tagIncest/TabooL'il Sis Ch. 06

L'il Sis Ch. 06


My sister, Ally, just finished fucking Hunter in the practice room while the band was outside on the field. She talked me into watching, which I have to admit was a real turn on. She wanted me to coach her along, so I decided to see how far she would take it, and to Hunter's surprise, she went all the way, plus it was awesome watching the two of them go at it. She even wanted me to masturbate while they were fucking. I shot off all over the door frame with Ally watching me closely. Ally left to run to the bathroom, still nude, clutching her clothes and shoes as she ran out of the door.

Hunter stands there for a minute, still nude, with a blank expression on his face, like he's in a daze. With my spent cock still hanging out of my pants, I stand there looking at Hunter. I take in all of his features; his beautify lips, chiseled chest and six pack, perfect cock -- still dripping cum, and his tight ass. "God, this guy is so fucking cute," I think to myself.

Just then, Hunter turns to pick up his clothes, and while doing so, looks directly at me. I'm standing there, cock in hand, looking at him. Our eyes meet.

We stand there for several seconds before Hunter breaks the silence,

"Christ, Ryan, I didn't think you were going to be here watching!"

"I didn't either, but Ally wanted some moral support and some coaching. She wouldn't agree to it unless I was here. Anyway, you have nothing to complain about. I did a pretty good job coaching her. When I signaled for her to suck you off, she went right to it."

"Shit, she sure knows how to give head. I thought I was going to cum when she started sucking me."

"Yeah, and then I decided to see how far she would go, so I signaled for her to let you fuck her," I say.

"Shit, you told her to do that? I about died when she laid back on the bench and started playing with her pussy. I had to fuck her then."

"Yeah, I noticed that it didn't take long to get that condom on. That was awesome watching the two of you fuck," I reply.

"Was it your idea for her to suck the cum out of my cock?"

"Yeah, I wanted to see you cum in her mouth. It was awesome to watch," I reply.

"It all surprised me. A couple months ago she wouldn't even suck me off. I was shocked when you said she was hot for me, and what about that outfit she is wearing? It doesn't leave much to the imagination," he says.

"Like I told you, she told me she dressed like that to get your attention. I guess she did! Do you believe me now?" I ask.

"Fuck yes, but it is still strange that you watched."

"She said she wouldn't do it unless I watched. I didn't want to at first, but I'm glad I did. It was really hot watching the two of you."

Hunter walks over to me and grabs me in a hug, with his cock pressed against mine.

"I owe you one," he says quietly in my ear.

It feels weird with him hugging me with our cocks pressed together. He holds the hug for several seconds, and I swear he is grinding his cock against mine. Hunter pulls back a little, but our cocks are still touching. I feel strange, but good at the same time. I have never fooled around with a guy and never thought of myself wanting to, but this really feels good. My mind races with all kinds of thoughts trying to take this all in.

"So, are you OK with this thing Thursday night?" he asks. "You are going to be there too, aren't you? Allyson said something about playing Truth or Dare."

"Yeah, I'll be there. Katie is coming over too. Her parents are dropping her off at the end of practice, and she's staying through Monday when we bring her back with us. I think it will just be the four of us."

"Allyson said that Katie is bringing some weed with her. Do you want me to bring some beer? I have connections and can get a good supply. Beer and weed are a good combination. Who knows what'll happen," Hunter says, his cock still pressed against mine.

This whole thing seems surreal to me. My head is spinning. I am not sure what his intentions are, but he sure seems as interested in me as he is Ally. I break the embrace, and standing before him with my cock still hanging out of my pants and Hunter totally nude. I finally reply.

"Sure, that'll be great. I think I can connect with some beer too, that way we'll have plenty."

"It should be a great time. Am I invited for the whole weekend?" he asks.

"I'm sure Ally would like that," I respond. "We all would," I say, not sure why I added that we will all enjoy his company for the weekend.

"I know I'm good for Thursday night, and I'll try to work out staying the whole weekend, if you're sure that its OK with you," he replies, while dropping his hand to my cock. He is now rubbing my cock, bringing it back to a semi-erection. "I think we'll have a good time," he says.

"I'm looking forward to it." I reply. Hunter is still gently rubbing his hand along my shaft, with his thumb rolling around the head, bringing my cock back to life again. His face is so close to mine I can feel the heat of his breath as he speaks.

