tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLife of Angela Ch. 01

Life of Angela Ch. 01


Author's note: The object of this story is to track the life of Angela from an18 year old through until she is forty. It is a tale of consensual submission, outrageous exhibitionism, and total kinkiness.


I am now a 40 year old wife and mother with 2 wonderful children and a successful job in a law firm. However the journey I took to get here is, well, very unusual, and sometimes I feel I have lived a double life. When I look back now I cannot believe the multitude of ways I choose to totally and utterly humiliate myself. But if I could live my life over again would I change it? Probably not.

I cannot blame my sexual predilections on my early upbringing, as I was raised in a relatively sane household in our rural lakeside home. Being the only daughter with three brothers (one of whom was my twin), it was no surprise I was very much the tomboy, preferring jeans and tee shirts rather than dresses. I constantly played contact sport with my brothers as a teenager, and we would think nothing of stripping down to go swimming when we were hot and sweaty. I was late into puberty, so at the age of eighteen my breasts were barely noticeable, and training bras were not for me.

I was an awkward teenager; tall, gangly and skinny. Well at least as an eighteen year old this is how I saw myself. When I look back now I suspect my two older brothers, Dave and William, who were aged nineteen and twenty one years respectively saw me in a slightly different light. I am not sure if my twin brother, Steve, was the same or if he was just stirred along by his older brothers.

Our family owned a small 50 hectare dairy farm which contained 200 milking cows. The back of the property bordered onto a large lake. On the weekends we would all have to help my parents with the milking and do other chores about the farm. When we were finally finished the chores, which was generally around mid-day, we would grab some food from the refrigerator then jump on the two trail bikes we owned and race off down to the lake, with Dave and William driving and Steve and myself riding as pillion passengers, hanging on for dear life as we bumped over the undulating track.

Once we reached the lake we would all strip off naked and leap into the lake. Even though a number of other properties and a public park also bordered onto the lake we just assumed no one was potentially close enough to see us. Even at eighteen I had no qualms about being totally naked around my brothers. I really did just see myself as one of the 'boys'. When we were in the water we would often play fight, trying to push each other under the water, or playing tag. During these playful encounters my brothers would often grapple me around my small budding breasts, or even grab me around my hips, when their hands always seemed to accidentally touch my vaginal region which had only recently started sprouting a mat of fine pubic hair.

At the time I thought nothing of this 'accidental' fondling, and was actually flattered by the extra attention I seemed to be getting from my brothers. On occasions when we were playing in the water I would brush against one of their penises and notice it would be erect, but never dared say anything and naively thought it was just due to their physical exertion. Once we had tired of being in the water we would sit on the side of lake and demolish the food we had brought with us. We never brought towels along with us so needed to sunbath until we were dry enough to put our clothes back on. When you are naked and sitting on the ground it is very hard to be modest, and it never occurred to me to try very hard. I would sit cross-legged on the side of the lake as the four of us would chat away while eating our lunch. I was aware that sitting like that gave my brothers a clear view of my vagina, but I wasn't concerned, even when I noticed them staring at me down there.

Looking back, I am sure I knew I shouldn't be sitting like that, but to be honest I quite liked the increased attention I was getting from my brothers, and it made me feel good. I had a low self esteem and didn't see myself as having an attractive body; therefore it was a nice feeling to know they wanted to look at me. This is possibly the time in my life when my exhibitionist streak started to nurture itself.

There was a walking track that circled the lake, and on occasions we would spot a group of trampers making their way along the track. We would always run back into the lake and swim around until they had passed. However on this one day we were so busily engaged in an animated conversation that we failed to spot the two male trampers descending down the hill towards us. By the time we noticed them they were already right beside us, and standing between us and the lake so that we couldn't really rush into the water. The two men were in their fifties and looked down at the four of us disapprovingly.

"Don't you kids know anything about public decency," one of them scowled at us, while staring down at our naked bodies.

I noticed both of them were especially staring at me, and as I looked down I blushed in shame as I realised I was sitting cross-legged and totally exposed to the two strangers. Hastily I closed my legs and modestly brought one hand over my pubic hair.

"Sorry sir," my oldest brother, Dave, apologised, "we didn't see you coming."

