Life's Changes Ch. 04


"Where's Glenda did she find you."

"I sent her to fix her makeup. And you two could use a little of the same."

"Yes mother." Jenny said like a spoiled teenager then to Jake she said. "She always gets bitchy when she's horny. We'll be right back." Jake and I waited for the others to come back when Max came up to me.

"Little one here's an application for membership It's just a formality so I can say this is a members only club. So I can keep the riffraff out. Well at lease try to. Just fill it out and have Jenny sign it. Then I'll give you a card. So y'all come back real soon ok." and then he left. Jake said

"Wow how did you get on his good side? I never seen him so friendly to a real girl before."

"Jenny told me that too. Maybe he just wants to get Glenda in bed with him."

"I hope Glenda can handle him. Julie's been to bed with him once she walked funny for a week. He's packing quite a pistol there." now she had my curiosity

"Did she say how big it was?"

"She didn't have a measuring tape with her. But she said it was at lease twelve inches long and as thick as a beer can. She said it was a ride she'll never forget but doesn't want to do it again."

"Wow that big, he could hurt some one. I'll have to make sure Glenda steers clear of him."

"Are you going on the cruise in July." He asked with a little hope in his eyes

"What cruise is that."

"Benders Fantasy Cruise. Max had one last year it was great five days out to sea. We stopped in Jamaica and the Bahamas and every one stay dressed the whole time. Julie loved it she got to wear her bikini and formal gowns. And if your looking for sex it's everywhere the crew even joined in. You should see if you could still get a cabin."

"I'll have to check it out." The four girls returned we said our goodbyes to Jake and Julie. On the way out I saw Max and asked him if there was still availability on the cruise.

"Sure do little one. But payment in full has to be in by the fifteenth of next month. And I think we only have suits left. Are y'all thinking about coming.'

"It's just a thought, I have to discuss it with Glenda and see if we can get the time off."

" Ok but only one guess per couple member so you'll have to be a member by then." After we got in the car Jenny asked what cruise so I told her about it.

"Sounds like fun maybe we should all go if we can get you a membership by then." I pulled the application from my purse and said

"All you have to do is sponsor us and fill this out and we get our membership."

"How did you get that so quick. We had to wait six month before we got ours. What did you do promise him Glenda would sleep with him." Jenny wasn't upset jealous maybe.

"What can I say he likes me? And I would never give Glenda to him." I said with a little shiver

"Why not?" I told here about his cock and then she said. "I figured he was big but not that big to bad he doesn't like real girls. Ginger do you think we should sponsor them?

"Yea!" Jenny and I both heard the urgency in her voice I tuned around. I could just barely see Glenda's head in Ginny's lap and it was bobbing up and down.

"Glenda you little whore." Glenda popped up and wiped off her mouth. "For some one who only yesterday was worried about me watch you suck cock you sure got over that fast. I may just give you to Max for a night just for punishment. But you'll probable like it. Well don't leave Ginger hanging like that finish her off. And try not to get it all over you dress." The three of them could see how mad I was. Jenny but the hand on mine and told me to calm down. "I will not calm down if she's going to dress like a girl then she had better start acting like a lady. Or I'll dress her like the whore she is and pimp her out. I will not have my husband chasing after every dick that comes along." I looked in the back seat. Glenda was cowering in the corner I couldn't see her face. "Well what are you waiting for slut finish her off."

"Honey it's just new for her take it easy." Jenny was saying I didn't say anything I was so mad I didn't trust myself. We drove the rest of the way in silent except for Ginny's grunting when she came. About twenty minutes from the house I asked.

"What do you want to do about Pamela? She knows Jim knows about Glenda and that she's going to be sleeping with him. Are we going to bring her into our circle or should I leave her out of it." Then Jenny said.

"She's going to be your sex slave how do you want to handle it."

"Right now I'm too angry to decide how to handle it. Just let me know if you two want her to stay out of you lives except at work. If you do then I'll handle it as long as that tramp in the back seat can keep his mouth shut." Jenny though for a moment then said.

"Maybe you should cancel tomorrow and plan it for some other weekend."

"No I promised her and I don't disappoint people. I'll just have to live with disappointment."