I'm thinking of doing more with him now, just out of curiosity, but we need to get out of here before Ally comes back and sees us like this.

"I think we need to get dressed and clean up these rooms before Ally comes back," I say.

"Sure. I can't wait until Thursday," he says still rubbing my cock. He gives it one final squeeze before letting go. Hunter looks down at my crotch and says, "Nice one, Ryan. I can't wait to see more of it."

Hunter turns and begins cleaning up the room. I continue to stare at him, trying to process all that's happened in the last five minutes. I put my cock back in my pants, clean up the door frame, and slip out. I don't see Ally anywhere, but I am sure she will return any minute. I leave the band room and head back to the field.

"Is everything all-right?" Mr. Wilkins asks as I approach him. "I was getting worried . . . you were in there a long time," he continues.

"Yeah, Ally just got a little sick from all the heat. She was throwing up some, so we just sat there while she cooled off. I gave her some water, too," I reply.

"OK . . . I see her and Hunter now. She looks like she's feeling better."

"Believe me, she is," I reply.

We only have about fifteen minutes left of practice, so I run the drum line through a couple of routines before Mr. Wilkins calls it a day.

Mr. Wilkins tells us all that it has been a good practice, and reminds us to hydrate ourselves by drinking a bottle of water. He says that he doesn't want us all to get sick like Allyson.

Ally turns a little red with everyone looking at her. Looking around, I think most of the band members know that something else was going on, but nobody says anything.

We grab our stuff and head out to the car with Hunter trailing right behind us. I walk to my side of the car, and Hunter walks up behind Ally.

"God, that was awesome," he says to her, loud enough for me to hear. Then he leans over and gives her a lingering kiss before she gets inside the car. "See you guys tomorrow," he shouts, walking away.

I start the car and begin pulling away, when Ally turns to me and says, "I can't believe I did all that."

"Well, you were right, it was awesome watching you two fucking," I reply.

"Yeah, what was that about? I thought maybe you'd have me suck him off, but when you signaled for me to fuck him, I just about died."

"It seemed like you enjoyed it, though."

"I did, but I wasn't planning to get fucked and then suck the cum out of his cock. I have to admit, though, I'm gad I did."

"I can't believe how turned on I was watching the two of you go at it," I reply.

"Yeah, and it didn't take you long to get your cock out and begin jerking off, either."

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes," Ally replies. "I loved it when you shot your load all over the door."

"To be honest, I was just about to come in and fuck you myself when you started sucking the cum out of his cock."

"That would have been so neat, Ry, you should have come in the room and started fucking me. I would have loved it, and I don't think Hunter would have minded at all."

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't know, I just have a feeling. I think he swings both ways. He has asked me at least five times if you are going to be there Thursday night. I think he is as interested in you as he is in me."

"That's funny," is all I could think of to say. Then I continue, "So you think Hunter is Bi?" I ask.

"There are rumors. Jackie said that she saw him sucking off some boy in the practice room last year, but nobody believes her."

It all makes sense to me now. I think Hunter would have sucked me off a few minutes ago, but I don't say anything about it to Ally.

"Maybe we'll find out Thursday night," she continues.

"What do you mean by that?" I ask.

"Let's just say that Katie and I have a few dares planned if he shows up."

"What makes you think I'll be willing?" I ask.

"Ry, you have enough beer and weed, you won't give a shit who sucks your cock. Besides, Katie and I've done a little experimenting ourselves, and believe me, its fun!"

"We'll see," I reply, not dismissing the idea of having Hunter suck my cock.

"Shit, I forgot to change my clothes. I can't let dad see me dressed like this," Ally says, while turning to the back seat and grabbing her back pack.

With that, Ally begins shedding her clothes in the front seat. She pulls of her shorts, revealing that she's not wearing any underwear. I move my hand over and begin feeling her bare pussy. Ally spreads her legs and lets me roam all over her. She then reaches up and takes off her tube top, sitting next to me totally nude.

Ally looks at me and says, "I think I need to thank you before I get dressed."

Still naked, Ally leans over and begins pulling down my zipper.

"I think it'll be easier if I just take these off of you," she says while pulling down my shorts and underwear. I lift my ass to make it easier, and in just a few seconds I am nude from the waist down and my clothes are on the floor on Ally's side of the car. Ally, now totally nude, leans over and begins sucking my cock. It doesn't take long until I'm hard, with her doing her thing on my cock and balls.