With that he hastily got to his feet and slipped on his shorts. My two brother quickly followed suit. I jumped to my feet and frantically looked around but couldn't see my pile of clothing. For the first time in my life I felt really exposed, and I could feel a bead of sweat forming on my forehead. Finally I spotted my pile of clothing, but to my despair it was right behind the two strangers. I was rooted to the spot, uncertain as to what to do. Time suddenly seemed to be on a go-slow. I stood there, feeling as if all eyes were focused on my young, naked body. I was embarrassed beyond belief, but I just stood there, my arms by my side. I didn't even make an attempt to cover myself with my hands.

Finally one of the men reached down to pick up my clothing, but instead of handing them to me he just gripped them tightly in front of himself. I could feel the beads of perspiration beginning to run down my forehead.

"Please, sir, can I have my clothing back?" I begged.

"Oh, so you do own clothing do you, you little tramp?"

"Yes, sir," I felt humiliated.

"Young ladies like yourself should know a lot better than run around butt naked, behaving like a slut by exposing her genitals to everybody who wants to have a look. I have a good mind to complain to your parents."

Even after this scolding my arms still hung limply at my side as I made no attempt to cover myself.

"I am so sorry, sir," I limply apologised.

The man then began to rifle thorough my pile of clothing he was holding until he found my knickers. He held them up in distain before handing them over to me. With intense relief I quickly pulled them on.

"No bra?" he asked sarcastically, after searching through my remaining clothing.

"No, sir," I blushed.

"Why am I not bloody surprised."

With that he finally handed over my faded tee shirt and denim shorts, which with fumbling fingers I readily accepted and put on. Both of the men then gave us another brief lecture about the immorality of public nudity before grumpily continuing their journey.

I was initially mortified by the experience, but my brothers were exactly the opposite. They jumped around excitedly and were even high-fiving each other. They felt the whole experience was rather funny and their high spirits eventually caused me to smile, forgetting my embarrassment.

"That was so cool," William laughed, "and I can't believe, Angela, that you actually had the courage to stand in front of him like that without even covering yourself. You showed him you weren't scared to show off your naked body."

All the boys joined in with encouraging comments, for some warped reason thinking I had been brazenly brave in the face of adversity. I was not about to disillusion them by telling them that in truth I had been so shame faced I couldn't seem to move.

The encounter with the two trampers seemed to be a catalyst for change. My brothers' eyes had been opened up to what they saw as an exciting experience that fired up their raging male hormones and they wanted to expand on it. A couple of weeks later we were again sitting on the side of the lake, naked as usually, when the boys all stood up and said they were just going into the bushes to have a pee. I thought it was a bit strange that my three brothers all needed to pee at the same time, but thought nothing more of it and returned to reading the book I was absorbed in.

A couple of minutes later I was aware of movement beside me but did not look up as I just assumed it was my brothers return from their group pee. But when no one sat down beside me I glanced up to see what they were doing. It was then to my horror I realised the movement I had seen out of the corner of my eye was not my brothers, but a group of two elderly couples dressed up in their tramping kit. They had come to a stop about ten yards away from me, and were starring at me with disbelief. I quickly jumped to my feet and reached over behind the log where I had left my clothing. To my absolute horror it was not there. Frantically I looked over the next log, thinking that I must have been mistaken as to where I had left my clothing. There was nothing there and it was then that the realisation hit me; I had been set up by my brothers, who were nowhere to be seen. They had obviously seen the trampers coming down the track on the side of the hill and had grabbed their clothing, along with mine, and were no doubt staring through the bushes in great delight as to my predicament.

I stood up and faced the two elderly couples, my arms hanging at my sides. Again I had that weird familiar sensation of time slowing down. With vivid clarity I could feel the eyes of everyone taking in my nakedness. I stood facing them for what seemed an eternity. Beads of perspiration were again forming on my forehead

"Oh dear," I finally mumbled, "I seem to have misplaced my clothing."

With that I bolted to the lake and dived in, swimming out and too embarrassed to look back to see what the two elderly couples were doing. When I returned the walkers were gone and my brothers, now dressed, were standing there with broad grins on their faces.

"Gee, really sorry sis," Dave apologised insincerely, "We must have grabbed your clothing by mistake."

"I bet," I growled, trying to sound angrier than I surprisingly felt.

In truth I had been humiliated, but I also felt an excitement in my predicament that my young, immature body could not rationalise. And when my brothers began to recount for me how exciting it was for them watching someone walk up on me and see my naked body, I forgot about being angry and joined in the laughter as we recalled the reactions on the faces of the two elderly couples.