"I'd like to meet her first before I make any commitment as far as bringing her in to our circle. How about you Ginny."

"I think that's wise for now and we'll see how she acts at work after."

"Ok for now she's out side the circle." Jenny pulled into our drive way and turned off the car lights. I took the keys out of my purse and threw them at Bill and said "Go open the door and turn on the lights. Then get up stairs and get in the shower." Bill jumped out of the car as he was walking in front of the car I told Jenny to turn on the lights. Bill was taught in the light then scurried to the door. I had Jenny turn off the lights. Then she said.

"Don't hurt her. She really didn't know she was doing wrong."

"Jenny I don't want her to get hurt. That's why I'm so mad. The way she went after that guy in the club. It just scared me she might do it when I'm not around to protect her. And you have to remember that boys were taught to have sex anytime they can. Girls are taught to save their reputation. I don't want my girl to be known as a slut, an easy lay. Do you two understand?"

"Of cause we do I was lucky Jim was worried about his mother finding out. So that kept him in line. Just remember this is all new to her. So go easy but your right she could get hurt if she's not careful."

"Thanks for understanding. Now I guess I better get inside. I call you tomorrow." I went inside and found Bill in the shower. His dress was lying on the floor along with his stockings and panties. Well Bill might have gotten away with that but Glenda was going to pick up after herself. I hung my dress up and put my undergarment in the hamper my shoes when in the closet where they belonged. I went in to the bathroom and said. "If you think your clean then get out." Bill got out of the shower and started drying off. I took my shower. When I got out of the shower I found Bill's towel on the countertop. I hung up my towel neatly to dry before it went in to the dirty wash normally I would do the same for Bill's, but not today. Things where going to change today and right now.

"Bill come in here." Bill came in wearing panties and a satin camisole. Tomorrow that was going to change too. I knew I was too easy on him. "Bill do you see the way I always hang my towel up to dry before I put in the dirty laundry. Do you know why I do that?"

"So they don't mildew before you wash them." He did know why which made me madder.

"I always pick yours up and do the same I think it's about time you start doing it yourself. I know that you always expect the woman to pick up after you." He was going to deign it but I stopped him. "Don't deign it Bill you may not even realize you do it but you do. If your going to dress like a women then I expect you to start acting like one. You are going to pick up after your self. Until you start acting like a adult lady I'm going to treat you like a little girl when I start seeing you doing the things an adult women does then I'll treat you like one and that means the cloths you wear too. Lets go to bed we have to meet with Brenda at ten and I want to go to the mall before Pamela gets here. And we need to go to the grocery store." We walked into the bedroom and I looked down at his cloths on the floor. Bill picked up his undergarments and put them in the hamper. Then took the dress and threw it on the floor of his closet. "Bill where is my dress. He looked in the closet and saw it hanging. Then he said.

"Mine has to go to the cleaners so there's no sense in hanging it up." I walked over to Bill and said

""This section of my closet is for things that have to go to the cleaners. That section is for clean cloths. If I threw my cloths that had to go to the cleaners on the floor of the closet I wouldn't be able to find my shoes." Bill hung up the dress. I got into bed and set the alarm. Bill came to bed and curled up next to me I kissed him and said goodnight. Now came the part I was dreading Bill started rubbing my breast. I pulled his hand away and said

"Honey little girls don't have sex." I kissed him on the cheek and rolled over. It was the hardest part, I have never turned down Bill before and I didn't want to now but I knew it had to be done. How he coped with it was his problem and how I coped was mine.

I woke up Sunday an hour before the alarm went off. I was horny and not in a good mood sleep came hard and when it did it was short. I showered then dressed in shorts and a tee. Then went down stairs. I made coffee and sat down to make up two lists. One for groceries, and one for the mall. I still wasn't sure how I would handle Pamela. I'll have to play that by ear. Bill came down an hour later. He didn't look like he had much sleep either. He asked what he should wear.