Its difficult to drive with her mouth on my cock and her fingers playing with my balls. I take a right turn, deciding to take the back way home. I sure as hell don't want to get stopped with my sister's mouth on my cock.

I see that there aren't any cars around, so I drive slow, allowing Ally to take her time while she sucks me off.

"God, you're good," I say.

"I've had practice," she says while looking up at me. She then goes back to work on my cock, sucking like mad.

I drive as slow as I can with Ally sucking me off. We drive for several miles with her mouth surrounding my erection and her tongue swirling around my cock head and licking my shaft. Reaching over, I gently rub her back, reaching down to her ass, rubbing her hole with my finger. When we are about half way home, I feel my balls begin to tighten.

"I'm going to cum," I tell her.

"O god, please do," she says. "I'm beginning to love the taste of cum."

After a couple more minutes, my cock has all the pleasure it can stand. I feel a tingle in my legs as my balls begin erupting. I shoot five or six streams into Ally's mouth as she continues sucking, swallowing every drop.

Ally sits up, exposing her beautiful, nude body, and says, "I can't believe all the cum I've swallowed in the last hour."

"You give the best blow job ever, Ally," I say. "I'm sure Hunter would agree, the way you sucked him off today."

"Your cocks are a lot alike," she says. "His may be a little thicker, but I love your cock, Ry."

"I think his may be a little longer, too," I reply.

"Checking him out, were you?" she asks.

"Well, it was right in front of me while you were sucking him and then when he fucked you. It was hard not to notice and compare. It's just natural for guys to do that."

"His may be a little longer, but not much. They both look and taste the same to me. I thought his cum would taste different from yours, but you both taste about the same."

"God, that was great Ally. You really like sucking cock, don't you?"

"Yep, I really like it. I like the control I have over a guy when I suck him off. I think I could get you to do anything if I say I'm going to suck you off."

"I think so too," I say, laughing a little.

By this time we are about home, so Ally gets dressed, and puts her old clothes in the back pack. She has on a longer pair of shorts, and a T-shirt. I also get my pants back on, which is no easy task while trying to drive at the same time.

"Do I look OK?" she asks.

"You better wipe the cum off of your mouth and chin," I reply.

Ally pulls down the mirror and looks at herself.

"Thanks, Ry. Dad would freak if he saw cum on my face, especially if I told him it was yours!" she says laughing.

When we pull in the driveway, I notice dads car.

"The 'rents are home," I say to Ally.

"I'm going directly to the bathroom when we go inside. I think I need to brush my teeth and get rid of this cum breath, and then take a shower and wash the sex smell off."

"OK, I'l cover for you."

Before we get out of the car, Ally leans over and gives me a wet kiss, slipping her tongue in my mouth. I see what she means about the cum breath. I can taste my cum in her mouth. "Shit, I'm probably even be tasting Hunter's cum," I think to myself.

"Thanks, Ry. You're the best brother ever," she says.

Before we go inside, Ally whispers to me, "I want to meet you at the Jacuzzi after mom and dad go to bed. I need to finish my story about Katie and Keith, and maybe we can pick up where we left off a few minutes ago."

"You're on. I hope they go to bed early again tonight," I reply.

With those parting words, Ally and I walk inside to greet mom and dad.

With Ally running upstairs, mom asks, "What's wrong with her? Did you two have a fight or something?"

"No, she just got a little sick at practice, that's all. I think she's going to shower and lay down for a few minutes," I reply.

"I hope she's OK," mom says.

"She is, just a little worn out from all the practice."

"I'll get dinner ready in a little while. Dad is outside relaxing by the pool."

I walk up the stairs and head to my room. I stop by Ally's room and open the door. She's standing in her room naked as I walk in.

"What did you tell her?" she asks.

I walk over to Ally, and while feeling her tits I say, "I told her that you fucked Hunter in the band room and then sucked my cock dry on the way home, and that you're too tired to do anything else tonight."

"Yeah, I'm sure that's what you said. Really, what did you tell her?"

"I told her that you got a little sick at practice because of the heat, and that you were going to take a shower and lay down until dinner, that's all."

"Did she buy it?"

"I think so. She looked concerned, but I assured her that you're all right."

"So, you up for a shower?" Ally asks me.

