar for a green one.

Lee Ann saw it briefly, before it was fastened around her neck. She should have said no, for it denoted anyone could touch her. That simple change meant masters could touch her body, anywhere they wished.

It was already too late for she was on hands and knees, with her breasts hanging down, letting a stranger pull on them as though milking her. She was too turned on to say a word.

It was outrageous that a stranger was massaging her breasts, and pulling on her nipples. She looked over toward her boyfriend, only just seeing him over by the bar. He was stroking the Bimbo's long blonde hair, looking engrossed in her. He would be no help. She was at the mercy of these men, and she didn't even know their names. She was so aroused, she couldn't speak.

"Your pet looks as though it needs a good fucking," one of the men said.

Lee Ann gasped. Were they going to take her, here in front of her boyfriend? Surely they were teasing her!

"It seems to get worked up easy," Robert commented.

"Did you swap for good?" one of them asked.

"No, he has the Bimbo for the evening. Though maybe, I'll see. If it's any good at fucking I might keep it," Robert casually answered.

Lee Ann whined. She had tried to say something, in protest. All she managed was a mewling sound. It was partly from when the second man stroked her between the legs, and partly from fear. Surely he didn't mean it? Robert couldn't just swap her for the bimbo, like a car or set of tools. He couldn't keep her, could he?

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