"Panties, slacks and a golf shirt will be fine. Wear some stockings and sneakers. And bring the black four inch stiletto heels with the sling back." Bill came back down dressed. Bill started to say he was sorry I stopped him by saying

"Bill don't say you're sorry because it's not your fault it's mine. I wanted you to become my girlfriend and I gave you all the cloths to do it with and you were taught how to put on make up. But I never taught you how to be a girl. Girls don't have their hands down their dates pants in a club, they don't have sex it the back seats of cars while their girlfriends are driving. So I'm going to teach you how to be a girl then you can become a woman. Lets get to Brenda's and get this over with. If it wasn't for this appointment I wouldn't be doing this you're not ready."

I walked out to the car and Bill followed behind. He drove to Brenda's and while she did the fitting on Bill I looked around her shop. I really wasn't in the mood to shop. After the fitting I had Bill drop me off at the mall. I gave him the list for the grocery store.

I bought six pair of plain cotton white panties and three training bras six pair of white ankle socks and a pair of Mary Jane shoes. In the dress department I found a couple dresses that on Bill would look like a little girls dress and a few cotton nightie.

When I came out of the mall I found Bill waiting. We drove home I took Bills new cloths up stairs while he put away the groceries. I took all his satin and lace panties and bras, stockings, garters, dresses and locked them in the spare bedroom. I set out a dress, panties, socks and the Mary Jane's and when down stairs. Looking at the clock I knew Pamela would be here shortly. I said to Bill.

"I placed some cloths for you on the bed if you don't want to wear them I'll not say a word. You may not like what you find. It's up to you where we go from here." Bill thought for moment then went up stairs. I poured myself a glass of wine and stood in the kitchen and waited for Bill to come down.

I thought things over and realized I was punishing Bill and myself. I didn't do anything wrong and Bill didn't do anything wrong he was just being a guy. Bill came into the kitchen. I looked at him. He looked ridicules standing there in that dress that was way too short for him. It barely came down to his waist. I started to giggle then I started to laugh. I could see that Bill was embarrassed and my laughing didn't help any. My laughing subsided as I went to Bill and put my arms around him I said

"I'm sorry for laughing honey I was so upset I tried to make you into little girl and I made you into a clown instead. Lets take you up stairs and get you dressed properly." Bill looked down at me and said with tears in his eyes.

"If you want me to wear this I will. I'll do whatever you want me to do. I just need you to tell me what you want. When you said those thing to me last night I realized I was acting like a whore and a slut. It wasn't the way a woman acted in public. You had every right to be upset."

"Honey you go upstairs and in the spare bedroom you'll find all your things. Put on stockings and panties and a camisole. Then put on the slacks and shirt you had on this morning. We'll talk to Pamela first before we introduce her to Glenda. Just to make sure she can handle the situation. Now go before she gets here." I said and gave him a slap on the butt as he when. That laugh helped my mood so much. I felt more relaxed then I had all day.

Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. I open the door to find a woman I didn't know. She had on a short mini dress and stopped four inches above the knee, her hair was loose and stopped half way down her back. Her make up was heavy but not sluty, she had long slender legs and on her feet she wore three- inch pumps. I asked. "Can I help you?"

"Sheri it's me Pamela. Bill's secretary." She said with a confused look on her face. I invited her in and said.

"I never would have recognized you. You look so different. I never knew your hair was that long you always wore it up and that body where have you been hiding it."

"You did say to dress sexy. I though my hair looked better down. This in not my business look. Did I do ok? I mean dressing sexy."

"Oh you did wonderful. You look so much prettier than you did Friday. I just hope you don't steal Bill away from me."

"I'm so glad you approve. I wanted to make a good impression. And I just wanted you to know that Bill and I would never do anything together without your permission." I pulled her too me I could feel her body tremble as I kissed her on the mouth. Her lips where soft and at first resisted the probing tip of my tongue. I persisted till she allowed me entry. My tongue snaked into her mouth and it caressed her tongue as my hand caressed her right breast it was soft softer than Jenny's or mine and larger than ours as well. Her nipple was already hard I knew she was already aroused her pussy was probably dripping. Her body stiffens as I pinched her nipple just slightly. I pulled my mouth from hers. I turned and saw that Bill had come down.

"Bill what do you think of Pamela. Isn't she the sexiest thing?"