"I think we better hold off on that, mom might come up and check on you, and I don't think she would like it if she finds us both in the shower."

"I was just kidding, anyway, but I did enjoy our shower this morning. We need to do that again."

"Maybe tonight, in the pool house after the Jacuzzi," I suggest.

"I'd like that," Ally replies, while lifting her hands to the back of my head and pulling my lips to hers. We stand there for a couple minutes, kissing, while I feel up her tits, ass, and pussy.

"Your pussy sore after the beating it took today?" I ask.

"Not really. God, that fuck felt good. I still can't believe you had me fuck Hunter."

"I can't believe you wanted me to watch, but I'm glad I did. That was awesome."

I slide my tongue into Ally's mouth while continuing to feel her up. I could feel her tits, pussy, and ass all day. She is so fucking soft. I feel my cock begin to get hard as I continue thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

"It feels like you are getting a little excited," Ally says, feeling my hard-on pressing against her. "Christ, I want to fuck you, Ry," she whispers.

"I want to fuck you, too, Ally. God I want to fuck you."

Ally drops her hand to my crotch and begins rubbing my cock through my shorts.

"I think we have time, if you want to," Ally says.

I'm so horny that's all it takes. I push Ally back onto her bed, drop my shorts and underwear, and in thirty-seconds my hard cock is in her pussy and I'm fucking my sister for the third time.

As I thrust into her, I move my mouth to her tits and start sucking one and then the other. Ally's fingers are digging into my back as she wraps her legs around my waist. I continue to thrust in and out of her pussy while sucking and biting her tits.

"Oh God, that feels so fucking good," she says. "Keep fucking me, Ry."

I fuck her harder and harder. While fucking her I have a vision of Hunter fucking her earlier today. I see his hard cock slamming into her and his balls slapping against her ass. I see her tits bounce with each thrust. This gets me more excited as I continue to ram my cock into her pussy. I remember his hard cock thrusting in and out of her over and over. I see his tight ass contracting with each thrust. I see his hard cock as he stands over her, beating off with the tip of his cock resting on her tongue. I see her tongue licking away at the head of his cock, circling his slit, begging him to fill her mouth with his juice. All of these thoughts cause me to thrust harder and harder into her. I feel Ally breathing harder as she begins to squirm.

"Oh Fuck, Ry, I am going to cum. Make me cum, brother, make me cum."

I want her to cum. I want her to cum harder than she has ever cum before. I could tell Ally was ready to cum when Hunter was fucking her earlier, she had that look; that's when I motioned for her to suck his cock. I didn't want her to cum with him. I didn't want her to enjoy fucking Hunter enough to have an orgasm.

Again, I see Hunter beating his cock, ready to ejaculate into her mouth. Christ, he is so fucking cute! I didn't want him to cum while fucking Ally. I wouldn't give him that satisfaction. I wanted him to cum while jerking off. That's what I did. I made him cum while jacking his own cock. As I see his cock spew cum all over her mouth and tongue, I release my cum into her pussy. One, two, three shots of cum begin to fill her cunt; and then another followed by another fills her pussy as I release all the cum in my balls into my sister's cunt.

Ally digs her fingernails into my back. I feel the pain, but I don't give a fuck. All I want to do is fuck my sister harder and better than Hunter did earlier. I ram her pussy one final time before collapsing on top of her.

"God, Ry, what got into you? That was a great fuck!"

"Better than Hunter?" I ask without thinking.

"Better than anyone has ever fucked me, even you!" Ally says.

I lay next to her as my breathing begins to slow down. That was intense. I fucked her like a wild animal, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Ally leans over and kisses me. She slowly licks the inside of my mouth with her tongue. She pecks my lips several times with short kisses. All the while my hands are roaming all over her chest, feeling her tits, pinching her nipples. Her tits are so soft, and her nips so hard.

Ally pulls her face back from mine, and while looking into my eyes, asks, "Does it bother you that I fucked Hunter?"

I don't respond for a minute or two. Then I confess, "It does a little. I was afraid that you enjoyed it so much with Hunter that you wouldn't want anything to do with me."

"Don't ever think that. I'm sure that I'll fuck other guys, and I know you're going to fuck Katie Thursday night, if she has her way. I'm not sure how I feel about that, either, but you need to know that I'll never get tired of fucking you, Ry, never."

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