Over the next few weeks I was relieved that when we went swimming on the weekends there were no hikers coming along the track beside the lake. But about four weeks later we were all swimming in the lake when Steve, my twin brother, excitedly pointed out to his older brothers that their were four figures at the top of the hiking track and were making their way down towards us. Dave, my eldest brother, swam over to me, and dared me to get out of the water and sit beside the lake until the four trampers had passed.

"No!" I responded emphatically.

"Please," Dave egged me, supported by my brothers, "and make sure you sit cross-legged."

I looked at him, mortified by his request. But then I gazed around at the excited look on my brothers' faces, and before I could even rationalise the outrageousness of my decision I found myself swimming back to the shore. Crouching down I edged myself out of the lake and knelt down. My heart was beating so hard I felt it was going to burst out of my chest. For the first time I can recall I noticed my nipples were as hard as pencils from the excitement. They sometimes went a bit hard if the water was cold, but nothing like they were now. I then remembered that Dave had told me to sit cross-legged, and I followed his request, even though I knew it would expose parts of my female anatomy that should never be shown off in this public manner.

I then hastily grabbed the book I had brought with me and began to read. In truth I read the same line over and over again but my brain could not absorb its content. I was so overcome by a mixture of nervousness and excitement that I just couldn't focus. Minute after agonising minute the four hikers descended the hill until the silence was broken by a loud wolf-whistle from one of the trampers. Panic suddenly crept into me and I anxiously looked over at the four visitors that were no more than fifty yards away and closing in on me rapidly. To my horror I noticed that all four of them were young males, probably in their mid twenties, and the look on their faces suggested they were very pleasantly surprised to stumble across a naked young female, even if she was somewhat under developed.

I quickly put my book down and furtively glanced out at my brothers, and clearly I was on the verge of making a dash for the water. But I didn't, and I still find it hard to rationalise why. The young men were still far enough away that I could easily have raced the few yards to the water and they would only have got a fleeting glance of my nudity. However I didn't move. I sat like a statue, staring out at the bobbing heads of my three brothers. I was still sitting cross legged and only too aware of my exposure. I wanted to bring my arms up from my side and at least attempt to preserve my modesty. But I just couldn't will my arms to move. Time slowed down and beads of perspiration were already running down my cheeks.

Not surprisingly the four young men came to a stop directly in front of me.

"Well, hello there my darling. Aren't you the pretty young one," uttered one of the men.

The intensity of their stares rendered me speechless. I blushed bright red.

"And how old are you darling?" enquired another of the curious gazers.

"Eighteen," I managed to respond shyly.

"Eighteen! You look just like a bloody kid." He sounded disappointed. "Hasn't your Mummy told you that girls are asking for trouble if they don't wear any clothes?"

"Yes," I responded, trying not to sound offended. "I was just swimming with my brothers and got out to dry off. I didn't see you coming."

The four men all gazed out at the lake and saw the heads of my brothers bobbing up and down in the water, then turned back to stare again at my nakedness. "You were swimming nude with your brothers? Aren't you the naughty little girl?"

"You need a damn good spank I reckon," another of them sniggered and winked at the others. "Especially if you show off that pretty little pussy of yours like that. Could get a girl in a heap of trouble."

Suddenly I could not take the humiliation any more and I bolted past the men and swam furiously out into the lake, the laughter of the four hikers ringing in my ears.

When the four hikers had moved on my brothers and I emerged from the water. I was initially mortified by what I had done, but as my brothers excitedly questioned me about what they had said, my shame quickly dissipated. All of a sudden the shy tomboy was the centre of attention and I liked it. They made me repeat word for word, several times, what had been said, especially the reference to me having a 'pretty little pussy'. It made me blush, but I told them everything.

"You do have a pretty pussy you know," Dave, my eldest brother suddenly blurted out, and William and Steve quickly agreed with him.

I was taken aback by the boldness of my brother's comment. It was the first time I could recall him making an overt sexual comment to me. My only response was to smile shyly.

"Will you show us more of your pussy?" Dave boldly continued.

My mouth dropped open in shock. "Dave!" I admonished him.

"Please," he pleaded.

"I'll....I'll think about." I relented.

My three brothers couldn't help but smile.

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