"She's lovely, I can't believe this is the same women I've been working with for the last three years." Pamela was blushing now as I held her hand I could feel it shake even more. I knew it was because Bill was close by and she wanted him so much. How she contained herself I didn't know. So I said

"I think she deserves a kiss for getting dressed up so sexy for us don't you Bill." Bill moved closer taking her in his arms and said.

"She deserves at least that. And a lot more." Bill pulled her to him and kissed her He placed his hand on her bottom and pulled her even closer. If Bill had a hard on she would be able to feel how big he was. I was hoping that he hadn't so I could see her face when he grew. It is a sight to behold. Their lips separated Pamela's head rested on Bill's shoulder as she got her breathing under control. Then I said

"Bill would you open some champagne and bring it into the living room." Bill released Pamela and went to do my biding as I took Pam's hand and lead her into the living room. "Isn't he a wonderful kisser? I could kiss him all day and never get tied of it." She nodded her head in agreement as we sat on the sofa. "Did Bill have a hard on when he kissed you?"

"No I don't think he finds me attractive. This may sound terrible of me but I did rub myself against him to see how big he was but I didn't feel anything. I guess I don't excite him." I could see she was disappointed in Bill lack of response.

"Pam, I told you that Bill likes to wear women's cloths. He has learned to control his erection so that it doesn't show when he wears a tight dress. So just because he didn't get an erection doesn't mean that he isn't excited by you." Bill came in with the champagne and gave Pam and I each a glass. "Bill, Pam thinks you not attracted to her because she didn't feel your erection. Do you think she's exciting?" Bill sat down on the other side of Pam and took her hand in his and said

"I do find you exciting but I'm learning to control my urges. I hope you understand it's something I have to work on." Then I said

"Pam would you like to see Bill's cock?" She nodded her head. "Bill would you remove your pants and shirt?" Bill stood and pulls his shirt off his head and then pulled his pants off. "Now your panties please." Bill pulled them off as well His cock was still soft as it laid on top of his shaved balls.

"Would you like to feel it Pam, While Its still soft?" Pam reached her hand out and cupped his balls in one hand and the other touched his cock. She touched it gently as if she could break it just by touching it.

I looked up at Bill I could see he was trying to keep it down. His eyes met mine and I nodded to him to let him know it was all right to become erect. I could see him relax his concentration and his cock began to swell.

Pam went to her knees in front of Bill still holding on to his cock and balls. I could see the amazement in her face as Bill's cock swelled to four times its soft state. When it was three quarters hard Pam took her hands away as she looked on in shock. I knelt down behind Pam. I put my arms around her and nuzzled her neck and said.

"Isn't it lovely? Bill has one beautiful cock doesn't he?" Pam was visibly shaken by the size of Bill cock.

"It's so big. I never though it was that big. The few times I did see his bulge I thought it was a full erection obviously it wasn't. I don't know if I can handle all of him. I never had any one as big as him."

"Don't worry Bill is very genital the first few times till he knows you can handle him. He's an excitant love he'll make you cum many, many times. Touch it, put your hand on it." Pam reached up and touched Bill cock; she wrapped her hands around the shaft and moved her hand up and down. I signaled Bill to step closer. I drop of precum had work it's way out of his cock. I asked Pam

"Would you like to taste his cock, take it into your mouth?"

"I never done that before." I reached up with my finger and scooped up the drop of precum and brought it to her lips and smeared it on them. Her tongue licked it from her lips. I could see she wasn't turned off by it as her tongue tried to lick off more from her lips.

"Take the tip into your mouth. Lick his head clean." She pulled Bill's cock down to her mouth and her tongue lick up his precum that had dribbled out of the tip. Then her mouth surrounded the head as her hand pumped his cock. I pulled the zipper of her dress down and slid it from her shoulder. She was wearing a mint green lace bra and matching panties that were virtually see though. The dress was bunched up around her knees I was worried that if Bill came and she didn't drink it all down that some would get on her new dress and ruin it.

I looked into Bill face I could see he was close to cumming but was holding back. She wasn't giving him a real good blowjob. But the fact that he was her first and all the playing Bill had done in the club last night and he hadn't cum since yesterday morning was getting to him. I put my hands on her tits as she took more cock into her mouth. The head and maybe an inch passed it. She knew what had to be done but didn't have the experience to do it right. I said to her.

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