tagMatureLibrarian Ch. 02

Librarian Ch. 02


After that day I peeked in and saw Denise masturbating, things seemed a bit different at the library. We kept it running as clean and efficient as always and I had some time to read from the list of books she had recommended to me, but things didn't feel right. It was hard to place exactly what the problem was, it just seemed that any conversation Denise and I had was strained.

She seemed standoffish as I read her the listing of new books we got in and, to be honest, I felt a bit uncomfortable facing her. After a while I guess we both realized we were avoiding each other for whatever reasons. I began to wonder if perhaps she had seen me watching her, if she knew what I rushed into the men's room for.

The awkwardness went on for several days and it seemed to be getting worse, with Denise starting to check and double check on the work I was doing like she did when I first started working there. Any conversations we had were curt and to the point, nothing more. I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable there and so, when Denise called me into her office and asked me to shut the door I figured I was about to be fired.

"Jerry, please sit down," she said, pointing to a chair across from her desk. Once seated I looked up to her as she continued, "The other day something happened, something that, quite frankly I am embarrassed about and I think I need to apologize to you."

"I don't..."

"Jerry, let me finish. I was watching you through the one way glass as you were reading. You must have been reading something fairly erotic as I saw you adjusting yourself several times, and yes, we women do notice when men do that, well at least I do. Anyway, I took advantage of the situation and, ah, well I began to masturbate while watching you.

"While I was masturbating, I noticed you had left your seat there at the desk and came to my door. Yes, I saw you at the door, but by that time all I could do was act like you didn't see me. When I was finished you were gone, but I knew you saw what I was doing. I want to apologize to you for any discomfort I may have caused you."

"Oh Denise, I was surprised, but I didn't experience any discomfort. In fact I was a bit turned on, actually so turned on I had to rush into the men's room and masturbate myself."

Standing up and walking around to the side of the desk she said, "But I am the supervisor here and it was me who acted inappropriately."

I stood up and moved over to face her. Taking her hand I said, "Don't you understand, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much I..." I reached up and touched her cheek.

"Jerry, Jerry, wait a minute, you're just a boy..."

"Just a boy? I'm practically thirty years old," I replied moving closer to her. Moving my face closer to her face.

She immediately turned her back to me and said, "And I'm practically... well, let's not go into that, but I'm old enough..."

She paused as I leaned against her, my hard cock pressing against her ass as my hands came around her and grabbed her breasts. I felt her ass wiggle some as she moved it against my hard cock and then she reached over and opened her top drawer. Pulling out a tube of lubricant she said, "Use this, I don't get wet enough anymore."

I immediately kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants and underwear. I poured some of the lube into my hand and rubbed it over my cock as she pulled off her pants and panties. Placing her hands on the desk, she spread her legs wide open and leaned over the desk. Moving toward her, I felt her hand take my cock as she reached back under herself and she guided me to her pussy.

Gently pushing against her, I felt my cock slowly easing into her pussy, feeling the soft warmth of her encircle me. Continuing to push into her I pushed all the way to the hilt and felt an odd tickling on my balls. As I withdrew I realized she was still reaching under herself and it was her fingers toying with my balls.

I began thrusting and withdrawing as she toyed with her clit and tickled my balls with her fingers when she could reach them. Grabbing her hips I began moving faster as her soft pussy sent waves of pleasure down my cock to my balls. She was very close to coming so I slowed down my motion, pushing into her as deeply as I could until I felt her body tense up and then suddenly release.

Remaining motionless as her pussy pulsated on my cock, I felt her as her orgasm slowly subsided. When she seemed to catch her breath I withdrew and then quickly thrust back into her. I concentrated on the sensations she was giving me as my body slapped against her ass and my balls bounced against her fingers. Feeling the pressure building in my balls I thrust harder and harder, pressing her against the desk.

Finally, I felt waves of pleasure overtake me as my balls tingled and my cock surged, spurting my cum deep into Denise's pussy. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held tight to her until my shrinking cock finally slipped out of her pussy. Backing away, I moved over to a chair and sat down.

Denise grabbed her panties and pants and quickly pulled them back on. She sat down in a chair next to me and asked, "Jerry, what do we do now?"

"I think we do what you're supposed to do at a library, we keep quiet and enjoy what we find here."

"An excellent answer, now go back out front and get back to your reading, I've got some cleaning up to do," she said nodding at her desk which was now in a sad state of disarray after our "meeting."

I walked back to the front desk, grabbed my book and tried to read. It was an erotic book, but what I was reading was nowhere near as erotic as the images that played in my mind.

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