tagNon-EroticLife is Strange Ch. 02

Life is Strange Ch. 02


Disclaimer: The names are changed to protect identities just as previous part. It is said life is like a river that flows always changing. I'm not sure where that saying came from but, it reminds me that my story is about one man's life with all the variations and is not about some pity request. I was going to leave this story alone, keeping it just about a single man's strength of will and intent to raise his son in safety. This is a true story for the most part and, while about 90% of it is true there are some aspects of this story that I invented due to lack of memory and a need to keep the flow of the story. Oh, and who said all the stories on Literotica has to be about sex? One last note before I get on with the story, if you waste your time feeling pity for me then don't bother making a comment. I don't want your pity and personally I'm happy with my life and enjoy it.


Life is strange, one day I'm trying to figure out how to file for divorce even tho I have no way to afford one and the next I'm talking to my wife. Now I know what you are saying, "Why even talk to my wife?" Just because I'm planning a divorce don't stop me from loving my wife and trying to be a friend.

The time is 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning September 18. I get woken up by the sound of the telephone. I stand up barely able to even understand what is going on. Proceeding to the phone I grab it and groggily say, "Hello?"

On the other end of the line I hear my wife saying, "Remember when you said the door was still open to work things out?"

I'm now getting very confused and saying to myself "What the hell she is up to calling me at 3:00 a.m. with that fucking question."

I decide to answer the question with a simple answer.

I say, "Yes I do remember."

Pam responds by saying, "Please, will you let me come back?"

Now I'm really confused with this situation. I respond saying, "I'm not sure you fully understand the position you put me in by asking that question."

"I don't understand." Pam responds.

I walk out to the living room with the cordless phone and sit down. Taking a deep breath, I respond. "You have left out a part of the statement, I said maybe in a year two."

"So I can't come back?" she responds.

"I didn't say that hun." I respond.

Pam starts to sound a bit confused and responds, "So what can I or can't I come back?"

Trying to decide how to word this I respond by saying, "I can't answer that question at this time."

I think very carefully and realize that this is my parents' house they have a say in who is allowed to live here. "I will tell you what, I will discuss this with my parents and get back to you." I finally respond. Then say, "You realize this is my parents' house and I have to consider them and consider our son before I can answer your question?"

"I understand, please call me as soon as you can." She responds with deep sadness in her voice.

I then respond saying, "I promise I will get back to you as soon as possible."

Hanging up the phone I think to myself, "Damn she has some fucking guts to ask me that question at 3:00 a.m. in the fucking morning!"

Since I know, my parents are already up as a result of my mother doing a paper route. I go in their room. I find my mother already left but, my father is sitting in his chair and is awake. I tell my father what happened.

My father responds saying, "I won't give you any advice on this because I have a lot going on and worried enough about my surgery next week" Then he responds, "Besides I have no place to talk, I have made my share of mistakes in my life."

"I understand." I respond to my father walking back to my bedroom.

I chose to go back to sleep and try to think more with a clear head. I lay down in my bed half a sleep about half an hour of thinking and finally sleep comes and I get woke up by my mother making noise in the living room.

Realizing I need to talk to my mother also I get up and dressed.

Once I'm in the living room I proceed to tell my mother what happened.

My mother says "Be careful, she has fooled you before."

"Don't worry mother, I'm not ready to believe her yet." I respond.

"Take things slow and maybe she is willing to be serious about the relationship this time." My mother responds.

I decide that it is important to give my wife a chance to prove herself. After all it has been a year and a half. That and the fact she has not been able to even see her own son in a long time due to distance she lives from us.

I call her back at about 8:00 a.m. in the morning. I say, "Ok, I will give you a chance but be warned I probably won't be able to give you another."

I said that I probably won't be able to give her another due to I had given her so many chances to repair our marriage over the last year and a half.

Ever since that day I have talked to her every day often more than once and all the conversations have been in excess of an hour long. I'm very encouraged by what I hear. Personally I pray that this is what it appears.

Yesterday she asked me near the end of our conversation "What do you think about the changes you have heard from me and about getting back together?"

I respond saying, "I'm encouraged by what I hear and am sorry I have grilled you so negatively."

I have been really pushing her for answers and to make sure she understood that I do not trust her. Also saying to her, "I chose to ignore my negative views about this till you are here and I'm able to see for my own eyes if this is real or just an illusion."

"I understand." She responds.

"Don't worry I love you and know you are a good person at heart or I would never have given you the opportunity in the first place." I tell her.

Now today I think to myself about the possibilities and the risk of getting into a disastrous situation. There is only one way to know for sure if she has changed and gotten proper help and is willing to be serious about the marriage.

It is now only one week till she arrives. Will the next chapter be a disaster or an erotic one? Only time will tell. Personally I'm dreaming of an erotic version. I kinda want to be able to make love to my wife.

If this ends up as a disaster there will only be one more chapter, other wise I have no idea how long this story will go. I personally pray I can write about an erotic part of this story as it has been a while since I was able to have any sex beyond playing with myself and dreams.

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